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  1. Jvstrat

    Some Brad Paisley Christmas music from rehearsal

    Here’s a quick clip using a DrZ model with the York Audio Matchless cabs at rehearsal. I was really happy with my Axe as always. Guitar is a Pickard Tele we made at our store with Lambertones Blondies pickups.
  2. Jvstrat

    Nick Johnston playing my Axe-Fx 2 at a clinic

    So we had virtuoso Nick Johnston do a clinic at our shop today. I had him running through my Axe Fx2 going through the pa and a Line 6 powercab for the stage monitor. Got lots of compliments from the attendees about how it sounded. Here’s a little clip from soundcheck.
  3. Jvstrat

    Wish: Some kind Financing for Fractal

    Just had an idea and was wondering if Fractal had ever thought of getting some kind of financing available through like Synchrony Bank or something since that's what Guitar Center, Sweetwater, and Sam Ash all use? I bet they would sell even more units getting some kind of 0% financing deal like...
  4. Jvstrat

    Any guys here mess with a Helix?

    Let me start by saying I have been a happy Axe 2 owner since 2013, but sometimes I get stuck in the rabbit hole trying to create new tones. I was thinking about getting a helix lt as a backup, lazy man rig when I don’t feeling like bringing a rack and mfc, and as an effects board for my amps. I...
  5. Jvstrat

    Demo I did of a custom built Tele with my Axe 2

    Hey guys, just wanted to share a quick video I did on a tele we built at a shop I help out at. Used my Axe 2 fw 9.04. Clean preset is Austin Buddy’s Suhr Badger 30 and gain preset is one I created with Dirty Shirley v2. Not a fancy video, just playing through my Yamaha 8 inch studio monitors and...
  6. Jvstrat

    A clip from our Christmas show

    Both of us are using Axe FX 2 direct to foh. Sorry for the couple of nervous mistakes. I’m the one playing the seafoam Prs Vela and my buddy Alan is playing the other Prs. It’s our version of Lincoln Brewster’s Miraculumn with a dance segment in the middle of the song. I think it sounds decent...
  7. Jvstrat

    Axe Fx and in ears

    I use a set of ultimate ears when using my axe at church. I was thinking about grabbing a new set with all the sales going on. My local guitar center carries the shure se 215, 315, and Westone Um pro 10. What are you guys using? Also is there a big difference between the 215 and 315 for guitar...
  8. Jvstrat

    Cornford Heavy Preset

    Hey guys. I made a Cornford Heavy preset. I may use it for a Transiberian Orchestra song we are doing at Christmas. Check it out and tell me what you think. I used 9.01 firmware even though axechange says 8. :) http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5848
  9. Jvstrat

    Need some preset creating advice from my fellow Fractalites

    Let me start by saying I still love my axe fx. I use it at church every week with in ears and I have been using fractal since Axe standard. When I play live with my band I have been running a Friedman Runt head with pedals instead of my axe that I always ran live before. Lately it seems I'm more...
  10. Jvstrat

    Need some advice on using different guitars with my Axe

    So I just got a new PRS S2 Standard 24 satin that has a push/pull coil tap to split the coils and give you a single coil type sound. Obviously when you coil tap it there is much less volume coming from the guitar. Could I add a block to my presets somehow that I could engage with my mfc to boost...
  11. Jvstrat

    Love my Fractal gear

    Just popping in to say how awesome Fractal gear is. I have been a user since Axe FX Standard which I still have. The tones especially since the Quantum firmwares are excellent. I love my gear so much I got this tattoo last night.
  12. Jvstrat

    Recommendations for Brad Paisley cab tones

    Hey guys I could use some recommendations for cabs to use with the DRZ amps to get a Brad Paisley type tone. I have a lot of own hammer stuff, Fractal Cab Packs, and Cab Pack 7 and 8. I just haven't had much luck getting that percussive twang.
  13. Jvstrat

