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    Dirty Loops - Rock You

    Love it, they have Steven Segal as their hair stylist,Sean Spicer as press secretary and Mel Gibson as bartender. A fine supporting cast!:)
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    A Human Being playing an Instrument

    Yup, I saw this thread first.:) Saw her on Tim Pierce's vid some time ago.......Wash your hands!
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    A Human Being playing an Instrument

    It's Lari Basilio, she's from Brazil.
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    Lyric App

    For my ipad I use the Pages app and when I have the lyrics entered, I send a pdf of the document to iKlip Stage, also on my ipad.
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    A clean patch with foot-switch ambient swells!

    Thank you for sharing!
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    Cab-Lab 3.4 Mac Auto Update Download Error

    Mark got me updated this evening!!!!!!!! Thank You , Mark!
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    Axe-Fx 3 doing Chet Atkins (Fingerstyle)

    If you're sharing the preset, I hope all the notes are in there as well! :) Man, I guess I'll have to look around and see what I can sell to get a III.
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Here's mine. It's a 95 Jimmy Page. I didn't like the sound of it, so I replaced the pickups with some Sheptone PAF style pups and put some Dimarzio 500K pots in for the volume controls.
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    Live bands playing along to karaoke tracks - Moral Issue?

    When I lived/played in Denver,CO(1976-1993), the band I was with,, played a club that had a solo act for happy hour on Fridays. The guy that Friday sang to cassettes, it's the early 90's. So he's singing a few when we get to the club and then announces that he's going to do an instrumental...
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    A Fractal/Queen Story from Tristan Avakian

    When is somebody going to put out a cab pack with 2, 4 and 6" speakers?:)
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    Blowing the fuse on the AX8

    The fuse could be a surface mount type. There are some that are through hole mounting and are a shade of brown in color. IIRC, they have the rating of the fuse on top, i.e. 1A 125V...been a while since I looked at one.
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    [solved] AX8-Edit USB to MacBook Pro USB 3

    I’m glad to hear that they’re sending you one.
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    [solved] AX8-Edit USB to MacBook Pro USB 3

    Hi Mike, I’m a SGF member. I’m a steel player as well as guitar. Cool to see you checking out the Fractal stuff. Here’s a link to one of Mike’s amp rebuilds. He also does excellent Emmons push pull steel guitar rebuilds. https://bb.steelguitarforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=328070&highlight=mike+scaggs
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    AX8 Off Load CPU resources, Reverb ?

    No drawbacks that I'm aware of. It would be the same output that FOH is getting. You wouldn't want to be messing with the output volume as that would change the level that FOH is getting.
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    AX8 Off Load CPU resources, Reverb ?

    I'm assuming that the 1/4" jacks next to the XLR outputs are in parallel. If so, you could run those into your onstage monitor(s). You won't have separate control of the output at the AX8, but you could certainly turn up your monitor rig!:)
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    Hooking up to PA power amp, and failing !

    Not all Speakon connectors will accept 1/4” speaker plug. The first Speakon connectors I saw that would accept a 1/4” plug were green in color to differentiate them from the regular black connectors. Hopefully the amp has info on it about the connector.
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    New Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

    It was designed by the guy that designed the Taylor T5. The Taylor uses an undersaddle pup and conventional acoustic guitar preamp. The Fender is using a Fishman designed system along the lines of their Aura system. Fender has a regular looking bridge pup in there, but I'm unsure if they're...
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    AX8 freeze during power on?

    I had a somewhat similar experience last week. The Ax8 powered on but didn’t finish the startup sequence.I turned it off and then on again and all was fine. It’s been used a few other times this week and no further issues.
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    Running Backline

    If the amp is a vintage style Twin Reverb amp, it won’t have an fx loop unless it has been modified.
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    Finally: a box that ‘blows Fractal out of the water’.

    I like the microphone on the Blue Orchid case.
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    Anyone play steel guitar ?

    I can think of worse things that could happen.:)
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    Anyone play steel guitar ?

    I play pedal steel and also some non pedal and dobro. I use my AxeFx2 for pedal steel and Ax8 for electric guitar and sometimes acoustic guitar.
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    Speaker Repair

    I've tried repairing that tinsel and haven't have very good results. If the voice coil has problems, then a recone would probably be needed. Getting the appropriate components to repair it is questionable. Look up speaker reconing on google to see if there is anyone close to you doing...
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    Kinda Cruel...But So Worth It!

