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  1. Axeman

    Cab Pan Followed by Delay Question

    I have a cab IR that is panned left. It sounds fine with the delay (after the cab) off. But when I turn the delay on, only the first dry note is panned left and then all delayed notes are center. Is this what is supposed to happen? Why is IR panning only related to the dry signal? Shouldn't...
  2. Axeman

    Coming soon...

    I've been working on a special preset for weeks. I can't even count how many hours I've put into it. At least 20 and maybe more. I don't believe this preset has ever been posted and I don't see it on Axe Exchange. Many hours invested in a famous song that everyone knows. One of my favorite...
  3. Axeman

    Wish Suggestion for Axe-Edit III Layout

    It would be great if the tabs and related controls in Axe Edit would match the Axe screen. I use both and it gets confusing as to where the controls are located. There are ten tabs on the Axe but they are not the same as Axe Edit. An example is the Preamp tab on the Axe which has the Fat, Cut...
  4. Axeman

    Amp Advanced Setting Question

    I'm not sure if this is a minor oversight in the firmware, so I'm asking the question first. When I change the Low Cut Freq under the PREAMP section of the ADVANCED PAGE, it also changes the LOW CUT on the INPUT EQ PAGE. This seems to make sense since the input EQ logically seems linked to the...
  5. Axeman

    Wish Kay Fuzz Tone Drive Model

    I would greatly appreciate having the Kay Fuzz added to the Axe III. The Axe can do some of this by adjusting the bit reduction and other parameters, but I've never been able to absolutely nail the special nuances and tone of this drive. I have one or two of them and would be happy to lend...
  6. Axeman

    U2 "Streets" Clip

    Loving the new Axe-Fx III. Going to rebuild all my presets. Here is a clip of Streets so far. Throw out all your old gear folks - this is the real deal! Crunch + mids + chime! Edge's rig is still way too complicated. He just needs a few Axe-Fx IIIs and nothing else, LOL. []SOUNDCLOUD]
  7. Axeman

    Meter Problem?

    I'm looking at the Meters tab in one of my presets. I'm on firmware 1.12. The green 2R column under USB OUT is stuck at one level over 50%. It doesn't move at all. 1LR and 3LR move when I play guitar. 2L and 4LR do nothing. 2R is stuck. Thoughts?
  8. Axeman

    Delay Question

    I heard an amazing clip of a delay setting that was done with computer software (S-Gear VST plugin). The delay setting knob screen shot is attached. I'm going to try to get the same effect with the Axe-Fx but am having trouble translating the effect setting description from the VST plugin...
  9. Axeman

    Delay question

    I have two signal paths and would like one to be delayed from the other, but only the dry signal. In other words I don't want a repeat - just delay the original dry signal so it's offset from the other path. What's the simplest way to do this? I have a feeling this is a dumb question but...
  10. Axeman

    Qauntum v2.01Beta U2 Clip

    Here is a comparison of my Pride preset to the deleted scene in "It Might Get Loud." Edge first in each part and then my preset. I made a mistake and played one part twice. There is a hollow sound to the IMGL scene because it was recorded in a huge room. My preset has more clarity because it...
  11. Axeman

    Wish / Suggestion / Fixes

    Is there anyway to match the Axe-Edit tabs with the tabs on the Axe screen? It would make using each easier when transitioning between them. Either have fewer tabs on the Axe or add more on Axe-Edit. For example, it's confusing that the XFormer Match knob is on the Speaker tab in Axe-Edit...
  12. Axeman

    PWR Amp Tab Question

    I just noticed that my main G1 amp model has "PRES" as the first knob on the PWR tab. But when I start a new preset and load the same amp model with default settings, this same knob is "HI CUT." Does the name of this knob change based on another setting/knob? I had not noticed this before...
  13. Axeman

    AE 3.3.1 and Bot 2.6.0 Mac Problem

    I'm not sure when this started to happen, but when I export presets in AE and update firmware with the Bot, the folder arrows don't work on the Mac. In other words, if it goes to a previous folder, I can't back out of it and into another folder with the arrows. I have to start over from the...
  14. Axeman

    Line 6 Helix - Question for Cliff

    Cliff, any thoughts about how this "profiling" is described? The tones still sound less "natural" than the Axe-Fx. Line 6 always has this "tinny" or "digital" sound to it. This is an improvement over their previous gear, but still not at the level of the Axe-Fx.
  15. Axeman

