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  1. rmbaylin

    Nice Rack Canada | AX8 | Stereo 4CM

    PM with a ballpark pricing of the pedal board layout you have here. I am located in Maryland. I have an AX8, 2 Mission pedals (wah and assignable Expression) and also a Boss FV500 (volume). I like the isolated outputs you have shown, Ext 2 & 3 foot-switches, and what looks like an N4L power...
  2. rmbaylin

    Coverband Players Share Your Song Secrets

    I play in a dance band now, mainly at casinos and large events. I came from the traditional bar band playing mainly classic rock. This dance band has a formula that just works. Energy on stage. Keeping the beat going. Playing with fun and a smile. Forget note for note. Tone and enough...
  3. rmbaylin

    New Roland processor

    BOSS U.S. - GP-10: Guitar Processor Looks like a GR-55 without the internal synth and 5pin midi jacks.
  4. rmbaylin

    Anybody know what this looper effect is? John Scofield

    When I saw him at the 8x10 club in Baltimore a few years back, he was doing some awesome stuff. We had about 12 people there, believe it or not. So I was glued to the stage watching him master the effects and work the fretboard. I thought he played an RC20XL at that gig, but I am not sure...
  5. rmbaylin

    Irene Cara - FAME [Metal Cover] \m/

    Sweet! Excellent work.
  6. rmbaylin

    NL12 Neolight ( 17lb ) are in stock ready for shipping

    Love to hear a comparison of the Black Face compared to the AxeFX and Matrix with a similar chimey fender tone. Any chance you can do another iPhone recording?
  7. rmbaylin

    Seems everyone left RedWirez "behind"

    Wasn't that subplot from the book/movie "The Help" ?
  8. rmbaylin

    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    I am trying to get enough cash to get a NL212 to try out. Currently I use the NL12 with my Port City 2x12. And my rig never sounded better. I like the clean of the 1x12 matched to the oomph of the 2x12. It's just the weight of the Port City is twice that I'd. Like the NL212. I'd say I they...
  9. rmbaylin

    First gig with the Axe, and it sounded terrible

    here's my 2-cents... As a longtime user of the Axe, my experience has run the gamut of experiences at gigs. Sometimes its been wonderful, and other times shrill and tinny. I've always had people comment on the sound of the Axe, but I've put FRFR on the back burner for now, and now run with...
  10. rmbaylin

    Song For George (with a solid electric)

    Patch me, baby. I have a LGXT with LR Baggs piezo. It needs this recipe. That sounds so sweet.
  11. rmbaylin

    Ten Years Gone

    Really nice!
  12. rmbaylin

    VA/DC local band wants to convert to Axe-FX II - looking for local demo of an Axe-FX2

    Gig on Sept 21st in Baltimore area , bar-local club playing cover material. I play the AXE FX-II using a small back line (Matrix GT1000 powering a NL12, and Port City 2x12), and into the PA depending on room size. I have used the AXE (ultra and FX) for about 4 years now. I have few other...
  13. rmbaylin

    Youtube Challange from a Ticked Off Non-Fractal Dude. (not me)

    Its not a replication of the Hendrix tone, but I think for the overall sound, it sounds alright. Also clearly not "note for note", but a reasonable interpretation to get his point across. Problem is he's a jack-ass IMHO. I think someone here (not me) should post a tone-accurate, note-note...
  14. rmbaylin

    Wish Long IA press calls up Alt IA Effect Block

    Just a thought, the MFC light could blink to indicate an alternate function. We have several possible states. No light = both states off or not present Red = X state on Red blink = X state off Green = Y state on Green blink =Y state off Fast or alternate red-green = both on How about...
  15. rmbaylin

    Speaker Break-In ?? New NL12 arriving today

    I'm expecting an NL12 later today. I've seen several posts where people run music through the speaker for 12 hours before use. Is this superstition, or is it legit. Is there a need to "break-in" the speaker. If so what is the method to use? volume level? source material?
  16. rmbaylin

    Amp Envy?

