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  1. goodwill559

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Wait-listed May 03, 2019 Invite rec'd April 22, 2020 Ordered today Upgrading from the Standard
  2. goodwill559

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Right, more diagnostic than solution. Also, I'm curious
  3. goodwill559

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Have you tried tuning up a quarter-tone? That could put the resonance in between notes enough to mitigate
  4. goodwill559

    Harmonic feedback sim

    Bakerman is such a talented bloke. I'm happy to have him over here on the FAS message board.
  5. goodwill559

    Mission M1 - Progress Report

    OK, so with 8 TRS inputs, each input could accept one of three setups: 1. TRS-TS->switch A -------------------------------- 2. (TS)->switch A / TRS \ (RS)->switch B -------------------------------- 3. TRS => EXP From 4 switching expression pedals to up to 16 switches and...
  6. goodwill559

    Well Californians, you can add 8% to your Axe Fx II price now

    This is also how I understand it.
  7. goodwill559

    Well Californians, you can add 8% to your Axe Fx II price now

    Tone Merchants in Southern CA may or may not be considered an affiliate. Tone Merchants demonstrates the Axe-Fx at their retail location which might be enough of a relationship that FAS would be subject to this new law. If anyone knows for sure, please share.
  8. goodwill559

    Well Californians, you can add 8% to your Axe Fx II price now

    CA has had use taxes on the books for years. Out of state purchase of goods is already taxed, but the collection, reporting, and payment was the responsibility of the purchaser. The new law requires that out of state sellers that have in state affiliates must collect sales tax and send it to...
  9. goodwill559

    The Secrets of Prog Rock Revealed!

    Yeah, that's worth revisiting for a good laugh. I chuckle at the prog rock album covers Butt-Dong axis.
  10. goodwill559

    Guthrie Govan Clinic

    That was fun to [POP] watch. Whoa, WTF?!?
  11. goodwill559

    Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!

    Get well soon Cliff. H. pylori is no match against you big guy! edit: I just went over to rig talk to read the thread. Geez, the vitriol is awful. Makes me glad I have used the ignore button on a certain user also found on this board.
  12. goodwill559

    AxeFx II High Gain Test Clip

    I very like it.
  13. goodwill559

    Axe Fx II smokes the Ultra

    Gosh, well if that's the case, then I'd probably be hyperbola-ting & hyperventilating too. I can haz brootlz? Time to admit I'm guilty of picking nits, but hyperbole is one of my pet-peeves. Nyuck nyuck nyuck.
  14. goodwill559

    Axe Fx II smokes the Ultra

    And please remember that Jay has the 2 as a beta tester. He has never written that he "needs" to upgrade from his Standard to the 2 or even to an Ultra to satisfy his sound quality requirements. Motion to avoid hyperbole has been seconded. All in favor? "Aye."
  15. goodwill559

    Cliff-check this out:Scientists publishing findings related to 'acoustic cloaking'

    I read that Cliff was involved with Navy projects related to sonar, so he probably already knows about this line of research, but I thought I'd share. *Scientists are now publishing findings related to 'acoustic cloaking,' or the masking of objects from sound waves or sonar detection. Details...
  16. goodwill559

    new ultra owner here!

    I am very happy to see the enthusiasm and flow of Ultras and Standards going to new homes. The naysayers can eat mud! The Axe-Fx 2 is only making Fractal Audio Products better and more widespread. I remember the negativity when Suhr introduced the Pro Series guitars. The sky was falling...
  17. goodwill559

    New message on Axe FX II home page....

    I really like that part of the post.
  18. goodwill559

    If there was no Fractal Audio, what would your rig be?

    Both were sold after getting my Standard: Rhythm sound = Mesa DC-3 Lead sound = Mesa Mark III (with + mod by Mike B.)
  19. goodwill559


    Bot deterrent needed to stem the end of full access to purchases? Nah, I don't agree. That's a slippery slope with no tangible benefits. Should we also deter users whose touch typing is fast? Let's restore full access to hunt & peck typists. And let's also deter high speed internet too. It...
  20. goodwill559

    6/16 - Refreshathon (availability update)

    Congrats to all who got one today. We know you'll be smiling all day today, followed by night sweats for a couple days, then near psychosis as the tracking information reads, "Out for delivery" :mrgreen or8ital, thanks for the stats; keep it up, mang. :ugeek
  21. goodwill559

    Can we get an update?

