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  1. GM Arts

    Windows 10 Goes Back To The Future

    I'm easily amused ... I downloaded a file at midnight, and Windows Explorer shows I downloaded it ... tomorrow :-)
  2. GM Arts

    GM Arts Firmware v5.02 for BJ Devices MFCs

    Latest version is available here: http://www.gmarts.org/tb2/ The main changes in version 5.02 are For owners who don't have one of the new Mark II models, you can export small to medium sized settings to the original MFC models LEDs show status of both main and hold footswitch functions -...
  3. GM Arts

    New GM Arts Firmware for BJ Devices Mark II MFCs

    BJ Devices has released a new series of Mark II MIDI Foot Controllers with additional settings memory. I've developed new firmware for these models with new features, a new editor and emulator. I think you'll also find it easier to use. Supports all Mark II BJ Devices models: TB-5, TB-6P...
  4. GM Arts

    One for the Frank Gambale fans!

    Up close and personal with Frank ...
  5. GM Arts

    Some trivial bugs

    A few things I noticed in the last few firmwares: (1) The mixer block has a bypass toggle as well as being able to set a bypass MIDI CC number, but it can't be bypassed. It couldn't be bypassed in the Axe-FX II either, and it doesn't really make sense to do that unless it also has a bypass...
  6. GM Arts

    Wish Get & Set Tempo SysEx

    This was buried in another thread, so I'll post it here as a separate topic. My MFC firmware has a backtracking feature that recalls not just the last patch, but it's effect states and tap tempo as well. This works really well in a live situation with the Axe-FX II, but I'd need similar sysex...
  7. GM Arts

    Implemented Realtime SysEx

    I totally understand the need to promote the new FC controllers. But for those of us with other MFCs I'd love to see the return of "Send Realtime SysEx" with the same options of None / All / Tuner / Tempo.
  8. GM Arts

    Bug: Axe-Edit Can't Switch From Global 10 to Unlinked

    I've tested this with the GEQ1 block, but found the same on some other blocks. Use the dropdown to select "Save and Link" then select global 10 (bottom of the list). Regardless of whether you save settings or not, now try to choose "Unlinked" - nothing happens. Globals 1 to 9 work fine, just...
  9. GM Arts

    GM Arts v4 firmware for ALL BJ Devices models

    GM Arts version 4.00 firmware is out now for all models in the BJ Devices MFC range. The main changes for this firmware are: > Any footswitch can do anything > All TB models are supported It includes many powerful and flexible features like dual footswitch functions, send any MIDI message(s)...
  10. GM Arts

    New Firmware Out Now ... For BJ Devices MFC

    I have a new beta version 4 firmware ready for the BJ Devices MFCs. The main changes for this firmware are: > Any footswitch can do anything > All TB models will be supported It includes many powerful and flexible features like dual footswitch functions, send any MIDI message(s) from any...
  11. GM Arts

    New Firmware for BJ Devices TB-12

    I've updated my firmware for owners of the BJ Devices' TB-12 MFC. The latest version 3.3 has some very powerful and flexible features, even in "basic mode" - see below. All completely free for you to use if you like. There's a Windows settings editor* as well, with a built-in emulator so you...
  12. GM Arts

    Q3.02 Volume Spike Switching Amp [SOLVED]

    I'm getting a brief and very loud volume spike when sustaining chords while using MIDI to switch between Amp1 and Amp2 blocks. It happens even if I turn one amp level to minimum, so it's not like they're both on at the same time. I also have a near-identical patch with different amps that has...
  13. GM Arts

    New MFC Firmware for BJ Devices TB-12!

    I've written some new firmware for the BJ Devices TB-12 MFC. There are 3 similar versions: version 1.1 - a sophisticated generic MFC version 1.5 - a simple generic MFC version 2.1 - a sophisticated MFC with Axe-FX II features You can read the details here...
  14. GM Arts

    The Flint Tremolo Done Right

    A while back there was a post about trying to recreate the sound of a Flint Tremolo. Here's how to do it properly: The Flint tremolo alternates between a high pass and low pass filter, still giving the throbbing tremolo effect but with a subtle wah characteristic as well. IIRC the original...
  15. GM Arts

    Tempo Settings Lost After Power Off

    This is really weird; I hope I'm overlooking something obvious. On only one of my patches, the tempo and auto-delay settings are lost whenever I power down. I can reset them and save the patch and they'll stay while the AxeFX is powered on (so I can switch to other patches and back again and...
  16. GM Arts