    Need some help with harmony setup on my axe

    http://youtu.be/GpVFlbKbwlY I'm really dumb when it comes to using a harmonizer and could used some help. In the song 8 second ride I posted a link to there is a guitar riff right after the little picking intro. On the second part of the electric guitar riff you can hear a 2 part harmony...
  14. Jvstrat

    More praise for Xitone cabs

    Just wanted to tell you guys on the forum how happy I am with a cab I customized with Mick from Xitone cabs. I had a vht 2x12 cab I wanted to turn into an frfr cab. Mick installed his coax speaker setup and I couldn't be happier. Punchy like a guitar cab, but flat frequency. The sound is very 3d...
  15. Jvstrat

    Advice on a frfr cab

    I have an ev elx112p that I'm not real satisfied with. It seems to lack mids and I don't hear the same clarity for my axe I do with my studio monitors. I have an old atomic 18watt 1x12 amp that the power amp died in. I'm thinking about getting a pwr amp like an ehx magnum 44 or maybe an...
  16. Jvstrat

    Lincoln Brewster's Miraculum

    Lincoln Brewster's Miraculum Axe 2 and CK cab pack 7 Hey guys here is an iPhone recording of my friend and I playing Lincoln Brewster's Miraculum at a Christmas show for our church. Both guitars are through our Axe FX 2 straight to FOH. I'm the first solo section, please excuse the nervous...
  17. Jvstrat

    Call me crazy, but still prefer my Axe 2 over real amps

    I ventured out to Sam Ash Black Friday to get a PRS Se custom 24 with a Floyd Rose for $500. Sweet deal and a killer guitar. I demoed the guitar through an Evh 3 channel head plugged into an Evh 1x12. The amp did nothing for me and I have had way better Evh tones with my axe. The sales guy was...
  18. Jvstrat

    Have a gig tonight need help

    I updated to firmware to 3.06. Now whenever I hit switch 1-5 with reveal on or off it only changes the scenes not the preset. Any ideas? Thanks
  19. Jvstrat

    Some suggestions to get these types of tones

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvXNjqYRrZM&feature=player_detailpage Can anyone give me some pointers or starting point to achieve these types of tones? In particular the 1st Jack Gardiner and second Tom Quayle. I love the smooth sound of the first tone and the second tone has a nice chime...
  20. Jvstrat

    Mfc MK3 stopped communicating

    At a gig last night my mark 3 Mfc stopped working with my axe 2. My axe was on a scene I set up for a lead boost and wah and couldn't get back to my regular scene, no changes worked from the pedal. I had to walk to my axe and turn the knob to change my scene. Between songs I rebooted my axe and...
  21. Jvstrat

    Ways to protect MFC at gigs

    Anyone here come up with any creative ways to protect their MFC at gigs from spills and clumsy drunks? That and I would like to know if anyone has kind of tested the durabillty of their mfc because of idiots at bar gigs? I just got my MFC and I'm trying to reassure myself I guess. :)
  22. Jvstrat

    The longer I have my axe the more I love it

    Went into guitar center to window shop and mess around. Plugged a Les Paul into a Marshall DSL40c combo expecting to hear good tone. I think having an Axe 2 and Axe Standard has spoiled me. I didn't like the Marshall at all. I bought a Marshall t-shirt and when the guy rang me up he asked what...
  23. Jvstrat

    Opinion on High Gain Ownhammers

    Looking for a general consensus on which of the 3 cabs Diezel, Mesa, or Engl that everyone prefers. I'm not really a metal guy but have heard some great clips here with lower gain also. On one comparison I thought the Diezel sounded best. Don't have enough to buy them all so I would like to...
  24. Jvstrat

    Question about using new fractal cabs

    One thing I'm not clear about. If I mix cab ir files from fractal in cab lab do I need to convert them to ultrarez or is it already in that form? Thanks
  25. Jvstrat

