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  1. Mark Day

    Gary Moore "Out In The Fields"

  2. Mark Day

    More Riffs, this time solos

  3. Mark Day

    More Favourite Riffs

  4. Mark Day

    More Favourite Riffs-Queensryche

  5. Mark Day

    Guitar Riffs That Have Inspired Me

    I mean there are a million but here are 4. I think I'll do a bunch of these. Using my live preset on everything, same scene.
  6. Mark Day

    "No One Like You" Scorpions

    Sometimes all you really need is pentatonic!!
  7. Mark Day

    So we recorded a couple of Journey tunes at rehearsal.

    Here's the first one
  8. Mark Day

    “Turn Up The Radio” Cover

    It's a hard one, kept the flubs in there. Preset: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7171
  9. Mark Day

    Dream Warriors

    I'm loving the Recto Red thanks Leon!!! http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7034
  10. Mark Day

    Benatar's Heartbreaker

    This is me playing over a backing track my band did.
  11. Mark Day

    Highway Star Solos

  12. Mark Day

    "Still of The Night" Solo

    I pre-recorded the rhythm track for this video. There are no original guitars on this back track.
  13. Mark Day

    Anyway You Want it

    The band I play in is the backing track.
  14. Mark Day

    More Journey "Be Good To Yourself" Solo FW 5.00 beta 2

    More Neal Schon fun.
  15. Mark Day

    Journey Mother Father solo FW 5.0

    I couldn't stop playing today. Backing tracking is my band. Mark
  16. Mark Day

    Messin' with the Pitch block "Tears Are Falling" Solo

    Using the Custom Scales approach, which is super cool for theory impaired folks like myself.
  17. Mark Day


    I revisited this solo today for a student, shot a video to capture the moment. Maybe to prove to myself that I can still do it and with normal strings again. Mark
  18. Mark Day

    Journey Cover 'Stone in Love'

  19. Mark Day

    ‘You Really Got Me’ Solo

  20. Mark Day

    'In My Dreams' Dokken

  21. Mark Day

    Toto "Hold the Line" Solo

    AxeFx III with my Gibson Axcess. Love Luke!!
  22. Mark Day

    Some Dokken

    Here's a little Dokken, AxeFx III and a NGD.
  23. Mark Day

    Chicago/Dann Huff Solo Cover

  24. Mark Day

    Lukather Whammy Bar Madness

    Goodbye Elenore from Turn Back. My favorite Luke solo.
  25. Mark Day

    “Don't Tell Me You Love Me”

    Preset added, I used scene 4.
  26. Mark Day

    Sykes like riffing

    I felt like playing some Sykes (Whitesnake) because his name keeps coming up. Great player. This is certainly not note for note n'or was I trying to capture his tone, just playing in the style of because today is a good day!! Axe-Fx III of course.
  27. Mark Day

    A little taste of the new Tri-Chorus clean.

    Please forgive the flubs, I just learned it among other issues lol. I find this chorus so intoxicating. Thanks Cliff!!!! You killed it on this.
  28. Mark Day

    AXE-FX III Rush Cover YYZ

    My Canadian bandmates and I covering Rush's YYZ, using the Fractal Audio AXE-FX III
  29. Mark Day

    EV Series Expression pedal Performance video

    Here is a little video I did featuring the EV expression pedals ala some cool drone video work.
  30. Mark Day

    Pete Lesperance Harem Scarem Mandy Cover Mark Day

    I'm covering the great Pete Lesperance's (Harem Scarem) beautiful instrumental "Mandy". I left in all my mistakes and put my own spin on it, this is one take no dubs and it was a particularly tremor filled day. I wish I could play it as well as Pete, but alas I am a mortal being :) Using my...
  31. Mark Day

    Dann Huff (Giant) I'll See You In My Dreams

    My version of Dann Huff's amazing solo. Using my Fractal AxeFx II XL running Quantum FW 8.02 Preset used Scene 4: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5708 AX8 version: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5711
  32. Mark Day

    Benetar/Geraldo's Heartbreaker Quantum 7

    My version of the classic solo.
  33. Mark Day


  34. Mark Day

    Some Dokken

    Trying some new video gear while using my AxeFx II XL. Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5090
  35. Mark Day

    FAS-FX Reverb Plugin Demo Video

    Here's a little original thing I did to demo the FAS-FX Reverb Plugin. You will hear with and without the plugin. Such a great smooth sounding reverb plugin!! Mark
  36. Mark Day