    Fractal, ASCII-Style

    One for the geeks - there's some serious JavaScript behind this ASCII text animation of logos, followed by a Mandelbrot fractal zoom: ASCII Animation (ASCIImation) "Morph" by Skylined (using JavaScript)
  17. GM Arts

    Sound Guys – Sheesh! (Axe-FX content)

    Just some ramblings here – saw a concert last night and I won’t mention names. It consisted of a local act (one of the guitarists had an Axe-FX) and an international act. All musicians in both bands were excellent, so I really enjoyed that aspect of the concert. I thought the support act...
  18. GM Arts

    Lost the Plot with IRs?

    There are some things I don't get about IRs, and maybe I'm missing the point. First off, I get that messing with IRs and mixing them can be fun. But I think I've reached a point after auditioning lots of libraries and spending time mixing where I'm not really getting a benefit that makes me...
  19. GM Arts

    Gigged with v18 beta last night and ...

    Gigged with v18 beta last night and ... WOW !!! Often, moving from a mature set of tweaked patches to a new version means taking one step back to eventually take two forward. But in this case, just a few basic patch tweaks and volume balancing gave me a noticeable improvement in tone and...
  20. GM Arts

    Sennheiser Momentum Hedphones - Any Good?

    These are the "over ears" model. I can get a pair for about half price, but can't listen in advance. Apple sell them as a premium product, but not sure that means anything. Mostly good reviews from what I can see, so I'll probably take the plunge. Here's their meaningless marketing hype...
  21. GM Arts

    About that 0.06mS Delay

    Here’s the thread where Cliff proposed using a 0.06 mSec delay on one of two cabs, with a recommendation for using different cab models. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/cliffs-notes/91932-my-secret-realistic-cab-sounds.html Cliff was pretty clear about what it does, but reading through some...
  22. GM Arts

    Sarcastic Answers to Common Forum Questions

    Not to be taken seriously, just having a bit of fun :-) What’s the best <anything>? For you? Who knows? Lots of people will tell you that what they have is the best, but won’t tell you what they compared them to, nor how they tested it to come to that conclusion. See also “What is the...
  23. GM Arts

    FractalBot Bug: Can't Save To Cab Slot 100

    Not sure if this is already known, but saving a user cab syx file to slot 100 reports that it was saved to the AxeFX, but AxeEdit still displays slot 100 as EMPTY. FractalBot version 1.2.7 Axe-FX ver 13.07 AxeEdit ver 3.00.05 Windows 7 32-bit SP1
  24. GM Arts

    April Fools Suggestions

    I think April Fools posts often suffer from a need to come up with something funny on the day. Better to plan ahead I say, so put your creative hats on now and submit your post ideas. I’ll get the ball rolling with: AVID buys out Fractal Audio, promise to continue free updates Axe-FX II...
  25. GM Arts

    Bug? Axe-Edit 3.0.4 Min/Max Modifiers

    Just a minor one: In the Edit Modifier window, cannot click on the value text box to edit/type a precise value for the Min and Max controls only. OS: Win 7 SP1 FW: v13.02 AE: v3.0.4 Perhaps these are read-only because some settings are just off/on, but it would still be handy to be able to...
  26. GM Arts

    Bug? Modifer Ignores Small/No Value Ext Controller Changes (NOT A BUG)

    I've noticed a change in behaviour in the way modifiers work when using the PC RST setting = ON. This setting is useful for recalling default settings when changing patches, that can be later varied by an external controller. I use it a lot, but it doesn't work the same in later firmware...
  27. GM Arts

    Bug? (possible) - Drive Mix is not true dry signal (not a bug)

    firmware 12.01 Not sure if this is intentional, but the I expected the Drive block Mix control to set a mix between dry signal and effected. However, at 0% mix, the dry signal is still affected by drive Tone, the EQ controls, and even bit reduction.
  28. GM Arts

    There's no one like Eric Johnson

    There's no one like Eric Johnson to make us feel like mere mortals ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smwQafhNU6E Ok, its old, but its also gold. Dazzling playing aside, I think the guitarists who impress me most are the ones who've crafted their own style. People like Eric only need to...
  29. GM Arts