    I guess there is the aspect of what we hear directly in the sweet spot isnt the same as the FOH, which is where the AXE does a great job. Also there is the aspect of something 'new' or 'different' can seem better. Its like the first time you band plays a new song it sound soooo good, and then...
  17. rmbaylin

    Amp Envy?

    dwg115 - You're actually closer than that. I live just below Hanover in Maryland. We should get together and do some Axe comparisons! dwmichaels - this is true the tone and effects pallete in the AXE-II is much wider. I guess I have overlooked that "fingers" aspect too. But I don't...
  18. rmbaylin

    Amp Envy?

    Just when I feel like I've gotten comfy with my rig, along comes a player with an amp and pedal board, and the cycle starts over. Let me be clear, in that I've been an AXE guy for many years now and know my way around the unit and most of the do/don't to dialing in my tone. The chain is a...
  19. rmbaylin

    Need direction...how to bring the amps to life

    IRs are loaded in a CAB block. There are other IRs available than the stock ones, and can sometimes bring a patch to life, but the AXEII has a a lot of excellent Cabs to start with. Have you tried playing using the 4CM (if your amp has a loop in/out)? How about direct to the amp. Recommend...
  20. rmbaylin

    Need direction...how to bring the amps to life

    One thought. If you're trying to get the thump and punch of a real amp from the Behringer monitor it's not going to feel the same. Like others here, I've been through several options, and the sound of the amp will be the same (or damned close once dialed in) but that feel won't. I can't...
  21. rmbaylin

    Got to hear someone else play my rig - any lingering doubt is gone

    Jim What amplification setup where you using? Which FRFR or amp/cab?
  22. rmbaylin

    What is your Power amp of choice for use with the Axe FX II?

    Matrix GT1000fx is main amp now. I have a GK Backline 600 Bass head (2RU 300W) which sounds good, but not as good as the Matrix. These can be found on ebay for $100-150. I have a 50W hand-wired tube head which has nice saturation and punch, but it's just not as convenient to haul to a gig or a...
  23. rmbaylin

    Tapatalk API is expired.

    A bit off topic, but I use ForumRunner and it works pretty well. Also you can change your default style on the web page to be mobile -style which looks good on a smartphone. Just a suggestion.
  24. rmbaylin

    Can anyone learn to play guitar?

    I look at like reading and books. Some people learn to read sooner than others, some have a knack for reading, some love books, some dont. Some read faster and comprehend more, some get bored after just a few pages or chapters. But for those that do read, and do like books, its enjoyable in...
  25. rmbaylin

    Great AxeFX results @ last nite's auditon.

    No video, it was an audition for the band, but they treated it like it was a gig - sound man, lights, PA, the whole nine yards. I should have setup my smartphone and grabbed some video! Next time i'll remember to do that.
  26. rmbaylin

    Great AxeFX results @ last nite's auditon.

    Thanks guys. I've got another few auditions lined up, so hopefully I can get coax more great tones. These next bands are so different. 90's Rock/Grunge and the second is POP (Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Pink...).
  27. rmbaylin

    Great AxeFX results @ last nite's auditon.

    Went to an audition last for a country band that plays the new hot country sound. I played my Axe-FX II through my Matrix 1000 and into Port City 1x12. I used my Godin LGXT guitar, because I was too lazy to re-string the PRS or Tele. It all sounded great together. MFC on the floor to turn...
  28. rmbaylin

    Some Axe-FX II Photos from Today's Gig - Share some of yours!!!!

    Are you playing a Godin LGXT? I
  29. rmbaylin

    ok...so....IR's/Acoustic sounds/patches

    What my experience is that you'll need more than just the IR to sound reasonably close to an acoustic. There are some convincing patches, including this one from Fremen (a rework of Corey and Larry's Acoustic Badger patch). I used to have a nice one my Ultram but I think this one is better...
  30. rmbaylin

    Port City OS2x12 + Matrix GT1000FX - My Thoughts

    I'm going to give another shot at tweaking a few patches without sims on. Perhaps I'll change my opinion under v10.
  31. rmbaylin

