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  1. Phil M

    Pete Thorn FM3 Demo

    Some ear candy for sure, as well as some eye candy! I had a similar root beer metallic Suhr Modern back in 2009 ... :disappointed: I also like how Pete picked the CCV for the heavy part because when I had an AX8, the CCV was a standout for me as well. It validates that my ears are working LOL!
  2. Phil M

    The interface in the FM3

    I was looking at the Audient ID4 and ID14 as well as the new SSL2+ Interfaces. I also plan to get the FM3 and I know that has a USB interface built in. If I have a new iMac and get an FM3, I don’t need to get another interface for the following home use cases (please confirm): 1. I want to...
  3. Phil M

    Favourite Amp models

    When I had the AX8, I was shocked how many amp models sounded good. It was fun at first but I totally got overwhelmed after awhile so I focused. I got to a point where I decided I wanted amp model/IR combinations that sounded consistent when I switched between them. I don’t have my FM3 yet...
  4. Phil M

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Congrats. wow, we’re up to June 10, 2019 already ... sounds like I’ll have to decide sooner than I expected (I got on the list 8/1).
  5. Phil M

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Yikes, I’m 8/1/19 and figured I had several months. Now I’m thinking it may be much sooner than that.
  6. Phil M

    Just got my FM3 on Tuesday...

    I agree. When I get my FM3, I will definitely get a FC6 before using it live.
  7. Phil M

    How will you use the FM3? Share your upcoming rig ideas!

    Imma plug my geetar init. I got on the list 8/1/19. Should get my invite any minute now.;) seriously ... Digitech Drop, Tuner, Teese RMC10 wah. I’ll let the FM3 do the rest. Maybe a delay in the loop as a safety blanket. I want to run direct and will try that. If it’s not for me, I guess...
  8. Phil M

    AX8 Serial Number Sticker

    YES, to the OP. My serial sticker has looked like that since new. A really stupid way to attach a serial # on such a pricey piece of gear. It’s not a given that everyone is gonna keep their units forever but no buyer will be interested in one that looks “shady”. But yeah, AX8 tones still...
  9. Phil M

    Got my AX8 today......

    I have an old iMac and even older Presonus Firebox. Through my crappy Behringer studio monitors, the AX8 sounds like garbage. But it’s the Behringers, not the AX8! I would hate the AX8 if that was the only way I’d ever heard it! Luckily I have some decent AKG headphones and the AX8 lives up...
  10. Phil M

    Fryette Power Station?

    Same here. AX8 into PS-2 into guitar cab. Cab block is disabled, power amp model is enabled for the reasons yek states below. I have different presets with the cab block enabled for direct recording and I look forward to using them when I can finally afford FRFR. That’s why I initially...
  11. Phil M

    AX8 suddenly loses all low end

    Does this happen when changing presets in the AX8 itself, or when switching via AX8 Edit? This occasionally happens to me but I associated it with AX8 Edit for some reason. Flipping presets and then back to the one I want usually fixes it.
  12. Phil M

    What amp covers the most territory ?

    I’d choose either the 100 watt plexi or the Brit 800 for that gig
  13. Phil M

    New user. WOW.

    Congrats! I’m from a similar background with the Torpedo Live and a few tube amp heads (which I still think sound amazing!) But the AX8 is “right there” from a tone perspective. Plus it has more amps than I could ever own, has a ton of effects, and is WAY lighter, smaller and simpler to set up.
  14. Phil M

    Creating a Preset from the Front Panel

    I will watch this for sure. I got my AX8 two months ago and have barely touched the pedal itself for preset creation or modification. I’ve been tied to AX8 Edit for that. It’s time to cut the cord ... figuratively, of course!
  15. Phil M

    Monitors for bedroom volume

    I’m a little gun shy on the desk top monitors, but I guess spend as much as you can afford and don’t skimp. My AX8 sounds horrendous through the Behringers I bought for cheap a couple years ago. I’d look into the Adam and JBL options listed above.
  16. Phil M

    The Pitch Detune....