    Exporting Mulitple Presets Quickly with Unlinked Amp Blocks

    This is a question that likely should go under Axe Edit and Bot, but I thought I would post here because it applies to both. I have most presets linked to global blocks. I save the entire blocks and system often. But I also save the individual presets using Axe Edit and the Bot. But I...
  16. Axeman

    Axe-Fx II XL & Matrix vs. 1964 AC-30

    Blind test here. Video explains all the details. No tone matching or cab/IR block used. Just Axe-Fx II XL amp model block into Matrix GT 1000FX power amp and NL212 cab. Please post in the YouTube comments which one you think is the Axe-Fx. ;-) I'll be adding up the votes from the YouTube...
  17. Axeman

    IR Capture Result - Strange One Time Result

    I successfully set up my Matrix power amp with my AC-30 speakers. The IR capture mode works great! But what is strange is the very first capture and save I did sounded fantastic. The captures after that worked, but were much lower in volume. I didn't change anything. It turns out it was the...
  18. Axeman

    Stock Cab/IR Question - Relationship to Mics

    For the stock cab such as "4x10 Tweed Bass" or "2x12 Blue", are mics associated with these? In other words, some new IRs have a particular mic associated with them (the mic used to create the IR) and the mic name is in the name of the cab. For example, "1x12 Tweed-Verb R121" where the R121 is...
  19. Axeman

    New XL Problem

    When I turn the 'A' knob the scenes don't change. Am I missing something? Is there an on/off somewhere for scenes to work. Never had to change anything on my regular Axe II. M
  20. Axeman

    Suggested New Features/Funcitons for Axe-Edit

    I've only just started to use Axe-Edit. I waited to force myself to get used to the Axe interface and for the new re-write of Edit to come out. I'm starting to use it and it's great. Here are a few things on my wish list. I apologize in advance if these have already been suggested. I'm...
  21. Axeman

    Question / Request re Stock Hi Res Cabs

    Will the stock hi res cabs eventually be available in ultra-res? I like a few of the stock hi res cabs and was wondering if they may be improved in ultra res format. I'm especially interested in the 4x10 Tweed Bass cab model Also, I assume I should set the mic knob at "none" with an IR that...
  22. Axeman

    Bot bug with XL

    Found a minor glitch with the Bot and the XL. There are four banks that get backed up for XL - A, B, C and D. They all worked. However, when you restore the entire D bank for the XL the pop warning before it starts is the system file warning. I didn't know if the problem was that the D bank...
  23. Axeman

    Axe-Edit Bug regarding XL

    I received my XL today. I'm on v14 with latest versions of Bot and Axe-Edit on Mac Pro (2013). I tried to use Axe-Edit to import one preset from a backup of bank A from the old Axe II. The presets come up, and I selected one of the presets and the white board of presets disappeared and then...
  24. Axeman

    Axe-Fx II XL Issues

    I received my XL today. I'm on v14 with latest versions of Bot and Axe-Edit on Mac Pro (2013). I tried to use Axe-Edit to import one preset from a backup of bank A from the old Axe II. The presets come up, and I selected one of the presets and the white board of presets disappeared and...
  25. Axeman

    How do I reset/clear everyting in Axe-Fx II

    How do I reset everything in the Axe? Meaning zero out Global Amps and reset all system settings to default.
  26. Axeman

    How do I save all presets into separate syx files all at once?

    Is this possible with the Bot? Did I miss something? I used to do this in Axe-Edit but can't find it there either. I want to back up all my presets quickly, but would like each preset to save in a separate .syx files (not by bank but by each individual preset).
  27. Axeman

    Hi Res Cab Issue

    I have experimented a little with third party IRs that I purchased from the Fractal website (both older and the newer ones that are available for v13). In almost all cases, the stock IRs are clearer and more open than the third party IRs. For example, I loaded the latest and greatest IRs into...
  28. Axeman

    Cab Lab Won't Install on New Mac Pro - Get Failure

    I purchased cab lab today. It's the only app that will not install on my new Mac Pro. Axe Edit and all other programs are installing just fine. I get a failure. The new Mac Pro has a special OS X build #13B4116. Perhaps this is the problem?
  29. Axeman

    U2's "The Fly" (Elevation Tour Version, aka Boston Live)

    Many thanks to "Joe Black" for the vocals on this one.
  30. Axeman

    Question on global controllers and x/y

    I'm using a global controller to automate the movement of a knob on the wah. But I also need a wah without the controller in a scene change. When I copied the X wah to the Y, and deleted the controller, it deletes it for X also. I had to add a second wah block with no controller. The rest of...
  31. Axeman

    Question on simultaneous preset (program) and scene (cntrl) changes

    I seem to be hearing some very slight delay or when Logic changes a preset and scene at the same time. I had a preset that was just fine without separating it into two, but then I plugged in the USB for Logic to make program and control changes and that used up CPU and I got clipping. So I...
  32. Axeman

    Amp question...