    Port City OS2x12 + Matrix GT1000FX - My Thoughts

    Not true. There is indeed a quality that using cab sims adds to the sound. Not every cab sim sounds good, but as our Guru's here tell us "Tweak by Ear - there are no right or wrong answers" . If I recall, when I was buying this setup, Daniel from Port City told me he uses his axe-fx with...
  32. rmbaylin

    Port City OS2x12 + Matrix GT1000FX - My Thoughts

    I own a Port City 1x12 and a 2x12OS. I use the 1x12 almost exclusively for most setups but go with the 1x12 + 2x12 sometimes when I am want that air push. I have the Matrix GT1000 and this combination is very nice. I use the cabs sim ON. I still go back and forth between the FRFR and the...
  33. rmbaylin

    emergency axe won't boot at soundcheck

    I think fractal would be smart to offer every current Axe owner discount coupon to buy a backup unit! I'm just saying..... :-)
  34. rmbaylin

    emergency axe won't boot at soundcheck

    Good luck, man I feel your pain. Can you open it and re seat the cables? maybe something came loose in transit. This does bring to light it might be time to buy a back-up AxeFX or a pod as a backup for myself.
  35. rmbaylin

    WISH ! Double click to activate block

    Works on my windows machine.
  36. rmbaylin

    Idea for the new version of AE

    I think that's an excellent idea. I would add the option in settings to be able to select the X and Y border color.
  37. rmbaylin

    Balalaika - did you know this instrument even exist?

    I thought I remembered this line from the Beatles - Back in the USSR 'Oh, show me round your snow peaked Mountain way down south Take me to your daddy's farm Let me hear your balalaika's ringing out Come and keep your comrade warm I'm back in the USSR'
  38. rmbaylin

    Axe-Fest East

    Well I am on board if we can do it in the fall, I'll throw my hat in the ring as a CO-ORGANIZER (see the wording!). Ron
  39. rmbaylin


    gotcha. awesome! just for the record it wasn't a complaint, it was a question. got the answer.
  40. rmbaylin


    I like the "Added 35 cabinet models from the first of our 'producer packs' " line. I wonder if there will producer packs as a new product offering? Cool! An additional 50 slots for cabs, but I don't why there would be no dump/restore on the new slots. I guess time will answer all the...
  41. rmbaylin

    One big rack or several small rack or rack bags???

    I use a AxeFX-II, Matrix 1000 and a single RU wireless shure ULX. I also have a MFC101 with 3 pedals (this is in pedal board soft-sided case [Pedal-Lyte?]), I alternate using a 1x12 cab, a 1x12+2x12 cabs, or using a K10(s) for speakers I am debating whether to split it all up into...
  42. rmbaylin

    I'm leaving!!

    Best of Luck to you. I've enjoyed your posts and involvement in the forum.
  43. rmbaylin

    Mojo needed

    Sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  44. rmbaylin


    My predictions :Ravens win 24-16. Ray Lewis cries, Ray rice +100 yds, many ravens fans call out of work tomorrow.
  45. rmbaylin

    AxeFxII for Bass: Live use - slightly changing gears...

    Could one simply add a basic eq into the fx loop of the AxeFX, or between the AxeFX and your amp/head? Like a 5 band parametric?
  46. rmbaylin

    Any Guess on Fx 3?

  47. rmbaylin

    Which are your main guitars and why?

    I'm going between my Strat Ultra, Godin Lgxt, and my Johnny Hiland PRS. I think I go through phases. I find it interesting how many EBMM are listed, and yet no Les Pauls.
  48. rmbaylin


    My patch for my acoustic = "Acoustic Mojo" is pretty basic - Comp-->PEQ-->AMP(Tube Pre)-->Chorus-->Reverb. It really makes my Seagull S6 and Taka-12 String sound great. The Godin Spectrum SA is a little darker, so I use a 2nd version of Acoustic Mojo with tad less compression and a bit...
  49. rmbaylin

    Guitars, Humidity levels and Staying in tune

    I know! That's what surprised me too. Part of the reason I posted this. I was always prided myself on the never tune guitars.
  50. rmbaylin