    Vh "Feel Your Love Tonight" Cover Video

    For the VH critics, this is NOT an attempt at "The Brown Sound" it's just me goofing around complete with my own original mistakes. Quantum 5.00 Preset Here: Scene1 rhythm, scene3 Solo http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4856
  37. Mark Day

    3 Canadians Playing Carmen by Toto

  38. Mark Day

    AX8 Is This Love-Whitesnake

  39. Mark Day

    AX8 Hit Me With Your Best Shot

  40. Mark Day

    New Camera and the AX8

  41. Mark Day

    AxeFx And Jackson PC-1

    Canuck playing Canuck stuff
  42. Mark Day

    AX8 into Mesa Power amp and 4x12"s Live Miked Demo

    AX8 into a Mesa 2:100 poweramp feeding two Marshall 4x12"s loaded with V30's and GB's. I live miked it with a 57 and E609.
  43. Mark Day

    AX8 into Mesa Power amp and 4x12"s Live Miked Demo

    AX8 into a Mesa 2:100 poweramp feeding two Marshall 4x12"s loaded with V30's and GB's. I live miked it with a 57 and E609.
  44. Mark Day

    AX8 Toto (Luke) Solo with Quick Gear Tour

    Same solo as yesterday but this time I'm using the Mark Day 80's factory preset :)
  45. Mark Day

    Outro Solo For Toto "I'll Be Over You"

    I learned this today by request.
  46. Mark Day

    2 Lukather(Toto) Slow Ballad Solos

  47. Mark Day

    Miracle Man Solo using the EV-1 for Wah Block control.

    The best expression pedal, period. I love this thing!! I have built many rigs and tried many expression controllers this is the best for me. Excuse the sloppy playing, this solo is TOUGH!!!
  48. Mark Day

    Summertime Girls Solo Y&T Quantum 2

    Here's my take. Play of the Day. Love Y&T. Meniketti is a monster singer and player. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4076
  49. Mark Day

    Play of the Day Jan 22, 2016 LUKATHER SOLO COVER

    Using one of the AxeFx XL's that are on sale here: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Axe_Fx_II_XL_Preamp_Effects_Processor_p/fas-013.htm
  50. Mark Day

    Play of the DAY Dec 11, 2015

    Here's a Queensryche riff both wet and dry.
  51. Mark Day

    Riff Of the Day Dec 9th

  52. Mark Day

    Riff of the Day Dec 8, 2015

    More AX8.
  53. Mark Day

    Riff of the (Mark) Day

    Here's a short Riff of the Day. See how I did that? Day, get it?? Mark Day?? Lol.
  54. Mark Day

    AX8 Noodling in Canada Video

    I am in Canada with the Fractal AX8 and took some time to noodle around with it. I went on too long feel free to hit stop if you want :) This thing sounds FAB and my guitar looks like it's on fire in the Canadian sun.
  55. Mark Day

    AX8 Noodling in Canada

    I am in Canada with the Fractal AX8 and took some time to noodle around with it. I went on too long feel free to hit stop if you want :) This thing sounds FAB and my guitar looks like it's on fire in the Canadian sun.
  56. Mark Day

    Dokken "The Hunter" Solo At Fractal Headquarters.

    I always loved this solo from George Lynch. I was messing around with putting a 10 band EQ in front of my amp model like I do in my analog rig. Tell me what you think? The solo has my spin on it and not supposed to be perfect. Here's the XL preset, I will get to the MkII in a day or two...
  57. Mark Day

    AX8 Teaser Video

    Here is a demo of Fractal Audio's AX8 Guitar Processor. All guitars are AX8. The guys at work helped me with this one. Matt Picone played all keyboards and bass, Joe Rogers played drums and I played all guitar parts and sang all the vocal parts(well Eli makes a brief appearance too). Toto tune...
  58. Mark Day

    Quantum FW take of Harem Scarem's No Justice Solo

    Playing around with the Quantum fw. Mean and fun as heck. Trying to give Harem Scarem's "No Justice" some justice, but alas there is no justice, there's just us. Well I absolutely hated what I played this afternoon so I re-did it at home tonight. XL Preset Axe-Change - Download Preset - MARK...
  59. Mark Day

    My Take on the Reverb Hold thing. Also using Cab De-Phase FW 19.01 Beta

    Just farting around with the reverb hold. Fun!!! I love this Cab De-Phase parameter too!!! XL Preset: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Mark Day Reverb Hold Thing - by MarkDay MkII Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3572 Please manually change De-Phase to 4.72 Mark
  60. Mark Day

