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    Bought UA OX

    In the spirit of supporting the ailing US economy, I bought the UA OX. I have to say, this is the first power attenuator that I bought that doesn't suck (out of the total of 3 over the years). I haven't yet explored the actual cab/mic modeling in it, but purely as a power soak, it's pretty...
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    Is this for real?

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    Ended up buying a Taylor 814ce

    Thanks to all for valuable advice. What an incredible instrument, holy crap. I should have bought a proper acoustic years ago.
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    If you were to buy a Taylor acoustic

    Which one would you buy and why?
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    Dude covers the entirety of Passion and Warfare, including all backing tracks:
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    Annoying email situation

    Every single company and government entity I've ever dealt with even peripherally is sending several emails per week about "their response to the coronavirus". Folks, for the love of god, just stop already. I don't give a shit how you deal with the coronavirus by and large. I care how my...
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    Options to block Floyd Rose trem?

    I'd like to sort of convert most of my guitars to a "fixed bridge" setup while leaving FR in place. There's Tremol-no which I have in one of my guitars, and it leaves much to be desired - the thumbscrews undo themselves after a while. I suppose I could just cut a wooden spacer and insert it...
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    Not sure if this was posted

    But it turns out Martin Miller can sing as well. Is there anything this man can't do? Also, Andy Timmons.
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    Such an obvious idea, you have to wonder, what took so long

    https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PlethoraX5--tc-electronic-plethora-x5-toneprint-multi-fx-pedalboard Basically my entire pedalboard consists of TC pedals, and now I can replace it with this thing.
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    Move over Tomas Haake

    Good lord. Apologies for the song title to those sensitive to that kind of thing.
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    "Bleed" drum cover

    By an 8 year old:
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    Need low power FRFR recommendations

    I’d like to set up an “upstairs” rig with my old AxeFX 2, and I need a good, low power FRFR monitor for it. Does such a thing exist? Requirements: Must be pretty low (bedroom) power, or at least sound good at those volume levels Must be single physical speaker, but stereo Must take Bluetooth...
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    Probably the most interesting guitarist today

    I mean, how does one even come up with something this catchy. Low gain, too. Clean AF.
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    Differentiable DSP

    So the other day I mentioned that it's a bit too early to be talking about truly "neural" DSP and we're nowhere close to it yet. Apparently, though, at least someone at Google is working on it: https://storage.googleapis.com/ddsp/index.html. Check out their voice to violin tone transfer...
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    Does anyone have a Marshall DSL1 yet?

    $299 for a Marshall tube head seems pretty unbelievable, and reviews are good. This thing even has an effects loop. I figure I could use one for my "upstairs" practice setup, which is currently amp-less. What's the catch?
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    I don’t understand how this is possible

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    Merry Christmas to me I guess

    Just placed an order for Axe FX3. Salivated long enough for sure, and Axe FX 2 served me well over the past 6 years (has it been that long). I know it's overkill but I don't care. Just checked my past orders: last time I paid $2200. This time I'm paying the equivalent of 2 Apple monitor stands...
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    Tinnitus sufferers rejoice

    https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/we-may-have-discovered-potential-remedy-tinnitus-spencer Mine is very mild, so I won't be needing this, but this sounds like something you could even easily DIY, well before FDA approves it as a medical device.
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    Things you find on Instagram

    Goosebumps all over
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    Unitune: less is more

    Who knew: removing the "bullshit" polytune mode from Polytune turns Polytune into a much better product, and at half the price. Same thing, basically, except for the mode that doesn't really work and only gets in the way. I'll be buying a couple more of these. At $25 there's no excuse not to...
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    macOS Catalina and Axe-Edit?

