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  1. Techboy57

    Tom Scholz Tone

    Here is the wah block that can be used instead of the filter block. It supplies that resonance that's missing for the foreplay/longtime electric guitar break at the end of the song.
  2. Techboy57

    Tom Scholz Tone

    Hello all, like some of you I've been hiding from the Coronavirus in my tone dungeon dialing in some new and old sound on my Axe FX II XL+. A friend asked me to find him a reasonable approximation of The Boston sound. I did some research, watched a few videos, and came up with this. Please...
  3. Techboy57

    Distorted Riff with Clarity.

    I've done a few tweaks. Rolled off some bass in the filter block, changed the U67 to an SM57, and kicked up the master volume and lowered the level in the amp block a bit. I also dialed back the proximity in both cabinets in the Cab block. Lowered the bass and depth in the amp block and boosted...
  4. Techboy57

    Distorted Riff with Clarity.

    Got it, which model do you have I'm using the II XL+. I'll use Fractool to make it compatible with your axe fx.
  5. Techboy57

    Distorted Riff with Clarity.

    post your preset that way it can be totally analyzed
  6. Techboy57

    Guitar Matching

    These are a couple of tone match blocks. Series Ibanez V2 HB to Single coil, V2 Series to Parallel HB and another HB to Single coil
  7. Techboy57

    Guitar Matching

    This can be done by doing a tone match and then exporting it as a Cab block and using that cab block as your first block so it converts it immediately to whatever configuration of pick up you want.
  8. Techboy57

    VH Modded Marshall

    I didn't want to go that deep, but these 3 tubes can be used without rebiasing to give a different flavour to one's Tube amplifier without risking blowing it up. I never said they were identical, I said equivalent.
  9. Techboy57


    Experiment and see what you like best,
  10. Techboy57

    VH Modded Marshall

    EL34, 6CA7, and KT77 are equivalent tubes. EL34 is designed by Mullard, 6CA7 by Sylvania and the KT77 by M O V of England can also be used and sound excellent, I have a pair of KT77's in my Boogie MkIIC+ and they sound awesome https://humbuckersoup.com/tubes/el34-vs-kt77-tubes-difference/...
  11. Techboy57

    VH Modded Marshall

    Check out my post, I assembled Pete Thorn IR's. Some have baked in amps. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/pete-thorns-pt-sl68-preset.135070/#post-1599537
  12. Techboy57


    Me too, it has both definiton and weight
  13. Techboy57

    ToneQuest - S02E04 - "Hysteria" by Def Leppard

    Nice job, USA Pre clean ???
  14. Techboy57

    favourite IRs with a JTM 45 - treble or jumpered

    If you want to clean it up, even more, turn the master volume down to between 4 and 6
  15. Techboy57

    Aerosmith - “Love in an Elevator” full cover

    Great Job, two thumbs up
  16. Techboy57

    Wish A 12AT7-like tube in preamp selection section

    Another possibility would be the 5751 tube
  17. Techboy57

    XL+ newbie

    Hey John, Cheers from the great white north, another II XL + user here. Go to the fractal Axechange/Forum and search for songs or artists of the types of tone you are looking for. Also download Fractool to convert files from AX8 or other fractal platforms to II XL + format. there are tons of...
  18. Techboy57

    Tennessee Whisky

    Love the song, my take on the preset with extras. Made on Axe II XL +, Ares 2 for FRFR. Enjoy
  19. Techboy57

    Using Far-Field Cab IR's to fake Mid/Side Recording

    Thanks for the Preset it's Very Interesting, I changed the center cabinet to F69 and cut at 70 Hz and 7000 Hz. I added some gain to the amp with the boost switch in the amp block. I also cut at 120 Hz and 12000 Hz in the M/S cabinets and added some room tone. I've added my modded preset and FYI...
  20. Techboy57

    5F1 Tweed amp model is based on a Fender Champ from the Tweed

    That was the Fender Super Champ, That thing was a beast I believe it came out in 82, the EV speaker was a factory option.
  21. Techboy57

    How many power-on’s?

    weeks, months. I come from the old school, leave it on in the studio, powering up and down hits the unit with power rushes
  22. Techboy57

    How many power-on’s?

