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  1. shredi knight

    Shredi's 7th Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Happy Father's Day to all who it applies. :)
  2. shredi knight

    (YT Find) "The Capt Meets The Mighty John Petrucci" (Great JP-2C Tones Abound!)

    Great discussion with Johhn Petrucci about his history, influences & of course, his gear. Long, in-depth look at his signature Mesa Boogie JP-2C amp, with JP dialing in & demoing lots of fantastic tones. Possibly a good source for Tone-Matching (though I've never had much luck TM'ing YouTube...
  3. shredi knight

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser Trailer

  4. shredi knight

    Fixed Q 7.02 - Amp block's Preamp Hardness parameter not retaining altered values/Possibly not functioning

    - The Preamp Hardness parameter (Amp block's Advanced page) reverts back to it's default value after it's been altered. If you change the value, then leave the Amp block's Advanced page, then come back, the value will be back to it's default setting. Altered values also revert back to default...
  5. shredi knight

    HELP - Axe-Fx Suddenly Not Reacting To Expression Pedal's Full Sweep

    Last night I was trying to diagnose some zipper noise I was having with one of my 2 expression pedals (Boss FV-500H). With the patch I was using, expression pedal #1, which is directly plugged into my Ground Control Pro midi floor board's pedal jack, is attached to a Drive block and controls the...
  6. shredi knight

    Shredi's 6th Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Happy Father's Day to all who it applies. :)
  7. shredi knight

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser Trailer

    Oh Yeah! :cool:
  8. shredi knight

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens - International Trailer #2

    (My other thread for the official trailer & international trailer #1 seems to have disappeared, so I'm starting a new one for this latest trailer.) International (Chinese) trailer #2. Many of the scenes are in the previous trailers, but there's enough new footage/dialogue (including a quick...
  9. shredi knight

    Shredi's 5th Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Happy Father's Day to all who it applies. :D
  10. shredi knight

    What happened to the Fetch Backup/Factory Preset features in the Utility menu?

    On the Utility menu's "Preset" page there are 2 utilities for recalling saved user & factory presets that are stored in the Axe's flash memory ("FETCH BACKUP PRESET" & "FETCH FACTORY PRESET"). Prior to FW 18.11, to use this utility you would scroll through numbers (1-384) to find the # of the...
  11. shredi knight

    New EB/Sterling By Music Man Demo Series Featuring John Petrucci & The Mark IIc+

    Lots of IIc+ tonal goodies in these demos for all my fellow Petrucci nuts. Enjoy :) (I actually think these first 2 demos featuring the budget Sterling guitars sound the best, though that's probably due to the fact that he doesn't have a ton of effects smothering his rhythm tone like...
  12. shredi knight

    Bug? 18.08 -Preamp Hardness Settings Default To 8.50 After Being Reset [NOT A BUG]

    Noticed this possible bug today when I reset the amp sim (USA Lead Brt +) in one of my own patches - The Preamp Hardness parameter on the advanced page of the amp block went from 7.50 to 8.50. At first I thought maybe there had being a change made to that particular amp model, but since there...
  13. shredi knight

    Shredi's 4th Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Happy Father's Day to all who it applies. :D
  14. shredi knight

    NGD - She's beautiful.................And She's Going Back

    Here is what was to be my first new guitar in over 10 years: A loaded up Carvin DC600C. Unfortunately, Carvin goofed and built it with the wrong style headstock. Here's a pic of what the headstock should have looked like: What I got instead was the 6-inline style you see in the pics. It...
  15. shredi knight

    Help - What to use to extract allen screws with stripped heads?

