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    Effects status

    I've looked through the manual as well as did a search on the forum. Is there a way for the axe fx to remember the status of an effect, or is this done on the MFC?
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    Multi tap delay

    Has the problems with the multi tap delay been addressed with the new firmware?
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    Boost switch on amp block

    Can the boost in the amp block be assigned to an Ia switch? I've been using a filter block in front of the amp block, but was wondering if it can be assigned to an ia switch.
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    My clr arrived

    My clr arrived on the 3rd. I've been using the rcf 12ma, it sounded good, but there was always some top end and some low end frequencies that often would be bothersome. Plugged in the clr, and for the first time was not bothered by those issues. I have say that for me, nothing gets in the way...
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    Assign IA to Boost

    Can an IA switch be assigned to the boost in the amp block if so how would this be done? thanks chuck
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    Help with Delay settings in axe fx II

    I was wondering if someone could help me with setting my delay so that the delay trails off after the volume pedal has decreased. I have my delay after the volume block but as I decrease the volume with the pedal the delay also decreases. I don't know if it is a setting with my volume block or...
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    Can This be Done?

    Set up the Axe II quick control knobs to control treble, bass, mid from the recall screen? I've search the manual and it seems that it can be done, but it's not clear as to how to set it up.
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    Quick Control Knobs

    I'm searching through the manual and cannot find if it's possible to set the quick control knobs to control "gain" "treble" "mid" "bass" when the axe II is in recall mode. Is this possible if so how is it done? thanks
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    Axe Fx II Big Problem!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, many if not most of the amps sound so good I'm having trouble deciding which one to use. It's put me into a state of paralysis by analysis. I've been playing the II for a half a day and have way too many possibilities if that's even possible. On my ultra, I had a few, but one or...
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    Axe Fx II Copying Effects Problem

    I'm trying to copy an effect block from one effect to another. When I select the wah effect block from a patch that I built and engage it into a new patch none of the settings are the same. This worked with both my ultra's, but with the II I can't get it to work. I'm doing this with the...
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    MFC & Axe Fx II effects assignment

    I just received my axe fx II and I have an mfc, I'm having trouble assigning the ia switches. I have the mfc set for Axe fx II mode, I have gone through the menu of the mfc to assign each of the ia's an effect, but some of them are not responding, can anyone help? Oh by the way, the sound and...
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    Bypass Question

    I've searched the wiki and can't seem to find the right answer to this question. My ultra when I turn it on the bypass light flashes and I have to press it to return it to normal operation. Is there a setting that I need to change to get this to not come on when I turn my ultra on? I know...
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    HAD 01 content

    This is my first time at trying anything like this. I've been working the Axe-Fx for a little while and tweeking the HAD 01 preset a bit. I used my macbook pro to record the video and audio using the on board mic you can hear I struggled a bit with the balance between the backing track and the...
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    8ma tonal consistancy

    I have a Yamaha hsm400 that I am currently happy with except for the weight factor, and my fbt 8ma is arriving on Tuesday, I was wondering if the 8ma changes tonally as it is pushed harder? I've heard other 8" cabs that as you pushed them, the tone changed. I don't know if this is...
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    QSC K-8

    Has anyone tried out this unit, I seen the post's on the k12, but how about the k10? thanks
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    Number of Effects?

    I've looked in the wiki, so i'll ask here. Is there anyway to have more than just one row of effects in the chain? I thought I saw a screen view of the editor and someone had about 16 block used. Is that possible? thanks chuck
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    Ok, here goes, I'm a newbie, I just got my ultra and am really digging it. I do have a question, I searched the forums and Wiki, but can't seem to locate an answer. On the amp blocks under the type dial, you can press enter and it's a boost. Is it possible to assign this feature to a IA so...
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    Programing Tuning offsets

    I'm working with an Ultra 7.04 and cannot get the offsets to save, every time I go back to them they are gone. Not sure what's going on, but I've emailed support, haven't heard back yet. Posted it in the "bugs" section nothing yet, hoping to hear back soon. Thanks
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    Programing Tuning offsets

    I'm working with an ultra, and firmware 7.04 When I program the BF offsets, and then store them, with the the use offsets on, when I come back to the patch, the values never stay, they show something different? Has anyone had this issue? thanks chuck
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