    Mine is always on in my studio, only gets turned off if I'm away.
  23. Techboy57

    preset library

    Go the Axe Change and sample some of the free presets there. You'll be able to hear which ones you like, you can then dissect and analyze them to help build your own sounds. Look for presets made to emulate bands that you want to sound like...
  24. Techboy57

    FX II XL Amp setting Question

    That can only be done with the Room parameters in the Cab block or with Reverb or Delay blocks
  25. Techboy57

    Buzzing sound help

    Hi Vavais, can you include video of your output levels from the VU tab of the Utility menu and how hard are you hitting the input, does the red clip light only go on when you slam the strings or does it light up with gentle picking. Salut, Perry a Montreal.
  26. Techboy57

    New prog fusion song "Puppy Feet Girl"

    very funky and quirky.Has kind of Primus vibe
  27. Techboy57

    Preset bank/ presets for cover live gig?

    Yes, it's a good patch that covers a lot of ground. Tweak for your particular guitar and rig. This is an updated version for Ares 2. you can find an older version in Axe Change #5459 you'll need fractool to convert to AX8 format
  28. Techboy57

    Preset bank/ presets for cover live gig?

    Here is a Boogie preset with 4 scenes from clean to gainy. I've converted it to AX8 format. I hope it's useful to you and your buddy.
  29. Techboy57

    Which amp could i use to get the sound of a Henriksen amp?

    Try starting with the Bludo Jai clean amp and the 1x12 bludo Mix cab F011. A clean amp with an EV type speaker should get you close
  30. Techboy57

    MFC-101 without preset limit!

    I'd love to try this, but it scares me quite a bit. Has anyone else had the courage to give it a shot ?????
  31. Techboy57

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Please post it on the North American Axe Change if you can.. Cheers, Perry
  32. Techboy57

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Use Fractool to convert them to your Version of Axe FX II. Or I can do it for you. Perry.
  33. Techboy57

    Mr. Crowley Guitar Solo (2017)

    How can I get my hands on the preset Andrea. Grazie Mille. Ciao Perry
  34. Techboy57

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Nice Job Mark, sounds better than mine. Here is my single-coil version.
  35. Techboy57

    Getting an Axe Fx 2 MkII tomorrow!

    Read the manual in sections, learn how to squeeze as much juice out of the Axe Fx as possible, make sure you have a pot of tea or coffee to keep you alert. Check out YouTube videos by Leon Todd, KKMmusic, Cooper Carter, thibderob etc. Use the Axe fx Forum for information, Axe Change for presets...
  36. Techboy57

    Acoustic Test ....

    I've created an acoustic preset using my Taylor 510 miced up with a Cascade Knucklehead Ribbon, Oktava MK 319 and EV Cardinal into a 1073 clone GAP Pre 73. I exported the TMA block as a CAB block. It works with most Piezo acoustic guitars, some level adjustments might be needed to be done as I...
  37. Techboy57

    This tone from "The Wall"

    Great tone and playing, please share your preset. Grazie, Mille, Perry, aka Techboy57.
  38. Techboy57

    Mixing heavy guitars

    well done and informative, excellent use of the EQ to clean up the trouble frequencies and carve a nice spot for the guitars. And good use of compression to keep the levels more controlled.
  39. Techboy57

    Rolling Stones Preset

    When I import the preset, I get the 5F1 tweed that appears. And it sounds overly clean
  40. Techboy57

    Emotional Cinematic Guitar Solo

    Sweet playing and tone.
  41. Techboy57

    Randy Rhoads - “Flying High Again” - Tone Match

    Nice work, if you don't mind I will include a converted TMA to CAB block for all of the AX8 users who don't have the Tone match block on their pedal. It does give some extra tweakage option ( Mic, Preamp, Room) to shape the sound. There is also a version for the II XL +. Enjoy
  42. Techboy57


    None in particular, just a kind of 50/60’s tube amp thing. With a harmonic tremolo simulation.
  43. Techboy57


    I had a bit of fun putting this together this morning. Not the real thing but I'm digging it, hope you guys do too. Happy Holidays, Techboy 57, aka Perry. p.s. Axe Change preset #7522
  44. Techboy57

    Journey / Neal Schon Preset

    and which version of the Axe FX II ?
  45. Techboy57

    Journey / Neal Schon Preset

    For which songs?
  46. Techboy57

    JTC - Jam of the Month Dec 2019

    Fabulous again Igor. Happy holidays.
  47. Techboy57

    Full Throttle :)

    Dude, that was mind blowing. Awesome playing and tone.
  48. Techboy57

    Early Alice Cooper presets ?

    Nice work, in the Verse section the guitars seem to have even less gain and there panned hard left and right. There's a certain out of phase quality to the guitars. not a lot of bottom, a bit honky and bright.
  49. Techboy57

    Early Alice Cooper presets ?

    Just started work. Ill have to check it out later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks, Perry.
  50. Techboy57

    Early Alice Cooper presets ?