    I have an Ibanez RGT42 that I need to retrieve the 2 allen screws from inside the holes in the back of the neck that hold the locking nut in place: The screw heads are completely stripped and all attempts to remove them with the typical tools I have on-hand have failed. There are several...
  16. shredi knight

    Bug? 12.03 Beta 5 - Retrieved Delay Block Loading With Changed Feedback Values

    After loading the 12.03 Beta 5 firmware, whenever I retrieve the Delay block from one patch (user or factory) and put it in another, the feedback values are completely different (and by a large amount). This happens with Delay 1 & 2, plus the Multidelay (I didn't test beyond those 3). It also...
  17. shredi knight

    Found A Great Tone-Match Video Today (John Petrucci/Mesa Mark V Content)

    Sounds pretty much indistinguishable to me: This guy is a fantastic player if you want to check out some of his other videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/MattChalkGuitar/videos
  18. shredi knight

    HELP - Why do my USA Lead patches (Ld/Ld Brt/Ld+/Ld Brt+) sound terrible since 11.00?

    I've been struggling with my patches that use the USA Lead amp models (Mesa Boogie Mark IV - not the IIc+) since the release of firmware 11.00. I've gone back & forth between 10.12 & 11.03 several times now, but I can not get these patches to sound like they used to, or even good at all. Though...
  19. shredi knight

    Bug? 10.12 - "Cut" parameter is active in all Amp block's "Y" settings

    I found that after loading 10.12 that all the Amp block's "Y" settings in my personal patches have the new "Cut" parameter engaged (Amp blocks 1&2). The "X" settings in the Amp block were unaffected. This also seems true of the factory presets (though none of the factory presets I checked used...
  20. shredi knight

    Found some great mic'ed amp clips (medium/high gain)

    Saw this posted on Rig-Talk today: Rig-Talk • View topic - VIDEO/AUDIO - 9 Amps Through a Greenback Cab and a V30 Cab. The download zip file in the first post contains mp3s of 9 different amps going through 2 different cabs. Should be a great source for Tone-Matches (the Bogner...
  21. shredi knight

    Shredi's Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Happy Father's Day to all who it applies (like Cliff). :cheerful:
  22. shredi knight

    Tweaking Tip/Idea - Mesa Mark Series Amps & Running 2 EL34'S In The Outer Sockets

    I've always heard how with Mesa Boogie amps with Simul-Class, that they are able to run using both 6L6 & EL34 power tubes at the same time and many users prefer them this way (John Petrucci has been known to have his Mark series heads loaded with two 6L6's in the inner sockets, and two EL34 'S...
  23. shredi knight

    WTF? - Wacky Behavior With The Global Menu Display When Sending CC Messages

    I have a switch on my MIDI controller (Ground Control Pro) assigned to "Scene Select" on the I/O's CTRL page (CC# 84). When I have the Global menu showing in the Axe-Fx's display screen, this is what happens when I hit the switch to change Scenes (this does not happen if the Global menu is not...
  24. shredi knight

    Bug? TMA sounds like it has room reverb

    Forum member Heavyplayer started a thread about this in a couple of the other forums, but I thought here might be the best place for it: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-tone-match/66935-tma-sounds-like-has-room-reverb.html#post825822 I've also found that most Tone-Match...
  25. shredi knight

    Cliff - What happened to the Active/Passive Depth & Presence option in the Amp Block?

    Sorry if this has been discussed, or if it's covered in the release notes (didn't see it), but I can't find this feature in the amp block. Was it removed. If so, why? Thanks.
  26. shredi knight

    Check Your Global Settings "Modeling Version" After Updating

    I checked my Axe-Fx's Global settings after updating (like I always do), and found that the "Modeling Version" had defaulted to 8.xx, not 10.xx (I had it set to 7.xx before the update). So I would suggest that everyone check your Global settings, because you may not actually be hearing the...
  27. shredi knight

    Mojo needed

    Well not really needed anymore I guess, but I received a call today from my sister saying my mom had died in her sleep last night/this morning. She has had serious health issues the last several years, mainly degenerative kidney disease. She was in stage 4 and just had minor surgery on Monday...
  28. shredi knight

    My Mesa Mark IV Patch Demo Clip - Raw Petrucci/Sfogli Style Tone With No Backing

    Here's a clip of my main Mark IV patch (USA Lead 2+ sim) I put together over the holiday. Rhythm & lead playing (i.e. lots of shredding :)), with a couple of familiar Petrucci riffs thrown in. I recorded this from my Axe-Fx II directly into my Boss BR-864 8-track recorder. It's mostly single...
  29. shredi knight

    Raw Mic'ed Amp Clips For Tone Matching - Mesa Mark IV, Fortin Modded Marshall, 5153

    (EDIT - Link fixed at bottom) This is a zip file of isolated, mic'ed guitar tracks from Rig-Talk forum member "gibson5413". He was kind enough to send these to me after I asked if it would be possible to have any of the guitar only tracks for his many amp clips he has posted on Rig-Talk. He...
  30. shredi knight

    Cliff - USA amp sim's Speaker Resonance page default settings change - Intentional?