    I’m happy to hear that the Poltergeist Pig patch is still alive and well.
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    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    In the link, there is "/firmware-presets/" , so I was guessing that there might be presets as well. Upon opening the notes attached with the firmware, there are no new presets in the update. It would be great to hear new presets with the new fimware, but not a big deal, as that would probably...
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    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    New firmware and presets, too? ,!!!!!
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    Fiddy Tree

    Hippo, Birdie,Two Ewes!
  28. M

    Dialing on stage...

    Editing the easy stuff, the amp controls.:)
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    Starting over

    Welcome back( no pun intended)! Here's a link to the latest firmware and presets, Fractal Bot and AxeFx editor. Do you have the Fractal Bot software on your computer? https://www.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-downloads/ https://www.fractalaudio.com/fractal-bot/ https://www.fractalaudio.com/axe-edit/
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    Treble bleeds...

    Here’s a video that explains the different types of treble bleed circuits.
  31. M

    Q10 Firmware for the AX8?

    Maybe GazeeBo ?
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    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Glad to hear it went well,Cliff. Are you recuperating at home?
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    Silent/kill switch on AX8

    This morning I set up a volume block with a modifier controlled by the sequencer. You could probably set up another modifier to control the sequencer to get some really messed up stutter going if you wanted to.
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    TC2290 video

    I used to own one with the big foot controller(0144?). It was a very nice unit! I sold it to help finance my AxeFx Ultra.
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    Ghost Producer Question...

    You'd be hiring a session player/musician. You don't need a contract. Are you recording this at home or in a studio? If in a studio, I would imagine that the studio might know someone who could do the job.
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    TRS Cable to EMG Active Pickups

    Birdie, you can download the factory presets for the AX8, here: https://www.fractalaudio.com/ax8-downloads/
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    TRS Cable to EMG Active Pickups

    EMG and other brands of active pickups use a TRS jack as a switch. When you insert a cable, the Ring shorts to ground(sleeve) to complete the circuit for the active pickups power supply. You should connect the EV1 to one of the AX8 expression pedal jacks and plug your guitar into the input jack...
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    Yamaha DXR 10 - question about fan

    I think Yamaha has a 5 year warranty. You bought it “new”. Email or call Yamaha and find out.
  39. M

    Yamaha DXR 10 - question about fan

    You should be able to take that speaker to any Yamaha Service Center and get it repaired under warranty. Check here for a service center: http://www.yamahaproaudio.com/northamerica/en_us/training_support/
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    Neil Zaza using the AX8

    A lovely, small theater. I had the good fortune to perform with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra last Saturday at the Coronado Performance Center in Rockford,IL. It was a "Country Legends" show featuring Rachel Potter(X Factor) and Patrick Patrick Thomas(The Voice). It was a wonderful...
  41. M

    Inside my Acoustic, bracing church!

    Nice pic. Is that X bracing with fan bracing behind the bridge?
  42. M

    iPad app for charts?

    I've been using this app and like it. https://www.1chartapp.com/ Currently, they don't offer what you're looking for, but they do take requests and try to implement them.
  43. M

    DIY Fret Leveling & crowning

    I bought this set of cards. They’re nice for finishing/polishing fret ends and for leveling frets above the 12th fret. IIRC, this is the company that StewMac gets their bigger blocks from. https://www.dmtonlinestore.com/3-Dia-Sharp-Credit-Card-Sized-Sharpeners-Kit-of-3-P50C11.aspx
  44. M

    DIY Fret Leveling & crowning

    Could share some of your sources? I’ve also purchased some tools and supplies from Luthiers Mercantile. Some of StewMac items are a bit pricey and with a bit of detective work can be found cheaper, some, not so. I purchased their diamond fret crowning files around 25 years ago and they’re still...
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    To performing musicians - switching presets by iDevice while playing backing track (?)

    Onsong app might do what you want. Here’s a link to a video. http://onsongapp.com/videos/midi-io#midi-io
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    Pretending by Eric Clapton

    This was probably his rig at the time. Kind of hard to see what's there. Lots of Pete Cornish stuff! http://equipboard.com/items/1988-soldano-cornish-guitar-routing-system
  47. M

    Pretending by Eric Clapton

    Wasn't that the big rack and SLO amp era?
  48. M

    Anyone use the AxeFX with an Acoustic?

