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    Replacement Rubber Feet for EV-2?

    After wondering why my EV-2 was not sitting stably underfoot, I noticed that I've managed to lose 3 of the rubber feet. Does anyone have insight or suggestions about how best to replace 'em? For example... are they standard hardware store items? Or more proprietary to Fractal? Or...?
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    EV-2 rubber feet?

    The other day, I realized my EV-2 was wobbly underfoot. At the end of the gig, I looked underneath, and noticed that only one of the four rubber feet was still attached to the bottom. I'll obviously need to replace 'em, but unsure what's my best plan. Has this happened to anyone else? If i may...
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    New "Burmese Panther" CD, using entirely AxeFx2 DI's

    I recently completed a jazz CD, entitled "Burmese Panther". All the guitar tracks were done using my AxeFx2, my custom-made archtop and a Grosh 3-PU Tele-style solid-body. All the tunes are my originals, with the exception of this one, which is a bit more "crossover-friendly". There are a buncha...
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    Jaco-style Fretless Bass preset?

    Long, long-shot question here. Has anyone heard– or even heard OF– a remotely useable Fretless Bass patch, triggered by guitar? Obviously, it would need to involve a decent octave-down transposition, a "slow" envelope to soften the attack, and possibly a bit of modulation to suggest the LH...
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    FX Loop block, and Copy Out1-2 questions...

    A while back, I built a few presets for my acoustic flattop. The idea was to take separate feeds from my K&K blender preamp (1 for the bridgeplate PU, and 1 for the internal mic), and run them into separate inputs of the AxeFx. I’ve now got the PU feed running into the Rear Input 1, and the Mic...
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    Acoustic Presets using dual-source PU system

    I've been using my AxeFx2 with my K&K Trinity dual-source system for years, (along w/ 2 other guitars) for solo acoustic gigs. I've been running a stereo 1/4" cord from guitar to K&K blender preamp, then the "mix out" to Rear Input 1R. (Front Input is for the other 2 guitars). Then, I've been...
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    Q1.06 and Preamp Hardness

    Just loaded Q1.06, after working with 1.03 for a while. I'm now noticing that on my Fenders, I'm really enjoying considerably lower Preamp Hardness settings than default. Like, 6 down to even 4.8 or so, depending. Anyone else feelin' that?
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    "Dynamics" question

    Thru the entire FW odyssey, I've searched for ways to fatten single-note tone, as a function of picking dynamics. In several previous FW's, I've lowered the Dyn Presence and raised the Dyn Depth as a means to achieve that. However, the new "Dyn Character" parameters in Quantum really seem to...
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    Perhaps AxeFx meaning of "preset" could be defined better?

    "So are these the stock presets from fw 19 or are these all tweaked presets that would replace all my banks?" In a recent thread of Fremen's, a relatively new user posted this question. Presumably, the answer is that these are Fremen's OWN "presets"… that is, the routing, exact parameters...
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    Solo Acoustic gig AxeFx2 questions!

    I've got a few questions for the more experienced multiple-guitar-gig users here. Recently, I've started incorporating my AxeFx2 into my solo acoustic gigs. On these gigs, I use up to 4 guitars... which I obviously can't keep all plugged into the AxeFx simultaneously. 3 of these 4 guitars...
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    AxeFx locked up, or user error? Modifier/ExtCntrl Pedal prob

    So... I've been having a ball attaching an ExtController (#2) to a ton of parameters, and creating patches which morph from straightforward cleans into wonderfully ambient places... great stuff! But I've hit a snag... is it me, or is my AfeFx misbehaving? I've got a Roland EV-5 connected to...
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