    I’ve never tried it on the Fractal but I will today. In the past, I’ve never heard one of these types of effects work right for drop tuning and gave up. I’ve always just brought another guitar and grouped songs by tuning. Kind of a pain, so it would be cool if I can get the AX8 to sound...
  17. Phil M

    X is back.....& loving the V9 update!!!

    Ha! I just got an AX8 last month. After the initial flurry of trying out each amp model and envisioning how I might use them, I ended up gravitating towards very familiar models. Splawn/JVM/Cameron and the DC-30/AC-20! :D
  18. Phil M

    Just when i was about to buy a Friedman naked.....

    I thought he only used the Fractal for effects. Does he now use it for amp modeling as well? I have one of the earlier Naked heads that looks like a Marshall JMP. It’s an incredible amp.
  19. Phil M

    New AX8 with issues

    OP, you asked because I think you wanted to incite people and but I think your expectations are unreasonable. What you described is exactly how I’d expect the situation would be handled with a product that isn’t available locally. Send it back, let Fractal sort it out. They’ll assess it and...
  20. Phil M

    "Essential" Amps on the AX8

    Couldn’t the DSL be dialed in using one of the JVM models and tweaking? I know the real world amps have differences (I’ve owned both), but they’re in a similar universe so it seems like the software Model should be able to get it done.
  21. Phil M

    "Essential" Amps on the AX8

    I’m going to revisit the Angle / Engl. it was one of the models that struck me when I first sampled the various amps but then I settled on a few others. I love the brute force and clarity in those Angle Severe clips by Leon.
  22. Phil M

    Fracbot Backup Taking Forever

    OP, let us know how it goes. I had trouble with the 9.02 update the first time - it was hung up and never finished. It worked the 2nd time. I’m still having trouble with backups. I’ve had to resort to backing up single banks. Luckily I don’t have many presets yet but I could see this being a...
  23. Phil M

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    I haven’t looked at everything, and can’t directly A/B the different firmwares, but I’ll probably replace the CCV model.
  24. Phil M

    "Essential" Amps on the AX8

    I’ve only had mine about a month or so and have been overwhelmed by the choices - analysis paralysis! LOL As I make my way through and play the various models, there are some standouts though: I flip flop on the JCM 800 models - Brit 800, 800 Mod, and 800 #34. Cameron CCV Morgan AC-20 5F8...
  25. Phil M

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    Just did the 9.02 update ... finding the same as Eric on my CCV preset. It’s very weak compared to what it was. I’ll need to do some revising. Not sure about the rest.
  26. Phil M

    First live gig

    LOL, it will be awhile before I get a chance to try the AX8 live, but I can relate to that last point ..,
  27. Phil M

    UPDATED: Under-rated amp models - High and Low Gain

    So I visited/revisited these models myself today. Different results since I didn’t use Leon’s IR but some were close. The Cameron CCV is even better than I remember so I ended up making my own preset. I think I will be using this model a lot.
  28. Phil M

    UPDATED: Under-rated amp models - High and Low Gain

    Good eye! (And ears). I agree with Leon that it’s the most accurately modeled amp in the Fractal that I’ve come across. The Input and drive levels work like the real thing. Never played a Nitro but I played Splawn Quickrods and Pro Mods for 10 years. I’m still trying to get those models to...
  29. Phil M

    Improved Delay Block in 9.00

    I think you’re going to be pleased when the FX8 update comes out. The DMM really stands out to me now.
  30. Phil M

    IR's in FW9

    Great news if true. I just got my AX8 a few weeks ago and liked very few of the cab IRs. After reading this, I can’t wait to take a spin through the IRs again (downloaded the AX8 beta firmware last night). Thanks for the heads up.
  31. Phil M

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Corncob M50 (Cornford MK50 II)

