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    Coming Soon

    This is just what I have been waiting for. Love my amp but also love the fractal effects.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    Hey Thanks, I received an e-mail this morning. I figured it was a glitch.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I replied to an e-mail they sent me before I sent my unit in for service.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I did e-mail them three times at 9:00a.m to check on the status of a repair and so far no response.
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    This guy needs an Axe-FX!

    Oh my.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I have e-mailed them several times about a repair status with no reply. Are they closed? Just checking.
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    Your top 5 tweak tips to get that killer sound out of the Axe Fx 2

    I typically let someone else play through my AXFX to get a better sound.
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    Voodoo Lab - Ground Control Pro

    That looks nice. Thanks for the link
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    are there more Axe II>FRFR players or Axe II>poweramp>cab players?

    I want to try FRFR just to use the speaker cabs in the AXE.
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    Spent the day at Matrix Amps!

    Matrix soon. Unfortunate I am broke at the moment.
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    I was scared of v9 and v10 ....

    Love the latest version. Good stuff.
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    Best FW10.6 Clean Amps

    Love the shiva clean
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    What will be Fractal's next product?

    Never seen Cliff before. I always assumed he would have a really really big forehead to accommodate his brain.
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    what's your favorite hard rock dirty / rhythm tones?

    Aerosmith eat the rich. What killer tone. Both bass and guitar.
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    So Long.......

    Every time I get gas for something I just play the AXII and ask why!
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    Has any body had this ?

    I had that issue. Contact support, they were very helpful. Unfortunately I don't remember what they said to do.
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    Firmware Version 10.04 Now Available

    More amps. You guys are killing me. I am just learning the amps I currently have. Thanks for all the hard work.
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    Presets not loaded correctly or something like that.

    Will do. I did not mess with anything in the hidden service menu but I guess they would be the place to go. Thanks guys.
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    Presets not loaded correctly or something like that.

    Yeah, used the BOT and it worked fine. This was happening on V9 also.
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    Presets not loaded correctly or something like that.

    It just happened again. It says Warning: Factory Presets Not Installed Correctly. Push Exit To Continue. Nobody else gets this message?
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    Presets not loaded correctly or something like that.

    Quick question. It seem about every other time I power up I get a message like presets not loaded correctly push enter to continue. I push enter and everything works fine. Any thoughts?
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    Firmware Version 10.02 Now Available

    Yes. Thanks
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    tech 21 power engine and the Axe, Any one tried it?

    I am also selling on in like new condition.
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    V10 Firmware

    Thanks guys. Great stuff.
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    V10 Firmware

    Hey, I upgraded and I still suck. When is the talent modeling going to begin?
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    Gigging users vs. non-gigging users?

    Actually gig my bass 2 times a week but love playing guitar so much bought the axefx for home use.
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    Favorite # Amp types

    I just keep finding ones I like each week.
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    Oh myyyyyy...

    So did I
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    Oh myyyyyy...

    Oh myyyyy is right. Liked the atomic also.
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    Matrix GT1500FX just landed

    Oh you guys are making me so jealous. I really want a matrix amp but will not be able to afford on until next year. Arggggg...
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    Inexpensive/Budget Power Amp Recommendations?

    I really want a matrix amp but just can't afford it right now.
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    Inexpensive/Budget Power Amp Recommendations?

    Just bought the SLA-2. Will give a review after I have some time with it. You know you can get it at ZZounds for 4 payments of $76
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    Carvin PM112A vs Samsom XP200 ?????

    Hey guys Here is the situation. I cannot purchase anything really nice in a powered FR cab anytime soon. I am currently using a Tech21 PE60 and thought it sounded good but recently borrowed a Samson XP200 and it sounds much better than the PE60. Carvin has the PM112A for a really good...
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    Version 10.00 Stuff

  35. A

    SLA 2 into 16 or 4 ohm

    Thanks guys.
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    SLA 2 into 16 or 4 ohm

    Can this be done? I have a cab I love but it will only run in 4 or 16 ohms
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9.01 Available

    thanks again.
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    Axe-Fx II Fan Noise: Still an issue?

    I can't even hear my fan.
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    Who here got rid of ALL of their pedals for Axe-Fx?

    I sold all of mine except a couple of distortion pedals in case I purchase a small clean amp to use with my existing cab. Haven't touched them since buying the AXEFX
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    Matrix GT800 Question.

    Thanks for the reply. Will be pulling the switch soon.
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    Matrix GT800 Question.

    Thanks for the reply's guys. Very helpful. My concern was running one side of the amp. Didn't know if the side not connected to a speaker would be damaged.
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    Matrix GT800 Question.

    My cab has one 4ohm and one 16 ohm input. Will the 800 work? Can you use only one side of the amp? Thanks
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    Oh yeah, I just put my mesa on ebay. I like the upgrade that much. I am sending in my wife for some modeling with a list of things to add and leave out. You guys are killer.
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    Firmware 9 Beta

    Axe Edit worked fine for me and the update is killer.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    It worked. Thanks so much. Love the Jub just a tad dirty. Killer stuff.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9 Public Beta

    Question about the axe edit. It seems to be downloading the upgrade. Is there a problem using it? I keep seeing posts about it not working and needing an upgrade.
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    Wanted: Amps to Model

    Any interest in a Mesa Royal Atlantic Head?
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    AXE-FEST 2012 UNITED KINGDOM - Nov 5th-6th - Oxfordshire

    If one of you guys will buy me a round trip ticket, I will be there!!!!!
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    Best PASSIVE FRFR? (Axe-Fest Attendees?)

