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  1. Rhiza

    Alice In Chains - A Looking In View (Rythm Guitar Playthrough)

    Thanks! I spent hours getting everything spot on. Because I blended my guitar along with the original guitar track, I had to play it exactly the same, otherwise it would sound wrong/off :)
  2. Rhiza

    Alice In Chains - A Looking In View (Rythm Guitar Playthrough)

    Hi guys and gals, I did a playthrough of Alice in Chains' "A Looking in View" I really like this song and it's a very simple yet heavy song. I double tracked the rhythm guitar with the Axe-FX II (TS808, 5150 and Mesa 4x12) I tried my best to blend it in with the actual song. Went quite well I...
  3. Rhiza

    It's been an interesting run

    I bought the Axe-FX II simply because I can't afford having several amps, cabinets, microphones and effect pedals. Don't have the room for it either. I went down to my friends amazing studio one time and did an A/B test with a Mesa Dual Rectifier and a EVH 5150. Compared that to the Axe-FX II...
  4. Rhiza

    Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane Cover [5153 - Red Channel]

    Hi guys, long time no post. I've been extremely busy with studying. But I did this track a while ago and I think I forgot to share it. It's basically a cover I did of the song by Breaking Benjamin called Diary of Jane. I've always liked this track since first time I heard it, so it's an oldy but...
  5. Rhiza

    Merry Christmas.

    Sounds great! Merry Christmas :D
  6. Rhiza

    Misha Mansoor / ML Labs Cab Pack Q&A

    Hi Misha, Awesome cab mixes! I was wondering, do you remember what cab+mic you mixed together? I'm very interested in what mic combination did you use for the cab called ML Misha Mix 01 USA bulb? And are there any special mic combination you prefer? Thanks! -Spazi
  7. Rhiza

    Cab Pack 13! Misha Mansoor!!!

    Can't wait to try these out Mikko! :D
  8. Rhiza

    ideal sine sweep loudness when capturing IR's

    Thanks for the replies guys. I did some experimentation today and yes Francesco it does indeed change the IR a little. Generally all of them sound good though :) For me I found out that using lower volume sine sweep increases note separation? Or is it just me? Thanks for the heads up Matt, I'll...
  9. Rhiza

    ideal sine sweep loudness when capturing IR's

    Hi guys, Long time no post. So here goes. I've been messing around with capturing cabinet IRs myself with my Mesa 2x12 rectifier cabinet and so far I've gotten great IRs! So I was wondering, is there a sweet spot on how loud the sine sweep should be? Most people just say, turn it up till it...
  10. Rhiza

    Music Video recorded live during a Solar Eclipse 2015

    Hi guys, A friend of mine just sent me a link to their new music video containing a instrumental version of a doom metal song called "Deyðir Varðar" I still have goosebumps while writing this. The video was shot during the Full solar eclipse in the Faroe Islands on a mountain. The amount of...
  11. Rhiza

    Does the Axe FX come with Pro Tools?

    Pro Tools is subscription based now, so you only get one year support, then you have to pay a annual or monthly fee to get updates. Unless you really have to, I wouldn't recommend using Pro Tools. This comes from a Pro Tools user. I know a lot of people say it's the pro way to go, but you will...
  12. Rhiza

    Some bluesy licks with 18 beta, HBE, a Les Paul and OH V3 MIX

    Damn that HBE sounds awesome. It's becoming my favorite amp for rock tone. Great playing btw, nice tone :)
  13. Rhiza

    Axe FX II and Kemper Profiler (Yes, another one...please read!)

    Ok without adding more fuel to the fire, I feel I need to throw in my opinion as well. I should start by saying that I've been an Axe-FX user for some time. I work as a salesman at a guitar shop where we sell/sold amp sims like Eleven Rack, Line 6 stuff and etc. I regularly use/test amp plugins...
  14. Rhiza

    Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer: FW18 + Cab Pack 9

    really like the tone on this one Clark, great job :)
  15. Rhiza

    USA Custom Shop Strandberg Koa Run!

    Gah, where is my money when I need it :(
  16. Rhiza

    new Les Paul, what pickups should I consider?

