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    AX8 with acoustic guitars.

    Absolutely. I play a ton of acoustic thru the ax8. The Parametric eq's. are an outstanding tool for acoustic tone. Doesn't matter that you may not need the amp modeling (it's always there if you want it). For consistency in tone, ease of setup, flexibility in signal chain...the unit is...
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    Question about routings

    Tuner does not work on input 2
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    Strange issue

    Honestly no....that may be a quicker and smoother work around in the event it happens again. If it does occur again, ill take a few minutes to investigate instead of just getting back to work.
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    Strange issue

    Yes, I built the preset about 7 years ago- updated thru the years with firmware changes and hardware upgrades (standard>Ultra>AXII). I ported to AX8 a year or so ago. It has a PEQ block which could be affected, but I did not dig into the block when the issue occurred. Simply rebooted. In that...
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    Strange issue

    I've gigged with that cable 6 times in the last week on other equipment, totaling 20+ hours with no issue. The Axe 8 remains corrupt until reboot. I dont think it's a bad cable.
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    Strange issue

    I've been using Fractal products for 8 or 9 years, haven't had a single issue at a gig related to my equipment in all those years other than user error. However, I've experienced a strange issue at my last two practices that I wanted to bounce off folks here to see if anyone else has had the...
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    Acoustic through AX8

    imho great acoustic tone comes from proper eq. The AX8 has plenty of eq available. Spend some time with the para -eq to get the tone you are looking for, then add desired effects- tube pre, delay or whatever.
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    Ax8 for acoustic gigs??

    Stubs- I just read thru it I just read the tonedexter page (sorry, should have done that first). An impulse as you described will probably get you there. My approach is to use the Para EQ to make the corrections. Pickups add unnecessary, unwanted frequencies- but you can slice them out with...
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    Ax8 for acoustic gigs??

    Just curious as to what your end goal is? Are you trying to get your amplified acoustic to sound like your acoustic unplugged?
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    Ax8 for acoustic gigs??

    I used the fx loop as acoustic in for a long time (on axefx). I didn't like that I couldn't use the tuner thru fx loop, so I went back to using http://www.soundsculpture.com/abcadabra this midi controlled A/B box. Both guitars go into input 1, the patch triggers the a/b which keeps my acoustic...
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    AX8 vs LR Baggs Venuefor Acoustic work

    The AX8 is an excellent tool for acoustic. True, I don't have the need for a bazillion presets when using an acoustic-truth be told I use up to 3- but the quality of the processing in the AX8 for whatever your setup is a no brainier to me. Added bonus, an electric preset is a foot switch away...
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    Acoustic Patch

    Sounds great. I use para EQ for my acoustic. No amp block, no cab or body sim ir. I use the para eq to cut whatever the pickups adds and get back to the natural sound of my acoustic. People tell me it's the best acoustic tone they've heard, it's really just a great sounding guitar.
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    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Alright, I'll play. If I need a monitor, I use a Renkus Heinz CF 121M, otherwise Ill go thru thru what is available at the venue. Loving the simplicity of the AX8
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    Diming the controls in amp block

    Actually...mine goes to 11
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    Good presets and effects to use when playing acoustic

    I use the PEQ to dial in my acoustic, all cuts no boosting. Very articulate. If I need ambiance I add a parallel chain of multi delay.
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    A little frustrated

    Playing the factory presets is like plugging into someone else's rig. You might like it, you might not. Gotta tweak to make it your own. You take risks gigging with a piece of equipment you haven't worked with, I would get as much time with the axefx as possible before gigging with it. Great...
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    Do you use amp knobs on your AX8?

    I use them, but I have to recall that they are there. I'm also a front panel user and creating a new workflow after all this time requires paying attention. not a big deal, i'll have a new flow down soon. Axe8edit is a great tool but i've always done my tweaking without the editor. I have made...
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    Brand new at this

    This forum is a great resource to help troubleshoot as you get up and running. My only recommendation- if you plan to play live with your Ax8, master navigating and tweaking with the front panel. It will save you when you need it most. have fun
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    Shout out to Yek

    Thanks Yek, grateful for what you do here. Mike
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Thanks Al- great utility
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    A/B Switch for multiple guitars ?

