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    Help! Jbl lsr305 vs PreSonus Eris 5

    Thanks a lot guys. Finally ordered the JBL's. I went for the JBL's because I've read every review on the internet and every lsr vs eris thread and 99% of guys prefers the first ones. I was looking for direct comparisons, I have no doubt that the eris are very good speakers and maybe for whatever...
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    Help! Jbl lsr305 vs PreSonus Eris 5

    I see you guys with the Eris have the 8'' and they are almost twice as expensive... I have to make a decision and order today or tomorrow. I don't want to have my AX8 and no monitors :eek:
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    Help! Jbl lsr305 vs PreSonus Eris 5

    Hmmm I want 5'' if possible. Hope the difference is not as massive... My room is small.
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    Help! Jbl lsr305 vs PreSonus Eris 5

    Wow nice price but I'm in europe...:( At this point I'm sure both sound good. But people experienced with this two monitors seems to favour the JBLs, so thats my first option right now, also they look cooler:D. But they are rear ported and someone sugested not to buy a rear ported one... Any of...
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    Help! Jbl lsr305 vs PreSonus Eris 5

    Thanks guys! Lets hear more opinions!
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    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    Thanks! I see the JBL's are very popular here but after your recommendations I should buy the Eris. Just want some more opinions to be sure. I want to have a good first experience with my AX8.
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    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    Cliff, can I ask you if they are better than the JBL 305's and why? I'm between this two monitors as my Ax8 is coming next week and I'm out of cash for anything better... I was going for JBL's but I just read your post... Thanks!
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    Help! Jbl lsr305 vs PreSonus Eris 5

    Just paid for my Ax8 and should be here next week. I'm tight on cash right now and need something for home playing. Every review I read about the JBL's is positive but Cliff himself recommended the Presonus Eris on another thread.... Also they are smaller. So which are the best cheap monitors...
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    Euro updates

    October 10, 18:19. I don't know, maybe if someone passes... Also they said another shipment is coming in April. Be strong, you shouldn't wait much more!
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    Euro updates

    Yeeeeesss!!!!! Dear (almost) AX8 Owner, The shipment with your AX8 is on its way to us and will arrive here middle of this week. Please confirm......... Finally!!! I'm so happy right now! :) Hope you guys get yours soon!!
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    X-Files: "One Night in Akron" w/ Neil Zaza & the AX8

    Thank you so much X-Man! As it seems you know really well Zaza's work your answer is greatly accepted! ;)
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    X-Files: "One Night in Akron" w/ Neil Zaza & the AX8

    Zaza really cool to have you here! If I can ask you something... Which album should I buy first? (I love melodic rock...;)) And which is the best place to buy? Thanks man! The first impression I've had about your music and playing is :eek::hearteyes:
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    X-Files: "One Night in Akron" w/ Neil Zaza & the AX8

    Really nice, its the first time I've listened to Neils music and is amazing! I need to buy some.. On the other hand I'm crazy about the ax8, mine should come this month and I can't wait more! I want it nowww Cool post X-Man! Thanks!
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    Euro updates

    October 15, 18:19 and nothing... :( By what time are we going?
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    Euro updates

    I also got the email. On the list oct 15 at 18:19. I hope to get mine in February...
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    Artists you would like to see using Fractal

    I can't believe no one said... Paul Gilbert!!! The other one for me was Guthrie... Hehe.
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    1st attempt at Tone Matching.....Unchained....no FX!!!!

    Wowowowww!! I'm in love with the sound of those pinch harmonics...
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    Metallica's Master Of Puppets album - Tone Match test

    Sounds great! but +1 on more lows and add a little bit of reverb also.
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    Saying good buy and good ridance

    Hot bias for extra juuuiiiiceee!
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    Saying good buy and good ridance

    I don't believe you... not after the last time. Sorry, LOL.
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    Yesterday I played my first gig with AxeII(life radio show).Amaizing sound and feel !

    Good to know Jacek. Enjoy it and get ready for the upcoming FW's! :)
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    Cliff I also have a question

    The colour is also important, brown sounds better. How do you tweak for a true brown?
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    Can anyone recommend a great book of scales in tab format?

    Guthrie Govan - Creative Guitar One of the best (if not the best) books for guitarist and musicians. Talks about theory, tone, technique, anecdotes of guitarists... and written with humour. I can't recommend it highly enough. Great for all players, noobs or pros!
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    the only one axe II to eat it =)

    No one noticed it? That's the new feature of profiling, profiling a cake...
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    Laura Wilkie Band - One Band, One Room, One Take, Live and Raw from Detroit

    Wow Scott, really impressed! I really liked the song and the sound, it just sounds amazing. Thanks! (post it on TGP!!)
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    "Tone Matching" Preview

    From what I understand, It's the best of both worlds. Not sure but it can be the next step of profiling. The faults of profiling are somehow fixed with this process, taking the amp block and the real components modeled and then match some settings directly from the amp. I think we still can...
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    New Matrix power amp coming?