    (Wasn't sure where to post this. It's probably an undocumented change and not a bug, but wanted to be sure.) Last night, I reset the amp block in one of my patches that uses the USA IIc+ Bright sim, and noticed that the default settings for the first 3 parameters on the Speaker Resonance...
  31. shredi knight

    Bug? Amp Block Settings/Type Change When Being "Retrieved" From Another Patch - Plus More

    Encountered this today (NOT Axe-Edit related): Retrieved an Amp block from one of my patches (made before 9.00) an put it into a different patch (also pre-9.00). The Amp was set with USA Lead 2+ as Amp "X" and USA Lead 1+ as Amp "Y", with "X" being the default. After I retrieved it, Amp "X"'s...
  32. shredi knight

    Possible Great Resource Of Mic'd Amp Clips For Tone-Matching

    Found this place last night. It's a company that sells modded Randall MTS modules. Each module has at least one (most ones I clicked on had more than one) sound clip of the module being played over a backing track, but also many have clips of just the raw guitar tracks, or clips where the...
  33. shredi knight

    8.00 - "Y" amp's Presence Frequency parameter not resetting to 1.000

    From the release notes: Any presets created with earlier firmware versions will have the Presence Frequency parameter reset to 1.0. All of my preset's (user and factory - at least the few factory presets I checked) "Y" amp's Presence Frequency parameters were not reset after loading...
  34. shredi knight

    Slight Tone-Match Block Bug in 7.0 (nothing to do with Axe-Edit)

    I found that when you retrieve a Tone-Match Block from another patch, if the patch you are inserting it into does not have a Tone-Match Block in its layout already, when you do add one, only the Process page's settings (Level, Smoothing, etc...) from the other patch's block are transferred. The...
  35. shredi knight

    Mesa Mark IIc+ - Great Mic'ed, Guitar Only, Clip - Perfect For Tone-Matching

    Mesa Mark IIc+ - Great Mic'ed, Guitar Only Clip - Perfect For Tone-Matching I found his on a CD I burned quite a few years ago that consisted of amateur made Mesa amp clips. It's a mic'ed up clip of a guy (have no idea who) playing some sustained chords/riffs/leads through a Mark IIc+'s lead...
  36. shredi knight

    HELP - Boss FV-500 Expression Pedal Won't Calibrate Correctly with Axe Fx II

    After being a Standard user for several years, I upgraded to an Axe Fx II last week. As with the Standard, I'm using a Ground Control Pro midi board & 2 Boss FV-500H expression pedals with it. When I used my Standard, the expression pedals were both connected to it's 2 rear Pedal jacks and had...
  37. shredi knight

    To All My Fellow Forumers Who Have Yet To Own This Unit.........

    It's just like old times. :D
  38. shredi knight

    HELP - How do you set Windows Media Player to use with Tone Match?

    Hey, got mt Axe-Fx II yesterday (yay!), but can't for the life of me figure out how to set Windows Media Player so that it will play a CD/sound file into the Tone Match block. I also tried using Audacity (though it doesn't seem like you can playing a CD with it unless you rip the tracks first)...
  39. shredi knight

    Oh The Joys Of Summer (say hello to my "little" friend)

    Found this cute little guy in my kitchen last night: It's a Wolf Spider and they always show up in our house in the Summer time. They always seem to show up in 2's, one or two days apart, and usually in the same room of the house. There was one in the kitchen the night before...
  40. shredi knight