    Interested in trying the carvin also. I just checked their website and they have $100 off. Pretty cheap. Of course I will have to purchase a power amp.
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    My AXE-FX II arrived today :)

    your gonna have fun
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    Anyone using a Tech 21 Power Engine 60?

    Also, I don't really do a lot of heavy stuff. Typically more classic rock so couldn't say how the real heavy sounds are.
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    Anyone using a Tech 21 Power Engine 60?

    I like it better with the cab sims on.
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    Anyone using a Tech 21 Power Engine 60?

    I am using one and love it but.... I have never played the AX through anything else so it might actually sound like shite and I don't know it.
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    Thanks, will try tonight.
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    What I was attempting to say, (very poorly I might add) was I can download and place on my AxeFx2 patches from axe exchange but when I attempt to use the patches Fremen kindly sent me via e-mail they are not working. It may be a mac thing, I don't know.
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    Sharing site is Axe Exchange. I had a brain fart and couldn't think of the name when I was typing.
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    Well, I can download from the sharing site and put it on my AxeFx with no issues but when I attempt to bring these into Axe Edit, it says empty. Could there be something wrong with the file?
  58. A

    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    I have tried opening them, dragging them, etc but nothing. Each folder has a question mark by it in the Axe Edit. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Youtube video is killer. Feel I could learn a lot about the AX2
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    Any suggestions on how to get these into Axe Edit on a mac?
  60. A


    I am looking at an amp such as the matrix in the long run but may have to use something much cheaper until I can afford something so expensive. My current cab is either 4ohm or 16 ohm. Some of the amps only run in 8 ohms when bridged. Can you run only one side of the amp or is it like a guitar...
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    I did also but the Gmail seemed to work.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.01a Up

    You guys must put in 20 hour days. Thanks again.
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    If you want to learn the Axe IIs capabilities

    Thanks for the offer.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.01a Up

    Wow, that was quick. Thanks
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    Any JVM users out there?

    Used to own one. It was a great amp. The only thing I did not like was channel 4. I could never get a sound I liked out of 4.
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    How do you know the update took?

    Yeah, I get a Firmware 8.0 then push enter to update. Thanks all
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    How do you know the update took?

    My mistake, I thought it was taken out.
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    How do you know the update took?

    The first time I received a message there was a problem. The second time when told to turn the unit off for 5 seconds, it came back on and nothing seemed to change. When I hit the tuner, the ball was still there. Didn't take?
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.00 Up

    Didn't work the first time so I am trying again.
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    / 13 = Wow

    I am loving the plexi normal also. Just a killer sound.
  71. A

    OK, I'm In

    Thanks Again!
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    everyone's favourite Factory Preset?

    New user. I am loving the standard plexi.
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    Took the plunge!

    I am sure the Power Engine is not a FR speaker. When I finally try a FRFR I am sure I will not think the PE60 is great but not having any experience with the AX2 I am loving it.
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    Anyone else Smoke in the same room as their Axe II ?

    When I worked in a photo lab, the few employees that smoked had to do it outside. Mixed with the chemicals but also would build up on the internal machinery and lenses.
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    Took the plunge!

    I am currently using the power engine 60 and love it but have nothing to compare it too. I want to FRFR soon and see what all the fuss is about.
  76. A

    God bless America !

    Mine is coming in Thursday, can't wait.
  77. A

    OK, I'm In

    Thanks guys.
  78. A

    OK, I'm In

    Just purchased one tonight from Fractal.. I have been putting it off and just decided to do it. I did have several beers???? I want to use my current cab, (genz benz black pearl 2x12) any suggestions for an affordable amp to use till I can upgrade? I blew all my money on the AxeFx, can't...
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    Ultra or AXE-FX II

    I am thinking II due (they say) easier to dial in improved interface. I am sure the Ultra would be more than enough for me but....
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    Axe FX through power section of Mesa DR Head

    Thanks for the update and the PM.
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    For dk_ace: Hiwatt clip

    Wow. Love the sound.
  82. A

    Clean Strat + Maz + multiband compressor

    Sounds great. Nice playing.
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    I've got an Itchy Trigger Finger!!!!!!

    I just purchased them all. If you send me 2599 I will sell you one.
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    Why is nobody mentioning a larger display?

    I think that is just an optical illusion due to the angle of the fractal circles or clouds (or whatever they are) being closer to the screen.
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    What Does The Future Hold For Standard And Ultra Owners?

    After reading all the posts, it seems that the standard and ultra have been taken to their limit. That is why a new product has come out. I could be wrong.
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    Applauding Cliff.

    I just want to purchase my first axe-fx so I can appreciate him.
  87. A

    Wow! Never seen so much Whining and Crying. Lets get a grip on this!

    Everything changes. One day there may be an Axe III. I am sure the original and the II will still be fine units.
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    Countdown 0.5...

    Thats it. Didn't look real close.
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    Countdown 0.5...

    I visited the G66 site a few days ago, (when they had the collage of photos up) and there was a red rack mount unit. Did fractal make a red unit for Europe?
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    Countdown 0.5...

    You got it.
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    Countdown 0.5...

    Just remember. No one is allowed to purchase anything till I have got mine.
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    Countdown poll

    I want an ultra that will model any beer I type into the screen.
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    Countdown 0.5...

    Has anyone considered tazing cliff until he gives up the secret???
  94. A

    Countdown 0.5...

    Yes please
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