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  1. Johan Allard

    Turn up the volume for happiness!!!

    Hi guys, Haven't posted anything in a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy playing guitar, or loving the Ax8 (and waiting for the FM3). With Fenders recent release of the Tone Master series I watched some reviews and thought it sounded great. I've never owned a Fender amp, or really...
  2. Johan Allard

    Trying out a MXR Booster with Ax8 – Levelling different guitars

    There was a recent discussing in the FM3 Footswitching options thread (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-footswitching-options.150351) about using an input boost at the beginning of an FM3, or Ax8 for now, to level out different guitars. Yek suggested using the Level in the Input block...
  3. Johan Allard

    Wet – Dry - is anyone using?

    I've just been listening to That Pedal Show talking about Wet-Dry & Wet-Dry-Wet, and got interested in Wet-Dry. I have 2 CLR's that I use, I could configure Wet-Dry to only have stuff like Delay coming out of one of them and was just wondering if any of you use it? I've just been experimenting...
  4. Johan Allard

    iPad app for tabs/charts

    Hi guys, Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. I'm using an iPad to collect music for my band that I'm bringing to rehearsals and gigs. I've been using Songbook for the last couple of years but I also own iReel Pro, Guitar Pro, Onsong, the Ultimate Guitar app and possibly some other...
  5. Johan Allard

    Please consider adding this Forum App

    I do miss the old times when we could access the forum with the old forum apps. I know they weren't really fantastic and it put an add up on the page and everything that was annoying and one of the reason it eventually got canned. And I just got a notification email for this...
  6. Johan Allard

    TC Wiretap review and Johan's Boogie

    I recently purchased a TC Wiretap. I know it's targeted as a songwriters tool, but I wanted to use it for something else. I'm a bit of a pickup collector. For some reason I've just started collecting heaps of pickups and it feels like I'm almost constantly swapping pickups in and out of my...
  7. Johan Allard

    So I got a call from eBay...

    So I just got this call from eBay "Hello Johan (in fake American accent), we have noticed that you don't sell as much on eBay as you used to..." Pretty funny when I explained that selling on eBay is not a business, I just buy and sell guitar related stuff and she went - Ooohh! I really didn't...
  8. Johan Allard

    Tip: Adjustable Lead Volume

    Hi guys, Every so often there's someone asking how you boost your lead volume and by how much, and there's usually a range of tips including scene output volume and null filter blocks. One thing that I haven't seen covered before is how to adjust the lead volume on the fly. At first this might...
  9. Johan Allard

    ESI U24XL audio interface for Ax8 recordings review

    Hi guys, So I've been doing a few recordings with my Ax8 recently and so far just been feeding the Ax8 into the front of my Axe Fx 2 and then into Logic X. Workable but obviously not the most elegant solution so I went hunting for a small interface that would ideally just offer SPDI/F input...
  10. Johan Allard

    Livin on a Prayer [Preset & Video]

    Hi guys, Here's my take on this awesome song. Using a Spring Loaded Mission Expression pedal to control the Voicebox/Formant block. There's a separate Scene 2 for the fill in Verse 2 and a Boosted Scene 4 for the solo. Enjoy!
  11. Johan Allard

    Anyone in Sydney with an Atomic CLR

    Hi guys, I've never tried an Atomic CLR and really want to try one out. I currently have a Friedman ASM-12 and a Matrix FR10. If you're interested in trying either of them out, I was thinking that we either could meet up a rehearsal studio somewhere in Sydney and I can bring those if you can...
  12. Johan Allard

    "Hotel California" Harmony Preset

    Inspired primarily by @Mark Day's Hotel California Solo Preset from a few years ago, I'd thought I'd give it a go for the Ax8. The goal was to be able to get something that could be used live and play all the harmonies on one guitar. I configured 1 preset with 8 Scenes and 6 different harmonies...
  13. Johan Allard

    Bug? Pitch Block tracking slowly (Fixed)

    Hi guys, I just got inspired to learn the end solo to Hotel California yesterday and started looking into doing to harmony thing at the end. Using Mark Day's preset as a starting point I created a new preset with his custom scale on my Ax8. It didn't sound right and today I used his preset on...
  14. Johan Allard

    Inspired by Yek - AX8 Presets

    Hi guys, With inspiration from Yek's excellent: "Fractal Audio AMP models" presets: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractal-audio-amp-models-the-presets.112594/, I decided to create Ax8 versions of these. I did check in with Yek first that he was cool with this. Since his presets where...
  15. Johan Allard

    BUG: Description differences between Axechange web and Axechange in Axe Edit

    I'm trying to upload a preset to Axechange and I've noticed that there's a difference in the display of the Description between Axechange on the web and Axechange when launched inside Axe Edit. In Axechange on the web, it's possible to include html so I was able to create a list like...
  16. Johan Allard

    Bigger Title - beta on Instagram?