    Guitars, Humidity levels and Staying in tune

    Not to beat a dead horse here, but a hygrometer is the item to use. I was thinking it was called a hydrometer. from wiki.answers.com - A hygrometer measures relative humidity in the air while a hydrometer measures the density of a liquid. Hygrometers tell you about the weather, while...
  51. rmbaylin

    Guitars, Humidity levels and Staying in tune

    I'm going to get a hydrometer later today, to see exactly what my relative humidity is in the studio. It seems to me that oil furnace hot air is drying out the moisture in the air. I had a whole house humidifier at one point (AprilAire) that stopped working at some point. We never really...
  52. rmbaylin

    Guitars, Humidity levels and Staying in tune

    Sunny huh?
  53. rmbaylin

    Guitars, Humidity levels and Staying in tune

    I live in the mid-Atlantic region and this is the time of year we run our oil-fired, forced are heating system in the house. I have a great practice studio in my home in the basement, and keep my guitars hung on the wall (convenience and show). I've noticed that since the end of summer my...
  54. rmbaylin

    Phaser sounds muffled after 9.0 upgrade

    I upgraded to 9.0 about 2-3 weeks ago. Overall everything is working fine, however I've noticed the phaser setting on all my stock presets now sounds muffled. Its only the phaser effect. The chorus is still clear and chimey. Compression and drive are fine, its just the phaser. Anyone have...
  55. rmbaylin

    Whos the best guitarist on the forum

    So many to choose, my vote is for Ketil Strand ska rednebb. www.youtube.com/use/rednebb
  56. rmbaylin

    MFC Will Not Change Presets

    I had this happen after 2.13 update. I could not change the bank inc or decr. I went in an changed my Preset size to 10 (was at 15) and works correctly. I've never had this happen before, and not since I change my bank size. Weird.
  57. rmbaylin

    User Advice? Matrix GT1000FX or FRFR Speakers?

    I just added a matrix 1000 to my AxeII rig, which I previously was using FRFR. I really enjoy the sound using the AxeII and Martrix 100 a 1x12 and a 2x12 cabinet. I keep the speaker sims on usually. I also own a pair of QSC Hpr122i that I used as well (and have used primarily over the last 3...
  58. rmbaylin

    East Coast AXE FEST ?

    If we think about Philly for AxeFest East we need a local coordinator. I will throw my hat in the ring as a co-coordinator, but I'm in Baltimore. Who else is in? There have been several offers to host by members in the Philadelphia area. Same with gear. We need some of the regional axefx...
  59. rmbaylin

    East Coast AXE FEST ?

    So far it looks we might have about 25 people interested, and Philadelphia might be the best location. Next question is would we prefer to do a smaller get together or try to coordinate this with the larger event?
  60. rmbaylin

    Axe-Fest East

    Personally I'd like to see even an Axe-Fest 'Lite' happen. It would be great to meet with other Axe users. Another note is the Fractal is not really that far from the Phila-NYC area. It would be a great customer support if we could meet Cliff and some of the team. I don'[t care about fancy...
  61. rmbaylin

    Axe-Fest East

    I would travel from DC to NYC
  62. rmbaylin

    Axe-Fest East

    I've started a poll so we can collect more info for the East coast Axe-Fest. Trying to get a real head count, and see what location Indicate in your reply what are your acceptable locations to hold the event, Baltimore-DC Philadelphia NYC Boston
  63. rmbaylin

    East Coast AXE FEST ?

    Seems like the bulk of us are between Boston and Baltimore (DC) area. I suspect we could mirror much of Axe-West event and schedule, more or less, so were are not really starting a zero. It was a real loss of Billmedog, some one should pickup his hard work and run with it. If we select a...
  64. rmbaylin

    East Coast AXE FEST ?