    I've been a forum member since the very first iteration of the Fractal message board. After a couple of weeks of lurking, I bough my Standard from user Andrew Simon when he upgraded to an Ultra back in '07 (if I recall correctly). One thing of which I am certain, is that the signal to noise...
  22. goodwill559

    What's the Big MFC News

    Oops, I did miss that part. Mea culpa! :oops Thanks for setting the record straight.
  23. goodwill559

    What's the Big MFC News

    I think it is pretty sh1tty to withhold information that was shared with a member of the community at an event open to the public. In the absence of an NDA, why not share it?
  24. goodwill559

    Axe-Fx Ultra Through Studio Monitors

    Big thumbs up. :mrgreen I'm also one of the few that will endorse headphone use with two caveats: great cans & a good headphone amp.
  25. goodwill559

    Breath controllers with the Axe-Fx...Anyone used one?

    I share the disappointment felt by simeon and gearhead. I expected to hear the equivalent of the wide dynamic range I associate with bowed instruments where a very slow bowing motion starts at pianissississimo and rises with a very vigorous bowing to a fortissississimo and everything in...
  26. goodwill559

    Using an EVM12L with a Thiele for a Passive FRFR cab?

    I had a pair of Mesa Thieles. They came stock with Celestion C90's, but I had a pair of EVM12L's so I swapped and auditioned the cabs loaded with EVM with and without cabinet sims. IMHO, it's not a good solution for FRFR.
  27. goodwill559

    Help my factory fresh Ultra has quote a lot of fan noise!

    Re: Help my factory fresh Ultra has quote a lot of fan noise Was it a direct replacement or did it need to be modified in any way?
  28. goodwill559

    December 12th, 2010 Austin Ampfest… Axe-fx.

    Though many have posited that interpretation, I purposefully avoided writing anything which would suggest harshness or trueness of the harmonic content represented by the chart, and in particular to the debate of solid state v. vacuum tube sound characteristics. Such an interpretation would be...
  29. goodwill559

    December 12th, 2010 Austin Ampfest… Axe-fx.

    Hey, interesting link. I thought that I'd add a bit of harmonically interesting information. The chart is from the article. These are the harmonic relationships. 1=fundamental 2=octave 3=perfect 5th 4=octave 5=just 3rd 6=perfect 5th 7=just minor 7th 8=octave 9=just major 2nd With emphasis...
  30. goodwill559

    Low down on redwirez....

    I don't hold that opinion, "havent heard the AxeFX until you use Redwirez," but for sake of experiementation and flexibility, I purchased some Red Wirez IRs. Currently, I'm using a stock cab and a Red Wirez cab in my go-to patch. To keep costs down, consider: 1) There is a refund option if you...
  31. goodwill559

    Headphones? If you have no choice but headphones...

    I wanted to add that my DT770's sound quite a bit better through my Symetrix 304 headphone amp than through the headphone output of my Behringer Eurorack Pro rx1602, so even a good pair of cans can sound not so good depending on your signal chain.
  32. goodwill559

    Headphones? If you have no choice but headphones...

    I have a pair of the DT-770 Pro and they are indeed the best I've heard too. To make the sound less like headphones, I created a crossfeed using the delay block and it works surprisingly well IMHO. I tried using the enhancer block to create space while wearing cans but there were notes which...
  33. goodwill559

    Opinion on Carvin guitars

    That looks pretty sweet. I think that you'd be blown away playing the Carvin, but might be left wanting a more dynamic sounding guitar. I have two Carvins: Carvin Bolt+ [maple neck/birds eye maple fretboard, stainless steel frets, mahogany body with maple cap, hardtail] Carvin Bolt kit [maple...
  34. goodwill559

    Axe vs Eleven [vs HD500] clip

    Re: Axe vs Eleven clip I can hear differences, but in that mix, I don't have a clue which processor is which...
  35. goodwill559

    i need the sitar IR badly...

    I just ordered one of the Eyb bridges two days ago. Bridge was $160 and shipping was $12. I'll be installing the bridge onto a guitar which has a just intonated fretboard. Looking forward to it! edit: adding thumbnails to the raga guitar
  36. goodwill559

    3u Desktop Rack

    Count me as another satisfied Audiopile customer. A couple of other sources: Nice racks also makes a wood rack, but their smallest is 4U. http://www.nice-racks.com/Nice_Racks_St ... space.html Ear Candy Cabs will make you a rack and has tolex options. http://www.earcandycabs.com/products.ph...
  37. goodwill559

    AKG K240 MKII vs. AKG K271 MKII. Which one?