    I have a Les Paul that used to have 57 classic humbuckers. Great stuff, but it wasn't versatile enough for me. I went ahead with a Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set. A very typical set of pickups but very versatile. I can use that guitar for anything from Metal to Jazz :)
  17. Rhiza

    8/9 string Gtrs, Fan frets necessary for intonation?

    Yeah, 27" to 28" works just great for me anyway. I wouldn't mind a fanned fret guitar though. Ibanez are making one as we speak :)
  18. Rhiza

    Is this a real 75 Les Paul?

    will need more pictures. Wouldn't mind pictures of the headstock and the interior routing. Gibson did print the serial number during the 70's I looked up that serial number, it seems legit.
  19. Rhiza

    8/9 string Gtrs, Fan frets necessary for intonation?

    I work at a guitar shop and I've had discussions about Fanned Fret/multiscale and heavy gauge strings/tuning. It's no wonder that longer scale length gives your strings a tighter tone and makes it sound less muddy, especially low tuned strings. There is a paradox however, longer scale makes...
  20. Rhiza

    Power Amp Suggestions - Behringer?

    Try the magnum 44 from electro harmonix. Really like it, and it's cheap :)
  21. Rhiza

    Advise on learning to setup my own guitars?

    I do truss rod first, then action, then intonation :) If the nut is too high, I might to that one first.
  22. Rhiza

    Advise on learning to setup my own guitars?

    Well, I work as a guitar tech at a local guitar shop downtown. I'm amazed that people don't learn themselves to service their instruments. It's really easy! :) The only concerns are the tools. Adjusting a guitar doesn't require much, but fully servicing a guitar or replacing parts does require a...
  23. Rhiza

    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    Ok this went totally off topic... In other news, I'm glad to report that my Axe-FX II has been fixed! I decided to have my local radio mechanic (probably the best one in the kingdom of Denmark) take a look at it and it only took a few hours and he fixed it right up. Apparently the PSU...
  24. Rhiza

    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    at the moment the band and me are dealing with insurance. Hopefully they will cover this, otherwise the band has to give me a new Axe-FX II, or atleast pay for the repairs. Hoping for the best!
  25. Rhiza

    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    Update: Now it's completely broken, won't even turn on. The powersupply said a few crackling sounds and poof! It's dead. Two airline companies were involved, so I'm not sure which airport was the one that did the damage. Either way, the airline companies don't take responsibility for broken...
  26. Rhiza

    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    worst part is no one is held responsible. They checked through 3 airports. There is no way we will ever know who took it apart.
  27. Rhiza

    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    Hi guys, It's rare that I complain about airport security but this one has to be put down in writing. Long story short. Since I became a dad couple of months ago the Axe-FX II has been collecting dust and I decided to lend out my Axe-FX II to a band I'm good loyal friends with to make touring...
  28. Rhiza

    Bitwig, First impressions

    So, as of this writing Bitwig is version 1.0.5 I've been a happy Ableton Live user since version 8.0 and I haven't really found any DAW that makes me tick like Live does... Until now. When Bitwig was announced I was really excited, one year went by and BOOM! Here it is, bitwig version 1.0...
  29. Rhiza

    NGD - ESP Eclipse I CTM

    Hi guys, I work at a guitar store and we just recently got hold of a ESP Eclipse I was the one who picked which model, but I didn't have any intention of buying it. After it arrived I fired up a EVH 5150 and played the guitar for 5 minutes and I was sold! Wow what a guitar! I said to my boss...
  30. Rhiza

    Axe-FX II vs TSE & Poulin plugins

    I have to agree. When I was a amp noob I always blamed the amp sims for being bad. Started messing around with IR's and quickly found out that they are indeed everything! Axe-FX is superior in so many levels, but still cool that you can get decent distortion even on a low budget :) A lot of amp...
  31. Rhiza

    Joining the Mayones Family!

    That is just crasy beautiful! Drooling here!...
  32. Rhiza

    Axe-FX II vs TSE & Poulin plugins

    Hi guys. Me and a friend met up the other day, installed Ableton on his computer and since he doesn't have an amp we decided to install free amp sim software from TSE and Poulin. We were pretty surprised it sounded this good considering it's actually free! So just for fun I decided to compare...
  33. Rhiza

    About USB, Drivers, OS-X, etc.