    Bug? AE3 Freezes AxeFX

    AE3 is great, but here's a little bug I found: - Axe-Edit Version: V3 (no other programs sharing MIDI ports) - Your Axe-Fx II Firmware Version: V11 - Your computer OS/Version: Windows 7 SP1 32-bit - Other connected USB peripherals: USB driver v1.68, also USB keyboard & mouse attached -...
  30. GM Arts

    Bug? v11 Beta - Super Trivial

    Just noticed the top line of the display, when editing a MULTICOMP block with a global setting, that the "G1" overlaps the tabs. Probably a label change to MULTCOMP might tidy it up. Don't know if it affects other blocks with long names as well. Anyway what really matters is that it sounds...
  31. GM Arts

    Good USB2 <> MIDI interface for Windows 7 64-bit?

    Anyone know of a good USB2 <> MIDI interface for Windows 7 64-bit? I only really need 1 X MIDI in/out , no audio. My trusty old Edirol USB1 <> MIDI interface has worked fine with 32-bit Windows 7, but now I’ve upgraded to 64-bit it’s completely lost the plot. Drivers are reported to be...
  32. GM Arts

    Bug? Ext Controller Uses 10% CPU!

    My patches use several modifiers, some of which control many parameters, some even in different blocks. All are well behaved except one which controls 2 different parameters in Reverb block 2 (time and level). Whenever I change the CC for this external controller, CPU usage jumps by a whopping...
  33. GM Arts

    Gibson Les Paul Recommendations?

    Gibson Les Paul Recommendations? - NOW PURCHASED! Probably the wrong forum for this question, but anyway ... My son has always dreamed of owning a Les Paul since his early days of idolising Slash. He's finally saved the $ and is looking for guidance. He's not specifically after Slash tone...
  34. GM Arts

    Just had a preview of Windows 8

    Is Microsoft serious???? Only had a very quick look so I may be missing the point, but my first impression of the new interface is that it looks awful. Single colour pastel icons with white graphics that don't really differentiate for me. Plain screens with no intuitive exit strategy. You...
  35. GM Arts

    A couple of minor v8 bugs

    (1) Dual Delay, adding a modifer to the master Level also adds the same modifer to Left Level and vice-versa. Right Level is ok - operates independently. (2) When switching a block between X and Y, shouldn't the EDIT LED light up? (no AxeEdit with either of these)
  36. GM Arts

    Really At A Loss With v7

    v7 is just not working for me. I'm not trolling or complaining - just writing to see if anyone's had similar issues and found a fix I've overlooked. v6 really gelled with me - I expect I'll go back to it (again) and continue to be delighted. Just select an amp, cut the pre-bass, boost the...
  37. GM Arts

    My New MFC-10

    Finished my new mini-MFC. Made by me for me. This MIDI Foot Controller has 10 footswitches plus pedal with footswitch/LED plus pass-through for 2 external footswitches / pedal(s). One footswitch toggles the other footswitches between patch (PC) and effect (FX) functions. There are a huge...
  38. GM Arts

    Bug: Drive Block Mix Control

    I think there's a bug in the way the drive block mix control works. The dry level is mixed in after the master level instead of before it. It's certainly different than dry/wet mix controls in other blocks. When using less than 100% mix (so some dry level is present), the dry level isn't...
  39. GM Arts

    Anyone else blown an EVM12L?

    Looks like I've blown an EVM12L run from one channel of my Matrix 800. Thought it would have been safe (250W into a 200W speaker), but I guess not. Sounds like a bad fuzzbox on low strings at low volume. It can get louder, but the underlying fuzz is still there. I can't see any obstructions...
  40. GM Arts

    Footswitch case for DIY on Ebay

    Just a heads up for those who make their own foot controllers and have poor (zero in my case) metal-working skills. There's a great footswitch box on Ebay here: NEW ASHTON FSW900 9 BUTTON FOOT SWITCH TO SUIT ASHTON GA100HFX & GA100FX AMPS | eBay Comes with 9 footswitches in a really well-made...
  41. GM Arts

    What Am I Missing with TMA

    Just wondering if I’m the only one with little interest in tone matching? Maybe I’m a very basic Axe-FX user; all I need are some great amp tones (don’t really care how closely they match real amps) and a bunch of effects. Since version 6 I have what I want/need, so I’m certainly not...
  42. GM Arts

    New Boss Pedal Range

    Please halt all current development - these need to be modelled immediately!
  43. GM Arts

    When & Why Did We Become So Anal?

