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  1. REDD

    Per preset tutorial?

    I wish I could configure the FC like an Ax8. I never really use my Ax8 that much but I love how easy it is to program the buttons. Is the per preset easy to use? I'm kinda afraid to mess with it. I just use layouts. Is their a tutorial on this maybe? Thanks.
  2. REDD

    Wish Output block abilities

    I don't know if this could be implemented or if it would be useful to very many users but I decided to have my rig hooked up to my CLR's plus P.A. and a Matrix amp with cab and I thought with the output mode in the poweramp section of the amp block how can I have it set to FRFR for P.A. and...
  3. REDD

    FC-12 is amazing!

    Got mine today and spent all evening with it and I have to say it's awesome! I set it up with 3 different layouts that I customized to fit my needs and this thing so completes the AXE-FXIII! Thanks Fractal!
  4. REDD

    DIME KRANK cab mixes new!

    Just made a few mixes today, I hope someone can use them and enjoy them making some loud noises! KRANK DIME 4X12 w/ Texas heat speakers 6 different mics Added some more today.
  5. REDD

    DIME KRANK cabs new!

    Just made a few mixes today, I hope someone can use them and enjoy them making some loud noises! KRANK DIME 4X12 w/ Texas heat speakers 6 different mics Added some more today
  6. REDD

    [FIXED] Just got my III - factory preset issues

    Just hooked up my unit and it scared me right out of the box, no output. First 3 presets are dead and going through the rest almost every other one is dead or no sound. Should I just reload them from the download page of Fractal? I was looking forward to Putrucci's rig but it's one that has no...
  7. REDD

    Jacked my ear!

    I was playing at stage volume Monday for about an hour tweaking my Axe Fxii just like normal and that night in my studio I noticed my right ear was ringing and I lost my high frequencies. Now it's Saturday night and it hasn't gotten better. I am so bummed I havent played or listened to music...
  8. REDD

    Glitch on Axe-Edit

    When I mouse over a button or switch the little message that pops up to tell you what it is or does is cut in half where you can't read it. Is this just mine or everyone's?
  9. REDD

    Help with a question on computers.

    I am running an Hp Spectre laptop that has 16GB of RAM and I'm using it for Reaper and I just updated my Superior drummer 2 to 3. Question, I'm thinking about putting everything on my desktop that has 1Tb of disc space but the RAM is only 6GB compared to my laptop of 16GB so will the lesser RAM...
  10. REDD

    Filter slope info

    The “Filter Slope” parameter selects between first-order (6 dB/octave) or second-order (12 dB/octave) filters for Low Cut and High Cut. I noticed some of my cabs are set to 12db and some are 6db and to the best of my knowledge I never set this or changed the setting. Does it set itself on...
  11. REDD

    Strange things happening today.

    Hey all, today I was switching through some presets and one of them jumped huge amounts in volume. I switched it back and forth from a couple presets and its back to normal. it was like a blow your eardrums kind of difference. Also, my Wahs are staying on here and there and when I go back the...
  12. REDD

    Just saw Iron Maiden and Ghost!

    What a show Kansas City! I was wondering, now that Papa fired the band and hired new players, are they still using Fractal gear? They had a great guitar sound but I just can't get into them. I've tried but I just can't do it. Maiden was Killer! Cliff needs to introduce them to his product. Up...
  13. REDD

    Tight & Loose switch or a clearer high gain?

    Some amps have this feature and I really like it. I struggle with getting a Clean yet high gain punchy sound and have been for a long time. Could be because of my previous amp background experience of growing up with solidstate amps and only owning a handful of tubes amps that never got me what...
  14. REDD

    New EVH 5150III EL34 amp

    I saw this amp being reviewed in the new Guitar World. I was wondering if anyone has heard it in person? I wonder how close the AxeFx 5153 would be if the virtual tubes were switched to EL34's?
  15. REDD

    Some Ir's I've made over time

    Some of these sound great alone but I have the best results mixing a couple together. these are all I use with different mixes and I think they are awesome, hope some of you will like them and get some use out of them. If I remember right, they get better further down in the folder list.
  16. REDD