    Which amp model would be closest to an old '70s Musicman?
  33. Axeman

    Updated AC-30TB Tone for v10.02 (w/ U2 clips)

    Axe-Fx II firmware just keeps getting better. The Pride comparison came out better than Bad for some reason. Interesting how one comparison can sound closer than another even though it's the the same setup in both clips. I'm still working on getting a little more of that "real, lifelike"...
  34. Axeman

    Continued problem with tone matching

    I've tried the tone matching a few times since getting the Axe II. Tried it again with v10 and still not happy with the results. I've been trying it with clean tones. I get a good match tone wise, but two things bother me. First, the volume level is too low. I made sure the sample from...
  35. Axeman

    Amp speaker tab question

    I tried to do a search but couldn't find what I was looking for. Can anyone explain to me the amp speak tab PEQ settings? This is controlling the EQ at what part of the amp or cab? How are the default curves created? Why the Q/res spikes? Are these representative of some part of the...
  36. Axeman

    Trouble with acoustic volume levels without an amp model

    I could be missing something very simple, but I can't get my Taylor to work with the Axe II. I can't find my old post, but I previously asked if I need an amp model (which I don't want to do as I don't want to change the tone) and someone said you don't have to use one. But if I don't use an...
  37. Axeman

    Cat video for Cliff

  38. Axeman

    Axe II with Electric Acoustic

    I just bought a Taylor acoustic with the expression system. If I prefer to record direct without a mic. Which amps and cabs have the flattest response that will change the tone the least? Or is there some other way I should use the Axe with an acoustic guitar? I realize the output of the...
  39. Axeman

    U2's "One" Cover with Axe-Fx II v8.01a

    Another video that proves that the digital world has caught up to the analog world. Just guitar and Axe II. Thx again, Cliff, for bringing us the Axe-Fx.
  40. Axeman

    Slow Forum Page Response

    This forum has been very slow loading pages lately. Also got a few database errors. All my other forums and websites are working fine.
  41. Axeman

    More great AC-30 tone with 6.02

    I'm finally getting around to my tutorial for AIWIY. I went through basic core tone with my Strat and Kinmans in this part. No tone matching here. Axe II just gets better and better. You can start to here the clarity, crispness and chime. I could never get this with the Ultra. Quack and...
  42. Axeman

    New Wizpert Internet Service

    I've added the following link to my YouTube channel page. Wizpert Wizpert is a new service in beta. Here is an overview: Millions of bloggers are qualified to help on a wide range of topics, from parenting to cooking and travel. They love to share their expertise but are limited to...
  43. Axeman

    FRFR Power Amp & Speaker Suggestions

    Question for anyone/everyone. What are some of the best options for the following? 1) Separate power amp into quality FRFR speakers (two channels/speakers for stereo effect) 2) Power amp and speakers together Assume for fun that there is no limit on funds. It's about quality. Only...
  44. Axeman

    U2's "All I Want Is You" Cover with Axe II 6.0

    No tone matching here. Just my usual approach to listening to the song (in this case the Slane Castle version) and dialing in the preset:
  45. Axeman

    Tonestack type question

    If the tonestack type is set for passive for a particular amp (for example the AC30 TB), and you change the type to AC30 TB, does this change anything? Is "passive" the same as setting tonestack type to the amp type you are using? I understand active and that you can set the tonestack type to...
  46. Axeman

    U2's Out of Control with Axe-Fx II

  47. Axeman

    U2 Presets and Effect Models for Ultra

    I'm adding most of my U2 Ultra patches in this thread. I sold my Axe Ultra and backed it up from my Ultra. I don't have all the songs yet. But the set in this list should give everyone a good start with U2 effects and tones. Michael
  48. Axeman