    I'm in Baltimore as well, and I would be happy to lend a hand in coordinating , or setup, whatever. Who else is in?
  65. rmbaylin

    Guitartown 2012

    I was one of the earlier adopters of the AXE, so I am a supporter of Fractal tech and Fractal Team. I bought my Ultra and it came with version 3.0. I own a II now, with the MFC101 and have gone through several setups and configurations. I originally bought the axe to model amps and effects...
  66. rmbaylin

    Guitartown 2012

    I took a mini vacation to Denver this weekend, to attend a free 3 day concert. I watched some incredible players, talked with many of them. Eric Johnson , Phil Keaggy, John Jorgensen, a young Australian named Joe Robinson among the group. One thing I noticed was nothing but tube amps (mostly...
  67. rmbaylin

    Ernie Ball Jr. calibration issue

    I just bought an Ernie Ball Jr. pedal as an expression controller for my MFC101. I am having an issue getting the toe-down (max) to recognize anything more than 26. The toe-up (min) calibrates to 0. I want to use this pedal for volume level, and it just ramps way to fast at 0-26. I have...
  68. rmbaylin

    Cliff send this young girl an axe!

    Wow. She makes it look so easy.
  69. rmbaylin

    What did you do to get better at guitar?

    I remember taking my albums and slowing them 16 -1/2 speed to "try" to learn the solos. Today there is so much more information and tools available. Playing with others is still important to me for growth. I also self study using videos and lesson books, but really think having an...
  70. rmbaylin

    Post Your Rig!

    My rig from a performance last Sunday Port City Pearl 50W into Oversize 2x12 MFC101 w 2 Mission Exp pedals The sound guy "HAD" to mic the cabinet. I tried to offer a direct, but he was totally against it. Rb
  71. rmbaylin

    Def Leppard's "Foolin" guitar cover AxeFx II Mark Day

    I love to see these topics - Mark Day cover of ........ Its like getting an instructional video with a big happy smile. You make it fun. Keep on rockin'
  72. rmbaylin

    Another LIVE Lesson Using the Axe2 Pick your solo POLL Thurs July 21 7pm EST

    Mark, Can you enable the recording option in UStream? I wont be able to catch this one live.
  73. rmbaylin

    HELP ME do a live guitar lesson ELECTRIC EYE...TONIGHT Axe2

    This should be pretty cool!
  74. rmbaylin


    2 quick comments 1) Love the ease with which you play. A master always makes it look easy! kudos 2) I've got GAS now - the Ultra fixed that since 3.1... the AxeII is on the list now. Time to start working on how I'm gonna sell the idea to the wife!
  75. rmbaylin

    Roland GR-55

    I know a few of my fellow Axer's own the GR55. I just bought one - mostly for the altered acoustic tunings. I play with two female singers and we do a fair number of open tuning songs. I am playing a Godin Multic Spectrum SA (steel string), which sounds great direct or thru the Ultra...
  76. rmbaylin

    AxeFx II (vs. Ultra) - has anybody actually heard it?

    What I want to hear is an A/B comparison of Ultra vs. II....
  77. rmbaylin

    Any upgrade options for recent purchasers?

    Well my 2 cents are this- I have and Ultra since Version 3.1 and have still only scratched the surface. The ultra is my main rig, and I still am using the patches I created around version 5. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of my Ultra, and will probably (due to GAS) try to buy a Axe-FX II. and...
  78. rmbaylin

    Zeppelin Heartbreaker Solo

    Killer rendition! No how about a patch to match it?
  79. rmbaylin

    Motivation, do I wanna play anymore?

    Jeez, I'm going through this too... My 3 projects dissolved down to one. The last gig on Saturday was a let down for me. My slamming original project fell apart when the bassist left to play with a working cover/dance that actually makes money, and no viable substitute would even remotely...
  80. rmbaylin

    My first issue with the Axe

    i had an issue similarly which required the axe to ship back to Tech SUpport. Something to do with capacitors in certain earlier models.
  81. rmbaylin

    I have absolutely F**N had it with Axe Edit!!!!!

    My experience was always great using Axe-EDit for all functions (editing, backups, preset manager, firmware) using the dreaded RME FireFace 800 - but have not used it since I began to read warnings about it corrupting the Axe-FX firmware. I own a Yamaha UX16 interface which worked as a...
  82. rmbaylin

    anything like jamvox but just software?

