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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I have e-mailed them several times about a repair status with no reply. Are they closed? Just checking.
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    Presets not loaded correctly or something like that.

    Quick question. It seem about every other time I power up I get a message like presets not loaded correctly push enter to continue. I push enter and everything works fine. Any thoughts?
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    Carvin PM112A vs Samsom XP200 ?????

    Hey guys Here is the situation. I cannot purchase anything really nice in a powered FR cab anytime soon. I am currently using a Tech21 PE60 and thought it sounded good but recently borrowed a Samson XP200 and it sounds much better than the PE60. Carvin has the PM112A for a really good...
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    SLA 2 into 16 or 4 ohm

    Can this be done? I have a cab I love but it will only run in 4 or 16 ohms
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    Matrix GT800 Question.

    My cab has one 4ohm and one 16 ohm input. Will the 800 work? Can you use only one side of the amp? Thanks
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    I am looking at an amp such as the matrix in the long run but may have to use something much cheaper until I can afford something so expensive. My current cab is either 4ohm or 16 ohm. Some of the amps only run in 8 ohms when bridged. Can you run only one side of the amp or is it like a guitar...
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    How do you know the update took?

    The first time I received a message there was a problem. The second time when told to turn the unit off for 5 seconds, it came back on and nothing seemed to change. When I hit the tuner, the ball was still there. Didn't take?
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    OK, I'm In

    Just purchased one tonight from Fractal.. I have been putting it off and just decided to do it. I did have several beers???? I want to use my current cab, (genz benz black pearl 2x12) any suggestions for an affordable amp to use till I can upgrade? I blew all my money on the AxeFx, can't...
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    OK, getting closer

    Hey guys. I am really close to taking the plunge but I have one question. I have spent many hours on youtube listening to clips. Most of them are heavy clips. I have heard some nice cleans here but not much on the youtube clips. Could you steer me or give input on the cleans possible with...
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    Anyone in Little Rock with an Ax Fx?

    I hear the clips but I just want to hear one in person and play through the unit. Anyone????????
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    Using with a guitar amp.

    I have tried the search but it is very picky. How does the AF sound through a real guitar amp. I have a MB electra dyne which I love but thought about using an AF with the 4-cable method and having some versatility. Any thoughts?
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    Axe-FX with Mesa ED

    Any one use the Axe-FX with the Electra-Dyne? Good, bad?
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