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  1. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Boss HM2

    So, yesterday I bought the Boss HM2, mainly for you guys. And within like 10 minutes I had this: What you are hearing is the Boss HM2 compared to the patch I made. There's a fine difference, but can you tell which one is which? The three blocks in the patch emulate the sound of the HM2 pedal...
  2. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Facelift

    A stab at Cantrell's tones on the AIC album "Facelift". Patch will be posted if there's enough interest. FW16 bitches!!! :devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish::devilish: :devilish:
  3. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Super Mario

    "Oh, mamma-mia!" :-D
  4. Swedish Chef

    Gourdo's preset

    Hey guys! Since you can't attach presets to PM's I'm posting a simple template preset here for Axe-FX user Gourdo. Nothing fancy, just a push in the right direction... Cheers! :)
  5. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Norum Lead

    Sharing a John Norum patch I made. The patch is available below. Don't forget to like, comment or subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel. Cheers gang!
  6. Swedish Chef

    Join Swedish Chef on Youtube! :)

    Hi guys! I've been AWOL-ing for a while, been really bizy with some cool musical projects. Anywho, I'm enjoying some time off and started a YouTube channel. Check these new tones out and be sure to write a comment and subscribe to channel. Hopefully I'll have time to make some "swedish...
  7. Swedish Chef

    It was 20 years ago today...

  8. Swedish Chef

    Great tone, from the tone master.

    Jaw is on the floor, the tone and playing is stellar... How about an IR of the Eminence EJ1250 speaker?
  9. Swedish Chef

    Thinking hard about buying this, Suhr Corso...

    Such a great sounding amp... This will be my first amp in 7 years.
  10. Swedish Chef

    In light of the third party cab libraries...

    In light of the great third party cab IR libraries, wouldn't it be great if one could overwrite the factory cabs and use those slots for user cabs too? What say ye?
  11. Swedish Chef

    Poll: Which reverb is the real reverb?

    Can you hear the difference? One of these reverberations is the real recording of a balloon being popped in the room space below. One of them is the digital equivalent I created in a DAW. Can you tell which one's which? Vote and write a comment. I'll announce the order in a couple of days.
  12. Swedish Chef

    Album tip: Janne Schaffer "Earmeal"

    I found this in my record collection. It's a great album and I thought you might like a listen. It was Janne's last attempt at making it internationally. Then the whole 80's shred thing happened. Being the top guitar player in Sweden in the 70's, Janne is also heard on most Abba albums. One of...
  13. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Breaking the Silence

    One badass album! Enjoy! :encouragement:
  14. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Fear of the Dark

    Quick soundclip of the patch: :devilish: UP THE IRONS!!! :devilish:
  15. Swedish Chef

    Purple Rain patches (only for Rhinodesign)!

    Here you go, buddy! Bon appétit! :encouragement: PM me if you have any issues or questions...
  16. Swedish Chef

    Mojave Dirty Boy (with Variac)

    Blues Saraceno's father, Alex, made the original Dirty Boy. I remember having a lengthy mail conversation with him like 10-12 years ago – a really nice guy! All in all I think he made 5 original DB amps. Mojave Amplification made a few of these amps a while back. I think it's a killer tone...
  17. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Moog

    Now I only need a sex change operation to become the "Swedish Shef" [sic]... :D Enjoy the patch guys! :encouragement:
  18. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Narrow Way Part III

    One of my all time favorite tones on an album. Quick first draft:
  19. Swedish Chef

    The GeFilter!

  20. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Strange Land

    My take on the SIT tones. Originally played on the Gallien-Krueger 250ML amp – here replicated using a similar signal chain. I bid you much enjoyment! Let me know what you think... :encouragement:
  21. Swedish Chef

    Swedish Marines

  22. Swedish Chef

    Chef's spring field

    Sunday snack guys... :) ...get it while it's hot... and no elbows on the table! :encouragement::encouragement:
  23. Swedish Chef

    Bug? Unable to enter value...

    Unable to enter min/max value to modifier from Axe Edit. Only dialing in large increments works. The editor syncs to alterations to these parameters from the unit. AE3.000.3- FW12.004b Que pasa?
  24. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Bolt On Hold On

    Prepared a small snack for y'all. Adjust amp input gain to taste... ;) Enjoy now! :encouragement:
  25. Swedish Chef

    Thank you!