    I have also uploaded it to Axe Change. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7445
  51. Techboy57

    Early Alice Cooper presets ?

    I found something in my presets that has that vintage vibe using a Supremo (Supro Amp) and some basketweave 4x12 speakers. It's my sound that I use for Alright Now by Free. If you tweak it a little bit in the reverb and delay you should come really close. Which model Axe Fx II do you have? I'm...
  52. Techboy57

    Telecaster Dirt FW Ares 2.0 with Vox AC 30 TB - Valhallir.at V2 TBAC65

    Nice playing and tone, sounds very authentic. I also like the Cabir.eu vox pack ready to go out of the box. Cheers, Perry. https://www.cabir.eu/focus-ir-series/20-speaker-cabinet-impulse-response-cab-ir-library-vox-vx-ca30tb-blue.html
  53. Techboy57

    Early Alice Cooper presets ?

    If you're an Alice Cooper fan like me and looking for era-correct tones from the original recordings. Try the following gear. The guitars that Glen Buxton and Michael bruce used were Gibson SG's. Both Humbuckers and P90's were used to build these tones. Amps were good old Marshalls with...
  54. Techboy57

    Vendor [Tone Addict] - New Mega OS cab pack available now

    And if it suits you , please share your patch. Cheers, Perry.
  55. Techboy57

    Vendor [Tone Addict] - New Mega OS cab pack available now

    Great definition and focus through all the right frequencies. Solid bottom, puchy mids and articulation in the highs. Excellent IR
  56. Techboy57

    ear more my solo on a real cab and matrix using scene.

    In AXE EDIT open a filter block on a preset. Then click and hold the block file and drag it onto the filter block.
  57. Techboy57

    King's X - “Its Love” (attempt)

    Dude, Excellent job, one of my favourite bands and songs. Super solid performance on guitar, vocals and the recording. Bravo !!!!
  58. Techboy57

    ear more my solo on a real cab and matrix using scene.

    What I like to do is use a filter block after the amp and cab blocks with about a 3-4 db boost around 2khz and cutting some bottom and top end to remove boom and fizz. It cleans up your sound and pushes your tone upfront. Experiment with the frequencies and see what works best for your preset...
  59. Techboy57

    What are some good monitors for the Axe-Fx III?

    I am using EVE SC207’s and love the sound. Might be a bit out of your price range though.
  60. Techboy57

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I was hoping there might be a few tricks up Cliff's sleeve being the owner of an Axe FX II XL+, there you go, another update to an already great discontinued piece of gear. One of my buddies recently sold his Axe FX Ultra to move up to the Axe III. The Ultra still sounds great, in fact, the guy...
  61. Techboy57

    My Multi purpose PRESET opinions

    Ill try to give it another shot later on. and post my results. I just downloaded Ares V 2.00, lets see if that helps.
  62. Techboy57

    ToneQuest - Episode 8 - John Petrucci + Free Preset!

    They are Ibanez V2's from the 80`s. They are hot (16 K ohms) but I set my input level so as to barely light up the red input light on only the very hardest strumming.
  63. Techboy57

    Another Axe-Fx III Story

    I`m still enjoying my II XL+, looking forward to the day I can jump ship to the III.
  64. Techboy57

    My Multi purpose PRESET opinions

    My input trim is set correctly, but I've been noticing that a lot of preset I seem to download are extremely hot either from axe change or converted by Fractool.
  65. Techboy57

    ToneQuest - Episode 8 - John Petrucci + Free Preset!

    My guitar has quite thick sounding pickups, I did have to cut some bottom from the PEQ block and reduce the amp level by 7 Db to prevent clipping. Nice preset
  66. Techboy57

    My Multi purpose PRESET opinions

    I tried to use the preset by converting it in Fractool to use in my II XL+, but it's too hot and uses too much CPU. Unfortunately, it's not usable.
  67. Techboy57

    Could someone guide me in the right direction?

    About 6 months I got a PRS silver sky. It’s probably the best Strat I’ve ever played in my life
  68. Techboy57

    Could someone guide me in the right direction?

    Have you tried contacting Tim Pierce, he might just share his insight on how he crafted his tone. He is known for using a combination of SM 57 and Royer 121 mics through a Neve 1073 clone. To my ears, the amps sounds like a hot-rodded Fender Vibroverb. Good luck
  69. Techboy57

    Rock´n Roll tschaka - Valhallir.at V2 Orange 72

    I'm sold on Valhallir. Sounds Like Rock n Roll.
  70. Techboy57

    Ozzy’s "Mr. Cowley" Live

    That sounds perfect.
  71. Techboy57

    "Digital modelers just don't cut through"

    I've been a sound engineer for the past 30 years, I also play guitar and have a fractal II XL+. I have played on, mixed and recorded all kinds of setups from the simplest to huge racks. I also have an assortment of great modern and vintage guitars and tube amplifiers. The state of the art of the...
  72. Techboy57

    V2-OR1972 from Valhallir.at - Free IR included!