    It is a great device. Flawless in my axefx rig, I am still playing around with it on the ax8. Only drawback is it's powered with a wall wart, didn't bother me in a rack as it was concealed. But the same is true for the ax8, delivering power and feeds for FOH and monitors where before all that...
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    A/B Switch for multiple guitars ?

    http://www.soundsculpture.com/abcadabra This is what I use. Keeps acoustic and electric separated and I can still use the tuner for both guitars. The preset sends a cc message to switch a/b depending wether it's electric or acoustic.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    I definately want to use this, playing later today -will try this tomorrow.
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Car Roamer (Carr Rambler)

    I had a Rambler 1x12, best amp I've ever owned. It has a certain 3dimensional quality I can't dial in on the axefx, maybe I need to check out cab pack 4. I probably should revisit it, I haven't really played with it since quantum 1. The tube tremolo is just outstanding to me. I do actually miss...
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    PEQ help

    One easy way- use Peaking filter in the PEQ turn gain up in the PEQ sweep the frequencies until you hear the offending frequency narrow the Q as much as possible to isolate the problem cut the gain Im not a high gain player, others may have a better approach.
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    Acoustic guitars

    I use acoustic a lot. Mixer block,PEQ, a little delay...absolutely huge. Electric thru front input panned left acoustic thru rear input-mixer block panned right.
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    ACPAD- not for me, but may be an interesting controller for AXEFX

    Unless your Phil Keaggy- amazing what he can do with a Jam Man http://youtu.be/nV3bLZLpqTQ
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    ACPAD- not for me, but may be an interesting controller for AXEFX

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJFfnTkyj-g&feature=youtu.be Too much going on here for me, but it may be an interesting development for some.
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    Same. Seems like forever ago. Still the best gear purchase decesion I ever made. Congrats Fractal on 10 years
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    V18.01 possibe bug - modifiers very slooooowww at only 89% CPU?

    I lost bidirectional communication with the mfc on certain presets after the update- cpu creep, drove me bonkers for a few days until i figured it out. Good point someone mentioned above, high res on the reverbs and cabinets can chew up a ton of cpu and can be a good place to reserve cpu without...
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    Chris, to be specific- I had a few issues going on. I updated MFC to FW 3.07, installed the editor, updated axe to beta 18, added an EV1, updated axe edit, updated to Cab Lab 3 all on the same day. I know....it's not recommended, but my schedule is what it is and I went for it. I noticed the...
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    Chris, i hope Gary can chime in and provide proper information, my technical language is poor at best. There is a bug in the way 3.07 interacts with MFC Mark 1 and 2's. I can't speak for him- but I'm sure he will be posting soon.
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    Quick note of thanks to Gary for his help in getting me back up and running.... I had a bunch of gremlins, but once Gary was able to help me with the mfc issues, the other problems quickly resolved. Sunday night after hours......that is dedication! Thanks again Gary!
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    I've been emailing with them for almost a week but I can't get any good dump files out of the unit to look at. Going old school tonight, just guitar and one preset. can't trust the mfc anymore, it has frozen on me 3 times since updating to 3.07 and I've lost control of some of my presets. I...
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    no, responds the same as cat 5
  36. M

    Troubleshooting help needed

    Gary, both slow dump and regular- Fractal bot records 140897 bytes
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    it is- sorry moving quickly have to play ion a few hours and I'm down hard
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    Legacy v2.15 for MFC?

  39. M

    Troubleshooting help needed

    normally axefx> cat 5 >mcf updating- first scenario computer>axefx as interface>mfc; set realtime syex and usb adapter to none & off; mfc port to midi. tried 3 different midi cables using fractal bot and mfc edit. I can get a transfer but the file size is invalid 2nd scenario computer>roland um...
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    just to be clear, when updating FW and dumping between mfc and computer I have no other devices attached or running.
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    For the updating issue and connecting to mfc edit I have been trying computer> roland um one> mfc 101. I tried going thru the axefx, but had not luck there either, swapped out midi cables ect. . I have had the I/O midi setting correct in both scenarios- mfc ports correct in both scenarios. At...
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    Legacy v2.15 for MFC?