    I'm using a L.R. Baggs Lyric mic on my J45 and run it through my AX8. I'm using a parametric eq before the tube pre and a filter for a boost after the pre. Compressor, chorus, reverb and delay are on foot switches if needed and a volume pedal is used for boosting solos.
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    Free Wellspring and Mad Oaks cab packs

    Here's a video that Leon posted using some of those cabs. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/about-that-free-cab-pack.133629/
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    Headphone Listening Comparison - Audeze, Sony, Blue, Oppo

    Audio Technical ATH M50 are nice sounding headphones.
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    Bandmates don't want to record to a click

    See if the drummer will play to a click and the rest of the band does not hear the click. That way, the rest of the band is playing/listening to the drummer's tempo.
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    BAREFOOT BUTTONS Christmas code 2017

  53. M

    Help Identifying Guitar Pick

    The logo on the pick on the right makes me think of Yamaha, but I’ve not seen any Yamaha picks for sale.
  54. M

    Flew delta this weekend...

    and your connecting flight will be either delayed or cancelled until the next day.
  55. M

    "in my life" (beatles) - solo guitar arrangement

    Wonderful arrangement of a great song!
  56. M

    AX8 Compressor Sustainer?

    Release time would be used for sustain.
  57. M

    michael thompson clean sound preset

    After watching the video again, he's also using the Eclipse and another device in the fx loop of the Boogie amp that I can't remember. He was also talking about compressor pedals too.
  58. M

    Bassguy & Momose Strat

    Looking on eBay and finding quite a few different models. Priced about the same as custom shop guitars. Sounds very nice, Leon, as always!
  59. M

    Cap "F3" switch lost

    If you would like to have a spare foot switch. I looked on the Cliff website and a possible replacement part # would be FC7125. You might have to do a little research to find where it would available to you. http://www.cliffuk.co.uk/products/switches/index.htm
  60. M

    Cap "F3" switch lost

    I haven't lost any foot switch caps, but last night I noticed that a few of my foot switches were loose. I tightened them up with a Crescent wrench.
  61. M

    AX8 with Rolls PM50s

    You’ll also want to careful of your output volume going into the Rolls unit. That xlr is expecting microphone level and you’ll be sending line level, which is a hotter signal.
  62. M

    The sound engineer and the Axe FX

    Thanks for sharing! What frequency have you been using for low cut in your cab block?
  63. M

    New Music. Let's hear it.

    The Bros. Landreth
  64. M

    Boys are Back In Town harmonies?

    Well, that ought to work!
  65. M

    Country Tele-Twang Presets

    What Jason said! Does your AX8 have the new factory presets? If not, download them. The Dee Cee 30 patch is pretty close. I backed off the master volume to clean it up a bit, turned off the bright switch and turned off the cut. Add some slap back delay. It'll probably be replacing my dc-30 patch.
  66. M

    App to store tempos?

    Here's one more. http://frozenape.com/
  67. M

    Had a glitch yesterday.

    It was not too much of a hassle. 6-10 screws to get the chassis apart and then 8 screws to get the enter/exit button board out. Might have been a few knobs to take off as well. With canned air, you might be able to get the buttons cleaned without disassembly. I'd try that first, if you have the...
  68. M

    8.02 Mr Gilmour Lead (preset #298) with a 7 string.

    Sounds great Brett. A fanned fret seven stringer, eh?
  69. M

    Had a glitch yesterday.

    It's a bit dusty. It lives in a ATA brief case when not in use or on the way to a gig. I did go over the amp control area with a few q-tips to clean out most of the dust/dirt that had accumulated in there.
  70. M

    Had a glitch yesterday.

    Yesterday, I was setting up to play at a friend"s B-day party. I play pedal steel through my AxeFx2 and guitar through Axe8. After getting things set up, tuned my guitar and hit the tuner button to play and got no sound. LED's for input were not showing anything. Tried restarting a couple of...
  71. M

    B-Day....sixty freaking three.

    Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes! Borrowed from Sandra Boynton.:) I hit 65 in March of this year.
  72. M

    Arch top Jazz Tone

    Try the Shiver Clean amp with factory cab 12, the Shiver 1-12 cab. It's clean and pretty fat sounding with the factory settings. At least it sounds pretty good with a Les Paul.
  73. M

    AX8 V8.02 Public Beta

    You'll just have to get used to it like the rest of us have. :)
  74. M

    What Fractal gear is Sonny Landreth using?