    I need to run 2 versions of axe edit

    On my laptop I have both old axe edit for my standard and new axe edit for my 2. I have a new pc and I want to have both edits on there for both my units. When I download them from fractals site they just overwrite each other and cancel each other out. Any ideas?
  26. Jvstrat

    Great gig with my Axe 2 last night

    I did some tweaking before a gig last night that had me grinning ear to ear all night. I decided instead of just dialing my presets in on my Yamaha HS80 studio monitors, I would also plug in my Ev elx112p frfr cab. This made all the difference in the world. I ended up using Scott Peterson's...
  27. Jvstrat

    Tell Me what you think of my Citrus Rv50 preset

    Let me know what you think. I am using a blend of Marshall CB cabs from a Scott Peterson suggestion.
  28. Jvstrat

    Help getting a tone like this

    Axe Fx 2 - Marshall Tones - YouTube How can I get some Marshall tones like this guy does on his Axe 2? I'm guessing JCM 800, but what cab? I have the new ownhammers and all the fractal cab packs, but need some help. I tried getting him to share his preset, but he didn't respond. Thanks
  29. Jvstrat

    Global eq question

    Wondering for those of you that run your axe 2 frfr, do you run your global eq flat, or boost/cut certain frequencies?
  30. Jvstrat

    Axe FX 2 Inbound

    Just placed my Axe Fx 2 order. I have owned a Standard for the past 13 months that I absolutely love and I'm keeping also. It has been killing me seeing all these firmware updates, tonematches, fractalbot, and now cablab. I have been making some good money with a new band I'm in so now is the...
  31. Jvstrat

    Anyone have luck setting up pod hd as a foot controller for the axe fx?

    I am trying to use my pod hd500 as a foot controller for my axe. I have been able to program it to turn effects off and on without an issue. I am trying to get the pedal to control the wah and can't figure it out. I got the toe switch to turn the wah on, but I can't get the axe to recognize the...
  32. Jvstrat

    What is the quickest way to test multiple ir

    What is the quickest and easiest way for axe ultra users to test lots of different ir files? I have so many, the producer packs, the new ownhammers.
  33. Jvstrat

    Display issues

    Lately at times my axe standard display is hard to read. It looks washed out if you look at it straight on. If you look down at it from the sides you just see green. When I first turn it on the fractal screen is all bold and visible as is the contrast adjust screen, btw the contrast is half way...
  34. Jvstrat

    Divebomb setting for axe

    Anyone have some settings for like a van halen style divebomb for axe standard or ultra? I an old thread about some by yek, but the links are dead. Just want to cover like the unchained solo harmonic divebombs with a guitar that has no trem. Thanks
  35. Jvstrat

    Anything new on the producer ir packs?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about fractal putting out the producer ir out for seperate download? Cliff said it was supposed to be soon after firmware 10 release.
  36. Jvstrat

    How can I get this kind of sound?

    Видео обзор Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra. - YouTube Any ideas on getting the type of tone this guy has on his ultra at the beginning of the video when he starts playing? Sounds cool kind of Eric Johnson, but punchier.
  37. Jvstrat

    Axe standard set up

    I want to set up my axe standard with my main outs to my studio monitors, but also be able to hear music from my laptop for rehearsing. Is there a way to have the music go through my axe on a different input so I hear my guitar and the track?
  38. Jvstrat

    Need help connecting to axe edit

    I have a standard that I have used with my windows 7 laptop before. It is an older version of axe edit with a generic midi USB interface. The wierd thing is it recognizes my axe on my Mac just fine with the same cable interface. No matter what I try on my laptop it says not connected. Any ideas?
  39. Jvstrat

    Impulse response help

    Just got an axe standard. Interested on opinions between redwirez and ownhammer or any others. Thanks
  40. Jvstrat

    Lincoln Brewster tones

    Hey guys, I am now a proud owner of an axe standard. Anyone here know of or have any Lincoln Brewster type patches. Just getting to know the unit and could use a good starting point. Thanks
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