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    This new Fender Concert amp . . .

    Totally rocks.
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    A little Sonic Green Hill Zone action.

    Does anybody remember 1991? http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/GreenHillZone.mp3
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    TX Star Clean. One of the nicest new clean amps I've heard in a while.

    Outstanding and versatile. I don't think I've ever heard a real one. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Tex.mp3
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    Fun with teh Brootalz and the new spring reverbs.

    I'm a fan of both. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Brootalz.mp3
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    This (relatively) new tape chorus is excellent!

    I know I'm late in picking up on this great option that Cliff snuck into the chorus (along with a bunch of awesome other additions that distracted me), but this "Vintage Tape" chorus is beautiful! http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/Wandrin.mp3
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    I cannot get enough of this Supro.

    Absolutely fantastic. http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/Souper-o2.mp3
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    This Supro is Super!

    It seems to offer every shade of classic rock. http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/Souper-o.mp3 If I hadn't already owned an Axe FX II, this amp alone would have convinced me. Although I did say the same thing about the first Princeton, and that's still true.
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    A little dance music.

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    3.0 JCM 800

    A lot of sloppy wankery here, but I couldn't stop playing! What a fab machine! http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/Sloppy800Waltz.mp3
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    More PrinceTone!

    http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/PrinceTone2.mp3 A Les Paul is a great clean machine with an excellent clean amp.
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    SuperAwesome, yo! http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/LoveSymbolTone.mp3 Warning: Those of you who don't like gobs of reverb won't like this one.
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    I'll join the Axe II Trainwreck Fan Club.

    Maybe there's something to these newfangled amps that all the kids are playing with these days. http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/October.mp3 Here's the patch used for 90% of it: http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/misc/CleanishWrecker.syx.
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    Axe II Fuzz Face Fun.

    Rawk! http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/AxeIIFuzz.mp3 And here's the patch, for anyone who cares (don't worry about the FX loop; I just use it in all of my patches for a Boomerang) http://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/misc/Smoothish.syx?attredirects=0&d=1
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    Clean, clean, clean!

    http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Famous.mp3 What a great machine.
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    Quick, sloppy clean Deluxe.

    The Fender models on this machine are awesome! https://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/CleanMachine.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
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    Fun with the 80s, the FAS spring reverb & compressor.

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    Modern grungy rhythm tone.

    If you're into that kind of thing. https://sites.google.com/a/inrerocknroll.com/home/tunes/2000sSound.mp3
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    Poker Face

    http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/PFace.mp3 Except for an Analogman BiComp and a little EHX Deluxe Memory Boy, it's all Axe recorded direct.
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    Tele into cranked Plexi clip.

    The tone and responsiveness of this thing with the 9.0 firmware is remarkable. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/ISL.mp3 I've been trying to fake this tone a whole bunch of ways - it's just the Plexi 2 with the drive about 2 and the Master and Sag all the way up. Fantastic. I did run an...
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    Good ol' 60s style Twin tone.

    http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Birdish.mp3 I must disclaim that this one is not all Axe. An Analogman King of Tone supplies the dirt at the end. But it was this kind of clean tone, and the spring reverb especially, that originally sold me on the Axe. I finally got a decent version of...
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    Tonebender (Cliff hit one out of the park with this one!)

    I love this thing. And I don't mean love in the platonic sense. I love this Tonebender model in the most perverse way imaginable. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/FASBender.mp3
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    Any way to eliminate the long attack on the v. 7.15 gate?

    As much as I appreciate the lack of chatter, the attack on the gate in v. 7.15 is slow enough to create an auto-swell type effect each time the gate engages. Does anyone know how to restore the attack time on the gate to the speed at which it operated in 7.13/earlier?
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    Here's a new one . . .

    I couldn't resist putting something down with the new guitar I got this week. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Purple.mp3
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    Ultra Clip Featuring the CA3 and a little TZF.

    All of the cleans are done with the CA3 Rhythm. The TZF isn't terribly prominent, but it's in there somewhere, and it's a truly excellent effect. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/Wayfaring2.mp3
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    Classic Rockin' with a Plexi model and lots of reverb

    Mmm . . . reverb. http://www.inrerocknroll.com/tunes/TallyHo.mp3
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