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  1. xprophet

    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    Thank you sir! Great playing and excellent tone.
  2. xprophet

    with the compliments of Andy Timmons!

  3. xprophet

    Vendor David Gilmour - P.U.L.S.E. Preset V3

    I think you may wish to try again, given the feedback. Whenever you sale any preset, there will be a significant faction that is against the capitalistic stance because of all the free goodies offered by the creator and other stellar musicians. That said, I have purchased great presets from...
  4. xprophet

    Some soloing w/ Friedman BE and Charvel San Dimas

    More please! Fantastic.
  5. xprophet

    A Little Steve Vai

    Brilliant! What did you use? Thank you for sharing!
  6. xprophet

    Jeff Beck reinterpretation on a 800 #34

    Fantastic! Beautifully done and thank you for sharing. Tone, bends, slides are spot on. What PUPS do you use in your guitar? WOW!
  7. xprophet

    I’m a hack compared to most here, but damn, I love the sound of of the Axe FX III

    That sounds delicious...you can almost taste the texture in your tone. Kudos sir!
  8. xprophet

    Vairus. Demo/Download.

    Come on Man!
  9. xprophet

    Vendor U2 Extras Vol.2 preset pack

    As always..,spot on...and a perfect time for the healing powers of U2...
  10. xprophet

    Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains Tone (Friedman JJ-100) w/patch

    Never mind! They ALL sound brilliant with your patch. Thank you for this wonderful gift. It is greatly appreciated.
  11. xprophet

    Jerry Cantrell/Alice In Chains Tone (Friedman JJ-100) w/patch

    Spectacular Maestro! I just purchased the pack. Which specific one did you use from the pack? Thank you.
  12. xprophet

    Hurdy gurdy Axe-Fx III video

    Completely mesmerizing! Bravo Maestro...
  13. xprophet

    Fusion/rock Diesel Herbert lead with two Zilla cabs

    Thank you for this superb preset. I glanced up and realized 3 hours had passed while I “took it for a ride! Your playing is spectacular!
  14. xprophet

    Jazzy patch (Double verb normal and BB pre)

    Brilliant playing! Kudos...
  15. xprophet

    Synth drones

    My God Maestro Leon, just when I think you can’t top your last video voyage you make this. From ethereal to incendiary over a synth drone...freaking unbelievable. You Sir rock to the core of your soul.
  16. xprophet

    Vendor Richard Hallebeek jazz-rock presets pack

    I strongly recommend ALL of Maestro Thibault’s presets. I have many including the Pink Floyd set and they are spectacular!
  17. xprophet

    Vendor Richard Hallebeek jazz-rock presets pack

    Any significant tweaking required with FW 12.03, given the updates in certain effects? Thank you Maestro!
  18. xprophet

    First Preset

    I dig it...great tones! Thank you for the preset.
  19. xprophet

    Rush 1981-83

    Moke has a great preset!
  20. xprophet

    Anyone try to build this profile (Jeff Beck content)?

    In the profile in Sept/03 GPlayer, Jeff mentions having an original 1960s model Maestro (w/ the sliding tuner).
  21. xprophet

    Vendor First commercial U2 pack for AF3

    Simply spectacular! I will purchase these tones of perfection. Thank you for these wonderful creations.
  22. xprophet

    Stanky C++

    Holy shite that ROCKS! I hope you have a spectacular new year Maestro Todd. Your insights, words of wisdom, talent, and preset gifts have been truly inspirational. Thank you for all of it!
  23. xprophet

    Steve Vai - Christmas Time Is Here - guitar cover

    Truly special mate - seriously brought the tears. Spectacular in every sense. Thank you for sharing your art and happy new year.
  24. xprophet

    Fractal Axe-Fx III 6160 (Peavey 6505) FM 11.01 Mix Demo + preset

    I dig ! Excellent tone and playing...rock on and happy Christmas!
  25. xprophet

    My new Split-Screen cover for “Rising Force” by Yngwie Malmsteen

    Now THAT is ROCK!!!! I would ask for the preset but who am I kidding - WTF is the point?! If you gentleman get down to Columbus, Ohio you will take no prisoners and they will line up to witness! Excellent job sirs!!
  26. xprophet