    Did anyone else notice this image at the Fractal Audio Instagram the other day. Looks great. Is that from a beta firmware???
  17. Johan Allard

    Xitone Custom 2x8" Guitar Cab Look-alike Review

    Introduction and goals This is a new really cool custom build from Mick at Xitone. I've had it a little while now before writing about it to gather my thoughts. It feels I'm always searching for ways of getting my rig smaller and easier and this is my latest effort. My goal with this build was...
  18. Johan Allard

    It is still special playing through a 4x12

    So I have another custom build going with Mick from Xitone and as part of that I'm going to use a Matrix GT1000fx (I will post pictures and a review when it's done). Since I don't actually own any real cabs any more I decided to bring the amp to rehearsal on Sunday and rent a Marshall 4x12 cab...
  19. Johan Allard

    Mastermind GT/16 is extremely flexible, how I've set mine up

    After Yek's video last week, I'd thought I'd share the setup of my Mastermind GT/16. In this video, I'll show 4 different modes of operation that I've configured: Factory preset mode - no scenes, instant access switches that covers all effects in Factory Bank A. General live preset - scenes...
  20. Johan Allard

    Post a picture of your Guitar Family

    I'm sure as it is for most of you since you got your Axe Fx, you've switched most GAS towards guitars instead of amps, pedals or other things. I thought it would be a nice idea to post of picture of your Guitar Family - I'm sure there's lots of nice guitars you want to show off. Here's mine...
  21. Johan Allard

    My new Xitone Axe FX II combo

    Last week I received my new Xitone custom Axe FX II combo. Here's a couple of pictures. Overview. The top rack compartment is 3U in size, enough for the Axe FX II and the RAC12 from Fxunits.com. Inspected (and approved) by one of our cat's (Rufus): Back: Detailed view of amp and...
  22. Johan Allard

    How to configure Spring Loaded Mission SP-2?

    I just purchased a spring loaded Mission Engineer SP-2 to see if I could replace two existing EP-1's. The SP-2 is the one with two expression pedal outputs and a click button. When you click the button it toggles which of the two outputs that should be controlled by the Expression pedal. Using...
  23. Johan Allard

    iPad mini mic stand?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to get some ideas if you have some nice way of setting up an iPad mini on a mic stand? I want something that’s as small and lightweight as possible, if it could fold/telescope down would be preferable. I’m thinking that the best would be to have the iPad mini holder on a...
  24. Johan Allard

    First gig in over a year without my Axe Fx II / my new backup

    Yesterday I played my first gig without my Axe Fx II since I bought it well over a year ago. We played a 40 minute set at a festival and they provided a backline and just a short changeover time between bands. I also used this as a great opportunity to create a backup rig for myself should I...
  25. Johan Allard

    One year with the Axe Fx II, celebrating today!

    Today marks the one year anniversary since the Axe Fx II arrived at my door. I'd thought I'd share some things that I've learned over this past year. What I indeed got with the Axe Fx II that I hoped that I would Incredible tones and immense flexibility. Especially now with the last couple...
  26. Johan Allard

    Wish: CabLab convert to use the same folder structure as FAS Cab packs

    Just bought the new TAF Studio Delta and converted them using CabLab. A couple of things would have made things smoother/better: Ignore incompatible (i.e. stereo cabs) instead of abort the conversion. It would have been much nicer if by the end of it a popup like “the following files couldn’t...
  27. Johan Allard

    Wish: Ability to change Preset IA’s using Preset Start IA setting

    Hi guys, I propose a new setting for the MFC - Preset Start IA, to enable Presets to start on other IA’s than number 1. With this simple setting, it would offer a lot more flexibility of the layout of the MFC, especially now when Scenes are such a popular and powerful tool. With this setting...
  28. Johan Allard

    Wish: Effect X ON and Effect Y ON

    I’ve been playing around with X/Y blocks recently. One thing that’s slightly annoying when setting one button on the MFC to be say Delay X/Y is that it doesn’t engage the delay. So this then becomes a two press function of selecting X/Y and then Delay 1 to engage the delay. I would like to have...
  29. Johan Allard

    Wish: Hold down to toggle X/Y state

    Hi guys, Just watched another one of Pete Thorns demos, this time on the Suhr Rufus Fuzz (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr5JmSzr5Bo). Sounded awesome obviously. One thing that I really liked though, and I think I’ve posted about this in the past here as well, is that on the Rufus it’s...
  30. Johan Allard

    Smallest possible Axe Fx 2 rig?