    Looking on line the price is $129.00. Is that $75.00 a special or used item?
  83. rmbaylin

    online band practice

    We're going to try EJamming as an alternative. It was real crap when I tried the 1.0 version a while back, but perhaps the new 3.0 is usable. I think there will always be some issues with some latency, but if we can work around it we will. Ninjam has some other modes which we may experiment...
  84. rmbaylin

    online band practice

    We've tried using Reaper's Ninjam plugin for online practices when our bassist cant make it. It works... but kinda.... since it delays the sent stream by an 'interval' (say 16 beats), the bassist is off by 4 measures. It works once he's gets on time with us, but any changes to say a...
  85. rmbaylin

    constant beep noise

    All my research says its the fan inside of the Axe itself that causes this noise I did not matter if I had a guitar/cable connected or not the noise was there regardless. I believe there is some RF generated by the fan that the circuitry picks up. I moved the fan around as I played (cover off)...
  86. rmbaylin

    Update to the Port City / Axe Fx Ultra rig!

    I have a pearl 50w with a 1x12 OS and a 2x12 OS it sounds sweet and gets pretty damned loud if needed. My only issue is trying to figure out where to put the Axe (in a gator case) so it all stacks pretty. I run the axe direct to the front input 2-cable method, with the cab and amp sims...
  87. rmbaylin

    That's enough amps for now, lets focus on fx for a bit...

    Re: That's enough amps for now, lets focus on fx for a bit.. How about a talkbox effect... seems like there is always someone who asks how to setup the Axe with a mic and the vocorder effect, only to learn its not the same thing.
  88. rmbaylin

    Midi question... way too advanced for me (FCB + Axe)

    Use ripwerex to program a second CC on another MIDI channel for the GRX. It works. One stomp can change two different devices by sending multiple CC on their own MIDI channels Software makes it much easier to see the setup
  89. rmbaylin

    Midi question... way too advanced for me (FCB + Axe)

    Use ripwerex to program a second CC on another MIDI channel for the GRX. It works. One stomp can change two different devices by sending multiple CC on their own MIDI channels Software makes it much easier to see the setup
  90. rmbaylin

    Force MFC to change preset when recalled on Axe-FX?

    Digitech 2101 and the matching foot board .. IIRC.
  91. rmbaylin

    Wedding Gigs

    If you look at the related videos you'll find parts 2, 3 and I think 4.
  92. rmbaylin

    Wedding Gigs

    If you have ever played or negotiated a wedding gig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11GEx-PyNAc
  93. rmbaylin

    Looper pedals comparison

    Although I don't use this solution, I think the laptop and s/w solution provides the best option on paper. Combining a laptop with a good interface (firewire like an RME 400 or similar) and a midi matrix (UM-550 or equal), running Mobius can deliver all of it. You can slave to midi track...
  94. rmbaylin

    Looper pedals comparison

    My take... I owned an RC-20 XL -- was fun but could never make the loops length quantization work, or even when by passed. I next bought an RC-50XL -- was supposed to have fix for that issue, and I wanted the A/B/C song parts to work for me. never got the fix to work.. it was always a bit...
  95. rmbaylin

    Behringer FCB 1010/UnO, issues programming

    Check what JoeGold says. I had a similar issue and once I enabled the Sysex Rcv set to enable it all worked fine. The same message that the sysex was sent, even though it didn't truly load.
  96. rmbaylin

    What the hell is this noise?

    Well... I am sure the digital noise coming from the fan itself - this means either the fan is defective, or something in the axe is defective... I am sending the unit back to Fractal, and hoping it just a rogue fan, and not anything to do with the Axe 'guts'. I did play for a little while...
  97. rmbaylin

    What the hell is this noise?

    So its not just mine and it seems like few still have this issue even with fan replacement. The fan motor must be causing EMI and the circuity is picking it up. The noise is simply amplified by gainier patches which is why different patches are worse My guesa is The noise has nothing to with...
  98. rmbaylin

    What the hell is this noise?

    I wonder just how many have the same issue? I am thinking This is a design issue. Could the fan be relocated so as not to interfere with the electronics and still be effective. The case is sealed so what is tan actually doing? I would expect a convection flow requires a vent.
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