    Just curious for people’s thoughts. I believe in continuous improvement, but it seems to me that the quest for better tone is rather trivial compared to the quest for better musicianship. There are ample examples, both old and new, of incredible musicianship with minimal and barely adequate...
  44. GM Arts

    Interesting Octave Delay Effect at NAMM

    Nothing we can't already do on an AxeFX, of course. Just an effective demo of adding a pitch effect onto the wet delay (I don't think it's in the feedback loop itself) Watch from 3:20 NAMM '12 - Electro-Harmonix Analogizer & Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT Demos - PremierGuitar.com
  45. GM Arts

    How Big Is It Really?

    For one of you lucky buggers with an Axe-Fx II - would you mind measuring its depth from the back of the mounting ears to the back of the unit? The size is in the specs, but I expect the depth includes the front panel hardware. I'm buying a rack case now and want it to fit the AF2 when I get...
  46. GM Arts

    XY for Pan/Trem pls

    I used a SysEx with the Tremolo on my Ultra to switch between triangle and square waveforms. Very cool to switch between a normal pulsing Trem and a slicer effect. You could achieve the same with 2 tremolo blocks in parallel and a mixer block with 2 modifiers to switch between Tremolo blocks...
  47. GM Arts

    The REAL reason tubes are better that solid state

    This cracked me up, from Wikipedia, a quote below that basically explains that tubes are better than transistors becuase musicians can replace their own tubes, but transistors need a technician. To be fair, it then goes on to talk about the different overdrive qualities. Here's the link...
  48. GM Arts

    Guitar Volume Magic

    I’m perplexed with the number of professional and forum amp/modeller reviews over recent years using the phrase “it cleans up nicely turning the guitar volume down”. It seems to be mandatory in every review now. As if it’s some magic trick, or even proof that that amp/modeller has passed the...
  49. GM Arts

    Forum "What's New?" not working?

    Since the forum outages, I can no longer see What's New. Instead I get the message below, even after logging out and back in again. Any ideas? GM Arts, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: 1.Your user account may not have sufficient...
  50. GM Arts

    What's the word on version 11 firmware?

    I'm at work at the moment (all work & no play!) Anyone tried v11 yet? Does it require a major re-tweak of every patch, or is it more of a feel improvement? I already have a tight bottom end (or so my lovely wife tells me) which I've achieved mostly with medium settings of the amp low cut.
  51. GM Arts

    System Exclusive Guide

    I had a bit of time over the weekend to automate a system exclusive guide for the Axe-FX, using data retrieved from the Axe Edit XML configuration files. At this stage, this is in a draft format, but it appears to accurately retrieve information from those files. This document gives more...
  52. GM Arts

    Dynamic IR Block

    Not really a desperate Wishlist item, just some fanciful meanderings of my mind ... IRs are a combination of a general broad EQ shape with many very high Q peaks and notches. What I have in mind is a Dynamic IR block that can generate typical IRs that are easy to dial in & fine-tune. I'm...
  53. GM Arts

    Cliff: SysEx for Axe-FX Patch Screen?

    Hi Cliff or anyone else who may know ... I use a footswitch on my controller to send a sysex to change the Tremolo waveform - very cool live :-) After sending the sysex, the AxeFX screen goes to a Tremolo edit screen - makes sense. Is there another sysex I can send to switch the AxeFX...
  54. GM Arts

    Robben Ford Up Close & Personal

    I had the rare opportunity to attend a clinic the other night with one of my all-time guitar heroes, Robben Ford. The first CD I ever bought was "Robben Ford & The Blue Line" back in 1992. I’ve always admired his strong melodic style and interesting chordal approaches. For me, he has the art...
  55. GM Arts

    Backtracking For MFC-101

    I posted this on the wrong forum a while back, with no replies, so maybe I'm the only person who thinks this is a good idea; I'm not sure. All feedback welcome. I'd love to see back-tracking implemented on the MFC-101. Below, I've put some detail about how it works as well as how I think it...
  56. GM Arts

    Backtracking for the MFC-101

    IMHO, the MFC-101 has a fantastic implementation for a version 1.00 firmware. I’m on the waiting list, and the only thing I’ll really miss is something I’ve found invaluable on my own foot-controller: a BACK function. Simply, it goes back to the previous patch (optionally with IA selections)...
  57. GM Arts