    Does anyone have a legacy version 2.15 they could post? I need to go back and start over, can't think of another solution to my current config issues. Can I roll back FW on the MFC?
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    And...when I select an IA, the MFC displays the correct IA but does not communicate with the axefx.
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    I have it set to expansion when connected to axefx directly.
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    Troubleshooting help needed

    Ok- gotten myself a bug I don't know how to fix. What happened- I updated to most recent firmware, installed mfc-edit. I have been unable to get a clean usable dump from mfc, mfc-edit is recording incorrect file size. I have tried every possible troubleshooting idea I could think of...
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    Acoustic instruments in Axe fx

    Yea- took me a long time to really put all the pieces together. Im sure you have read all the same articles and tried various techniques - but best advice anyone ever gave me was to boost the gain in each band and sweep across the frequencies until the offending freq. jump out, then cut at that...
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    Acoustic instruments in Axe fx

    Nagi, Very sorry- i just packed everything up and is in a truck for tomorrow. I can post a preset in a few days. Regardless, my preset wouldn't sound good for any other guitar/pickup setup. Are you familiar with parametric eq?
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    Able To Update to FW 3.06, Cannot Get a Sysex Dump

    I went out and purchased a new cable earlier today hoping that was the problem- no luck. At this point all i can point to is the axefx as the interface. I guess ill have to try something else. I remember now why i haven't updated the mfc in years.
  49. M

    Able To Update to FW 3.06, Cannot Get a Sysex Dump

    My bad, Edit> midi correct I've got connection. Everytime I send or receive the midi dump I get an error message. I cannot get a clean file. I tried creating a new file from the ones ion the mfc edit dump folder. created i, sent it, it updated but everything went haywire. I need to walk away...
  50. M

    Able To Update to FW 3.06, Cannot Get a Sysex Dump

    in the mfc hit setup>midi use port> change to midi I simply can't get a usable file
  51. M

    Able To Update to FW 3.06, Cannot Get a Sysex Dump

    i am working on the same issue with the new editor. i don't believe you should have in/out connected both ways at the same time. that will cause a loop.
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    Acoustic instruments in Axe fx

    I use the parametric eq's in the axefx. I use the eq's to slice out the frequencies added by the pickups to get back to the natural sound of my acoustic. I don't record, never made the time to do it. All my playing is live- can't tell you how many times guitar players chase me down to ask how I...
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    Low Resonance Frequency and Speakers / Cabinet Choice

    Per this thread-Cliff said the approach isn't valid any longer...unless I misunderstood. I too have been playing around with this. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/96569-low-res-freq-speaker-eqing.html
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    Using an Acoustic Guitar with the AXE FX

    I play a lot of acoustic with the axefx. I don't use an amp, I use the parametric eq's. Outstanding tones. I dial out what the pickups add and am left with the natural tone of my guitar. Always repeatable, haven't changed the basics of my acoustic patch for 7years. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This new Fender Concert amp . . .

    Just set this up. Outstanding. This and the Super 6G4, simply sound beautiful. These types of amps put me in my happy place, looking forward to playing these at tomorrows gig.
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    Thoughts on FW 14 AST and other Clean-ish amps?

    I set the gain around .97 for super clean. I would expect some breakup at 2-2.5
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    POLL for Week 2 of AOTW

    I am all for the AOTW- but, I don't use the high gain amps at all. As such, I shouldn't vote, don't want to skew the results.
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    AMP OF THE WEEK. Week 1 Fender 59' Bassman

    That is awesome.........love that. settings?
  59. M

    I can't tell anymore.

