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    Favourite Amp models

    Super Reverb Vibro King Bandmaster Tweed Twin Tweed Bassman 65 Bassman Tweed Champ Brown and Blackface Vibrolux (Are you starting to see a pattern?) The number one thing that makes the FM3 great for me is all of the Fender sounds. Helix and others only have two or three. If we could just get a...
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    [Solved] No sound from Mac through FM3 [Out 2]

    Has anyone who is having USB audio out tried the 1.04 beta firmware yet? Did it solve your problems>
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    [Solved] No sound from Mac through FM3 [Out 2]

    Same here. We should start a club.
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    [Solved] No sound from Mac through FM3 [Out 2]

    I'm having the same problem on OS 10.14. No problems with USB for Fractal-Bot and FM3 Edit, it just won't pass audio in Logic or Garage Band. I've tried everything I know to try.
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    Wow, things have changed.

    Just did a quick A/B with the tweed Bassman model on both. I think they both sound great, but the FM3 has just a little more definition. I could probably get it a little closer to the FM3 Bassman with the Stomp if I spent some time with it. I usually go for crunchy Fender amp tones. The HX only...
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    Wow, things have changed.

    Hey Leon - I got on the AX8 waitlist after watching some of your videos, which is how I ended up with an FM3. Good stuff, man!
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    Patch Switching is Pretty Glitchy

    When your's freezes up, does the screen go white and it stops passing audio until you restart it?
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    Patch Switching is Pretty Glitchy

    Switching presets is pretty slow. Scenes are a little quicker. I paused FM3-EDIT and it improved, but not much. I'm not really gigging right now, so it's not killing me. Maybe a firmware update could tighten that up.
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    Wow, things have changed.

    This is my first post on this forum in over eight years. I used to gig regularly with an AxeFX Standard 10+ years ago with a power amp and a guitar cab. I got out of the modeler game for a while, but last April I thought I'd pick up an AX8. Sold out. Got on the wait list. I bought an HX Stomp...
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    My Standard switched presets on it's own last night...

    I was playing my NYE gig last night, and my Axe-FX Standard just switched presets on it's own in the middle of a song. My controller is a Ground Control Pro. The preset on the controller hadn't changed, but the AFX had switched to an entirely different patch. I hit a preset on my controller and...
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    Tracks from an album project I've been working on.

    I've been working on an album with a local country guy this summer. Here are a couple of tracks. All of the electric guitars on these are Axe-FX direct, AC-30 and Marsha BE. Royer and Neumann mic models and stock IR's. Suhr Classic mostly, maybe a little Tele. Presonus interface, Logic Studio...
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    How to use both inputs at the same time?

    Thanks for the response! I don't quite understand why the FX Loop is there, and why it's where it is. Any insight? I should've mentioned that I'll be plugging straight into the PA when I use it this way, so I won't be splitting off to a guitar cab with an FX loop.
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    How to use both inputs at the same time?

    I'm sure someone can steer me in the right direction on this, it's just a little more complex than what I normally do with my rig. Basically, what I need to do is have input 1 act as a rig for one player with a separate XLR output, and input 2 be a rig for another player with it's own separate...
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    Ty Tabor and King's X last saturday night in Louisville

    I used to play that club all of the time. It's about 4 blocks from my house. I can't imagine using four cabs there. I don't see any mics on his rig. Was he running direct out of the Egnater?
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    Prospective new Axe-Fx owner (Order placed!)

    Re: Prospective new Axe-Fx owner We have the same birthday!! When I was buying, I got a response from that email address within 30 minutes during business hours. Maybe you went to their spam folder...
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    Name your favorite amp sim please

    I'm kickin' it old school with Blackface, JTM45, AC30TB, and the Spec OD 1 Clean mostly, though I have a patch with Euro 2 that I like a lot. I'm stilll getting settled in, as I just got my AFX in August. I've got 8 patches I'm using on gigs right now.
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    Where to find a "how to" sys-ex updates via MIDI librarian??

    Do you mead "Sys-ex Librarian'? Are you on a Mac?
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    Need Tips: Smothing out harsh distortion?

    I have a cab with V30's and I find it to overly bright and harsh with the Axe FX. I compensate by using the Global EQ on Output 2 to pull out some 8K and 4K.
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    How could I do this (sidechain activated by pitch)?

    I think this could work for what I'm trying to do. I'll give it a try and report back. I'm not really trying to make it sound like I have a bass player, just looking to fatten things up for one song with some overtones.
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    How could I do this (sidechain activated by pitch)?

    Maybe I'm just searching for Bigfoot, but I got the idea here: http://www.fractalaudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=9734&hilit=pitch+gain
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    How could I do this (sidechain activated by pitch)?

    I read that there was a patch that had different levels of gain depending on the pitch (as in, more gain on lower notes, less gain on higher notes). I want to build an acoustic guitar patch that would have a fixed harmonizer kick in on notes below the open D string. Is this even possible? Where...
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    Request: Tape Delay Emulation

    :o THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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    John Mayer tone request

    Wow! Those are some great sounding patches! Thanks for sharing! Is the cab sim the only difference between the two, or am I missing something?
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    Advice needed: Getting all patches to be the same volume

    Thanks for the input, everyone. This helps a lot. The idea of using a filer as a boost is awesome, too!
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    Advice needed: Getting all patches to be the same volume

    Can someone point me in the right direction for getting all of my patches to be the same volume? When I'm writing patches, I'm generally cutting the volume on the amp block with the level control in the mix section. I'm finding that I need to pull that down way below unity (-0.0) when I'm trying...
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    Maybe my coolest patch thus far....

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! It sounds great!
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