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    Multiple cabs with Power Amp via FX Loop

    Hello Everyone - I have a patch that splits off after the Amp Block to a GEQ and then FX Loop. I have the 2 FX Loop sends connected to channels of the power amp (Fryette 2/90/2) with each output connected to a dedicated cab. I only get output on 1 of the channels. Is there something I need to...
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    AX8 Recording

    Hello Everyone - What approach are people using to record the AX8? Essentially sending the output into GarageBand... Thanks, Dan
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    Wah/Global Block question

    So, I have a Wah (Clyde/Autoengage) set up on a preset. Works great and expected. I added this global block to a different preset and the behavior is completely different. Has a cocked wah sound and doesn't engage. I'm sure it is simple....but what am I missing here? Thanks, Dan
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    $16 for 4 cables....really? then refreshed and another option (USPS) at 11.60 appears. Weird....and really expensive. Maybe something's off on the web site.
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    Looper Usage

    So, trying to use the Looper for the 1st time...Not to test preset/amp changes but to start a rhythm section that can be solo'd over. I tend to use both Out 1 and Out 2 ( 1 with cab sims on and 1 without) Is a good routing all effects->Amp->effects->Looper->Cab and Looper->FxLoop? Seems...
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    Simple, Jazzy sounds

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    Axe-Fx II as audio interface for guitar

    So, sometimes I just want to get a dry guitar signal to the computer for recording in GarageBand/Amplitube and using Amplitube's effects. I used the 'Bypass' patch, set the 'Out 1' volume all the way up, and adjust the output volume in the patch as well. I do get audio but it is very low...
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    Equipment Help - Power amps and pedals

    Hello Everyone, Can anyone recommend a rack-mounted power amp and expression pedals that will be good for the Ultra and upcoming II? I definitely see the lists of power amp choices posted but nothing too clear on the pros and cons of each choice. So, if you were going to get a power amp...
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    Connection issues with Effects Loop and Output 1/Output 2

    So, I'm working with the new Axe III prototype and having some issues.... Ok, so just on an Axe-Fx I :) but trying a couple of different setups and having a few problems: Current Setup: Output 1 Microphone Cable to Apogee One to Mac Output 2 unbalanced to Effects Return on Amp...
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