    IR capture and mics

    I was wondering if large diaphragm condenser mics are good to shoot Ir's with. I've always used my live stage mics in the past but I am buying an Aston Spirit mic for my small studio and wondered how it might be on Ir's. It has omni/ cardioid and figure -8 so I think it would be a versatile...
  17. REDD

    Right channel hotter than left on my AX8

    Right channel is louder than the left channel. Its on output 1 and also output 2 with different cables. Everything is set straight up on my balances. I even tried the factory presets to make sure it wasn't anything to do with mine. I am running output 1 to our house mixer and output 2 to my in...
  18. REDD

    METALLICA - another video full of AxeFxII units

    Love seeing these videos of them backstage warming up and there's always the Axe units.
  19. REDD

    I'm having an issue. Help?

    I'm having volume drops between preset changes. Very basic presets, amp and cab only on most presets with some delay or reverb on my clean and lead channel. I'll go from one preset to another and the one I switch to will drop significantly and if I go back and then switch it again it's back to...
  20. REDD

    Ax8 in the video of the making of Hardwired by Metallica

    Just saw an Ax8 in this video close to the beginning on the left, setting on some equipment. COOL!
  21. REDD

    Suggestions for new studio gear.

    I pretty much play live and haven't recorded in a few years. I'm throwing together a studio in my basement in a house I just built. The room is total concrete for storm shelter purposes and it was so boomy that you couldn't hardly talk to anyone inside. I put acoustic sound panels everywhere and...
  22. REDD

    Can't figure out my setup from my AXEII

    I have my two Mission pedals programmed on my AXE FXII so that they both do the same thing. If I'm at my mic singing I can use my right pedal, and if I'm doing a solo, I step out in the open and use my left pedal for wah or whammy usually. I can't figure out how to make them the same on my AX8...
  23. REDD

    Just got my AX8

    This thing is different than my AX FXII for sure. Was messing around here at work and the foot pedals aren't anything like I thought. Going to have to dive into the manual tonight. It sounds really good!
  24. REDD

    Wish Black star Gus G. Engl Ritchie Blackmore, ADA mp-1, Krank, Laney, Randall, Engl clean channel,

    Black star Gus G. Engl Ritchie Blackmore, ADA mp-1, Krank, Laney, Randall, Engl clean channel,
  25. REDD

    Wish AMP PACKS

    I would love to be able to buy amp packs like we can cab packs. I use maybe 7 or 8 amps in the Axe Fxii and I don't need the other 200+ but would love to have around 10 other high gain amps that will probably never make it into the future added amp selections.
  26. REDD

    wanting to get feedback on a classic sound.

    Hey, normally I use a high gain amp and play loud through my CLR's and have no trouble getting feedback but when I use an older Marshall type amp to get an ACDC classic rock sound I can't get the feedback. Traditionally I would be cranking it very loud and just turn around and feedback off my...
  27. REDD

    Scenes and MFC different?

    I use presets instead of scenes but have tried them in the past and for my setup it was just too much so I stuck with presets instead. I am now doing simpler stuff so I went to do some scene stuff today and it seems screwed up on my MFC or things have changed since I last messed around with...
  28. REDD

    My bass player and my extra Axe FxII?

    I was maybe going to let my bass player try out my backup Axe FxII but I am curious about FRFR speakers. Do bass players use the same stuff as us guitar players for FRFR? I would think so but don't want him blowing one of my Friedmans or CLR'S.
  29. REDD

    Wish Old Herbie

    I miss the old Herbie amps from firmware 17.3. I wish they could be in 3.02. That is all.
  30. REDD


    I just made this and I like to see how my patches translate and to see if it pleases anyone's ears. No effects, just dry like I like my heavy chunk rhythm to sound. Thanks
  31. REDD

    New FRFR speakers.

    Hey guys, I have the Friedman's in stereo and they are great but I'm wanting a coaxial powered wedge like the CLR to go with my second Axe FxII unit for two reasons. Something smaller and lighter than the Friedman's for gigging out and also I'm getting another band going with a second guitarist...
  32. REDD

    How to transfer my cabs to my 2nd Axe-Fx unit

    Is there an easy way to move my cabs from my main Axe-Fx to my backup Axe-Fx without having to do them one at a time? I just fired up my backup unit and it didn't have all of my cabs that I have made over time and I was bummed when I went to play some of my new patches that I had saved. I...
  33. REDD

    Thanks Sukh!!!