    I was saying the same thing this morning to the bass player in one of the groups I play with. I've been playing on a Fractal for 7? years now- I have always thought I got great tone from from the axefx....but there is such a realism now, I just cant tell what is and isnt "real" anymore. I played...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Spent a few hours playing the Rambler- thanks Cliff, everything is outstanding.
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    Presets for all 12.03 amps w/ cabs

    Very useful- thanks
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    AXE FX 2 adding gain and mid-freq boost while effects blocks are bypassed

    Blocks in parallel routing will add gain if not muted on bypass or if not padded down when the block is on. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    AXE FX 2 adding gain and mid-freq boost while effects blocks are bypassed

    set the bypass state to mute in the reverb block http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Effect_block:_Level,_Mix_and_Bypass
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    Carr Troubles

    Theres a reason I was in the same math class for 3 years straight, but I that is helpful.
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    Carr Troubles

    I did the same thing initially- put the reverb between the amp and cab. Followed by fiddling with the bias trem, trying to get it set up so i can control the rate & depth well with an expression pedal. haven't gotten just the right settings yet but I sure do dig the tones. Gonna need an IR with...
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    Carr Troubles

    I couldn't be happier that we are even discussing the Rambler. My personal favorite amp...sold mine to buy the axe fx standard way back when. I downloaded the beta last week and gigged it hours later, smiling the entire time.
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    Block moving question

    Recall effect - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  68. M

    Help with the Scenes feature...

    Effect blocks in parallel rows - Axe-Fx II Wiki
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    preset for acoustic guitar

    For The Acoustic, it could be as simple as shunts from beginning to end. My acoustic pickups add too many frequencies that are unnatural to the tone of my acoustic, I add a PEQ block and pull those frequencies out that the pick up adds/highlights. I also use just a touch of delay and reverb on...
  70. M

    Cliff : Carr Rambler model - modelled on the pentode or triode setting ?

    Sweet! I've been wanting the Rambler in the axefx for years. Now we are going to need an IR
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    Ultra to Axe FX II

    That's exactly what I did on day one to be ready for gigs 2 days later. The amp sims are undeniably and profoundly clearer, tighter and to me...realistic. The amps in the Ultra sound great. I recall it took me along time to get the amps in the Ultra to a place where I was really satisfied-...
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    Solo Acoustic gig AxeFx2 questions!

    I use one of these-keeps everything going into the front input Sound Sculpture Musical Instrument Products-ABCadabra Switches guitars on program or cc messages from your foot controller (mfc 101 for me) - depending on your set up. I use it to keep my electric presets away from my acoustic...
  73. M

    Raw Amp Bank?

    Thanks- i appreciate your help. I'll load these tonight- the spreadsheet is very helpful as well, nice to know how you got to each setting.
  74. M

    Raw Amp Bank?

    lol...I'm sure. Mentally I haven't shifted yet. I havent kept up with the morphing means and methods since the II came out. Perhaps it's time to renew my approach. I searched but havent found it yet. No stress, I just found it to be useful in the past...but again, I'm finding the default...
  75. M

    Raw Amp Bank?

    It's been awhile since ive been active on the forum. I've just recently gone from Ultra to AXFXII. I've done some searching and was hoping to find a Raw Amp Bank for the amps in the AXFXII....there used to be a raw amp bank thread for the standard and Ultra way back when which paired an amp...
  76. M

    Ultra to Axe FX II

    When the Axe Fx II first came out I decided not to upgrade- I was very satisfied with the tones I was getting from the Ultra and to be honest I didn't feel like sitting on the wait list as I had for my first standard and then Ultra. But, the bug finally hit and I recently switched over. There...
  77. M

    Switching Guitars

    Sound Sculpture Musical Instrument Products-ABCadabra This is an outstanding product. I go between acoustic and electric a lot- this keep the guitars completely isolated from each other (i you have ever accidentally engaged a high gain patch with an acoustic plugged in, you will have full...
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    Really need help identifying trouble frequency

    Deoxit is a good cleaner for pots- dont get it on you finish or you can try turning the knob from end to end about 100 times see it it doesnt wok it's way out
  79. M

    Really need help identifying trouble frequency

    that noise at the end sounds like dust in you potentiometer
  80. M

    Really need help identifying trouble frequency

    with the para eq, turn the gain up in band 2 and sweep across the spectrum until the frequency pops out- then cut perhaps you have tried this- but that would be my approach
  81. M

    Where is the noise coming from and how to isolate?

