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    pykmax... wth?

    I tried it, and found it somewhat limiting. With a regular pick, I don't even think about holding a pick, with the pykmax, it commands too much of my attention. Bottom line is I could get use to the feel, but the sound of it was unacceptable. It sounded thin and lifeless. Now it's just a...
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    Effects status

    I've looked through the manual as well as did a search on the forum. Is there a way for the axe fx to remember the status of an effect, or is this done on the MFC?
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    Multi tap delay

    I checked after updating to 14, and the issue is still there.
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    Multi tap delay

    Has the problems with the multi tap delay been addressed with the new firmware?
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    Boost switch on amp block

    Can the boost in the amp block be assigned to an Ia switch? I've been using a filter block in front of the amp block, but was wondering if it can be assigned to an ia switch.
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    PRS SC245?

    I have a custom built 245, and it's a great meat a tatos guitar, and it is as well built as any of my suhrs or Anderson's. it's a great tool for many tasks.
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    My clr arrived

    That's a good description, it's nice just to play, and not have to think about anything else.
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    My clr arrived

    My clr arrived on the 3rd. I've been using the rcf 12ma, it sounded good, but there was always some top end and some low end frequencies that often would be bothersome. Plugged in the clr, and for the first time was not bothered by those issues. I have say that for me, nothing gets in the way...
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    CLR !!!!!!!!!!! Axe II and FOH Unbelievable!

    Mine arrived today,comparing it side by side to the rcf 12, the clr has nothing that gets in the way of the sound. The rcf seemed to have frequencies at the top end and the low end that always bothered me a bit. Even when it sounded good and I do mean it does sound good, there were always those...
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    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Got the invite,placed the order this morning
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    Still no word on CLR's ,about to give it up!

    Got on the list late January, and received an email early March that I was at the top of the reserved list, still waiting to hear back or to get an email with an invitation. I feel it will be worth the wait when the invite comes.
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    Assign IA to Boost

    Yek, Thanks, I was doing that, I think I was assigning it to the wrong external......Got it!
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    Assign IA to Boost

    Can an IA switch be assigned to the boost in the amp block if so how would this be done? thanks chuck
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    Updating to 8.0

    Radley, Thats the same thing that I experienced, I had given up turned it off for about 15min and when I came back to show someone what was going wrong, it miraculously started working. I was able to upload my backed up patches and I'm a happy camper.
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    Updating to 8.0

    Just an update, I was able to upload all my patches from my backup and it seems to have settled down and for now all is good! Thanks to Matt for the input and timely responses!
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    Updating to 8.0

    Glad it's working ok for ya, I'll know more tomorrow when I try to upload my backup patches to 8.0 and see how it behaves.
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    Updating to 8.0

    so....6l6C is it working for you or does it at some point act up?
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    Updating to 8.0

    I couldn't get any sound out of the unit no matter what amp sim I selected. Tried to create a new sim with just cab and amp and no go!
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    Unit hang up (Blank Screen and only crackles out of my monitors)

    While updating to 8.0 as soon as it finished loading my screen went blank and I had no sound. I eventually redid 8.0 and with no success I turned it off for about 15 min and when I turned it on again it seemed to work but I'm not sure what the issue was.
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    Updating to 8.0

    I did do a system reset. At one point, none of the patches had any names and there was some weird popping. I went back to 7.0 with no luck, so I downloaded 8.0 again and re-did the firmware. Still no change, I turned the unit off thinking that I would have to send it in. When I turned it...
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    Updating to 8.0

    I tried going back to 7.0, but the unit was still borked and no sound. There is no 7.01
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    Updating to 8.0

    I too downloaded the update again and with the same results. It wasn't until the unit had been off for about 15 min when I turned it on it started working. I've been exchanging emails with support. The unit is working right now so I'll see what happens when I try to upload my patches from the...
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    Updating to 8.0

    Radley, I'm having a similar problem, after I turned it off for a while, and went back and then I got sound, I hadn't done anything different and it started to work. It's got me a bit apprehensive in regards to it might just freak out in the middle of a set....then what? I'm going to try and...
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    Sweetened tunings

    Are you referring to the BF tuning offsets?
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    AxePad - iPad controller for Axe-FX is launched!