    Need help converting Axe-Fx Std/Ultra IR .syx file to use with Axe-Fx II

    Will be receiving my Axe-Fx II this Friday and would like to be able to load my favorite user cab from my Standard into it, but am having trouble convering the .syx file. I'm using the "Axe-O-Matic" converter from OwnHammer's site (OwnHammer.com - Axe-O-Matic) and ever time I try to load the...
  41. shredi knight

    A Couple Of Quick Noob Questions From A Non-Noob

    We'll hopefully be getting my Axe-Fx II later this week and had a couple of quick (and hopefully not too annoying) questions regarding what it comes with: - Does it come with a USB cable or do I have to supply one myself? - Does it come with the Tone Match Manual or do I have to print it...
  42. shredi knight

    A Couple Of Quick Noob Questions From A Non-Noob

    I'll hopefully be getting my Axe-Fx II later this week and had a couple of quick (and hopefully not too annoying) questions regarding what it comes with: - Does it come with a USB cable or do I have to supply one myself? - Does it come with the Tone Match Manual or do I have to print off the...
  43. shredi knight

    Axe II Price Drop? Waiting List Gone? Coupon Codes No longer Valid?....

    ....Too Many Questions In The Thread's Title??? :D (I asked this in the Waiting List thread, but no one has answered and I want to order mine tomorrow.) Has the price of the Axe-Fx II dropped to the coupon code price for everyone? I received my code and went to the Fractal store to...
  44. shredi knight

    Shredi's Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" Thread

    Happy Father's Day to all who that it applies. :) This was a very cool and creative early present from my wife & kids I received yesterday (my wife realized after she put it together she had no place to hide it). I have a major sweet tooth so you can't go wrong with getting me lots of...
  45. shredi knight

    Tone Match Clip Request: Dream Theater (Jonh Petrucci) "About To Crash (Reprise)"

    Since I can't afford an Axe-FX II, I'm forced to live vicariously through those of you who can. :D Would love to hear a tone match of Petrucci's tone from the intro of this song. His amp for this was a Mesa Boogie Mark IIc+:
  46. shredi knight

    Now This Is Some Tone (Marco Sfogli Video - Mesa Mark V content)!

    Now This Is Some Tone (Marco Sfogli Video - Mesa Mark V content) Updated - New Video Marco Sfogli playing a new song through a Mesa Mark V combo (sorry, no Axe FX :cry). The tone in this clip actually sounds very close to my current (it always seems to be in a state of being...
  47. shredi knight

    Shredi's Annual "Happy Father's Day You Muthas" thread

    Oh yes, ribs & beer are in my immediate future. :D Happy Father's Day to all it applies.
  48. shredi knight

    LOL - Ultimate Dog Tease

  49. shredi knight

    Just a stray thought...............

    Isn't this the third version of the Axe FX? :? The name doesn't really make sense unless there's an Ultra II coming out (and God knows there should be with the obvious limitations and lack of power this thing has :D)
  50. shredi knight

    R.I.P. Osama Bin Laden

  51. shredi knight

    $10/$100 off a purchase of $49/$499 or more at guitarcenter.com (ends today 4/18)

    Thought maybe someone on here might be able to use these. I was about to order a Ground Control Pro/ 2 Boss expression pedals from Sweetwater/Musiciansfriend until I found these while I was searching for online coupons. Unlike Sweetwater/MF, I did have to pay sales tax, but still came out around...
  52. shredi knight

    Mass Street Music - Anyone ever order from/know anything about this company?

    I'm looking to buy a couple of Boss FV-500H's to use as expression pedals with my Axe FX and found them for $89.95 at Mass Street Music: BOSS FV-500H Volume Pedal - Mass Street Music I usually order from Musician's Friend or Sweetwater, but MSM's price is $10/$20 cheaper than them...
  53. shredi knight

    Huge Devin Townsend News - All 4 DTP albums to be performed in their entirety + DVD!