    I have experienced same issue with other interface manufacturers like presonus. Fractal audio is not alone in this matter.
  34. Rhiza

    Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum 44W Guitar Power Amplifier + Axe-Fx

    Just have to revive this old thread. I've been looking like crasy for a small poweramp with a nice price. A friend of mine who uses kemper suggested it to me. We are 3 guys, me using axe fx the other guys uses kemper and line 6 HD500. Did you deactivate the poweramp simulation in the axe fx...
  35. Rhiza

    exported tonematch doesn't sound the same

    Yup, that is true. Still like it better when the smoothing is set to 50% :p
  36. Rhiza

    Guthrie Govan - Remember When

    Sounds good, nice tone and playing :)
  37. Rhiza

    exported tonematch doesn't sound the same

    Are you sure that we are talking about the same thing? Having smoothing at 100% causes it to be bright and unpleasent to the ears.
  38. Rhiza

    exported tonematch doesn't sound the same

    Nope, not using any cab, just amp and tonematch, I then duplicated that preset into another slot and removed the tonematch and used the exported IR from the tonematch to a cab. Just doesn't sound the same. I found out that the problem is the smoothing, It's set to 50% percent and it seems to me...
  39. Rhiza

    exported tonematch doesn't sound the same

    Hi guys, I did a tonematch of a isolated stem and I got something that sounded even better than the original! Anyway, I exported the tonematch to a user cab and I noticed that it doesn't sound the same, the high end is a little off. Exporting is as high resolution, 50% smoothing and using it...
  40. Rhiza

    Iphone to Galaxy s4

    Damn, I did not know that. I think both have pros and cons. I like my android phone cause I have more freedom there to do what I want. I forgot to mention that I have an ipad which I love. I can buy magazines cheaply and check mails/forums faster than on the computer.
  41. Rhiza

    Anyone noticed that fractal forum rocks?

    Hi guys, I haven't been online lately. I've been on other forums (not mentioning names) and it's been a dissapointing experience. Every time I go on another forum, I always think "I wish this forum was as good as the fractal forum" You guys are and this forum is very inspiring, funny, cool...
  42. Rhiza

    Iphone to Galaxy s4

    I don't own a S4 of Iphone 5, never have. I do have a ipod touch and a android phone. It's amazing how much I like the iOS over android. I'm a huge linux fan but Android just rubs me the wrong way sometimes. In iOS, everything is just so easy. I don't like the price and features of the iphone...
  43. Rhiza

    little travel guitar sounds HUGE with axe fx 2!!

    Nice video and guitar :)
  44. Rhiza

    Since I have had my Axe II

    Since I have had my Axe II, Tone has never been better! :)
  45. Rhiza

    FW 10.06 Carvin Legacy I - Kirill Safonov - Grief (May Lian cover)

    Top notch stuff! I'm really impressed :)
  46. Rhiza

    I feel GAS coming on

    I'm guessing it will be overpriced, but it looks cool enough. I'm probably not going to jump on that apple train since it doesn't have firewire 400. My RME stuff uses firewire and a lot of other interface developers too. Not very smart :p I've already decided that my next computer will be from...
  47. Rhiza

    8 string guitars?

    I actually like my rg2228 more than I did before, just had to get used to it and the pickups. Actually just ordered seymour duncan nazgul 8 string pickup to replace the emg's ;) The 808's are great if you are into emg's. I just like passive pickups better. But that's just me hehe :)
  48. Rhiza

    8 string guitars?

    You should look into multiscaled or fanned fret guitars. Tosin has a Strandberg guitar with 28" - 26.5" scale length and it sounds great too :) You can order a custom one, doesn't cost more than a really expensive 8 string. But there is a waiting list :( If you want a production model, Washburn...
  49. Rhiza

    8 string guitars?

    I own a Ibanez RG2228, sometimes I regret buying it. It's a decent instrument, but it costs too much. The neck is so thin it get's very unstable. Can't really put thicker strings on it either. The reason why I would buy a Blackjack SLS is because it's the most "bang-for-the-buck" you will get...
  50. Rhiza

    8 string guitars?