    Cyberferret, I have an IPadII and using the irig midi, I can hook it up the lights on the irig blink and when I move the slider the Axefx II responds goes to the preset and as soon as I lift my finger off it crashes. Same response from 1.0 to this latest release. I would be more than happy to...
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    Help with Delay settings in axe fx II

    That is correct I assigned cc# 16 to xp1 and 17 to xp2 then in the volume block assigned it to external 2. Really simple but was missing the step of assigning the xp1 and xp2 in the mfc to right cc#.
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    Help with Delay settings in axe fx II

    I'm using the mfc. Big thanks to Matt, I contacted him and he walked through getting it set up. He knows his stuff and was very helpful. He's a great asset to this community and to Fractal.
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    Help with Delay settings in axe fx II

    I believe that is correct, I'm struggling to remember how to un-assign from the output volume and to the volume block?
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    Help with Delay settings in axe fx II

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I didn't have the axe II in front of me. InGain, 100% Mix 15% Level 0.0. Still trying to resolve this, I had it working in the Ultra, but can't seem to figure it out with the axe II, I suspect that it has to do something with the volume block....thanks
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    Help with Delay settings in axe fx II

    I was wondering if someone could help me with setting my delay so that the delay trails off after the volume pedal has decreased. I have my delay after the volume block but as I decrease the volume with the pedal the delay also decreases. I don't know if it is a setting with my volume block or...
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    HELP! I'm getting nothing at either input.

    check the bypass button on the front
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    Using My Axe II with In Ear System. Could use some advice..sorry kind of off topic

    I'm no expert, but this is what I have learned. Running an IEM system in mono is stacking the instruments on top of one another and therefore hard to distinguish. Running in stereo is better, placing them in the mix with some space between them helps the mix not to be so confusing. I have...
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    Axe 2 quirks may spell the end...

    contact me, I've an extra Ultra that has been setting in my studio that I'm fixing to unload. I'll do for less that 1800.
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    Quick Control Knobs

    Thanks I'll give that a try. I appreciate the help.
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    Quick Control Knobs

    Sean, Thanks for the input, In the patch that I'm working with, I have fas modern for amp x, and 65 baseman for y, when in the recall mode I have the patch # showing and patch name, I don't see how I can assign x or y to the tone block from the recall screen. As the manual suggest, I push the...
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    Quick Control Knobs

    thanks for the response, but I'm needing the "quick control knobs" A, B, C, D, and assigning them to control the treble, bass, and mid. I can't seem to find out if this can be done.
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    Can This be Done?

    Set up the Axe II quick control knobs to control treble, bass, mid from the recall screen? I've search the manual and it seems that it can be done, but it's not clear as to how to set it up.
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    Quick Control Knobs

    I'm searching through the manual and cannot find if it's possible to set the quick control knobs to control "gain" "treble" "mid" "bass" when the axe II is in recall mode. Is this possible if so how is it done? thanks
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    Boss FV-500L pedal

    I use them and find that they do the job just fine.
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    Anyone else having issues with filters and mfc?

    I've had this issue with delay2, even though the "axe fx mode II" was on (I think that this is either on for all or off for all) the ia would not switch the delay 2 on. A work around was to go into the midi menu and turn it's assignment to "none" and assign it the cc# of delay 2, then it would...
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    My MFC Won't Sync with My New Axe-Fx II

    I'm finding that there is always something to pick up that was over looked. I was so excited to get it fired up, that I just skimmed over some of what I thought were un-important details only to find out, it was my undoing.
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    My MFC Won't Sync with My New Axe-Fx II

    Have you set the mfc to expansion?
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    Questions for those who switched from the Ultra to the II.

    I've encounter just the opposite, I was really happy with the tone of the ultra, but struggled sometimes to tame the midrange. But on the II, I find the treble to be smooth and there is less midrange honk, easier to dial in. Have you tried some of the different cabs? I find the cabs really...
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    Axe Fx II Big Problem!!!!!!!!!!