    Thank you guys so much for the heart-warming welcome back responses and concerns expressed through all the posts, countless PM:s and likes. I'm overwhelmed by all this and really glad to be part of this great community. You guys are the best. Thank you! :encouragement::encouragement:
  26. Swedish Chef

    Chef recommends - Alex Argento - EGO (Marco Sfogli)

    Killer keyboard player, Alex Argento, with killer guitar player, Marco Sfogli. AlexArgento.com - Alex Argento's Official Website - Keyboardist & Composer Great release, worth a listen or two!
  27. Swedish Chef

    Dunlop Volume X?

    Anybody tried this new volume/expression rocker with their Axe-FX? Thoughts?
  28. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Sanitarium

    One of my favorite Metallica songs, Sanitarium. Patch below!
  29. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Vital Signs

    First attempt on one of my favorite Rush songs, Vital Signs. Patch below. I spent most of the time programming the synth. The guitar tone needs a bit of work, but works for the time being. You control this patch via the three volume blocks. The one in the synth path controls the on/off of the...
  30. Swedish Chef

    Wish Compressor block

    I wish for the meter to be moved to PG1. Or better yet, have PG1 and PG2 switch places. PG2 has more relevant parameter controls and should be the first one to show up when you select the compressor block in Axe-Edit and on the front panel.
  31. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Old School Swedish Heavy Metal

    First attempt and a response to the tens of millions of requests for the Boss HM2 pedal and the sound of old school swedish heavy metal. Reference: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/59079-old-school-sound-swedish-metal.html Patch below. You may want to tweak it to fit the...
  32. Swedish Chef

    Shave my poodle, I'm impressed - again!!!

    I'm using the Axe-FX as a preamp feeding the input of my newly acquired Fender Champion 600. I have set up a compressor, two drive blocks and a spring reverb and it sounds sooooo freakin' awesome... Every effect in the Axe sounds just awesome through this little amp. I also tried the vibe...
  33. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Kee Marcello lead...

    This is a response to the thread found here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-preset-exchange/75012-kee-marcello-preset.html So, a couple of days ago I got to hang out at the studio where Kee Marcello works. Kee, or Kjell - which is his real name, wasn't in that day but I got the chance...
  34. Swedish Chef


    Have you heard these mashups people do? The idea is blending two songs into one. Here are some I found particularly interesting/amusing: :D Post your mashup favorites here...
  35. Swedish Chef

    Ten Years Gone

    I love this song! Used the 50 watt Plexi and my Guild Bluesbird... SV Bass for bass... Reverbs are Axe's own. Light up and press play! :D
  36. Swedish Chef

    Song For George (with a solid electric)

    Godin XTSA + AXE-FX 2 = Song For George tone... Good, bad, more salt? Excuse the playing, first time in a few years I've played this.
  37. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Pull Me Under

  38. Swedish Chef

    Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

    Quick soundclip of my Doug Aldrich patch... Let me know what you think, so feel free to comment and like!
  39. Swedish Chef

    Mac screen flash clips Afx2 output...

    The "Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs" sends a sharp and loud transient sound to the Axe-FX which in turn clips Output 1. I have disabled sound for alert sounds and also am using an Apogee Ensemble as my main system sound card. Why is this happening from time to time? It seems to be...
  40. Swedish Chef

    Wish for synth block: Amp envelope release...

    How about an amp envelope release parameter for the synth block?
  41. Swedish Chef

    Favorite 80s tracks?

  42. Swedish Chef

    Guitar pedals - A documentary...

    For the enquiring minds out there...
  43. Swedish Chef

    2290 does not work. Was ist los?? (solved)

    FW11. 2290 does not work. It loads properly in the delay block but does not do repeats... What's up?
  44. Swedish Chef

    Chef recommends - Perfect Harmony

    Fantastic album if you're into crossover/fusion. Enjoy! Michael Landau (Guitar); James Harrah (Guitar); Tim Pearce (Guitar); Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Neil Stubenhaus (Bass); Abe Laboriel (Bass); John Pena (Bass); Dean Cortez (Bass); Steve Tavaglione (Sax); Walt Fowler (Bass); Bruce Fowler...
  45. Swedish Chef

    R.I.P. Mike Shipley

  46. Swedish Chef

    Is it just me or a forum error?