    @tonyi, You got it Tony. He's been using that Demeter head since the early 90's. I saw him in Bloomington,IL about 5 years ago and he used the Demeter head and a 112 Demeter cab.
  75. M

    Tele Twang/chicken pickin tone help

    Well, unix-guy says you gotta have one repea....hey, there would be one repeat!:)
  76. M

    Tele Twang/chicken pickin tone help

    Tape delay 125-175 milliseconds of delay. I don't think there are any repeats, mix to taste.
  77. M

    A little Vince Last Nite ;-)

    :( Can't view it here in the US. I'm getting "This video may no longer exist or you don't have permission to view it."
  78. M

    HOOK Capt 3B patch demo

    Very nice Glenn! Reminds me of some Mark Knopfler stuff.
  79. M

    Multi-Delay Input Diffusion Demo

    Thanks for sharing, Phillip!
  80. M

    IR 46

    Oh, yeah! Both of the SOLO cabs are great.
  81. M

    Transforming the Fender Super Reverb's 40w into the Silverface 70w version?

    Well, the 70 watt Super has a solid state rectifier, larger, ultralinear output transformer, similar phase inverter with different value resistors. So to get a cleaner running Super, turn down the master volume and turn up the output level in the amp block. Maybe turn down the supply sag and...
  82. M

    Good Case for AX8 ??

    I've been using an ATA style briefcase for my AX8. Its a case I've had since the 90's. You'd need to check internal dimensions to be sure.
  83. M

    Output EQ

    You could do that, Ben. The stereo image wouldn't be very wide,though. It would be convenient! Some companies have this switching option on their 2-12 and 4-12 cabs.
  84. M

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Tube Drv (based on Butler Tube Driver, 3-knob and 4-knob versions)

    Yek, it's B.K.Butler His name is Brent. Other than that, a great review,as always!:)
  85. M

    Patch Management?

    There are 16 banks of factory patches, each bank contains 8 patches. If I remember correctly, there are 64 banks, total, so you've got a lot of room to store stuff! And you can save all your patches to your computer and edit them with AX8 editing software and the Fractal Bot.
  86. M

    Tip: Adjustable Lead Volume

    Great tip,John. Are those little volume pedals from this1smine?
  87. M

    Jazzy-ish tones from AX8

    When's the album going to be available?:)
  88. M

    Can't find amps?

    If you're using Ax8 edit, click on the amp block. On the left side of the screen you'll see a place with the amp model name. Click on that and you'll get a list of amps.
  89. M

    Aura Dobro IRs

    Looks like LMO was last seen here in 2013.:( I was hoping they were still available.
  90. M

    Trying to install new PU in G&L ASAT.. SOMEONE HELP!

    What I just posted.:) Try this one. http://www.tdpri.com/threads/affinity-telecaster-3-way-switch-help.622541/ looks like you could add/try a jumper to your unused lug on the switch.
  91. M

    Trying to install new PU in G&L ASAT.. SOMEONE HELP!

    How was the guitar originally wired? Even with single coils, it worked, right ?What was previously connected to the purple connections? Plug your guitar into an amp and leave the volume low. Use a screwdriver to tap on the different tabs on the switch as you move the switch through the different...
  92. M

    MXR Dyna Comp

    If you're turning the sustain up full on your real pedal why not try it at the same setting on the AX8 ? Maybe up the mix value as well.
  93. M

    How to simulate less gain and more dynamics on the lower notes only

    Have you tried the x-over block? Send the higher pitches to the more distorted amp and lower signals to the cleaner amp. You'd have the option of choosing the crossover frequency and the slope of the roll-off at that frequency.
  94. M

    Impressions of AX8

    Bigger unit, bigger screen, more switches, more......drool:).
  95. M

    Fender Champ basic set up with Orange Bass

    Sounds very nice, Bogdan! But this is the AX8 Preset EXCHANGE! Where's the preset!:)
  96. M

    Funny way to mess with the audience / amp snobs....

    @artzeal, Do you have the matching HK guitar?:) That would be awesome!
  97. M

    What do you all use to upright your Axe Fx onstage?

    I'm using a Gator Pro rack and just set it upright with the cables coming out the back side, 2 cables for signal and power to a K10 and 1 cable going to the power outlet. The rack isn't very heavy, so, I'm not worried about damaging the cables.
  98. M

    Backing up AX8 presets? How?

    It does support the AX8.
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