    These are great!!! Just got these and had a blast putting them on. Get some!!!
  34. REDD

    KRANK CABS X 8!!!

    I've been playing around with making IR's from my KRANK cabs for quite some time now but I just did a mix of center, edge, bottom and top cabs with a few different mics and it sounds great to me but I mainly use the ANGL amp and with the cut switch on and bass on 3.5 with everything else...
  35. REDD

    Updated Cab-Lab on new computer

    I'm using a new laptop and today I downloaded the new CABLAB version and my Ilok manager but it won't let me open it. I put my activation code in and it won't take it. Do I need a new code for a new computer?
  36. REDD

    Preamp in the FX loop?

    Will it work to run a rackmount type preamp like the ADA in the effects loop of the Axe Fx and then program the effects loop out so it will be bypassed, then using the Axe Fx amps on other presets?
  37. REDD

    Block library, feel like I'm a noob.

    I just got a new laptop and downloaded all my Axe stuff and my blocks library is now gone. Is there a way to download it into a folder from my old laptop and put it in my new laptop?
  38. REDD

    My Ilok is driving me nuts!

    My ilok keeps going bad somehow and I have to go in and find the folders and delete them and then go to ilok and reinstall every few days. Is there a trick to keeping it functioning or is it a Windows 10 thing? I click on Cab-Lab and it says it needs the ilok info and I click my ilok manager...
  39. REDD

    Two identical guitars

    I have two ESP M-II guitars with the same pickups, strings and even the same color but one sings and sustains for days and the other doesn't. The pickup string gap is the same and not too close. The only thing I can come up with is its the wood or the pickup. They sound the same though. Any...
  40. REDD

    Two MFC's on one Axe FxII

    I have two MFC controllers and was wondering if I could run one with cat-5 and one with 7 pin midi so my guitar tech could do some of my changes but I could still do some myself.
  41. REDD

    Now that I am FRFR

    I got my Friedman's a couple months or so ago and I've finally gotten the FRFR thing to where I think I can finally gig without my big tube rig. One problem though that I just started noticing. My ears are now ringing all the time in a high and upper mid tone. I am thinking with my tube rig...
  42. REDD

    Sennheiser ew300 in ear monitor issue

    I'm having some interference when I walk around with my iem's. I've tried all the different frequency channels on my unit and I've moved the unit to different locations and I've tried different power and different cables and earbuds but I keep getting this little zip/buzz noise here and there...
  43. REDD

    I did the test.

    Going FRFR for a while now but haven't gigged it. I've been getting ready lately to try. I bought Cab-Lab and bought IRs and made IRs. I keep getting so close but just wasn't sure if I could gig without my tube rig. So tonight I mic'ed my tube rig thru the P.A. and put it in my back room to...
  44. REDD

    Experimenting today.

    Going to try some new techniques today, it might get weird! Hopefully I'll have some good results. By the way, I'm at work. I love my job. If I get some good IRs shot today, I'll post them.
  45. REDD

    volume pots

    I keep going through volume pots on my two main guitars. Anyone recommend a good type or brand? I use passive pickups.
  46. REDD

    question regarding a certain A

    I've been using FRFR for a little while now instead of my tube Poweramp and cabs getting really good tone out of my new Friedman ASM-12's. I have a question with regards to a certain chord I do when palm muting that is causing me trouble. I'm tuned down a half step and playing an A either 2nd...
  47. REDD

    Windows 10 just jacked my CAB-LAB!

    I got Cab-Lab about a couple weeks ago and my computer did an update today and no matter what I do it won't work. It said try reinstalling so I did and it said reinstall Ilok so tried and it won't reinstall even though I have uninstalled it. I'm screwed!!! Anyone know a way to fix this? Edit -...
  48. REDD

    Use this.

    Hope you like it, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  49. REDD

    Use this.

    Hope you like it, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  50. REDD

    ADA 2X12

    Just shot this. I'm having fun since I just got Cab-Lab, its so much easier to shoot IRs.
  51. REDD

    Can someone try my IR's?