    I frequently get this endless spinning: Anyone here have the same problem? Using Chrome.
  47. Swedish Chef

    Off to see Tribal Tech!

    Really psyched, concert starts in an hour! Hoping they'll play The Big Wave.
  48. Swedish Chef

    Hitchcock's Leading Girls

  49. Swedish Chef

    Swing it...

  50. Swedish Chef

    Lethal Weapon - Clapton's tones

    A quick stab at some Lethal Weapon, Clapton tones... Work in progress...
  51. Swedish Chef

    Pink Floyd - You've Got To Be Crazy

  52. Swedish Chef

    Do you have Spotify?

    If so, play this song: Wish You Were Here - 2011 - Remaster by Pink Floyd on Spotify ...and help raise to 1 million streams to release the entire Pink Floyd catalogue on Spotify. Spread the word you guys.
  53. Swedish Chef

    Jeff Buckley's tones from "Grace"

    Probably my all time favorit singer/songwriter. Always loved the tones on "Grace". So here's a stab at "Forget Her". Just strumming the chords, nevermind the playing: Download the patch below. Don't forget to let me know what you think. :D
  54. Swedish Chef

    Komet Concorde

    Do you guys remember this thread? :D http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/68169-mimic.html Well, after spending 15 minutes with this fantastic amp (new in 10.06) I pretty much nailed the tone. Cliff, you've done a marvelous job with this one. I thank you deeply! So, I did a small...
  55. Swedish Chef

    All great companies have one... why doesn't FAS?

    M@, take that camera and shoot us a video tour of the FAS headquarters. Give us the full, dirty, in depth Fractal Audio Systems factory tour! 8) 3D glasses on! 8) All in favour say aye...
  56. Swedish Chef

    Very unexpected TV moment...

  57. Swedish Chef

    Fractal, hook Billy Corgan up.

    This guy needs to get on the Fractal Train. Hook him up with an Axe II rig...
  58. Swedish Chef


    I guess they will start playing Frank Zappa repertoire when Skynet becomes self aware...
  59. Swedish Chef

    Rush vs. Pink Floyd

  60. Swedish Chef

    Queensrÿche vs. Dream Theater

    Pick your favorite band...
  61. Swedish Chef

    Journey vs. Toto

    Pick your favorite band...
  62. Swedish Chef

    70 years of popular music, what decade do you prefer?

    Of the past 70 years of popular music, what decade do you prefer listening to? Why?
  63. Swedish Chef

    Halloween by Rob Zombie

  64. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Rev Rev (reverse reverb)

    Earlier today I was asked to do a reverse reverb patch. So here it is. It's not a true reverse reverb, as say in a recording, because that entails the reverberation to come before the sound itself. And only Satan himself can do this bestial feat. So this is technically a reverse gated reverb...
  65. Swedish Chef

    Marcus Miller's kid?

    I can't believe my ears!
  66. Swedish Chef

    MIMIC this!

    Komet Concorde
  67. Swedish Chef

    Unboxing candy! :)

  68. Swedish Chef

    The raven that refused to sing...

  69. Swedish Chef

    Get your abdominal workout here...

  70. Swedish Chef

    Name 7 guitar players you really dislike...

  71. Swedish Chef

    Maiden vs. Metallica

    Pick your favorite band...
  72. Swedish Chef

    Off to see the man himself, God!

    ...or at least one of the very few left... Concert starts in about an hour... :twisted
  73. Swedish Chef

    Help out, find name of a band!

    A few weeks ago I saw a video of this band which was pretty good. I forgot to bookmark it. Now I'm trying to find the video again - to no avail. The band is pretty new and rather unknown three piece/trio which sounds a lot like Nickelback. They have a new video out, 2012-2013, which is basically...
  74. Swedish Chef

    Two legends

    Just had to share this:
  75. Swedish Chef

    Recording, do you prefer lining in or using USB?

    Anyone here prefer lining in via a great sounding analog console (like a Neve or SSL) or similar channel strips as opposed to using the USB? What are your: Findings? Reasons? Thoughts?
  76. Swedish Chef

    Celebrating my 666:th...