    Axe II vs. Ultra Filter Parameters Question/Issue

    Can anyone explain to me how the filter parameters on the Axe II relate to the Ultra. I have a preset in the Ultra that shows a certain type of curve. I translated all parameters that I could to the Axe II, but the parameters are not the same and when I was done the curve wasn't the same. I...
  49. Axeman

    New U2GuitarTutorials Forum

    For those interested, we moved our Google Group to a vBulletin Suite, similar to the Fractal forum. The suite adds a few features, like a content mgmt system and all members have their own blog page. You will notice there are sub forms for Axe-Fx presets under every song and there is also a...
  50. Axeman

    New Year's Day Collaboration: U2Cure and U2GuitarTutorials

    How incredible is an Axe II with 4.01 firmware? HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE FRACTAL AUDIO TEAM AND EVERYONE HERE! Michael Here is the Axe II preset: delay1x for the entire song with drive1(x). Then for solo switch to delay1y and drive1y. Michael
  51. Axeman

    Keith Urban 'Til Summer Comes Along Preset

    I'm obviously a U2 nut, but I saw a concert on Palladia of John Mayer and Keith Urban and loved Keith's tone on 'Til Summer Comes Along. I pulled out the Strat, powered up the Axe II and two hours later..... OT: Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Test - Keith Urban's 'Til Summer Comes Around - YouTube...
  52. Axeman

    U2 Covers

    Here is my latest: I Will Follow Part 1: I Will Follow (U2 Cover) - with Fractal Audio's Axe-Fx II - YouTube
  53. Axeman

    U2 Presets and Effect Models

    I'm starting this thread to share my Axe-Fx II presets. I spent the last two or three months transferring my presets from the Ultra to Axe2 (not finished yet). I also spent many hours rebuilding my core AC-30 model. I'll start posting a few presets later this week. Here are some recent...
  54. Axeman

    Creating Impulse Response (IR) files with Logic Pro 9 (Mac) for Axe II

    After reading many threads on IRs, I'm getting close to making my first one, but I'm confused on some points. Anyone out there with suggestions to my steps/questions below? Thx in advance!!!! Here is what I've done so far (I may need to correct some things). I'm using Logic Pro 9 on Snow...
  55. Axeman

    My First Axe-Fx II Cover (U2's Ultraviolet)

    Ok, I'm not even close to being in Mark Day's league when it comes to guitar skills/talent, but I can pull a few tones out of the Axe-Fx hat. This is for the U2 fans out there. All Axe-Fx II except for sustainer. AC-30 models in the Axe-Fx II are excellent. Recorded direct into my video...
  56. Axeman

    My first Axe II clip (AC-30 model)

    Ok, here it is. My first direct recording of the Axe II using the USB connection direct into Logic Pro 9. You will notice that I switch between neck and quack position a few times. Streets and Pride is in quack position. BDay is in neck position. This is very rough just to test the recording and...
  57. Axeman

    Programmable displays above each IA switch

    It would be great if the MFC-101 "II" could be like this: YouTube - RJM Music: Mastermind GT demo, NAMM 2011 I've always wanted this. Actually, you wouldn't need as many IAs on the unit because each preset could have different IA labels. Certainly virtual pages of IAs are helpful, but...
  58. Axeman

    Not a bug, but a suggestion...

    I noticed that the global amp model can only be bypassed permanently across all presets. I think the global amp feature is fantastic, but I may have one preset where I'm working on a live amp and another that goes through an amp model and then monitors. I may be working on a preset with an amp...
  59. Axeman

    Global amp model bypass won't save

    I discovered something and I'm not sure if it's a glitch or done on purpose. If I bypass an amp model that is NOT a global amp, and then save, the amp shows it is bypassed. Then when I switch presets and go back to the preset with the bypassed amp, everything is ok. BUT when the bypassed amp...
  60. Axeman

    Editor Problem - Changed My Preset Parameters - Bug?

    So I've never used the editor until about two or three weeks ago. I wanted to wait until most of the bugs were out. I only wanted to use it to re-order my presets (great drag and drop function Lars!). HOWEVER, parameters got changed in my presets and Fractal tells me that the editor still...
  61. Axeman

    Amp Knob Scales in Editor Don't Match AxeFx

    I'm using the latest editor 7.04 config with Ultra with 7.04 firmware. Some of the knobs on the amp models in the Axe are 0 at the top and go to negative numbrs when you turn left and + nums when you go right. But in the editor, the same knobs on the presest go from 1 to 10. This makes it...
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