    Ran across this one today in my AX8 and it might be my new favorite for higher gain. Very balanced ... sounds perfect.
  32. Phil M

    Dialling in the MK IV

    Awesome! Bless your heart, Leon. Most of the amp models in the presets sound ok to me but the Mesa Marks had me scratching my head. I like “real” Marks so I’m definitely gonna try your tips here. Please do the Dumbles next! LOL ... I find them totally dark and muddy and haven’t found the...
  33. Phil M

    Amp models that took over

    For me, the Brit 800 Mod, Matchless Dee Cee 30, 5F8 Tweed, and Morgan AC-20 are ruling the roost. I could probably get down to 3 by picking the AC-20 - kinda similar to the Matchless model.
  34. Phil M

    Amp models that took over

    I like that Ruby Rocket as well! Never heard of one before I got the Fractal. I’ve had fun playing around with the Ruby, Komets, and Trainwreck models.
  35. Phil M

    Amp models that took over

    Just like the real thing. Great amps. And the models are good too.
  36. Phil M


    Yeah, Atomic seem to be the ones to get but it seems like they’re rarely available. I had some emails with the guy from Xitone and he seems very responsive and passionate about his product. I’m thinking those are probably right up there with the Atomic CLR.
  37. Phil M

    Monitors - Behringer 50USB - YIKES

    Get what you pay for - I hear that. I got them a couple of years ago on a whim but haven’t used them much.
  38. Phil M


    Cool, thx. I may look into one of these since I can prob find one locally and return it if I don’t care for it. Atomic and Xitone are stretch since I can’t hear them first (and $$$).
  39. Phil M

    Monitors - Behringer 50USB - YIKES

    I’m curious about your experiences with the 50USB, either generally or specifically with your Fractal gear. I’m a long time guitarist but only dabble in home recording. I have old gear - a late 2009 iMac, a much older Presonus Firebox interface, current version of GarageBand and some...
  40. Phil M


    Can this be down on the floor or does it have to be up on a table or a pole?
  41. Phil M

    Power amp & guitar speakers vs. Studio monitors - opinions on setups

    I have the Fryette PS-2. I just got my AX8 a couple of weeks ago (sorry, not XL+ but same idea). When I ran through the PS-2 and guitar cab, I left the power amp sims on and just turned off the cab block. I did this because I figured when you use a real amp with the PS, the amp’s power...
  42. Phil M

    Favorite Clean Amp Model for pedals?

    Hmm, I got the AX8 to ditch my pedals. I’m still pretty new to the unit. I still have my Allen Old Flame which devours drive pedals, along with a ton of overdrives, distortions and a few fuzzes. Now you’ve got me wondering what something like the Rockett Archer or The Dude would sound like...
  43. Phil M

    New AX8 Is Blowing My Mind

    Ha, I agree! Though I’m finding it’s a rabbit hole all its own.
  44. Phil M

    Which Amp in the AX8 is closest to a 65 Amps Soho?

    Man, that AC-20 is a great amp model. One of my top amps in a box loaded with great amps.
  45. Phil M

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Wrecker Express (Trainwreck Express)

    Wow, Komets and Trainwrecks at the tap of a footswitch - Amazing! The possibilities are endless with the Fractal and I'm gonna try this combination tonight. Carry on ... :cool:
  46. Phil M

    Friedman ASM-12

    Does the ASM-12 color the sound more than the typical FRFR monitor? I’m asking because I’ll want to get some sort of FRFR for my new AX8 soon. It seems like it would be hard to get a feel for your true sound if your guitar backline FRFR monitor sounds different than the FOH speakers that the...
  47. Phil M

    Big Problem With Noise!

    Dimmers and computer monitors definitely affect this stuff. I’ve run into it many times with guitars and amps too. I’m just learning about them but have you tried the Humbuster cables mentioned in the Fractal manual?
  48. Phil M

    The Honey moon is over...