    Celebrating my 666:th post with this: :twisted
  77. Swedish Chef

    Alice In Chains - New Album 2013

  78. Swedish Chef

    Happy New Year!

    I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and many more! Have a great New Year's party! See you guys next year! :)
  79. Swedish Chef

    Rush - Three semitones below reality...

    I've been listening to Rush almost 2/3 of my life and I consider myself a die hard fan. :geek It's for this reason that starting a thread like this stirs really mixed feelings in me. Quite recently I started playing with the pitch block in the Axe in a rather different way than we are used to...
  80. Swedish Chef

    Merry Christmas - from Sweden with Love...

    Merry Christmas to you all! This is how we do things, the Swedish way! :)
  81. Swedish Chef

    Bought a new toy...

    Trails up! :geek :D Show your ride!
  82. Swedish Chef

    Do you have the Shine?

    Or do you scare easily?
  83. Swedish Chef

    Devil Yell

  84. Swedish Chef

    2012 NHL lockout

    Can some of you hockey experts explain to me what the 2012 NHL lockout is about? Who/what started it? Who are the beneficiaries?
  85. Swedish Chef

    Chef's "What Do You Want From Me?"

    My stab at some modern era Dave Gilmour tones. I love this song! Patch is on AxeChange! :) Enjoy :) http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=859
  86. Swedish Chef

    Chef's "Empty Rooms"

    Solo patch for the late great Gary Moore's song "Empty Rooms". Patch on AxeChange, bon appétit! http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=857
  87. Swedish Chef

    Chef's "Why Can't This Be Love?"

    My take on the synth lead sound... Patch on AxeChange! ;) http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=855 Tone adjustments are done in the Drive Block - set to taste and enjoy!
  88. Swedish Chef

    Seing Dweezil tomorrow, Saturday.

    Gonna catch the Zappa Plays Zappa show tomorrow, Saturday. Has anyone seen it already? AFX2 on stage by any chance?
  89. Swedish Chef

    Axe-FX Sverige!

    Inskrivning! :) En inskrivningslista för att pejla hur många vi är samt för att kunna sammanställa en lista för informationsutskick angående träffar, projekt och andra roliga evenemang. Skriv en rad och låt oss hålla kontakten. :D
  90. Swedish Chef

    Wish 3-4 USB Out, Wet output possible?

    When recording with reverbs and delays there's always the risk that they sound wrong when mixing. Maybe you added too much or the wrong kind, wrong tempo or space... Sadly, when having any type of delay or reverb on a recorded track there is no way to remove or replace the imprints it has left...
  91. Swedish Chef

    The album tip of the day thread.

    Do you have favorite albums you keep returning to? Favorite car music? Heard something really great lately? ... Well, post the artist and title here and let us all enjoy it. All genres are welcome!
  92. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Carvin

    My take on the Carvin... Hope you'll find it useful... :) Axe-Change - Download Preset - Carvin - by Swedish Chef
  93. Swedish Chef

    Chef's Fryette

    My take on the Fryette... Hope you'll find it useful... :) Axe-Change - Download Preset - Fryette - by Swedish Chef
  94. Swedish Chef

    Mr. Big (Paul Gilbert) - The Whole World's Gonna Know (intro)

    Paul Gilbert type of tone with Flanger. Small clip: Enjoy!
  95. Swedish Chef

    Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel?

    If posed with the question "who do you like the most?", who would you choose and why?
  96. Swedish Chef

    Forum members: Where are they now?

    I remember some folks from the Ultra days. Especially: Scarr Shredi knight Jack Zucker Where are they now? Did they abandon ship? Just wondering... :|
  97. Swedish Chef

    Kraftwerk - The Robots

    I am a huge fan of electronic music over all but Kraftwerk holds a very special place with me. It's for this very reason that this small project was one of the most enjoyable covers I've done recently. Everything was done with the Axe-FX 2 and my trusty ol' Tyler; drums, pads, leads, effects...
  98. Swedish Chef

    Chef's -.-. --- -.. .

    $50 to the one who can decipher the entire message encoded within the patch! ;) I know, but do you? :D http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=752 Enjoy!
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