    Holy Phuque!!! You guys rock! Fantastic pipes! Great drums! Superb guitars! I want MORE!!!
  27. xprophet

    Serious Lead Sounds

    Yes...I have one that is spot on using Axe Fx III...you should keep at it...you really need to do it yourself to maximize the visceral...😎
  28. xprophet

    Vendor [Fremen] Rock & Metal pack

    If you like Gilmour tones, Maestro’s Pink Floyd package is stellar. I purchased the Rick and Metal package last night and I agree with your assessment! Simply spectacular!
  29. xprophet

    Bluesy CCV Preset

    Maestro is there nothing you can’t do?! Bloody brilliant! Thank you for making our wonderful Axe alive and gorgeous...
  30. xprophet

    My new song "Sleeping Dog" - Euro Blu Modern amp

    Holy Shite Maestro!! I want to play like this when I grow up. This is what I wish Satch was recording/playing. The midrange flurry near the end and the spectacular throaty wah in the middle are particularly memorable. I will purchase your preset now (and then curse my fingers later when I fail...
  31. xprophet

    FW10 Rectos

    Holy shite Maestro! That tone rocks so well it simply destroys...kudos...spectacular and thank you for these fantastic gifts...you are greatly appreciated sir!
  32. xprophet

    Blackmore Inspired Preset

    Maestro, your Ragdoll riff is simply spectacular! Kudos...
  33. xprophet

    I am confused about the JP2C

    With ANY IRs it contains!
  34. xprophet

    Dream Marshall Rig

  35. xprophet

    Some Les Paul JB style blues with the Axe 3 & Austin Buddy pack #2

    “Noodlez?” I think not...brilliant musings sir...kudos!
  36. xprophet

    All Standard Sounds!

    As always, brilliant Maestro! Kudos.
  37. xprophet

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Mission accomplished...that tone eats your brain...er in a good way! Rock on Maestro!
  38. xprophet

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    Don’t get upset...none of wish to be caught with obsolete equipment...like a ‘59 Les Paul😳...the III will never be obsolete..just like my old plexi, my XL+, and many more. This is THE most amazing musical invention I’ve ever heard. Buy one today and thank me tomorrow...
  39. xprophet

    Shimmer Verb: Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" intro *UPDATE - w/PRESET*

    Thank you for this most excellent gift! Stellar! Kudos!
  40. xprophet

    Vendor [Choptones] Preset Packs, Amp Packs & IR (for Axe-Fx III)

    Hello and Happy belated 4th! I was going to purchase the Vai package (sounds stellar) but I saw the criticism from a recent purchase. Do the IRs as described come with the package? Has the problem you referred to been solved? I would very much like this product!
  41. xprophet

    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    Save up...it is really worth it. The III is tone nirvana.
  42. xprophet

    Ragdoll - Rust

    Killer fucking song Maestro! THAT BOYZ and GIRLZ IS HOW YOU ROCK!
  43. xprophet

    Disappointed In FC Availability

    Oh come on now! Are you positive you are not working for a competitor? I mean you have received several great suggestions and an outright offer to purchase a controller. I think your complaint has been registered, answered, and corrected. I suggest closing this thread.
  44. xprophet

    [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III - Updated to 4.03! New 'Triple-Gain' Versions

    I have the latest FW installed 6.03 and Maestro Moke’s presets sound spectacular. They have actually improved which I did not believe possible. I strongly recommend his work...he is the Tone Master!
  45. xprophet

    Ozzy's "SATO" live

    And yours! Kudos!
  46. xprophet

    Got it never mind

    Relax! You will be in tone heaven regardless of beta; alpha; or omega...III will become HAL but only if you seek that tone...”Dave...everything is ok Dave...”
  47. xprophet

    Simeon Harris' amazing synth, delay and pitch presets converted to Axe-Fx III

    Donation is coming Maestro! I still use your Holdsworth presets. Your talent and craft are a wonder to behold!
  48. xprophet

    Burg's Dumbles. Preset demo and free download.

