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    FS *VERY SPECIAL* Axe FX II XL+ (700 killer Presets inside)

    Looong time tweaker and Fractal guy here! Selling my prizes and last unit stocked with all my best Presets. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fractal-Audio-Axe-FX-II-XL-Preamp-FX-Processor-SPECIAL-PRESETS-MORE/183541344277 Hear tones on videos here: https://www.facebook.com/NightForceRockBand/ And...
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    FS Samson 10 Channel Mixer, super clean, barely used, easy use.

    Very very good condition. Table top. Quite versatile. https://www.ebay.com/itm/183441691241
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    Wish Ah, now should we be able to develop the "Hyper Space Pedal preset"?

    This would be neat M@. . . could also be on the Wish List.
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    Wish EVH Phaser & Flanger

    Yes, its time. As an Ultra & XL+ owner, I'd wish for this.
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    Bad Company 5FPunch version - intro fx ? ?

    Any one have a solid idea what the fx or fx's are? thx
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    Your thoughts on Low Res in speaker section of Amp block(Rock music)

    When trying to tame bass down more, I noticed the "spike" of the Low Res in the graph. Reducing it seemed to take out what I needed. Anyone else use this or even like the idea?
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    Small cab blocks or small speakers for Rock leads? ?

    Playing a vast array of Rock covers, does anyone else use small cabs or down-size the speakers (size) in the cab block for leads?
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    Does your band tune down, from standard A440 ?

    Curious on what other bands do. thx
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    How do I have a stereo mix when playing music etc thru Axe XL ?

    Is there a simple way to have the full mix of each song from my ipod, Youtube or computer to be the full mix/stero mix? Many times its just the mono, so some parts are not heard. thx brothers!
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    Guys, what tone would you imagine this Ibanez gtr would produce?

    Ibanez Egen 8 guitar http://www.ibanez.com/products/u_eg_detail17.php?year=2017&cat_id=1&series_id=20&data_id=316&color=CL01 Note: has Alnico humbuckers in it. (stock) I have one, and not sure if it or the pick ups are ideal for the very wide range of Rock I play. Curious if you veterans...
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    Amps & cabs AEROSMITH may have use on 1st few albums? ?

    Thought there may be a few people in-the-know on this. . any drive pedals too. thx
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    "The Top Guitar Shop" since 2000 . . anyone use them? comments?

    http://thetopguitars.com/ Customized existing guitars (new or used) . . . anyone know them or use them?
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    After getting an ERROR 14, update try but got PPPPPPPPPPPP

    Darn, any ideas? Andyone recover from this before?? Cant even get the MFC to show FW update mode.
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    With the Chorus, Flanger, Delay & Phaser - what "types" are they?

    Are they Analog, Digital? Inspired by certain "pedals"??
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    Your opinion on how the best FRFR sounds vs. what FOH hears.

    Whats your thought on how the best frfr monitors/cab sounds vs. what the audience hears thru the PA? Any difference? If so, I'm wondering why sound better than what the audience hears.
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    Insights for journey from gtr amp/cab to this...or frfr vs. fr

    I've been w/ many Fractal yrs. Until 5 days ago, I had using an old fashioned/head-in-the-sand set up: Peavey Classic 50/50 rack mount power amp (12 tubes in it) into a Marshall MG 4 x 12 cab...its all been tweaked. It did get even better when I got a 2nd MG cab 6 mths ago, so I had much better...
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    Wish More then one Tone Match block per preset.

    Could be something, with gear getting matched...other than just cabs.
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    RESOLVED Upgraded MFC firmware...then, presets read: IASw02, 03 etc.

    Yep, one more hurdle....MFC is set to preset mode, but when I click button 2-5 they read: IASw02 etc. How do I get it to not do this, and go to/display the preset name? Your help is very much appreciated.
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    RESOLVED Upgrading Firmware in MFC, but no AXE II listed in Bot dropdwn box.

    I'm all hooked up/connected...viewed Chris' video. Seems w/ Fractal Bot output select dropdown box I only have 2 choices: NONE Microsoft GS Waveform Synth (I believe this is/was used for my Ultra, which I still use). How do I get Axe II XL+ listed? thx
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    Been really lookin at this, similar to "VanHalen" member Double/Triple track gtr post

    Having just read his post from a yr ago - I've been REALLY looking at this: Keeley 30 ms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3jTSw0grXg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIzylCWOG58 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_7t81afmUQ P.S. if anyone can inform me how to display the vids, like...
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    QUANTUM, quick question: previous firmware presets work?

    Not sure if I read something about this: that if one is using Quantum (in an XL+ in my case) - if preset from a prior firmware can be uploaded & used? Recalling maybe is the new AXE EDIT for QUANTUM that wow'nt allow this. Thanks guys!
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    Who's had backtracks or tonematch coming thru their rig?