    Can you guys let me know if these are good or bad on your setup? Thanks I posted for AXE FXII, AXE FXII XL,AXE FXII XL+ and AX8
  52. REDD

    My new IRs mixes

    First time making mixes with CAB-LAB. I love the results,hope you do. These are for heavy chunking but they sound good on my equipment for most of my needs. I shot three IRs of my Krank cab and my Marshall cab together then mixed them. Usually my Krank sounds scooped and my Marshall sounds like...
  53. REDD

    cab-Lab struggle/help!

    I just got CL and I tried to setup the live option so I went under settings/audio setting and I don't see the Axe Fx in and out boxes like in the Manuel. It has one box at the top that had AOS or something like that in it then the next box had FAS USB so I chose it and under it I chose the input...
  54. REDD

    humbuster cables

    Is it possible to make a 1/4" stereo male end going from the outputs like you normally would to an XLR on the other end? I made the regular humbuster cables myself but would like one end XLR for a devise I have and don't want to use an adapter. I'm already using the XLR outs from input one to...
  55. REDD

    Humbuster question

    Does output 2 have humbuster technology? The Fractal sight says main outputs have 1/4" and XLR outputs with humbuster but its not clear to me if that also means output 2.
  56. REDD

    ENGL preset with my KRANK IR's

    Hey everyone, I have never put up a patch with Ir's included and these are two that I use together since I don't have Cab Lab yet to mix them. I'm mainly just curious how my patch transfers to other rigs and If you guys like the two cabs combined. This is just a straight up amp with the bass...
  57. REDD

    I need help

    I've been checking the forum more than ever lately. Seems like every five minutes! I should be playing more! Anyone else have this problem?
  58. REDD

    cliff, please make some Fractal

    fractal Audio powered FRFR speakers. You could even have one that you could mount your AxFx in. Or one with a compartment for the AX8 to be stored in. Well maybe not all that but I am tired of trying to find the right monitor and you could do this and take all our Money!
  59. REDD

    AX8 and CabLab

    Does CabLab work with the AX8? In my AXII I use one of my IR's in one cab block as Ultra And two of my IR's in the other cab block in stereo. I haven't got CabLab yet but I saw you could blend and mix cabs. With the AX8 having only one cab block I thought I could blend my favorite three...
  60. REDD

    Getting started with FRFR question.

    If I buy Cab-Lab on my work computer can I use it on my home computer and my rehearsal computer? How do you transfer it? Same question about Cab packs. Thanks
  61. REDD

    A few questions that I have.

    Can we revert back to the old forum????? Cliff, Friedmans or CLR's???? I am trying to go FRFR instead of my amp and cab and I'm starting to think its my room causing me frustration. It sounds different every time I move and there are some really bassy areas I need to fix in some corners. My...
  62. REDD

    Wish tone match and amp blend.

    This might already be possible to run an amp block together with a tone match but I was thinking it would be cool to blend them like IR's. I don't do tone matches because most of them I've heard or tried weren't great.
  63. REDD

    Wish Can you model some magic Cliff?

    If you can model glass preamp and poweramp tubes, resisters,transformers and such then I would think speaker cabs could somehow be modeled without recording the impulse response with a mic. The resonance of wood and metal,frequencies, cones and speaker paper,the magnet and coil. You are an evil...
  64. REDD

    Trying FRFR for a long time but not there yet.

    I have been trying and trying but can't quite get the sound yet. I have my own Irs that sound better to me than factory ones but all I have besides my big tube amp rack and stack are QSC K-12's and I was starting to get a fairly good sound and then I decided to take them off the stands and use...
  65. REDD

    Axe Edit question/problem

    I have the newest Axe edit on my computer running Windows 10 and Axe running Q1.01 and everything is fine but I have a backup unit that is still running 17.3 and I saved my 17.3 patches with the appropriate Axe Edit to use with it. I recently decided to hook up the 17.3 unit and do some...
  66. REDD

    Who is using dephase?

    I am wondering if dephase is a use your ears kind of setting tool. I have always used a big rig which consists of a VHT 2/90/2 and four chrome KRANK 4x12 cabs. It kicks butt! I made some IRs of th KRANKS powered by the VHT and now with dephase at 4 or 5 it sounds almost identical to my rig. I am...
  67. REDD

    Megadeth recording video.

