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  1. komrad20

    Happy New Years!!

    Since I don't get on here much, Just wanted to tell the FAS community Happy New Years!! Hopefully FAS will release some new hardware this year! :)
  2. komrad20

    Matrix GT1600FX

    Not sure if this is the specific place for this post, but thought i'd ask about it. Im receiving the Matrix GT1600FX Power Amp today, and was trying to get some info on connecting it with my AxeFX 2XL+, and Orange PPC212 cab, kinda a noob question, but was wondering if you guys could point me...
  3. komrad20

    Where to spend a gift card?

    Wondering where to spend the last bit of money on my gift card for $2.53? I have to use it before it doesn't allow me to use it anymore. Anyone have any pointers?
  4. komrad20

    Importing more than one IR at a time

    Just as the title reads... Is there a way to import multiple IR files into the AFX at once, rather than having to import them one by one into the memory banks? Im using a Macbook Pro, and I didn't know if I was missing something while importing the IR's into the AFX. Importing them one at a...
  5. komrad20

    How to tone match a specific pedal?

    I have a Ibanez Steve Vai Jemini Pedal, and was wondering how I can go about tone matching it using the AFX? Just wanna try it and see if it's possible. TIA!
  6. komrad20

    Walkthrough MFC + AxeFX2 XL +

    Im sure this question has probably been asked somewhere around here, but I was wanting to know if someone would mind walking me through on how to program my MFC 101, using the AxeFX2XL+, I don't currently have a USB to MIDI interface cable. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks
  7. komrad20

    Yamaha Bluetooth Midi system

    just wondering if Gary thinks this will work for the MFC-101? http://usa.yamaha.com/news_events/pianos_keyboard/yamaha_ud-bt01_and_md-bt01/ Bluetooth Midi system
  8. komrad20

    Merging presets?

    Im sure this is a silly question, but was wondering if there is a way to export 2 totally different presets, and combine them together to make one new preset? was just thinking of using the stock presets of Stratosphere, and Black Hole. Wanted to know if it was possible? Thanks.
  9. komrad20

    Merging Presets?

    Im sure this is a silly question, but was wondering if there is a way to export 2 totally different presets, and combine them together to make one new preset? was just thinking of using the stock presets of Stratosphere, and Black Hole. Wanted to know if it was possible? Thanks.
  10. komrad20

    MFC-Edit Program Mac

    Im experiencing a little bit of a problem with my MFC-Edit for Mac... It's not allowing me to dump a file successfully, and is throwing errors each time I try and perform that specific task. I have tried using Fractal-Bot to dump the file, then Im trying to use the Edit program to open the...
  11. komrad20

    Bluetooth Possibilities

    Wondering if a Bluetooth adapter with a 1/8" connector would work with the Headphone port when used with a 1/4" adapter would work? I hate having to sit within 2 feet of the AxeFX while playing the guitar. I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and wondering if it would work? Has anyone tried...
  12. komrad20

    Programming the MFC-101

    What all is needed to program the unit. I have the newest version of the MFC-101, and wanted to know what all is needed as far as extra cables, and equipment. And is there an up to date walk thru on the MFC-Editor program? I have that as well for my macbook pro. Any help would be awesome...
  13. komrad20

    Tone Matching Help

    Just curious on how to use the tone matching feature of the unit? Do I have to have the exact amps, and gear that the artist or person I'd like to tone match, in order for it to work properly? OR can I take a song and import it into the AxeFX and have the unit detect the necessary settings for...
  14. komrad20

    Whats a good wireless system for guitar/AFX?

    Just wondering what a good wireless system would be recommended for both the guitar, and my AFX? I'd like something that could be rack mounted, and budget friendly ($200.00)? Thanks!
  15. komrad20

    Live Chat Sessions

    Just wondering if anyone shares the same thoughts as me, about possibly having a live chat room session, instead of tons of forums? i.e. www.sevenstring.org's chat room session with it's members. Would be a nifty idea if Fractal Incorporated it here too. Just a thought for the evening...
  16. komrad20

    Headphone Port on AxeFX 2 XL+

    Just curious if there's a setting that needs to be changed when you use the headphone port on the AxeFX? I plugged a set of headphones in with a 1/4" adapter, and only some of the presets plays through them, not sure if I'm missing something here? Anywho... Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  17. komrad20

    Is Fractal Audio working with Korn?

    Just wanted to post something in here, to ask if Fractal is working with Korn? I've seen a clipshot of the Axe FX in the Reconciliation band practice video on you tube, and was wondering about it... I noticed on Kemper's website as a featured artist, Munky was on there... I know that statement...
  18. komrad20


    is Meshuggah no longer endorsed by Fractal Audio? Didn't see them on the artist roster.. I thought they were on there once before?
  19. komrad20

    Extended Warranty

    Just wondering if the extended warranty covers lightning protection, since I live in the lightning capital of the world (Florida). We are having a lot of thunderstorms come through. Just wondering, I added the protection on my AxeFX2 XL+ at the time when I bought it. Thanks...
  20. komrad20

    Complete Beginner at EVERYTHING guitar

    Im new to the forum, playing guitar, effects, and everything associated with guitar. I however have been infatuated with guitarist and guitars ever since I was first able to listen to Ozzy Osbourne, ever since then, I've been a die hard fan of all things guitar. I picked it up when I was...
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