    New IA Backtracking Feature

    I don't know if other controllers can do this, but I've just added an IA backtracking feature to my homemade controller that I think is pretty cool. 8-) Normal PC backtracking is available on several controllers; for example, press P1 to choose a patch, then press P7 to choose another, then...
  58. GM Arts

    3 Effects For The Price Of 1

    In another thread, a user posted techniques for using the PEQ. It was appreciated by many users, while I and others were staggered that this wasn't common knowledge. (What would we know? :lol: ) So in the spirit of sharing sneaky tricks that maybe some folks haven't thought of yet, here's an...
  59. GM Arts

    Modifiers for Early and Tail Reverb Levels

    Now that we're all educated and skilfully using early and late reverbs (aren't we? :D) , I wonder if there's any chance to have modifiers on the (tail) reverb level and early level? I'm currently messing with sysex messages to modify the tail level to switch between ambient and surf reverb...
  60. GM Arts

    PC RST not read at power-on

    When turning on the AxeFX, the last used patch is recalled, however, the PC RST = ON state is ignored so the controller state is used instead of the patch saved state. This is minor - the simple workaround is to just change patches and back again. :D
  61. GM Arts

    My Pros & Cons After 1 Year

    Ultra AxeFX - all opinions at the time of writing - Sept 09 (edited to include v8.08 changes) This is undoubtedly the best hardware modeller available for realism, effects quality, realtime control and general functionality. It's remarkable that it has been produced by the creative genius of...
  62. GM Arts

    Multiple Bank Send

    This is trivial and really not worth fixing unless its a simple fix IMHO. :) Utilities, Send Bank A - if I accidentally press Enter twice, then Bank A is sent twice. I think the Enter button should be ignored while a bank is being sent so multiple presses don't send multiple banks. AxeFX...
  63. GM Arts

    v7.18 Problem Setting a Value for Reset On PC

    (discussed this briefly with javajunkie in a different thread) Since v7.14, the modifier setting "Reset on Patch Change" allows a patch to be recalled with a saved prameter value, then modified further when the modifier is changed. Love it, except ... Once a modifier is attached to a...
  64. GM Arts

    CPU Usage Too Low?

    Not something any sane person would normally complain about ;) but it seems since v7.15, my CPU meter is hovering in the low 70's instead of the high 80s. Maybe I'm mistaken, so just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same?
  65. GM Arts

    Program Change Reset Magic

    My phone line's been down for about 5 days, so no Internet. Fortunately it hasn't affected me at all, as you can plainly see: [attachment=0:u8szbkiz]stress.jpg[/attachment:u8szbkiz] Anyway, new in version 7.15: WOO-HOO !!! Many, many thanks Cliff. :D This gives great flexibility and will...
  66. GM Arts

    What To Look For In A Foot Controller

    We get a lot of questions about MIDI foot controller features, so I decided to put a checklist together of what to look for in a foot controller for your AxeFX. Fractal Audio will have their own for sale soon, and I expect it will tick most of the boxes. :D I hope this guide is helpful, and...
  67. GM Arts

    Polytone Amp for Jazzers

    Apparently, many jazz players believe a Polytone is THE amp to use for jazz styles, specially with jazz-box guitars such as an ES175. It might be a long shot on this forum, but are there any Jazzers who've used Polytone amps? If so, I'd love to get your feedback on some questions further below...
  68. GM Arts

    Mission Control

    I started designing a MIDI Controller for the AxeFX last year and later built a prototype with plastic switches in a wooden box. It helped identify a couple of minor changes I wanted and now I have my ... MISSION CONTROL [attachment=0:g1410gu9]mission_control.jpg[/attachment:g1410gu9] My metal...
  69. GM Arts

    Built my own Axe-FX MIDI Controller!

    [attachment=0:3lydjkfh]mfc-gma.jpg[/attachment:3lydjkfh] This is done with a Basic Stamp module and 3 Korg EC-5 units that I added LEDs to, built onto a tiered wooden base. So if you know basic programming and are handy with a soldering iron, build your own while you wait for the official one...
  70. GM Arts

    Exciter Effect

    This effect emphasises the "stringy-ness" of clean tone, and adds extra crunch to distorted tones. It's great on acoustics, and for electrics its like turning a regular pickup tone into a strat in-between tone. I've attached a short sample using my Boss EH-2 that shows how it emphasises an...
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