    I have two pair of the 240 and have no experience with the 271. The biggest difference between the 240 & 271 is that the 240 is semi-open and the 271 is closed. The 271 will give you more isolation and bleed less into your environment. I prefer closed back designs over the semi-open but that...
  38. goodwill559

    Stand for small rack enclosure

    I wish! Maybe someone with photoshop skills can get it done.
  39. goodwill559

    Expander for MFC-101

    That's odd; i was pretty sure that the expansion port will be for the neural interface that Cliff is working on right now.
  40. goodwill559

    Spkr Res Freq - Intelligent use of?

    I have no idea what the resonant frequency of those cabs would be, but I can guarantee that the resonant frequency of the drivers loaded into either cab will be higher than the resonant frequency of the drivers in free air.
  41. goodwill559

    Stand for small rack enclosure

    I've gone with a mobile solution that involves installing a pair of strap-locks to the rack sides and an extra guitar strap. Guitar on the right, and axe-fx on the left. Works great for making quick preset edits.
  42. goodwill559

    Rusty Co.Oley Gotz dee Ultra!

    Holy Beelzebub, that's a long thread!
  43. goodwill559

    Rusty Co.Oley Gotz dee Ultra!

    Interesting, so maybe Lubricated Cheesey would be a better fit??
  44. goodwill559

    Rusty Co.Oley Gotz dee Ultra!

    :lol: Quote of the day!
  45. goodwill559

    Redwirez...so let me get this straight

    A) Axe-Fx compatible sysex files are located in the Axe-Fx folder. or B) Working with our speaker impulse responses (IRs) 1. First you need an audio host. This can be a full blown Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a standalone VST host, or a standalone, software-based guitar amp/effects modeler...
  46. goodwill559

    How do I tell what User Cab is being used?

    ^ Yeah, you just have to keep notes.
  47. goodwill559

    Sound Clip Favorites

    I just discovered this Axe-Fx guy yesterday, here is his Soundclick page (He replied via email that it was OK with him to post links): http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default ... dID=885159 FYI: videos if you're interested. http://www.youtube.com/user/Slash01
  48. goodwill559

    2 mono cab VS. 1 stereo cab block?

    I wondered about something similar last night after powering down. It's not the same as the original question, but I was wondering if two mono Lo Res blocks use more cumputational power than one STEREO cab block. They would both come out to two 512-sample convolutions, but would the routing...
  49. goodwill559

    latching pedal

    Edit: problem solved
  50. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    You're right; I did reference a design involving a crossover. Hence, your affirmative answer to my question of whether "such a system" could be FRFR was in response to said system and not to the implied system of a crossoverless design. Sorry for the muddy communication. So, a crossover...
  51. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    OK, now to actually answer the original question: Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover? Due to the electrical characteristics of loudspeakers, it is possible to select drivers that have response curves such that most crossover components can be eliminated. Most inexpensive commercial...
  52. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    I thought the thread got hijacked, and it ended up me being the hijacker. :lol:
  53. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    Oops, :oops: I thought we were discussing the actives. A passive monitor with an onboard active crossover would be news to me too!
  54. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    Nah, the crossover circuit comes before the power amplifiers. The monitor's circuitry will include any rectification needed to power the pre- and power- amp circuits. We are talking about a powered, bi-amplified, actively crossed over monitor, right?
  55. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    "The Bi amplified Verve 12ma powered monitor/speaker features a 300w RMS Class G low frequency amp, and a 100w RMS Class G high frequency amp, both with switch mode power supplies." Bi-amplification with an active crossover essentially means that the crossover operates with low level signals...
  56. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    No, the crossover circuit will draw power from the same source as the amplifiers, from within the monitor's circuitry.
  57. goodwill559

    Do all passive FR speakers have a crossover?

    They [FBT] do [include crossover(s) within the electronics] and the [included crossover(s)] are active and cross [over] at [a] fixed freq of 1.8K
  58. goodwill559

    Redwirez...so let me get this straight

    My method is to try focusing on one variable at a time. For example, keep the mic distance the same and just change mics. Then having focused on a mic I like, explore mic placement. I haven't messed around with mixing IRs so that's where my tweaking ends. The sheer number of IRs in the Big...
  59. goodwill559

    latching pedal

    You can do it by assigning the controller of each effect to PEDAL1 (or PEDAL2 if you like). The limitation is that each press of the switch will bypass/unbypass all the effects attached to the controller.
  60. goodwill559

