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  1. Phil M

    The interface in the FM3

    I was looking at the Audient ID4 and ID14 as well as the new SSL2+ Interfaces. I also plan to get the FM3 and I know that has a USB interface built in. If I have a new iMac and get an FM3, I don’t need to get another interface for the following home use cases (please confirm): 1. I want to...
  2. Phil M

    Monitors - Behringer 50USB - YIKES

    I’m curious about your experiences with the 50USB, either generally or specifically with your Fractal gear. I’m a long time guitarist but only dabble in home recording. I have old gear - a late 2009 iMac, a much older Presonus Firebox interface, current version of GarageBand and some...
  3. Phil M

    New AX8 Is Blowing My Mind

    I’m a relative noob to modeling technology though I do have some experience with Fractal. I owned an AxeFX Standard very briefly in 2011 but it was enough to convince this skeptic. The amp tones were there even back then. In late 2015 I learned of the AX8 and immediately got on the list but...
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