    Has anyone seen this video? At 3:09 you can see Dave playing thru an Axe FxII in the studio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbjnBZ3rrPs
  68. REDD

    Cliff is up to something.

    I wonder if our mad scientist Cliff is taking a much needed break or is he up to something new? New Fractal gear or some new G4 stuff? I'm hoping for new amp models myself.
  69. REDD


    To Cliff and all the dad's out there, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!
  70. REDD

    All Engl amps including the clean channels

    I wish for more Engl amps and I wish for more wishes. Oh, and I still wish for the ADA and KRANK amps. There is no such thing as too many amps. I know some people think we have enough but I don't.
  71. REDD

    New testing top banner and new firmware.

    I never would have dreamed of buying a KPA but while waiting for new firmware and staring at the Testing top banner every day I got extremely bored and ordered a Kemper to go with my two AXE FXII's. I know its blasphemous and I haven't received it yet but It will hopefully be fun to try. My band...
  72. REDD


    I love the tone and feel of 18.3 but since 17.3 I have been struggling with getting a great saturated high gain chunk in my 5153 red and my Herbie 3. Turning up the gain with the sat switch on and it just gets flubby and buzzy. I have read peoples posts and recommendations but I never could get...
  73. REDD

    Need help with Heavy sound and palm muting.

    Hey guys, I use to use Herbie 3 for my heavy chunk amp and found that through firmwares it lost its tight punch when palm muting so I started using the 5153 and it was good! Now on almost all heavy amps I can't get a good tight punchy palm mute. I'll try to explain, I'll do a palm mute with...
  74. REDD

    Block library error

    I have 18 on my old Axe fXII and have been using Axe edit for basic adjustments. I just connected my newer AXE FXII Mark II unit up with 17.3 to my computer and I am getting an error that says "errors were encountered while reading block library entries. Please see the file block _library.log in...
  75. REDD


    I use to use a Quadraverb years ago when my band did Pantera's cowboys from hell and I had it programmed great and it would go by itself with the delay hold on but I can't figure out how to replicate this intro on the AXE FXII. Anyone have an idea or has someone made a patch for this? I think...
  76. REDD

    intelligent harmony and half step down tuning

    I may be showing my lack of knowledge here but when choosing a key on the harmonizer does it detect my pitch or just play to my notes? With an octave it just plays off my notes but with the intelligent harmonizer do I need to pick D# when I'm tuned down a half step and playing in E position or...
  77. REDD

    More High gain amps!

    Randall Satan, ADA MP-1, Krank, How about a FAS FrankenKrank-stein? A FAS ADHD EMTEE-1? FAS Lucifer? I know we have a few good high gains to choose from but not in comparison to all the bluesy/country and cleaner amps. Don't take me wrong here, I love everything about the AXE and this is just a...
  78. REDD


    Dime has been gone ten years now and I had the opportunity to hang with him a few times and he was an awesome person. I would love to see an amp or two on the Axe in tribute to him like the Warhead or Krank.
  79. REDD


    KRANK IRs I don't use IRs but I made some of my KRANK cab, let me know if they are any good. Thanks
  80. REDD

    How do you export IRs you've created?

    I captured some of my first IRs that sound pretty darn good and wanted to email them to a friend that recently bought an Axe Fxii and can't figure this out. Can someone help me out please? THANKS!
  81. REDD

    Real 4x12 cab issue

    I have a massive rig with a VHT 2902 tube amp and four KRANK 4X12 cabs in stereo. I can't seem to go IR/cab sims. Just can't take that step but I have tried to cut my rig size down by using a Marshall 1960 4x12 in stereo. The issue is palm muting around 3rd fret G chord, the cab sounds thick and...
  82. REDD

    ADA MP-1

    I sold mine on EBAY a few years back and miss it a lot. Would love to have it on my Axe! I had two of the power amps and the split cabs plus the midi controller and a Quadraverb with a hush unit. That was an awesome rig back in the day.
  83. REDD


    it seems that since we all received our AXE II units that its always Christmas from Cliff and co. Its been pretty calm as of late, wondering if we will be getting a real awesome Christmas bonus this month? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!!
  84. REDD


    A wish list request that would truly be awesome! Having amp and effect packages that you could add to your Axe Fx and they would work with any firmware. Cliff could even Sell them like cab packages. Also, Axe edit that would work with all firmware versions. I just love 9.02 and its just...
  85. REDD

    Different sizes of AXE Edit.