    Better than Reality - Axe-FX Can Be Like Optimized Reality

    Re: Better than Reality - Axe-FX Can Be Like Optimized Reali Fixed it for you! ;)
  61. goodwill559

    Corncob R100 and Euro Uber 9.03

    I liked the bite of the Corncob and the space it occupies in the mix. (Listening done with Sennheiser HD 280 PRO h-phones)
  62. goodwill559

    If you use Adam A7s or other nice monitors, enter

    I don't have a specific answer for you, but several years ago I experienced a similar buzzing when running a POD through a full range speaker. Mine sounded like it was coming from the tweeter, so maybe the speaker's crossover wasn't blocking enough low hz signal to the tweeter?? My speaker...
  63. goodwill559

    Trying FRFR... Not Digging It

    Deduction from logical truths alone is insufficient to explain complex phenomena, or as Ivan Beaver once posted, "Any complex question can be easily answered with a simple easy to understand WRONG answer." Due to its reliance on propositions rather than esoteric knowledge or study or research...
  64. goodwill559

    Trying FRFR... Not Digging It

    I remember spending an entire summer in 1994 learning and memorizing a Heitor Villa-Lobos guitar concerto, and by November, I was playing it well enough to win grand prize in the VMTA classical guitar competition. Imagine how incomplete and undeveloped it would have sounded if I had stopped...
  65. goodwill559

    Axe-Fx Std. and Ultra Version 9.02 Firmware Available

    Re: Ultra Version 9.02 Firmware Available Well said. ;)
  66. goodwill559

    Right-angel 7-pin MIDI cable

    Alas, no phantom power.
  67. goodwill559

    Right-angel 7-pin MIDI cable

    -5 to 5 with both right angle, up and down (is this the one you have?) <- Good call, this is the one I have, the 5 pin.
  68. goodwill559

    Right-angel 7-pin MIDI cable

    I also have the HOSA right angle midi cables. On mine, if you look closely and compare the two ends, one will have the pins on top and the opposite end will have its pins on the bottom.
  69. goodwill559

    High-end FRFR Monitor Recommendations

    Jay's answer to the four criterea reminds me of the Project Triangle in engineering. Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick any two. ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_triangle
  70. goodwill559

    Euro Uber clip

    Damn, you are too talented! I really like your use of harmonic 2nds. Sweet toans :mrgreen:
  71. goodwill559

    Let's share "in the room" reverb settings

    It'll be in the next firmware.
  72. goodwill559

    Atomic Reactor FR vs Verve 12ma

    Agreed. And if it hasn't been mentioned yet, don't some systems use DSP to obtain a flatter response which may introduce unwanted elements?
  73. goodwill559

    Best place to reduce output clipping?

    I've found that a PEQ placed after the cab block will work. I'll play while keeping track of what notes cause the clipping. For my patches (high gain) it tends to be between G#3 to B3, so I set one band of the PEQ to around 200Hz, choose a high Q, and cut it until the clipping is minimized...
  74. goodwill559

    Euro 1 clip

    For all of the Cardinal's efforts in sharing his great tones, I think we should elect him to Pope of Crunk. :mrgreen:
  75. goodwill559

    frfr info.

    That looks OK for a coffee house gig, but my band rocks serious brootalz. Although, with an additional octet of 22" subwoofers and 20k watts amps, it might meet minimal sufficiency.
  76. goodwill559

    Will tubes go away??

    Off-topic, I know, but IMHO, the two biggest obstacles for the average guitar player are: 1. sight-reading 2. ear-training There are too many guitar players and not enough musicians who play guitar. ;)
  77. goodwill559

    Eminence Delta Pro 12A

    Two channels to be precise. For example, one of my setups is mono so I use one stereo amp with the left channel for the high freq. and the right for low freq. That looks like just the enclosure without components, two holes for connections, one hole for woofer, one hole for a horn. If you...
  78. goodwill559

    Eminence Delta Pro 12A

    I have an Eminence Delta Pro 12A and have used it mounted in a guitar cab (Mesa 3/4 back), and in an FRFR setup with active crossover and high frequency driver. It needs a high frequency driver if you use the 12A in an FRFR setup, but as a guitar cab speaker, you will not need a tweeter.
  79. goodwill559

    Amp Sim Wish: Carvin Legacy

    I had a Legacy for a year, and that you tube clip sounds pretty close/accurate. The personality of the Legacy's overdrive has a fuzz pedal type of sound. I likened it to the word warm rather than muddy because I'm an optimist. :lol: I'm totally on the fence regarding a Legacy simulation...
  80. goodwill559