    I'm curious if you've had "reference tones/songs" coming thru your rig...like backtracks or a tonematch. If so, how did it sound? Close or far different then the same played thru a stereo.
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    Best IR's vs. tone matching ?

    Guys, as a Master Tweaker, curious if you IR experts have thoughts to share on the best IR's vs. Tone Matching block? This would be for certain exact famous guitar tones. Perhaps an easy answer, but not sure of what I dont know about IR's. thx
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    What other guitargear forums do you use and recommend?

    What other guitar/gear forums do you use and recommend? Curious about electric 6 string guitar & gear forums....I'd like to use for general info etc. Harmony Central and "gear somethin or other" ??
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    Fender Strats - your input on the in's & outs of buying, for authentic tone.

    Looking into getting a Strat. Any of you care to share insights for my journey to copping a great Strat & its historic tones.
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    Axe as sound source...any hints?

    Guys, I have an Axe II and Vaio laptop w/ windows Vista...I've tried to hook up for tonematching - cant seem to find the right settings for the computer to see the Axe as sound source. Any hints?
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    LIVE performance of Comf Numb ...using Axe Fx tone

    Minus a few clams, but its a start. Oh, and an audience member near the camera was singing along. https://youtu.be/9CQU7aMOSu0
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    LIVE performance of Tie Your Mother Down ...using Axe Fx tone (hi Moke)

    Finally, beginning to putting things together toward my band, songs & tones. This is one of my fav Queen rockin tunes. https://youtu.be/NhmPr63o_7w
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    Using de-tuna on full step low guitar

    Guys, I'm having problems with a de-tuna on one of my EVH Steath guitars...its tuned 1 full step low. I nor my very experienced luthier can get it exact. We've tried 9 - 42 and 10 - 46 strings...not working. I do have perfect success with my other same EVH model going 1/2 step low...
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    Giving credit where its due.....if you ever need help w/ Fractal products

    I was stunned, in a good way, having reached out this weekend to Chris at: Axe-Fx & Fractal Audio Tutorials What did it was the LIVE, in real time YouTube (I think) on his site. He has a camera on his Axe Edit screen, showing what he's doing AND you can hear it as well. So, its not just...
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    new Les Paul, what pickups should I consider?

    Guys, I just got a 120th Anniversary 2014 Les Paul, w/ neck & bridge humbuckers. But, the sound/pickups are not to my liking. Seems it has "Coil 57's" or 490r/490t 's in it. Sounds kinda hollow, especially in the low end. I have all my tones tweaked to either my Ibanez Egen or EVH...
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    "Fractal Unit & Firmware" listed on each post . . .

    Now that we have 5 Axe units and LOTS of firmwares, I propose that each post that warrants it, lists the Unit & FW. Certainly preset exchanges are most important....moderators could be sure such posts have it. This will help in the short term (now) and long term (as weeks, months & yrs go...
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    Outboard looper pedal - Question if this will work

    Using my Axe & MFC in a 3 pc Rock band: If I have an outboard looper pedal, can it allow me to play a rhm grt part and have it playing, while I change to a different gtr preset and solo over the looped part? If so, would I just have the looper pedal connected between my Axe and gtr cabinet...
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    Wish: improve on the weakness, such as Harmonizer

    I would use it often, if it were up to standards.
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    Factory presets tweaked for both LIVE LOUD and quieter recording levels.

    Just a thought, since many of us proly go one way or the other.
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    Guitar parts for Ibanez, better options out there?

    Looking for any help / options of buying a new pick up selector switch...where to get. Since my gtr is less than 2 yrs old, I'm interested in the best quality I can find. thanks!
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    Washburn N4 (Nuno's guitar) - curious

    Washburn N4 or N2 (Nuno's guitar) Hi - I'm basically curious about this, if anyone has any input or experience with this 6 string electric guitar, please let me know. The new version or old one. thx
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    Pick ups . . passive vs. active thru Axe Fx unit - your opinion

    Hi Guys, having been a passive p/up guy, I'm curious about also using a gtr with active pups thru my Axe units. I do play a WIDE range of Rock classics from today thru the years. Imagining the actives would drive even more, the bigger/heavier presets I have..? Would the cleaner tones suffer...
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    PLAYING LIVE: each preset volume, general question

    For you live players: where do ya try to have each preset volume at? i.e. amps volume Level parameter maxed or close to?
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    Preset tone debut: Girls Girls Girls - LIVE thru my rig

    Bad boy Rawk....but w/out cadenza, since I noticed a clunker note Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crew, short gtr cover - YouTube
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    Tone preset debut: Plush by S.T.P. LIVE thru my rig

    do I get the very ending right? ~ ~ roll tape Plush by S.T.P. gtr cover w/ bkg track - YouTube
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    Wish Axe II XL having its own forum section . .