    I’m still in my first few days ... so many good models, many of them indistinguishable from the real thing. So far: Tucana 3 Plexi 1970 Brit 800 #34 Matchless C-30 Morgan AC20 Mesa Dual Rec Vintage Orange I’m looking for more clean models. I’ve owned vintage Fenders and Allen amps but the...
  49. Phil M

    Tucanas. New vids, preset... QRev.9B.

    I agree. I own the Carol Ann SD60 which is very close to the Tucana 3 but with 6L6 instead of KT88. I played the Fractal Tuc preset and thought it was close. Then I switched the power tube model from KT88 to 6L6 and it sounded pretty much just like mine direct.
  50. Phil M

    Another successful outing with my AX8

    Awesome. I like raw raunchy tones too, which is what kept me away so long. I knew the modelers could do metal and pristine cleans but I didn’t think it could do rawk. Boy was I wrong.
  51. Phil M

    best amps for clean to dirty

    Good thread, especially for a plexi and modded Marshall fiend like myself. Since I like to use my guitar’s volume knob to get varying shades of drive, the amps mentioned in this post will be a good starting point. And based on my limited experience (only plugged into my new AX8 twice), I agree...
  52. Phil M

    New AX8 Is Blowing My Mind

    Yeah, I was surprised by that, I barely remember it!
  53. Phil M

    New AX8 Is Blowing My Mind

    I could see that happening to me too though I’m not quite there yet. But I’m obviously on the path! It will be hard to decide what to keep
  54. Phil M

    New AX8 Is Blowing My Mind

    I’m a relative noob to modeling technology though I do have some experience with Fractal. I owned an AxeFX Standard very briefly in 2011 but it was enough to convince this skeptic. The amp tones were there even back then. In late 2015 I learned of the AX8 and immediately got on the list but...
  55. Phil M

    Can the standard do Dual Amp + Cab + (Basic) Effects

    I don't know if it will give you the two guitar tone you referenced, but I just got a Standard a few days ago and you can run Amp1 and Amp2 (for example, run a Marsha Brown Eye for Amp1 and a Trainwreck sim for Amp2). Then each can have their own Cab and Effect lines. I think this can then be...
  56. Phil M

    Using Cab sims into a guitar cabinet

    What are you using for a power amp with your AxeFX?
  57. Phil M

    Completely New To All Of This.

    Thanks, Sam. Once I get my firewire cable (and a few spare hours!) I'll be ready to go.
  58. Phil M

    Axe-fx standard availability ?

    The amp was my Splawn Pro Mod running into a 2x12 cab. I ran the Out from the back of the Axe-FX into the effects Return on the amp head. The volume controls on the amp didn't work which surprised me--I knew I was bypassing the Splawn's preamp but I thought the master vol would still work...
  59. Phil M

    Completely New To All Of This.

    Thanks. As for DAW, will GarageBand work OK at least just to get started?
  60. Phil M

    Completely New To All Of This.

    I just got my AxeFX Standard today and am not exactly sure how I'll hook it up to my computer (newer iMac). Your post is helpful. My friend gave me his old PreSonus Firebox last year but I've never used it. I think he said all I'll need is a firewire cable(?) Sounds like once I get that, the...
  61. Phil M

    Axe-fx standard availability ?

    I happened to check last Friday and got one of the last new ones. Every other time I've checked, they weren't available. Just came today - need to figure out the best way to use it. Didn't sound that great in the effects return of my amp (turned off the cab emulator and something else that...
  62. Phil M

    Marsha Hairy Brown Eye VIDEO Clip

    Damn, Mark. That is a killer sounding vid. I've watched your stuff and have had similar gear (Modern, PT50). Can't wait to try an AxeFX.
  63. Phil M

    Standard/Ultra firmware 11

    Thank you. Looking forward to it.
  64. Phil M

    Standard/Ultra firmware 11

    If you buy one of the few remaining Standards/B-stock Ultras from the Fractal Yahoo store, does it come with the latest firmware 11.0 pre-installed?
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