    So I upgraded to Catalina last night and now Axe-Edit can't see my Axe FX 2. Logic Pro X can't see the interfaces either. Is it just my setup or is anyone else having similar problems? The device does show up in hardware report, as "Vendor Specific" device, so it's not disconnected, but beyond...
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    Discovered these guys a few weeks ago through the DiMarzio channel on Youtube when looking for pickups. The kid (Tim Henson) kind of behaved like a pretentious prick, but then towards the end he started playing and I forgot about all of that. Dude is really good. And of the new "guitarist"...
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    Mixers today

    The FireWire option card in my Mackie ONYX 1220 kicked the bucket, and a couple of pots are scratchy, so I started looking into a replacement. Much to my surprise I discovered that nobody (and that includes Mackie) seems to actually make anything that's reasonably priced and offers the same...
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    That's it folks, time to fold up the tent

    https://openai.com/blog/musenet/ Towards the end of the page, check out this thing improvising over Rondo Alla Turca. Very impressive. Guitar should be safe for now though as there are no "MIDI recordings" of it, so this thing can't currently learn it, but jazz is in danger already IMO.
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    What a player: I've only discovered him today via Instagram
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    64-bit build of Axe-Edit for MacOS?

    So Mojave is popping up the dialog about the program being outdated or something to that effect, which I surmise is because Axe-Edit is 32 bit. Seeing that I'm an AxeFX II user with no immediate plans to upgrade to III, will there be a 64 bit build of Axe-Edit? I doubt there are many 32-bit only...
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    Interesting new strings

    Finally some innovation. Everyone else seems to be busy with the irrelevant "cobalt" or "cryogenic" bullshit. Along comes some Scottish professor and invents strings which stay in tune when you bend your chords with a whammy bar (!), and which can be put on any guitar. I mean, I don't know, most...
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    That pudgy 10 year old "Technical Difficulties" kid

    He's no longer 10 years old. He looks like this now: Pretty good IMO.
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    Metallica to perform with Lady Gaga @ Grammys

    What the actual f#$#? Can you even imagine this headline as a possibility before 1991? What's next, Metallica with Lil' Wayne?
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    Today I learned that "5150" is actually a code for involuntary psychiatric hold in California. I did not know the number actually meant anything.
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    so great.
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    I'm sure this has been suggested before (Fractal Bot)

    Why doesn't it automatically suggest firmware updates? I.e. whe I fire it up, I have to find the *.syx file, etc. And before I even find the *.syx, I have to go to the site and see if there's an update available, then download and unpack. Instead it could just check with the server and see if...
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    Headphones once again. How to make them sound like a cab?

    This thread is unlike most other "headphones" threads in that I'm not going to ask for advice on which headphones to buy. I already have several pairs of Sennheisers and AKGs and they sound great for playback. I'm looking for a no-compromise solution for late night practicing, and Axe just...
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    The kinds of things you can find on Youtube (backwards Metallica cover)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R2ERDANb8E Pretty cool, seems like a very creative group of folks. They played Enter Sandman backwards, and then reversed the video.
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    Apparently B.B.King has died

    Died peacefully in his sleep. The thrill is really gone now. RIP.
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    Tapatalk Popup Discussion

    Please disable the Tapatalk interstitial ad when I come here using iOS devices. It's freaking impossible to dismiss. Kthxbye.
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    Cheesy? Sure. But I like it.

  38. P

    Kids these days

    So I was trying to find out what Anton Oparin was up to (the chubby kid that played Gilbert's hardest stuff perfectly at the tender age of 12), and found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCMsm5qFUJw. Looks like he's not chubby anymore, and he sounds a lot less like Gilbert. The same perfect...
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    Looks like Steve Vai's Juice is fundamentally not "matchable"

    Listening to the isolated guitar track from Jammit, it sounds to me like he's mixing either pre-cab signal or a distortion pedal into the final tone in some strategic places within the song to add grit. Just a tiny bit. That's an interesting trick I haven't heard before.
  40. P

    Too much "sizzle" in the match

    So I tried tone match today. It does capture the basic structure of tone well, so I could live with it as-is, but the non-ideal part about it is there seems to be too much "top end" sizzle, and I can hear that in the mix. I'm capturing from isolated guitar tracks through USB, using roughly...
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    Govan: West Coast Grooves

    Accidentally stumbled upon it on Google All Access. Great album! Recommended. https://play.google.com/music/m/Bthu4m2t3aiqfsur6eq5mwsgohu
  42. P

    Hiromi Uehara in Seattle last night

    Did anyone else from WA see the show last night? Ho-ly-shit. Hiromi, Simon Phillips and Anthony Jackson, all three kicked ass super hard, but Hiromi is of course in a class of her own. I think they'll have to throw away the piano now. There was smoke rising from it towards the end of the show...
  43. P