    One of the goals for me going with the Axe Fx 2 is to get my rig as small as possible. Here it is at rehearsal from a couple of weeks ago. Here’s what I bring with me to rehearsals and gigs: Axe Fx 2 in Gator GR-2s on a Hercules Mini stand. MFC-101 on Pedaltrain 2 with 2...
  31. Johan Allard

    NGD: My first Suhr (feel like a kid in a candy store today)

    Yes, here it is, feel like a kid in a candy store today. Got this baby that was conceived in 2007 delivered to my door today and spent most of the day playing it. It's really great. Got a ding next to the tone knob but doesn't bother me at all, just adds character really.
  32. Johan Allard

    Watch the input level, or how I made to stock preset sound good!

    I’ve had a bit of an epiphany just recently. I was watching Scott Peterson’s video about Cab Resonance frequency. At the end of the video Scott resets the Double Verb amp and with his humbucker (presumably his PRS) guitar he has very slight driven sound, and he adjusts the Input Trim to 0.75 and...
  33. Johan Allard

    Gibson Les Paul byers guide

    10,000 threads in this forum now. Very cool. How come Musicians Friend has a better overview that Gibson over different Les Paul models: Les Paul Guitars | Musician's Friend I’m thinking an Axcess will be my next Les Paul. Enjoy!
  34. Johan Allard

    Post your Favourite IR Mixes (Cab-Lab screenshots)

    Since we can't (and shouldn't) post completed IR's mixed from existing IR's, either commercial or not. One thing that we can do though is to post Cab-Lab screenshots of mixes that we've done, as inspiration. Here's one that I just did that I really, really like: The Ownhammer V30 is...
  35. Johan Allard

    Tip: Adjusting practice vs live levels easily

    I try to use the same presets at home practicing as I do with the band. One thing that's sort of annoying is that at home, I don't necessarily need my lead preset to be any louder than my clean preset, since I'll be playing along with a record, or just by myself. But obviously with the band, I...
  36. Johan Allard

    Gator Case Mod

    One of my aims is to keep everything as small and as light as possible. To keep my Axe Fx 2 safe, I have bought a Gator rack case, specifically the Gator Gr-2s (http://www.gatorcases.com/p/29201-1639/gr-2s). Accordning to the specs, it's not quite supposed to fit the Axe Fx 2 but as reported...
  37. Johan Allard

    First band rehearsal with my Axe Fx 2

    Hi guys, I had my first rehearsal with my band using my Axe Fx 2 yesterday and I'd thought I'd write a couple of lines with my experiences with it. Everything went reasonably well, or rather, I think it went as well as I could expect. The thing I'm still missing is powered monitors so I used...
  38. Johan Allard

    Tip: Adding a Filter block to measure relative volume levels

    Hi guys, first band rehearsal with my Axe Fx coming up tomorrow and I was sitting dialing in levels for different presets. Having watched Chris' excellent video on gain staging and preventing internal clipping (Preset Gain-Staging and Preventing Internal Clipping - Axe-FX II - YouTube), one...
  39. Johan Allard

    Wish: No delay in Axe Fx when switching with MFC and AE connected

    I'm new to the Fractal world and will have my first band rehearsal with my AF2 on Saturday. I assume that it will sound awesome, and I also assume that I will need to adjust levels within patches, eq's and possibly quite a few other things after hearing everything within the band context for the...
  40. Johan Allard

    Axe Edit 3, adding an amp in the Y state uses different default values from X

    Just as in the title: Axe Edit 3 (Mac), when adding an amp in the Y state it uses different default values from when adding an amp in the X state. Please see this video outlining the problem: And yes, I can obviously copy the settings from the X state, which seems a lot more reasonable...
  41. Johan Allard

    X/Y State issue with AE3 (mac) [SOLVED]

    I've verified this with both the Amp and Cab block. Whenever I change the Y state of a block, it never saves properly. To replicate, - select Amp block, X state. - Copy the content - select the Y block, paste. At this point, the Y state sounds identical to the X state, as it should. Hit...
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