    FW19.01 Beta De-Phase Parameter

    Here's a demo of a fun new parameter Cliff has added to the Preamp section of the Cab block. It really tames the phasiness of certain ir's to give a more "in the room" tone. Mark
  61. Mark Day

    Iron Maiden Wasted Years Solo

    Here's another. Presets to follow shortly. XL Preset: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Mark Day Wasted Years - by MarkDay MkII Preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3512
  62. Mark Day

    Night Ranger Sister Christian Solo

    Did this at work today. Same 5153 preset.
  63. Mark Day

    Styx Grand Illusion Solo

    I remember listening to Styx's Grand Illusion for the first time when it came out in the late 70's and being blown away by the tone of Tommy Shaw's solo. I'm trying to capture the effects and vibe here so lots of incorrect notes. All guitars are through the AxeFx XL XL Preset...
  64. Mark Day

    Separate Ways Solo at work

    This solo has always been my nemesis. Hard for me to lighten up on my wide vibrato and that fast part is a nail biter. Same preset as Hungry Mark
  65. Mark Day

    White Lion's Hungry Intro and Rhythm 5153 FW19

    This was one of my favorite riffs from the 80's such a cool tune and tone!! Did this at work this afternoon. Using FW19 and not my usual amp model, this time it's a 5153 100w Red sim. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3354 XL...
  66. Mark Day

    Rush Limelight Full Band Cover FW 18

    While I was in Canada last week(between Dr. appts) we 3 boneheads got together and shot a video for a Rush cover. I hope you enjoy!!!
  67. Mark Day

    Dokken "Unchain The Night" Solo at work straight into MacBook Audio In

    Axe-Fx XL FW 18.04. I made the backing track using Logic ProX's drummer and Bass designer. I played the Rhythm guitar track then did the solo live. I am plugged into my MacBook using a 1/4" (L&R) to TRS mini from OUT 1 into the audio IN. No mic pre. 18.04 is pretty amazing! XL preset...
  68. Mark Day

    Toto "Don't Chain My Heart" Quick Riff Jam MARK DAY

    A "Quick Riff" I did at work today. Lukather style, sort of. Here's the preset. I used Scene 2. Axe-Change - Download Preset - Don't Chain My Heart - by MarkDay
  69. Mark Day

    Mike And The Mechanics "Silent Running" Moody Floyd Rose Solo FW18

    Here's a fun reason to have a Floyd Rose on a Les Paul. This is the solo from Mike and the Mechanics' "Silent Running". I love this moody solo!. This is direct into a Tascam iXJ2 iOS interface for the iPhone 6. It's a $29 interface This is the same Tyketto 18 preset with the gain backed way...
  70. Mark Day

    Quick little Lynch Solo I did at Work today.

    I did the backing track in Garageband on the iPad Mini (drums, rhythm, harmony guitars) then played that file back on my PC through the Axe-Fx as the interface for Win 7, the output of that into my Tascam iXJ2 and straight into my iPhone 6. All the video editing and titles were done in iOS...
  71. Mark Day

    Lukather/Tubes Talk To Ya Later Axe-Fx Cover

    Another of my favorite Lukather solos. Axe-Fx II XL FW18. I am using the same Lukather preset that is already posted on the AxeChange. Available for XL and MKII FW18.
  72. Mark Day

    Cab Pack 8 and FW18 G3 VH'esque Test

    Some folks wondered if you could get VH'esque tones using the new Cab Pack. So here's my version of a VH type tone. Notice how I said "MY" version. So all you golden ears out there,go make a video :)lol. I'm just having fun and making clams. Here's the XL ONLY (for now) preset using User cabs...
  73. Mark Day

    FW18 Very Wet 80's Clean Tone

    I'm not using my piezo on this, but you should hear it when I do...wow. Here's the XL preset using Rocco's preset cabs: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Mark Day 80's Clean - by MarkDay Her's the XL preset with 4x12 iR's: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=3084 MkII Preset ONLY...
  74. Mark Day

    More HBE FW18 G3 Goodbye Elenore Toto Cover

    This is probably my favorite solo ever. Steve Lukather is just a damn genius. Thanks Steve for creating such great songs and solos!! The Feedback trick is so cool. Love the string chirp response with this firmware!! Listen to the upstrokes on the chords. XL PRESET HERE...
  75. Mark Day