    Name your favorite amp sim please

    Das Metall is my current favorite
  81. goodwill559

    For those of you who use Power amps with XLR/Speakon inputs

    My sources are Pro Cables and Sound http://procablesnsound.com/items/Speake ... s/list.htm Or Lava Cable http://www.lavacable.com/index.html
  82. goodwill559

    red wirez sounding thin and weird for me - uploaded example

    Scott mentioned that it sounded like a patch without a cab, which was my first thought also. Have you toggled between cab bypass and the user cab loaded with the redwire IR to hear if they sound the same? If it does sound the same, then the upload process is the culprit.
  83. goodwill559

    Name your favorite speakers using Axe-fx + poweramp + cab.

    Before I became a dedicated FRFR user, my favorite guitar cab was a pair of Mesa Thieles loaded with Celestion C90's. Other speakers I've tried that also get very good results are the Eminence Wizard, Eminence Man-O-War, or EVM 12L. I also tried The Tonker which has a nice woody sound, but...
  84. goodwill559

    Unclear sound and too much bass

    Have you given this a try? viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10796
  85. goodwill559

    Your thoughts on Graphic/Parametric EQ?

    Well, I like to put a GEQ block before amp/cab and gently roll off the lower three bands around 1.5-2 dB per octave depending on the guitar to keep flab out of the signal chain. Then, a GEQ block near the end of the chain with a mid bump for a solo boost. And if a patch is sounding too thumpy...
  86. goodwill559

    Loading Cab IRs - Think I'm doing something wrong...

    Slightly off-topic, but speaking of instances of effect blocks, I don't know when it changed, but before, I could choose instance 2 at anytime, but with the current firmware, you must have instance 1 already loaded into a block prior to using instance 2. For example, I like to use GEQ 1 for...
  87. goodwill559

    I'm challenged, a kindergarden tutorial PLEASE?

    Why yes, that was the best tutorial ever seen. ;)
  88. goodwill559

    Converting a 4x12 guitar cab to FRFR

    coaxial is your friend edit: oh, and you'll need some crossovers too
  89. goodwill559

    Windows 7 x64, Windows XP Mode, M-Audio 2x2 working!

    Is running it in xp mode required? I ask because I've been running the AXE-EDIT and MIDISPORT UNO in Vista 32-bit and planning upgrading to Windows 7.
  90. goodwill559

    Headphones and Axe Need Help!

    I'm just about out of ideas. But here is one more consideration-the placement of your monitor. If it is near a wall, you will get a boost in the lower frequency range which means your patches are not optimized for flat response and the result is a thinner or buzzier sound compared to a truly...
  91. goodwill559

    Headphones and Axe Need Help!

    I wanted to add that I have to modify patches that are to be used with headphone monitoring because it's necessary; there is a significant difference in sound reproduction between speakers and headphones. Nothing that I would describe as "beyond crap," but there is an unmistakable difference.
  92. goodwill559

    Headphones and Axe Need Help!

    As for the EQ curves, I looked up the manual for the JBL EON 10 and it doesn't have adjustable response curves so never mind. What do you have plugged into LINE IN on the mackie? Also, you don't need the mic preamp nor the EQ of the mackie's channel 1 for the AXE-FX output. I suggest using...
  93. goodwill559

    Headphones and Axe Need Help!

    some trouble shooting tips: -check the mixer's output with a different set of headphones -check the output with a different source, e.g., ipod, cd player -check you monitor's curve settings, if they are not set flat, then your patch is not optimized for a flat response -check your mixer's curve...
  94. goodwill559

    Cornford vs. Das Metall, you decide

    I just loaded it, played along with the clip, and it sounds spot on. Realize it's sitting in a mix.
  95. goodwill559

    Cornford vs. Das Metall, you decide

    Bank F, preset 676 - Cornford Govan8er I've found it, but didn't open it so I don't know if it is for Ultra or Standard.
  96. goodwill559

    I'm challenged, a kindergarden tutorial PLEASE?

    Here is one method to instantly load and listen to IR's: Please note that Errors can occur with the beta release and you'll just have to reboot the AXE-FX, the application, or your MIDI interface, or all of them, and try again Make all needed connections. Open AXE-EDIT From AXE-EDIT, Click...
  97. goodwill559

    Sub woofer with Fractomic necessary?

    It will be included with the next firmware update.
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