    OK, screw it, I quit

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YXpfcZy2Sk. Outplayed by a 8 year old girl. :lol Maybe I should practice more.
  44. P

    So it looks like I'll be sending my DLM12's back

    One of the requirements I have for the speakers is that they should be usable at low volume. DLM12's sound all right to me, but they have a significant amount of hiss even when nothing is plugged in. They aren't "unusable" (hiss is masked when I'm playing, obviously), but not ideal either...
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    Axe FX 3 is coming out real soon now

    You know how I know? Because I finally broke down and upgraded my Standard to Axe FX 2. Coming in Dec 23rd. Merry Christmas to me. :D My estimate is, Axe FX 3 will be announced shortly after my return period ends. :lol
  46. P

    What's so special about Matrix GT1000?

    I see people are buying GT1000's left and right to run with their Axe, and I wonder what's so special about it, if anything? Why not get a Crown or a QSC? Bigger names, about the same money, undisputed quality and reliability. Could someone explain?
  47. P

    Techniques for identifying sources of EM interference?

    So I moved my guitar stuff to another room, and it seems that there's only a couple of spots in that room where I don't get a ton of 60Hz hum. I still get some, it's just not horrible. Does anyone have tips on how to nail down the source? The strength of the hum changes as I move around the...
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    Satriani show

    Just came back from the show in Seattle. Note to others planning to attend: unless you're a fan of Vernon Reid, skip Living Colour. God damn the guy is horrible. The bass player (Doug Wimbish) is pretty great, the singer is OK, but god damnit, they should get a different guitar player. Which of...
  49. P


    Go see "Gravity" in IMAX 3D. Preferably with Dolby Atmos sound, if it's available nearby. That is all. Hands down the best movie I have seen in the past couple of years.
  50. P

    Drummer kid

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_LkLssAvA38&noredirect=1#t=52 It's not only guitarists that get embarrassed by kids one fifth their age.
  51. P

    I'll just leave this here.

    Hiromi - Haze - YouTube God damn!
  52. P

    Epic chops

    ALKOTRIO, two for one - YouTube
  53. P

    I feel GAS coming on

    And it's not for guitar gear: Apple - Mac Pro. Gat damn that thing is a gorgeous beast. Will probably cost an arm and a leg. Designed and made in the US.
  54. P

    Tried Ableton 9

    Did I just luck out, or does it really have solid, bulletproof automatic tempo recognition? I dropped an mp3 track into it, and metronome "just works" somehow. Magic!
  55. P

    Sly SOB

    http://i.imgur.com/v7Fufvr.png - 45 takes? I wouldn't be able to do it in less than a hundred. And on the hundredth one, I'd go for a boob as well.
  56. P

    Yamaha THR10

    I bought one from eBay for my son, to replace his shitty Vox DA5. I wasn't expecting much, and man I am surprised at what you can get for $250 these days. I'm a difficult customer for modeling amps. I bought (and took back or sold on eBay) all sorts of Line 6 devices, a Fender Mustang and a...
  57. P

    Bogner Ecstacy Red pedal

    Just spent a couple of hours with it. I've never had a real Ecstacy, so I can't directly compare, but on its own the pedal is pretty awesome. The only downside is it seems pretty noisy at higher gain settings, but that's common with high gain pedals. I'm currently running it into Channel 1 of my...
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    12 pound 90 watt tube amp

    Milbert Amplifiers, Most Musical Amplifiers - has anyone seen these in the flesh? Sounds too good to be true, and the price is stiff, so I ain't buying one. I bet it has a switching power supply too (in addition to not having an output transformer). Auto-everything, put in whatever power tubes...
  59. P

    Powerline network interference

    Does anyone else run a powerline network in their house? I hooked up a pair of 300mbps adapters, and now I get "galloping horse" EMI pattern coming out of the speakers when I fire up my Mesa Mark V. AxeFX is unaffected, possibly because it's hooked up to a Furman, which in turn is hooked up to...
  60. P

    Great performance

    Grace Potter and Joe Satriani cover Cortez the Killer - YouTube Had to share.
  61. P

    Keyboard recommendation needed

    So my wife has expressed interest in getting back into piano and (I hope) other music. She took classes from about age 8 to 18 or so, and could play fairly well, but that was decades ago, and now she can pull a decent rendition of Fur Elise but not much more than that. I know absolutely nothing...
  62. P

    Next time you feel the urge to call yourself a musician...