    Super High Gain FW 18 Friedman Riff

    Another quick work thing. Jamming some 80's style solo tones. Fw18 G3 Friedman model. AxeFx into Tascam ixj2. Some folks liked the Tyketto riff so I thought I would play the solo as well. There's a few clams but what the heck. SUPER HIGH GAIN WARNING!!!!!
  76. Mark Day

    Semi Broken Up Brit 800 G3 FW18 Mark Day

    This is the newly vamped FW18 G3 Brit 800 model. Man this amp sounds so great!! I normally don't do this semi-broken up tone but this is too much fun.
  77. Mark Day

    Something Original I did a couple of years ago Axe-FxII

    Something I did for a website a few years ago that I totally forgot about. I'm not much of a writer so be kind lol.
  78. Mark Day

    Axe-Fx Direct with Budget Guitar and Cable

    Well we can't blame it on the guitar/pickups or the pick or the cables. Ok now lets hear that with so much gain it doesn't matter, lol. I beg to disagree. Same preset as yesterday but with lower gain(yes it's true) and less delay. Thanks for watching :) Mark
  79. Mark Day

    Messing with FW18 iPhone 6 Direct.

    This is the Electric Eye Preset that I posted on the AxeChange previously. FW18 feels soooooo good!! First one was clipping. I have changed the link to a better version.
  80. Mark Day

    Styx Blue Collar Man with Instant Feedback trick EV1's are used !!!

    I had a request to do a cover of Blue Collar Man by Styx and because of the blizzard in NH today I was able to do this at home. The backing tracks available weren't so great so I just played the solo section and a little bit. There's a cool little instant feedback section that the Axe-Fx does so...
  81. Mark Day

    LeSs GaInZ??

  82. Mark Day

    Direct to iPhone 6

    AxeFx into Tascam iXJ2 direct into iPhone 6. All editing and titles done with iMovie app on the iPhone.
  83. Mark Day

    No More pick and string noise being picked up by iPhone mic

    I picked up this Tascam iXJ2 iOS Audio Interface for my iPhone 6. I can now do quick demos including editing and titles. With the iXJ2 I can run my Axe-Fx direct into my iPhone without the internal mic picking up string and pick noise and in stereo! I boosted the audio level too much in the...
  84. Mark Day

    Instant Feedback Preset Example

    Thanks to Simeon on the Fractal Forums for dreaming up this idea. I applied the idea to one of my own presets and voila instant simulated harmonic feedback at zero volume. I shot and edited this video entirely on the iPhone 6 (iMovie app) at Fractal HQ today. Here is the preset link for the XL...
  85. Mark Day

    Rainbow in the Dark Cover

    My girlfriend Roxie likes this tune so I decided to try and learn it for her. Same preset as the Electric Eye video. Axe-Change - Download Preset - Electric Eye XL - by MarkDay
  86. Mark Day

    Judas Priest Cover Axe-Fx FW 17.02

    I felt like doing a video today. This one is complete with some whoops moments but it was a fun tune to do again. I know I've done this before but I wanted to re-visit it in my new digs and with my new Lifeson LP. The Axe-Fx is such a great tool. The Lifeson Signature is a great guitar too...
  87. Mark Day

    Mama by Genesis Cover, Luke'ish solo outro improv. Mark Day

    Here's a cover we did earlier this year for fun. Please excuse this mix as it is unusually guitar heavy to show off the Axe-Fx XL. The guys do a great job here. When I did my parts the cameras were not rolling but I was happy with the solo improv at the end and didn't want to risk messing with...
  88. Mark Day

    FX8 Teaser Video Clip

  89. Mark Day

    Welcome Pete Lesperance From Harem Scarem To Our Family Of Artists!

    Fractal is excited to welcome Pete Lesperance of Harem Scarem and The Stellas to it's family of Artists. Pete's work with Harem Scarem is something all guitar players should experience. Their Album "Mood Swings" deserves to be in every guitarists regular listening catalog. Firebreathing playing...
  90. Mark Day

    Empty Promises by Harem Scarem Intro riff

    Pete Lesperence is a monster player. Fun riff to learn. Here is the preset link: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Mark Day Empty Promises XL - by MarkDay The preset is setup so OUT 1 has a cab sim and goes direct to DAW or FOH. OUT 2 goes to a Mesa 2:100 and regular guitar cabs. Poweramp sims...
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