    I need intervention! NOW! Before my wife gets home!
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    Axe Fx II Big Problem!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, many if not most of the amps sound so good I'm having trouble deciding which one to use. It's put me into a state of paralysis by analysis. I've been playing the II for a half a day and have way too many possibilities if that's even possible. On my ultra, I had a few, but one or...
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    Axe Fx II Copying Effects Problem

    I'll try the global block. I haven't tried it with the Axe Edit, I wanted to resolve this issue with axe fx II before I introduced another variable to the mix. Thanks for the responses, I know Cliff and his crew are very busy, so your help is appreciated.
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    Axe Fx II Copying Effects Problem

    I'm trying to copy an effect block from one effect to another. When I select the wah effect block from a patch that I built and engage it into a new patch none of the settings are the same. This worked with both my ultra's, but with the II I can't get it to work. I'm doing this with the...
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    MFC & Axe Fx II effects assignment

    Oh, thanks for the quick reply.
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    MFC & Axe Fx II effects assignment

    Greetings, I've gone through the Edit of the mfc and tab to the ia switches, I can scroll through the menu and assign an effect to an ia, example I have assigned delay 2 to ia switch #4, but when I put that effect in a block, the effect does not respond to the ia switch.
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    MFC & Axe Fx II effects assignment

    I just received my axe fx II and I have an mfc, I'm having trouble assigning the ia switches. I have the mfc set for Axe fx II mode, I have gone through the menu of the mfc to assign each of the ia's an effect, but some of them are not responding, can anyone help? Oh by the way, the sound and...
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    How To Go Direct Into Church PA

    just send the xlr to the input of the sound board, set your gain and eq to taste. It's what I do and it sounds killer!
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    How many are having problems with mfc?

    Axe Fx mode, no issues
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    How many are having problems with mfc?

    I have had the MFC and the Axe Fx Ultra, I use them week after week in a crucial setting, fast paced and no room for glitches, and have no problems. The switching is as fast as I can step on the switch, no problems. I use it at our church and although I wouldn't call that a "professional"...
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    Liquid Foot Pro vs. MFC-101 ?

    I have two ultra's so that is why I would like to replace the LFP. The support for the LFP has been a bit spotty and some have had difficulty getting responses to their questions. The LFP has a bit deeper programing capability such as the ability to program the IA's to control different...
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    Liquid Foot Pro vs. MFC-101 ?

    I have both, they are both great midi foot controllers. In my opinion the LFP has a bit of an advantage in the flexibility area. The MFC 101 has the advantage in the support area and has a feature that allows it to sync up with the Axe Fx in a way that easier than the LFP. The MFC is so easy...
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    ULTRA FIRMWARE 11.0 MAY 9 2011

    Re: ULTRA FIRMWARE 10.03 NOV 14 2010 I'm running one of my ultra's with a Liquid Foot Pro, and I'm on 10.01 will updating to this latest firmware cause issues with the LFP?
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    MFC101 W/ LABELS!

    I downloaded the mac version and still can't open the file, it says that it's the wrong file format.
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    Idea for an LED option

    That's exactly what I asked tech support for and as I stated their email did not lead me to believe that it would happen. My LFP has this option in the firmware to turn off the red led state. Very handy and all of my effect blocks are set up the same.
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    MFC 101 - Overly Bright LED's?

    I have the same issue with color blindness. I've emailed support and their response was not encouraging. My LFpro will let you change the state of led, changing the state of the red so that it's not a factor trying to tell the difference between red and green. If the effect is in the chain...
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    Tap Tempo button doesn't do anything

    make sure that in the settings, that you selected the type of delay you want....ie 1/4, 1/8 make sure that it's not set for bpms
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    Liquid Foot Support is Still Alive and Well!!

    I own both, and have compared them side by side so for what it's worth, here's my observation (YMMV) The MFC is easier to program and the manual was much better laid out. Feature for feature the LFP does more, this could be solved at some point with firmware updates? Both will meet my needs...
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    Liquid Foot Support is Still Alive and Well!!