    ... watch this: Hiromi Uehara - Place To Be - YouTube and it will pass. Moves me to tears, without fail.
  63. P

    Legacy 3

    Legacy 3, Steve Vai amp demo - Carvin - YouTube Say what you want, that lead tone is pretty badass. But then again, it's Steve we're hearing there. He once demoed a POS pocket recorder from Korg (search for "steve vai feathers"), and it still sounded like him. Axe II is prominently featured...
  64. P

    Impact Fuze

    impact fuze_MOSCOW - YouTube! 8-0. Ignore the singing. Guitar is pretty badass.
  65. P

    Looks like Logic 9 is $199 now.

    On the Mac AppStore. Neat!
  66. P

    This guy doesn't need an AxeFX

    Justin King gets tattoo, plays guitar - YouTube
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    New DT album

    Who the hell mixed this thing? You hire Mike freakin' Mangini and you drown him out with the rest of the band. What's the point? Overall, pretty decent album, though.
  68. P

    Freddie is back in another body

    My "Somebody To Love" audition - YouTube Holy crap.
  69. P


    Amazon.com: Randall RM1250 MTS Series 50 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head: Musical Instruments When I first saw this, I thought it was a Photoshop. Turns out it's not. You can buy this thing. :-)
  70. P

    Kids these days

    YouTube - ‪ Admit it, she's better than your drummer.
  71. P

    From Facebook

    History of Fractal - Cheezburger.com
  72. P

    Moved to a new house need to re-dial tones all over again.

    At the old place, I had carpet in my man cave, now it's hardwood floor, and the "cave" is three times larger, so I get _echo_ in there, and all my amps (and patches on the Axe) all of a sudden sound much brighter. They were _totally_ dialed in for the old room. I guess I need to "deaden" this...
  73. P

    Retarded question of the year

    In one of my presets, I somehow got the Delay block to show delay time in parentheses, like so: (250ms) And I'm unable to change it through the knob, since the knob has no effect. The delay does not have any controllers attached. If I delete it and re-add, it still shows up with...
  74. P

    The secret to Eric Johnson's tone

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwDexrX0 ... r_embedded It's at the very end of the video. My son has that amp. I just need a bottle of armor-all now to get it to sound decent. :lol:
  75. P

    Mesa Mark V

    Holy crap Randy's really put out a masterpiece with this one. It has more knobs than space shuttle, but all of them make sense and it sounds awesome, in all modes on all three channels. That's quite a feat, IMO. Previous Marks were all deficient in at least something (i.e. crunch channel sucked...
  76. P

    Gilmour and the Whammy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1hglPVT ... _embedded#! :shock: That's how it was meant to be used. There's harmonizer in there as well, but this is hands down the best example of how to do it right. Solo starts at 3:06, but the whole thing is awesome to listen to.
  77. P

    DI mode?

    Wouldn't it be nice if Axe had one amp model that would emulate _only_ the power amp? That way you could take FX loop send of your favorite tube head, send it to Axe-FX and record the result direct, with adjustable sag and effects.
  78. P

    Can I downgrade to 8.09?

    No matter what I do, I just can't get the CAE Lead sound like it did in 8.x, and that was the only model I ever used, so Axe is only useful to me now in the FX loop of my Egnater TOL 100 (which sounds great with Axe reverb and delay BTW). :cry: So I'm thinking of downgrading to 8.09, and...
  79. P

    Just what I was afraid of

    Never mind, I have arrived a the reasonable settings for CAE 3+ LD. Still doesn't sound as good as the old model, but hopefully I'll get there through EQ and advanced parameters.
  80. P

    Paul Gilbert's tone in "I Still Have That Other Girl"

    How does PG get his tone in this one? It's almost sounds like sustainer, but the overtones are sweet and natural. How would one go about dialing something like this in on the Axe?
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