    I think... new guitar cabinet with EVM based speakers.
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    Fractal gear sighting

    "We're sorry, but the clip you selected isn't available from your location. Please select another clip." :(
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    Bone Conduction Headphones

    Me want!!!! Snake! Snake! Snaaakee!!
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 5.00 Up

    And mine!! :)
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    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Received my email last night too!!ordered may 12th. Anybody knows how many time I have for pay it???
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    What time is it where you're at right now?

    so it's posible to simulate the time of the room an vice versa with a modeling clock? nice... we need that clock in the Axe :lol ok sorry I stop; At 00:57 here.
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    What time is it where you're at right now?

    another thing, Digital clocks VS Analog clocks? what do you prefer?
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    What time is it where you're at right now?

    Do clocks work in that room?
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    What time is it where you're at right now?

    it's 4:16. But the questions are... what time is where Cliff is at right now? while time passes for us, is still "right now" for him? Does he have a Time Room (ala Dragon Ball)? Does his cats live in that room? where they piss? If you play a chord, does the timbre change during time in that...
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    Version 5.00 firmware preview

    sorry for the offtopic, I only find interesting how a mechanical thing like a car is an electronic based product these days... Yes I know what you mean, it's imposible to upgrade the Axe and not expect to change your presets when it's a new machine every new FW. It affects directly to the...
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    Version 5.00 firmware preview

    60% of the cost of a car is on electronics.
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    Axe 2 arrived! ...... Sure I can feel latency.....?????

    Do the analog amplifiers have latency? Some amps are/feel faster to pick attack than others, is this caused by sag? Is posible to know how much latency have an analog circuit? and... Maybe the Axe can copy the exact latency of real amps so realer feeling!! :lol (I know, I know...... just...
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    Interesting review

    The guy is an ass... that knows nothing about engineering. The review is full of BS and talks like he knows everything. But the funny thing is that the only thing he knows, is how to plug the guitar cable into the Axe. If he don't have any idea, nor wants to learn how the Axe works why make a...
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    Guthrie Govan sat in with us in Manchester

    I remember a guy at RigTalk forum talking about some Fractal engineer that was at Berklee with an Axe II. I think he was talking bout you Adam. We now know the rest of the story. :)
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    Guthrie Govan sat in with us in Manchester

    I saw Guthrie with Dave Kilminster 5/11 and after a great show we talk about lot of things. He is my idol since 2009 and now I love him even more! Guthrie is really a nice guy, very friendly. With some beers and sitting with us he gave us a lot of tips... even we teach him some spanish, now, he...
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    AxeFx II High Gain Test Clip

    What amp sim did you use? cabs? Love it and great playing!
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    Axe fx 2 amps sims review

    Thanks! I want it now!!!! please give us some clips...
  44. G

    Axe fx 2 amps sims review

    Thanks for the review! Do the CCV have that percusive sound?
  45. G

    New video!

    Cliff pose is cool, looks like he was planning evil things... LOL
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    Fractal axe II on ebay

    ooouhh no! you need more fingers! or hands!
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    Cliff, Chillax. PLEASE Do Not Rush the Axe FX II-(build them well, test them long)

    funny coming from someone who is called relaxo
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    Axe-fx II new videos

    The first clip I heard was Scott's one and when the Marsha starts sounding I said woooou! that's the sound!!
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    Axe-fx II new videos

    I think the point of the videos that we watch since the Axe II was announced, is show us the clean breaking and medium gain tones. I can hear a lot of dinamic response and smoother tones than the Axe 1. That agressive and little harsh medium frequencies now are smooth and hot. The sound is more...
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    New Axe FX II video at NY amp show

    I take this from Rig-Talk (original post Rig-Talk • View topic - NY Amp Show AND Axe FX II Demo Video). Comment!
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    Axe Fx II Shipping Date....?

    hey Cliff! you know how people is... but behind any complain is love! we are impatient because we love your work so much! and you! <3 . . . and Cats! ;)
  52. G

    Education request

    I want to see Cliffs face while reading this thread... BTW I think the big point in the AXE is the attention to detail, in every aspect.
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    What's the Big MFC News

  54. G

    AXE-FX II Q&A compilation - plz look here B4 asking

    the Corncob M50 is wrong at the Wiki FAQ. # Original amp: Cornford MB50, 50w, 6L6/5881, 1 channel, Celestion V30 speakers Is MK50, no MB50
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    Cameron Amp model will be in Axe II on release!! -->

    quote: "That made me excited. I'd be worried if I was you. " do you want to play an AXE II with me? :lol
  56. G

    Cameron Amp model will be in Axe II on release!! -->

    I'm excited without trying it...
  57. G

    Quality of delays in AxeFX II?

    quantity of delays??? like 11 days. Cliff said maybe in june 6... ok sorry, I have to do it...
  58. G

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    ah ok! Thanks!
  59. G

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    Hello Cliff. I remember you said that you use the Axe Fx with a VHT 2:50:2 poweramp live. Is still your favourite combination with the Axe Fx II? I ask this because I have the vht poweramp and maybe is not worth with the Axe II. Maybe with a SS poweramp I can do the same with less money. Are...
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