    I have both the mfc and lf pro. I like the size of mfc but I have found that for my needs the lf pro to be better suited
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    Wow - it is badass - updated with better pix on 9/13/10

    the labels were magnetic, however they were not strong enough. If I were to bump them with my foot, they moved so I used some 3m double sided tape to keep that from happening. I can still pull them up without leaving any residue, but they won't move if I bump them or when I transport the MFC.
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    Wow - it is badass - updated with better pix on 9/13/10

    It is magnetic, I found a sheet for making labels at office max, but the thickness is not enough for the magnets to be very strong. On the wrapping it said that it was safe for computers and tv's. I printed the labels and then used a double sided tape to keep them in place. They will lift...
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    I think that I just got / bought one!!! One of the 5...

    I got in as well, but was wondering what it came with? Power supply, does it have a midi cable? manual?
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    First Night With My Ultra

    Tom, I live in Albuquerque and would help you out if you need it. if you could pm we could set up a time, Id be glad to help. thanks chuck
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    Tap Tempo oddity

    I believe that you have to turn on the tempo's global feature and then it will carry over to your next patch
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    More Liquidfoot Pro help, please!

    have you set the lfp to axe fx in what I believe is the device menu?
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    Ok...its stupid question time..with your host..>Boboliscous!

    The editor is just that. It does not produce the sounds, it is for editing the patches on the axe fx. The pc version of the axe fx is not out yet, however, you can get familiar with the editor before you hook it up just to explore its different parameters.
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    Any thoughts on the Yamaha MSR400's with the Axe-Fx?

    I have one and use every week at church with my axe fx. To give you some idea of my reference point, I also have a verve 12ma and 8ma. I find the msr400 to compete very well with the verve's. There may be a tad bit more sparkle on the top end due to the horn in the yamaha, but I find that it...
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    QSC K series opinions?

    Needing to turn them up to "get them to shine" so to speak, really doesn't apply in my experience with FRFR systems. Obviously the more you turn them up there are certain things about cabinet design and various things that I don't fully understand come into play, but at low volumes the 12 ma...
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    QSC K series opinions?

    The 12ma in my opinion is slightly warmer (more guitarish) sounding in the midrange. Not enough so to make me want to not have 8ma. I like the 8ma for small gigs and it's great for home playing. Sonically it is very pleasing and has no lack of bottom end. For an 8in speaker, it will surprise...
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    QSC K series opinions?

    I have tried everyone of the k series and in a head to head comparison, I found that the k series in general had an upper midrange harshness to them that I could put up with. The same preset sound much more natural and pleasant, some of which I translated to sounding more like a guitar amp in...
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    JBL JRK 112 vs. FBT Verve 12m or 8m

    I've tried the jbl eon and found the jbls while a good buy, seem to have a bump in the upper midrange that to me translates to harsness, they seem to great for vocal clarity, but not so for my application with the axe. I went with the fbt 12 and the 8, totally satisfied.
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    Bypass Question

    Yes, I'm talking total bypass. I just heard back from Fractal support and they said that to solve the issue, I just need to change a system parameter such as adjusting the lcd and that will send a system change that would solve it. They didn't really explain what caused it, but just how to get...
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    Bypass Question

    I've searched the wiki and can't seem to find the right answer to this question. My ultra when I turn it on the bypass light flashes and I have to press it to return it to normal operation. Is there a setting that I need to change to get this to not come on when I turn my ultra on? I know...
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    LFP owners

    I have the lfp, and I believe you have to set the axe fx to send the tuner info to the lfp. It's been a while, and I don't have mine in front of me, but if you did a search you'll probably find it some where on this forum.
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    Pulling my hair out over frfr choices.

    The short answer is no! I found that it has an amazing low end response. Others could possibly chime in, but it was surprising how much low end it has. Keep in mind, it won't cover a large stage area, but for tight small spots, it holds it's own.
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    Pulling my hair out over frfr choices.