    Thanks for the great work, Andy.
  73. Techboy57

    V2-OR1972 from Valhallir.at - Free IR included!

    Great production-ready to use IR's , Just downloaded the Orange and marshall cabinets from the Bibl collection. Thanks for the great sounding cabinets. Cheers, Perry D Gingerysty.
  74. Techboy57

    HBE V2

    Awesome Tone, love the HBE.
  75. Techboy57

    The NeverEnding Story (metal cover/remix)

    it would never hurt to send the produders the link
  76. Techboy57

    Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca (Metal remix/cover)

    A cool twist on a pop tune. Nice production.
  77. Techboy57

    OH Heavy Hitters Diezel cab: low res freq?

    Which model of Diezel cab. Best to check with the manufacturer. https://www.diezelamplification.com/cabinets/
  78. Techboy57

    Worst IR in the World

    Thanks, Leon, always room for more off the wall tones. Cheers, Perry.
  79. Techboy57

    The NeverEnding Story (metal cover/remix)

    Cool, maybe it'll get picked up by Stranger Things.
  80. Techboy57

    "Silent Running" solo harmonizer (Mike + Mechanics)?

    If memory serves me well, that's a good old whammy bar on a Steinberger guitar, and here's how it's done
  81. Techboy57

    Just a 2 minute jam

    Sweet tone, phrasing and playing. It's mildly reminiscent of Love Bites by Def Leppard.
  82. Techboy57

    "Uncle Satch"

    Brilliant, I'm sure Mr. Satriani would be proud to have influenced you.
  83. Techboy57

    Routing possibilities for processing pre-recorded tracks in DAW

    so long as you've also recorded the raw guitar sound in your DAW you can re-amp it. https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/gen1/index.php?title=Reamping
  84. Techboy57

    Brian May Sound

    I believe as the story goes that it was Rory Gallagher who turned Brian May on to the treble booster into an AC 30 when they crossed paths..
  85. Techboy57

    ToneQuest Series + Free Presets

    Nice work. Bravo, thank you for sharing.
  86. Techboy57

    Axe-Fx 3, HS8 Studio Monitors and a Sonic Epiphany

    Good monitors are critical in making your Axe Fx translate properly to a "well-tuned" P A. I play with IEM's live and it sounds the same as when I dial my sounds in at home. To be able to get a realistic level, set your monitors to at least 94 db SPL C weighted at home. A few months ago I...
  87. Techboy57

    Arch Echo - New Album

    sounds great, well played and mixed
  88. Techboy57

    Matching levels of exported TMA blocks to IRs?

    What is the best way to match levels when exporting TMA blocks to IR's . I seem to lose anywhere between 6-10 Db compared to Factory Cabs or 3rd party IR's. Thanks, Perry
  89. Techboy57

    Glenn Delaune's Free Presets

    The GD Dumble Jazz preset is #5046 in axe change. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5046
  90. Techboy57

    Infinite Sustain Help

    One of the best sounding options is the fernandez sustainor pickup. But it requires a bit of modification to your guitar. Coming in at second place would be the Digitech Freqout. And in third place, the pitch block called feedback simulator.
  91. Techboy57

    (VID) Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Solo Cover)

    Thanks, going to try it now......................................... Damn fine job !!!
  92. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    The names of the blocks pretty much explain what they do. such as EV to GB, EV 12's to greenbacks, greeny is to approach the peter green tone, Tie Down is Tie your mother down. etc. The idea here is an offering to give your Axe FX a new pallet of tones to add to your arsenal. Try them as your...
  93. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Part 4
  94. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Part 3
  95. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    Part 2
  96. Techboy57

    The Power of Pre-EQ

    One of the least CPU hungry EQ fixes that are available is the PEQ and Filter blocks. Here are a bunch of blocks that I've accumulated and would like to share with all the Fractal Boys and Girls. They can be used anywhere in the chain you see fit. Try em out and have fun, Part 1 I can only load...
  97. Techboy57

    Who's moving from a Axe-Fx II to FM3?

    I have a II XL + with MFC 101 Mk III. I'll wait a while and get the Axe FX III and FC 12.
  98. Techboy57

    Sound Design

    Dude, Awesome creations.
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