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/42042-anyone-else-running-straight-into-guitar-amp-front-end.html Here is another user same issue-
  82. M

    Where is the noise coming from and how to isolate?

    When do you not get the noise?
  83. M

    Where is the noise coming from and how to isolate?

    Reduced noise from shortening the cable sounds like RF- But, I still don't understand your setup. The more info you can give on your exact setup, the easier it is to help figure out whats going on.
  84. M

    My first experience with an Ultra... disappointing :(

    The Axefx is an interesting beast. It is not setup to nail tones with preset amps, effects, ect right out of the box (at least in my experience)- it definitely requires some time spent reading and tweaking/listening. The real world amp counterparts are not necessarily saved off as...
  85. M

    My first experience with an Ultra... disappointing :(

    List of amp simulations - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki in my experience, the master vol and drive are key to getting amp tones and not home stereo tones. The wiki has some good info on master vol and drive settings for the amps
  86. M

    input 2 / output 2

    Rear Panel - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki Input 2 can be used as a generic input if you place an effect loop block in you preset- The effect loop "opens" input 2 start a blank preset- in the second block over insert the effect loop block and shunt to the output (if I recall correctly, you cannot...
  87. M

    Matching volume levels - amp level vs output level

    if you are tying to match levels across the presets you are playing- yes, the output mixer is a good place to do that.
  88. M

    Anyone plug an acoustic guitar into the Axe-FX Standard/Ultra?

    Im going to give the early reflections a tweak...sounds interesting. BTW- I'm going to blame you if I return to a tweaking frenzy...I've been tweak free for awhile now....but I'm feelin a session coming on.
  89. M

    Anyone plug an acoustic guitar into the Axe-FX Standard/Ultra?

    Ultra PEQ, delay10- 15ms, smallest amount of reverb no amp block, no cab for me, acoustic tone is all about eq.....more removing the frequencies the pickup adds than any kind of boost. In fact, all of the adjustments I have made in the peq are cuts- getting me back to how my guitar sounds. i...
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    Where is the noise coming from and how to isolate?

    Really need a bit more info to be able to help you out. Ground loops are tuff- and depending how you have the axe mounted, there are a number of variables to troubleshoot. Is it RF or a ground loop? Cables can introduce allot of noise. You have already identified the issue is present without a...
  91. M

    How many of you are actually using the Axe as your main gig rig.

    Picked up a standard in fall 2007- upgraded to Ultra in 08. Fractal has been my only piece of gear since 2007. Haven't tweaked a knob on my Ultra since May when v.11 update came out. For me it all just works.
  92. M

    FRFR 'so not' what i expected.

    also check your treble roll off on the wedge- set it to center detent for flat response.
  93. M

    Axe II. This is killing me.

    I'm right there with you Ron. I'm in the building industry.....say no more. Brutal times. But, remaining grateful.
  94. M

    Why so little talk about 11?

    v11- i had allot of time with it over the past few days. Outstanding. I said it once before- for me this is the most significant update ever. I got on at v3.xx, only one other update was as sonically significant. But this one is different.it is clear that it is not working within the old...
  95. M

    Primarily acoustic guitarist looking for guidance....

    I've not produced curves. My approach was to mimic the tone of my acoustic at greater volumes- as I really like the natural tone of my acoustic. I see you are working with a solid body and peizo- I've not worked with that kind of setup. However, the main thing I did with the parametric was to...
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    Fender sims in FW11?

    I love the dr. z, and the Trainwreck has come to life for me in v11- very clear....open
  97. M

    Fender sims in FW11?

    still good, and I appreciate the ir as well.
  98. M

    Fender sims in FW11?

    http://forum.fractalaudio.com/recordings/35564-brownface-kinda-thang.html check out Jay Mitchells stuff and what Yek said.
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