    Schecter's blackjack SLS C-8 Features a 28 inch scale length which I would recommend.
  51. Rhiza

    A new song I recorded!

    Love the song title ;)
  52. Rhiza

    For those with Lemur and Ableton... Happy Day

    Looks nice, will check that out :)
  53. Rhiza


  54. Rhiza


    Found this backing track. Tonematch it or something :)
  55. Rhiza


    Maybe matching their setup helps? Mostly used Rectifiers for rhythm parts. From what I understand the guitars used were strats with alder body, later gibson ES-333 both with high output pickups. That's about it, hope this helps :)
  56. Rhiza

    First time having "real" surgery....

    Oooh have a pleasent recovery mate. Take good care of yourself and I'll send some positive thoughts and prayers your way :)
  57. Rhiza

    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    My Telecaster Baritone that I built myself. It's currently my favorite guitar and I just installed a matched pair of Bare Knuckle Aftermaths I've been having a ton of fun! :)
  58. Rhiza

    New Toy

    Nice! I really want one myself but gotta spend money on something else hehe. I love the les paul juniors too :)
  59. Rhiza

    Just bought a house!

    Wow I haven't been online and didn't see all your awesome responses. Cobrango, you silly nerd! :D I know a house can be a chain around my neck. But I've wasted so much money on everything else and the mortgage is only 10 years and I'm done paying for it. As I said, dead cheap. Thanks for all...
  60. Rhiza

    How bad is the learning curve for superior drummer

    When I started out, I used ez drummer and used the drag and drop function of midi clips a lot. Really great feature! Programming simple drums is easy, usually I'll just have the midi velocity at 120 (goes from 0 to 127) Just a simple beat with some variation from verse to chorus really makes the...
  61. Rhiza

    Just bought a house!

    thanks, still needs a lot of stuff to move around. But so far it feels awesome to realize that I'll be living here for years and don't have to worry about rent hehe :)
  62. Rhiza

    Just bought a house!

    Can't believe it's really happened. I'm turning 28 and me and my girlfriend decided to buy this house we saw for sale in her hometown. The price was so low that it was a complete steal. And of course, first things first, I immediately started setting up my "music room" and the girlfriend was...
  63. Rhiza

    Wish Me Luck

    Woohoo, best wishes!!! :D
  64. Rhiza

    Guitar Studio - What do i need?

    I can vouch for yamaha monitors, they are nicely priced and sound flat/true and I trust them completely when doing mixes. I don't think you need to get a new interface. I used to have a mbox 2 and the latency was ok. I did get a better interface but it costed 4 times more and the latency...
  65. Rhiza

    Friend of mine just got his guitar stolen

    Thanks for the support guys, really means a lot. He deserves the best. The guitar got stolen in copenhagen in Denmark, and I'm taking all your suggestions, writing them down and sending them to him. He's really sad, not every day my mates cry over a guitar. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  66. Rhiza

    Friend of mine just got his guitar stolen

    Cheers bud, I'll let him know.
  67. Rhiza


    Hej, en af mine venner fik sin guitar stjålet i dag i København. Det er en ibanez rg uv 777 Hvis der er nogen som ser en billigt til salg vil jeg gerne vide det. Al hjælp ville være dejligt!
  68. Rhiza

    Friend of mine just got his guitar stolen

    I was just about to go to sleep and decided to check my mails and facebook. I read his facebook update, he seemed to be in a bad mood so I decided to be a friend and ask him if everything was ok. He said that he sat outside with his guitar, went inside for couple of seconds, and when he came...
  69. Rhiza

    Heavy/Djenty FAS Modern - Slate VTM Test

    Sounds crasy! Nice one mate :)
  70. Rhiza

    On which speakers you listen to your Axefx2?

    I use Yamaha HS50m monitors to listen to patches and when I'm mixing. I use this setup for practical reasons and sound wise. Axe fx II via spdif to RME fireface 400 and then to my monitors. Only reason I do this is because I only have to unplug the one spdif cable when using it in studio or...
  71. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    And here it is 90% done Oiled it with teak oil about 5 times, fitted a seymour duncan jazz at the neck and a vintage gibson dirty fingers at the bridge. Will change it to bare knuckle aftermath when they arrive. Switchcraft toggle switch and one push/push volume pot for splitting to singe coils...
  72. Rhiza

    Just got back from a concert...