    Not really a bug but I noticed that on my Windows 8 touchscreen laptop the edit screen is pretty small and on my Windows 7 laptop its almost the whole size of the screen. I have to use the magnifier feature of Windows 8 to make it big enough. Is it my computers or is there a size difference in...
  86. REDD

    Quick scenes question.

    I don't use scenes and was thinking of giving it a try but I need to know if I set a bank up for scenes can I have other banks for plane patch switching? Thanks in advance!
  87. REDD

    Saving preset to new preset number: bug 3.1 AE

    I made a preset in patch 384 and went to save it to preset 5 and it asked me if I wanted to replace preset 4 and I have my display offset on 1. Bug?
  88. REDD


    I purchased a VHT 2/90/2 off of EBAY and it had some issues so I sent it in For repairs to FRYETTE which use to be VHT. They said it got damaged and they want to put a new faceplate on it for $100 and it would now be a FRYETTE instead of a VHT. They told me that if I made a Claim to UPS that...
  89. REDD

    Resetting amps

    Ok, when I bring up my old patches and I read to switch to another amp and then back to reset it, do I have to save that patch then or can I just go back to my patches and they will be reset after doing this to each one?
  90. REDD

    Windows touch tablets

    Anyone using the newer Windows touch screen tablets know if they will work with axe edit? Thinking about getting one and was curious. They have USB but was wondering if you could edit by touching the screen?
  91. REDD

    MATRIX GT1600FX - I'm not the only one!

    I love my MATRIX GT1600FX!!!!! This amp is truly amazing and it will hold its own against real tube amps! I no longer have to worry about tubes or standby warm up time and it sounds good at low and high volumes and its light! I was worried at first because of my experience with Marshall...
  92. REDD

    9.02 today and my Axe is not behaving well.

    I downloaded 9.02 today with no issues and was playing around switching patches with my MFC and a regular patch of mine was just dead, I hit another and things were fine and went back to that patch and it was fine. I hit another patch a bit later and it showed my edited name on my Axe and MFC...
  93. REDD

    Hitting a preset twice with new update switches to alt amp and didn't before for me.

    Is this something I can Change on my MFC? I am afraid I will accidently hit a preset twice and it will switch to the alt amp. I have never even heard of the alt amp before, is this something new? I don't use scenes by the way. I usually hit a preset after I use the tuner switch and now it...
  94. REDD


    My wish list is to wish everyone at Fractal and to all the forum members to have great Thanksgiving and wonderful holidays!
  95. REDD

    Updating with midi ox. I have no clue!

    I've been wanting to update my mfc and I know how to hook it all up and I've looked at Yeks helpful post but I have no clue how to use midi ox. Is there an informative video or post I could use?
  96. REDD

    Special sauce

    I was wondering if in the future the rear input could be updated to have the special sauce like the front or if its just hardwired with no chance of changing it. Thanks everyone! Oh, and also, if there could be a way to have both inputs on at the same time so I could use one to tune with...
  97. REDD

    Using a tube poweramp and real speaker cabs.

    I use a Mesa Boogie stereo 2x100 with four 4x12 cabs and its a monster! My question is, with the amp and cab sims turned off, what settings work and which ones don't? I have played around with all of them and some make a difference and some don't. Some of the amp sim settings seem to make a...
  98. REDD

    Screen flicker plus whammy issue.

    My screen flickers on my AX FX II every few seconds. I've only had it a couple weeks and haven't used it much, is this normal? Also, when I use my expression pedal to go 2 octaves up, it is not a steady smooth transition, it gets a little squirrely and its pissing me off. I've tried...
  99. REDD

    Do I need a midi interface to download other peoples patches?

    I just got my AX fX II a few days ago and I can't figure out how to get other peoples patches. I read the book manual and the online manual twice and it says nothing about it getting users patches online or if you can do it with USB or if you have to have midi interface. Please help! THANKS!!
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