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  1. doha1696

    Simply how does it work ?

    I've just bought Cab Lab but... 1/ It's complicated to activate via iLok key etc... But I finally succeeded in activating it... 2/How do you load something in the mixer slot ? Impossible to work with the factory cabs ? 3/How to work/load the sample IRs in the last firmware Quantum 8 ? 4/Do you...
  2. doha1696

    Axe Fx suddenly stop receiving program changes from Logic X

    Everything is in the title... I did nothing special and suddenly, it becomes impossible to send Program Changes from Logic to The Axe... It does not react in any way... Don't understand what I did bad... If someone has ideas, it would be very appreciated... many thanks = Dom
  3. doha1696

    Wish iPad drivers...

    ...to replace a Mac Book with an iPad, easier to use on stage...
  4. doha1696

    Best way to connect Music Man Majesty with piezzos...

    I've connected my Majesty on rear inputs to use it with a stereo cable but I've read here that the front input has more gain... So what is the best way to connect the Majesty ? I want to keep acoustic sounds coming from piezzo and electric sounds coming from the Di Marzios different and still...
  5. doha1696

    Ipad Pro Drivers ?

    Hi, I'd like to know if there are news about a driver for Ipad allowing to use the axe as a sound card using the Lightning connectors > USB... I'm actually using the Axe FX with a Mac Book Pro and it works pretty well for automatic program changes and control changes. I'd really enjoy to use my...
  6. doha1696

    "Titanic" cover with a Roland GR55 and Axe FX II firmware 11.03

    It's still incredible what we can play with those two top sound boxes ... My gear for this song : Music Man Luke II BFR True Gold (signed by Steve) GK3 equipped, Roland GR55 guitar Synth, Fractal Audio Axe FX II, Spectrasonics Omnisphere (for the human chord sound), Matrix GT800 FX power...
  7. doha1696

    Axe FX 2 Wha and hot disto with an Ibanez JEM

    Hi, this is my participation in the French Guitar Contest 2013, using the Axe Wha and Axe Marshall JVM disto sound ! 'Hope you'll like it... French Guitar contest 2 - Dominik Hardy - YouTube
  8. doha1696

    14 videos with the Axe FX2 using different guitars...

    Hi guys, here are 14 videos I made using the Axe FX2 with different guitars : Music Man Luke BFR, Petrucci, Ibanez RG, S and JEM, Zeal Mercury... for disto, clean and "strange" synth sounds... covers or simple tracks in a lot of different music styles. 'Hope you'll like them ! Don't forget to...
  9. doha1696

    My Steve Lukather "Song for Jeff" with the Axe FX 2 and Ibanez JEM 70V...

    Hi, here's my last video : the superb instrumental track "Song For Jeff" from Steve Lukather with the Axe FX 2 sound and the new Ibanez JEM 70V... Luke and Steve Vai are definitively my favourite guitar players, 'love them both ! I had a real good time playing a Luke song with a Vai guitar...
  10. doha1696

    Axe FX 2 with Roland GR55, a simple song to understand...

    Hi guys, Here's a new Youtube I made with GR55 through Axe FX 2... It's a single track recorded with my Luke BFR GK equiped in Logic 9. You can listen to differnet kinds of instruments and sounds : acoustic guitars, electric, PCM sounds such as piano, sax, flute, synth, voices, etc...
  11. doha1696

    Axe FX II, Steve Vai Sound with Tone Match tutorial

    How to use the tone match function, with the example of Steve Vai's "Racing the world" sound. Axe FX, Steve Vai Sound with Tone Match - YouTube 'Hope you'll like it ! Dom
  12. doha1696

    Van Halen "Unchained" with Axe FX II

    Hi, here's a new Youtube video and the result of my work looking for Eddie Van Halen's guitar sound. Not still "perfect" but really near to the graal :roll The more I play my Axe FX, the more I love it ! Zeal Mercury Guitar, Axe FX II, Van Halen "Unchained" - YouTube Please, quote and...
  13. doha1696

    My own "a bit funky" way to play AC/DC "Back in black" with Axe FX II

    Hello, 'hope you'll like it, I just revisited AC/DC "Back in black" with a Zeal Mercury Guitar, pretty nice and really cool to play with. For the rythm sound, I used an Axe FX crunch sound with the two humbuckers together (mid position) and for the solo, it's one of my Axe big disto sound...
  14. doha1696

    Salut les Frenchies!

    Enfin un site en Français qui parle de l'Axe FX ! Venez télécharger des patches Axe FX et proposer les vôtres sur le nouvel espace de téléchargements de sons de Fret-Time.com...:o:o:o:o
  15. doha1696

    Solo in a Pink Floyd style with the Axe FX II

    Hello ! 'Hope you'll like it : Solo in a Pink Floyd style with the Axe FX II If so, I've just uploaded 4 new videos with different types of sounds with the Axe FX using different guitars, you can listen to them on my Youtube Channel. Let there be rock to you all! Dominik
  16. doha1696

    FRFR, what can you say about SR Technology Road series ?

    Hi, what do you think about that type of active speakers : SR Technology Road F12 A ? Thanks
  17. doha1696

    Short video for the French guitar contest with the Axe FX 2 disto and clean sounds

    Hy, Please watch, quote and comment my entry to the French Guitar Contest using the Axe FX 2.... Enjoy Dominik
  18. doha1696

    Firsts steps with the Axe FX 2...

    Hello, the Axe FX 2's quite impressive and really "expressive"... Just come see us on Guitarsandme.com and read this Axe FX 2 first steps overview with a joined Youtube video! Enjoy and don't hesitate to comment and rate! Dominik
  19. doha1696

    Yamaha RX8 as an FRFR amplification for the Axe FX II ?

    Is there anyone using the Yamaha RX 8, active fullrange speaker ? Or do you have better suggestions for FRFR active speakers ? Thanks
  20. doha1696

    Axe FX 2 unbelievable sound and Brand new Ibanez RG 3250 Youtube Video

    Hi, it's just my last track using the Axe FX 2 and the Ibanez RG 3250 Prestige, not completely mixed and final version but I couldn't help uploading it on Youtube yesterday night.... May be you won't love that instrumental guitar song but I hope you 'll love the sound which is absolutely...
  21. doha1696

    The best connectors to use the XLR Out 1 on The Axe FX 2

    Hi, I'm using the Axe FX2 and a Bose L1 Model 2, I'd like to know what connectors I must buy to obtain the best results with XLR out of the Axe FX : XLR on Axe FX-->XLR on the Bose Tone Match mixer or XLR on Axe FX --> jacks on the Tone Match ? Or must I use the jacks OUT on the Axe FX instead...
  22. doha1696

    Axe FX + Roland GR55

    Hi, I'd like to know how I can drive my GR55 with the Axe FX using Axe FX midi out and GR55 midi IN, it doesn't work... Many thanks.
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