    . . could be titled: Axe-Fx II XL, everything unique to this unit.
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    Tones / presets debut: Pink Floyd medley LIVE thru my rig

    Tis hard to sing at 3 decibels, due to the mic sooo close to me . . . Pink Floyd medley, gtr covers w/ some vocals - YouTube
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    Tone debut of Def Leps Photograph, LIVE thru my rig

    . . slight miss-firing during the solo, but oh well: Photograph by Def Lep, short gtr cover - YouTube
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    Your input: floating bridges on guitars

    Guys, I'm curious on your thoughts about floating bridges on guitars...good, bad, trouble? And, have you ever had to block off one 'cause it was trouble? thx
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    Arm-band, sweatbands, where to obtain um?

    Anyone know where to get arm-band, sweatbands....those big wide ones which go on the picking hand arm, placed about mid forearm?
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    Chris Broderick Soloist gtr, Artist Series -anyone have 1 or checked 1 out?

    Considering a Chris Broderick Soloist guitar, Artist Series (6 string). Curious if anyone has valuable input on these guitars. Thanks !
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    Idea: "Sound Engineers Corner"

    Similar to Cliffs Notes, have "Sound Engineers Corner". It could be Matt taking on say, Chorus or Phaser; showing/demo-ing each paramater. Since each of these 2 fx's, for example can create quite different results of their own, as we know. Chorus can: 1. make a clean preset sweet 2. give a...
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    Your experiences/input on Suhr & Anderson guitars

    I'm in the market for a new six string electric guitar, for use in standard tuning. I play a very wide assortment of Rock. (Not sure if I'll get/want a hardtail or a bar.) Open to your thoughts, experiences & research on Suhr and Anderson guitars. thanks
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    Presets debut, Rock Classic Live thru my rig (#6)

    Flub note during outro . . Cuda cover 2 - YouTube
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    this is 2 times the fun - Preset debut of the Jovi (5#)

    thanks to the looper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGsuItv7c_o
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    Preset debut - Good Jovi (4)

    A one take - thats all the time I had. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAf5oINMWDM
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    Preset debut for a Rock band the ladies like. (#3)

    All done with Fractal, LIVE thru my rig. Livin 3 - YouTube
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    Preset debut of Hair Metal cover song, finally! (#2)

    Hair + Metal = Dirty Chats - YouTube
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    Debut of preset tones of mine - finally! a 90's hit song

    Here is a vid of me doing a Rock cover tune, which my friends band is going to do. http://youtu.be/h_7KQ9db82Y
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    Semi-hollow body guitars? What should I know, may add one to the family

    Considering another guitar, semi-hollow body Casino 6 string electric for Beatles tunes. thanks
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    Fractal sighting at national/world touring BEATLE'S tribute band Rain

    I was fortunate to have close seats at eye level to the stage . . . there sat a MFC 101. The George Harrison performer used it. It made me proud - he has as fine a tone to the intro of Revolution, as I do! Excellent show, if you every get a chance to see them.
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    String gauges you use, on different tuned guitar

    I am in the process of getting a 3rd electric guitar, to keep at 1 whole step down tuning. What string gauge do you use? I've had 9-42's on my standard tuned gtr...and 10-46s on my 1/2 step low gtr. A guitar I'm looking at for the whole step low has on it what I believe are 8's...and it plays...
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    Inspirational: How much do we appreaciate...playing & rocking?

    I happened upon this video, since I'm also working on this tune. I was in awe of the desire this man has to make music, best he can. http://youtu.be/I3A6mxkGa64
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    Getting music today - download to Ipod.

    Hey guys - its been a handful of years since I needed music tunes loaded into my ipod. Where do you all get music for to load into an ipod, other than iTunes?
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    Question: How do I know what version of AE I have ?

    How do I know what versions of AE I have ? I'm using one for my Ultra and one for Axe II.
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    More exotic, different sounding Amps, Cabs, fx and Drives

    Rather than have more of the same; Marshall cabs, similar amps etc...I wish for more exotic, different sounding Amps, Cabs, fx, and Drives.
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    Using MFC III with Ultra & Axe 2

    I'm gearing up, literally, to gig out. Can I use the new MFC III w/ my Ultra and Axe 2, interchangeably? I would have each Axe w/ its own cable running to the MFC. So say set one I use the Ultra...set two the Axe 2 and so on. Do-able?
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    Ultra to Axe II. The good, bad and ....

    Hey guys, I received my A2 yesterday. Brief history: I'v been an Ultra user for yrs. (Its THE reason I'm playing - too sound stellar!!) I did just change my acct. since I wanted a new user name...I'd had 250+ posts tho. And had read almost everyone else's. I have been lucky to find & test...
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    New Value knob suggestions

    Trying to help the value knobs going bad: in place of current knob = Digital value knob or button/rocker switch
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