    I've not tried the Atomic, but I've tried all of the k series against the fbt verve 12ma and the 8ma. Please keep in mind, this is purely my opinion, but the k series offered lots of power, more than I would need and were lighter. But there was something in the upper midrange that made the...
  80. C

    Some mocha fuze syrup on Steely Dan - patch critique please

    Shows what's possible with a bit of effort. However, I think that there's a bit of magic in those hands as well.
  81. C

    D Minor Smooth Axe Blues/Jazz/Fusion

    Another great one Scott! Love the backing track as well.
  82. C

    An actual song - CRANK this up, Funnin

    Scott, great tune, tone and touch!
  83. C

    HAD 01 content

    Terry, thanks, but Scott got me started with the basic parameters of the HAD 01 and it really is a great patch, very dynamic and the Axe Fx is sooo much fun, it's inspires you to play. Hopefully I can continue to learn to use and I'm looking forward to a live setting with it.
  84. C

    HAD 01 content

    The bt was Help The Poor. I agree, If I had Scott's fingers, I wouldn't had to change the patch.
  85. C

    HAD 01 content

    Scott, I that's what got me started, I took some of the parameters of your patch and then added them to what I had. So it's kind of a blend of what I had and what I liked about yours. I'm not really much of a tweeker, once I find something that works, I usually keep it pretty simple. I know...
  86. C

    HAD 01 content

    I corrected it so I think it will show, I'm new at this so I'm still learning. Thanks Scott
  87. C

    HAD 01 content

    how do I make it so everyone can view it?
  88. C

    HAD 01 content

    This is my first time at trying anything like this. I've been working the Axe-Fx for a little while and tweeking the HAD 01 preset a bit. I used my macbook pro to record the video and audio using the on board mic you can hear I struggled a bit with the balance between the backing track and the...
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    High-end FRFR Monitor Recommendations

    I don't know about the others, but I tried to purchase the eaw nt29 and was told that they had delivery problems and my local dealer was not going to be carrying them because they couldn't count on a timely delivery. I did hear that they were great, but have not been able to locate one.
  90. C

    Yamaha Stagepas 500

    As far as the Atomic fr, I have one on order, but have yet to hear back from them on when it will be ready. I've not heard one, but the reviews seem to be fairly positive.
  91. C

    Yamaha Stagepas 500

    Speaker size does matter, I've tried all the K's 8-10-12, and felt the same about all of them, there is an upper midrange harshness to them that could possible be eq'd out, but I struggled with it. The MSR 400 has a 12 and does a great job. At the time I was still trying to find my frfr...
  92. C

    Yamaha Stagepas 500

    I use the one where the poweramp and mixer are not re-movable, it's 400w and I've compared to verve 12ma, I have one, I also have the 8ma, and the yamaha is a great sounding unit. I've compared to the qsc's and many other frfr powered units and find that I prefer it. I believe the 12ma has the...
  93. C

    Help a newb install firmware PLEASE!!

    I'll give it a shot, I'm somewhat new to midi as well , but have found it to be a easy process provided the answer to the following questions is yes. 1. Do you have a copy of the latest editor. ( I only use the editor to update firm ware so I haven't had any issues with it) 2. Have you been...
  94. C


    MrPc, love the playing, very tasty indeed, where if you don't mind, did you get the backing track. I've always loved that song and thought I'd love a crack at. I enjoyed very much
  95. C

    MFC-101 Pics from LA Amp Show

    I hope this doesn't throw a curve at anyone, but in regards to the lights, for those of us that are color blind, green, red, it really doesn't matter, but are the lights on the switches assignable? In other words, I only need them to either be on or off, I don't need to know if the effect is...
  96. C

    8.05 Issue.

    I might be wrong, but I believe that the release notes said that on certain od that the gain structure was re-done to more closely represent the intended pedal, and that you will need to audition your patches. I don't have any of the effected pedals in a patch so I updated and everything is good.
  97. C

    Liquid Foot Pro owners: A few questions if you don't mind

    The LF pulls the names of the patches from the Axe Fx.
  98. C

    Liquid Foot Pro owners: A few questions if you don't mind

    I have a Lf pro and getting ready to place an oder for a 2nd one. As far as the product, it absolutely does all I need it to do and then some. I was a complete midiot, and jeff was very patient with me and walked me through setting it up and called me personally to make sure it was right. I'm...
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