    Awesome mate, sounds like you had fun :) I saw meshuggah live last year at a festival. A friend of mine was helping on stage, he told me it was all Axe fx. It sounded awesome of course :)
  73. Rhiza

    AxeFX USB + Audio Interface = Ground Problem?

    A fast way to know if its the adapter that is causing the problems is to unplug it and run on batteries for a short while. If the noise stops, it's the adapter.
  74. Rhiza

    Holdsworth patches v10

    Great, I was actually going to ask you to upload them for firmware 10. You were way ahead of me hehe :) Thanks buddy!
  75. Rhiza

    AxeFX USB + Audio Interface = Ground Problem?

    Is everything grounded properly? Either way, have you tried using SPDIF? If you use spdif you should still have the same setup.
  76. Rhiza

    Stupid move of the day

    Ouch! Get well soon mate :nightmare:
  77. Rhiza

    Ultra Power Failure

    First of all, be careful not to touch anything that you shouldn't Dealing with power supplies can be hazardous and you could get a electrical shock. So be careful. Either way, most power supplies are the same, just different voltages and such. Is there any way to see is there are any numbers or...
  78. Rhiza


    Have you Tried re-installing the axe fx drivers?
  79. Rhiza

    Any Superior 2.0 programming tutorials out there?

    Then you know how I felt after using the program for a good while and realised what velocity was :P You live and you learn mate :)
  80. Rhiza

    Any Superior 2.0 programming tutorials out there?

    Hi Greg, Don't worry, we've all been down that road. It wasn't until recently I actually started being "good" at programming drums. I can't really point at any tutorial since I learned it the hard way, but I can say that when you program drums you do it in midi (of course) Midi notes works like...
  81. Rhiza

    Boston tragedy

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families. I wish them all the best.
  82. Rhiza

    Hi all just purchased ,y axe II

    Welcome to the forums Blackjack :)
  83. Rhiza

    Chi Cheng, bassist of the Deftones is dead.

    I donated money to fund his recovery, I'm glad it went for a good cause. So sad to see him go. I wish the best for his family and friends.
  84. Rhiza

    OT - Who plays a Les Paul, and what do you use it for?

    I have a 57' Goldtop that I use for rock and blues, but I can sometimes get a pretty decent jazz tone too :) I use my Baritone Les paul mostly for metal, it's a killer :D
  85. Rhiza

    Recording Direct via USB

    Are you talking about your demo mix being lower in dB? That should have something to do with the fact that the songs that you buy is mixed and mastered? Am I understanding your question?
  86. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    I'm pretty sure I'll oil the thing :) But thanks!
  87. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    Just went by my guitar dealer and saw this :) Really looking forward to assembling this guitar!
  88. Rhiza

    8-string song made with FW10

    Have to say the same, really well mixed. Not muddy or too compressed (I tend to compress too much) Sounds very even and nice tone :)
  89. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    Looks very cool mate! :)
  90. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    Well lucky for me I'm gonna start my new job at a local guitar dealer who also specializes in custom builds, so he got all the tools ;) I have a dream of building my own 8 string one day :)
  91. Rhiza

    Telecaster Baritone Build thread

    Alright, due to some major problem with having things in stock almost all the parts have arrived! Only thing missing is the pickups. Will upload pictures soon!
  92. Rhiza

    Death Metal Song - FW10

    sounds killer! :)
  93. Rhiza


    hobbies eh? Well as a kid I pulled things apart and tried to figure out how they worked. Had a lot of problems putting them together again, but I learned a lot and now I can fix almost anything. Sometimes I'm just plain lucky. I do a lot of DIY stuff, studio gear, Synths, stuff like that...
  94. Rhiza

    Firmware 10 is unusable for me...

    aaawww, that's cool man :)
  95. Rhiza

    V10 Update

    Sounds great guys! Keep up the good work :)
  96. Rhiza

    Animals As Leaders Rig Rundown

    Totally agree, I think it's overrated. The audience won't hear the difference, I wont even hear the difference, and my ears are pretty good. Oh well, as long as he is happy I guess :)
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