    Bravewords.com > News > DEVIN TOWNSEND Announces "An Evening With" UK Shows For Unique DVD Recording :shock:shock:shock:shock
  54. shredi knight

    Devin Townsend - Free 5 Song Live EP Download (Axe FX content)

    Enjoy: (This is the official download page, but A lot of people are having trouble with this page loading, including me. I don't see an actual link to click on to start the download :confused:): http://www.insideoutmusic.com/specials/DTP/ (Mediafire link -This one is...
  55. shredi knight

    For all the cat lovers

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz-sC-vSIXk Sorry, I'm more of a dog person. :mrgreen:
  56. shredi knight

    10.0 Standard version is up!!!!

    (Link has been fixed): http://www.fractalaudio.com/Documents/V ... d10_00.zip :D :D :D
  57. shredi knight

    Marco Sfogli Axe FX video

    Direct into the PA with the Ultra: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgBpFUchycU
  58. shredi knight

    Happy Birthday Cliff (11-29)

    Happy 47Th Cliff (damn, you're even older that me :shock: ). Take a day off from coding and have some cake or something. :D
  59. shredi knight

    My Mesa Mark IV Patch (FRFR)

    (Yes, I finally got off my lazy, procrastinating a$$ and uploaded the patch to my computer. :P) Edit - I should have mentioned these were created with the 8.9 firmware. This is my John Petrucci inspired, Mesa Mark IV patch. Very high gain, liquidy tone. Great for both heavy rhythm & lead...
  60. shredi knight

    John Petrucci playing his Axe FX Ultra backstage???

    Someone posted this on the Petrucci forum. It's Petrucci warming up backstage and you can see his Axe FX in his rig from 0:28-0:35 (there appears to be an instrument cable plugged into the front of it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpjIxNeLedA&fmt=18
  61. shredi knight

    Devin Townsend is getting an Axe FX

    Well he is a genius, so I'm not surprised: :D http://www.hevydevyforums.com/forums/vi ... =49&t=8498 Thread Title "Axe-fx" (thread started by Devin): And if you don't know who DT is, well then shame on you. :P
  62. shredi knight

    Really noob questions about IR's and the 10 cab user slots

    I will be switching from using a SS power amp and traditional guitar cabs to FRFR studio monitors in just a few days (when UPS shows up :) ), and will be using the Axe FX's cab sims for the first time. I have a couple of questions regarding user IR's and the 10 user slots in the cab block (and...
  63. shredi knight

    Best studio monitors (2) in the $900 range for home playing

    After becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the way my Axe FX sounds though my current rig (Carvin DCM600 ss power amp into two Avatar 4x12 cabs), I've decided FRFR is the way to go. I've done a lot of researching and asked a couple of different forumers through private message, but I'm...
  64. shredi knight

    Model of the Mesa Boogie Mark series on-board graphic eq

    I think an accurate model of the Mesa on-board graphic eq is the one thing missing in Mark style amps in the Axe FX - USA (clean, RHY 1&2, Lead 1&2, IIC+ 1&2) and FAS Lead 1&2 (which are based on Mesa Mark amps). Most any Mark amp owner will tell you that the on-board eq is essential in getting...
  65. shredi knight

    Too Much Volume, Too Much Delay, Too Much Fun!!!!

    Here's a little clip of what my family has to endure on a daily basis.:lol: Just having some fun with feedback and varying levels of stereo delay (controlled with an expression pedal). I was using an altered version on my Mark IV patch that uses some Lamb Of God settings that I found (I don't...
  66. shredi knight

    Angel Echoes Mark IV patch

    http://www.axechange.net/preset.aspx?PRESET_ID=626 I just uploaded this to Axechange. It's a reworking of javajunkie's "Angelic Echo" preset using my Mark IV tone settings. Created using power amp and cabs. An expression pedal will need to be attached to the volume block for this preset to...
  67. shredi knight

    My Mesa Mark IV patch now on Axechange.net

    My much demanded (ok, 3 people wanted it :lol: ) Mark IV patch is now on Axechange. Nice liquidy lead tone in the vain of John Petrucci and Marco Sfogli. It's intended to be used with a real power amp and cab(s). http://www.axechange.net/preset.aspx?PRESET_ID=624 A couple of sound clips of...
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