    Maestro Burg, your tone, touch, and style are impeccable. The tones You achieve in this video sound priceless. Thank you for this gift and the sharing of your craft. You are an inspiration to us all...
  49. xprophet

    Joe Satriani- “Summer Song” complete cover

    This is a fantastic patch with the OH cabs which I purchased today. I’ve been playing for hours with this goofy smile...thank you Maestro! Your work and art are greatly appreciated!
  50. xprophet

    Gary Moore style with Plexi 1970 - Axe-Fx III

    Spectacular ! What are your settings on the preset?
  51. xprophet

    Joe Satriani- “Summer Song” complete cover

    Which OH IR did you use? Spectacular performance Sir!
  52. xprophet

    8 Classic Marshall Tones

    Holy shite Maestro Leon! Now that is some Marshall goodness indeed. Thank you for this great gift and lights out London!
  53. xprophet

    Thick and Nasty Octafuzz Tones

    Bad to the bone Maestro!
  54. xprophet

    Vibrolux + P90s

    Fantastic surrealistic psychedelia! Kudos Maestro Leon!
  55. xprophet

    Andy Wood at Axe-Fest East

    There is a great interview on Cracking the Code where he speaks in-depth of his family of musicians and his mandolin training. It’s a streaming service but the interview including spectacular demonstrations may be on YouTube.
  56. xprophet

    My Dream Mesa

    I have been using this preset since posted and have discovered that with minor adjustments it can be used to dial in most of those glorious JP tones that are often sought. Add a phaser here, a little wah there and hot damn you are in DT nirvana. Moreover, Maestro Leon has offered them as a gift...
  57. xprophet

    My Dream Mesa

    RagDoll Rocks! Check them out and you will not be disappointed.
  58. xprophet

    [Choptones] the most complete Impulse Response Packs (IR)

    Yes! In fact, please, please, please.
  59. xprophet

    Quad Tracking & Beyond

    Maestro Leon thank you again for this wonderful knowledge you give gratis. You are greatly appreciated on the Forum. Your insight, acumen, and technique are housed in a self-effacing, humble persona which makes us mere mortals appreciate you even more! It is rare these days when someone shares...
  60. xprophet

    My Dream Mesa

    Fantastic preset and thank you! What cab are your using?
  61. xprophet

    ML Amp Pack - Mega Rectified based on a Mesa Dual Rectifier

    Keep on rockin’! We don’t need no steenkin’ Vox! Seriously though, Vox would also be appreciated. Still, kudos for this metal monster! It sounds splendid and I will definitely be making a purchase.
  62. xprophet

    [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III - Updated to 4.03! New 'Triple-Gain' Versions

    The update to 4.03 sounds spectacular in 5.05! I am able to use Maestro Moke’s JCM 800 in a variety of situations for that killer Marshall goodness. It is made for a mix. I own most of his creations and can testify (can I get a Hallelujah?!) to my religious use. His Vai patches are remarkable as...
  63. xprophet

    Sad But True with the JP2C

    ...and the Tone Ranger rides again! Wonderful touch...excellent!
  64. xprophet

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Yes! Moreover, I would rather play than eat, jump in a fire because my friends are too, run with scissors, and look into the eyes of the sun...’cause Momma that’s where the fun is
  65. xprophet

    Guthrie Govan - Ancestral Solo with tone match preset

    Govan is a god... mortals have no right to critique his abilities in a negative fashion...thank you for the preset and your great playing!
  66. xprophet

    New Skull crusher - FW 5.00 beta

    Maestro Marco has developed a gorgeous, aggressive, responsive, and surprisingly versatile preset. It sounds monstrous via a good pair of monitors and I strongly recommend you purchase this baby immediately. While it won’t give you the Maestro’s chops, it will grant you every opportunity to...
  67. xprophet

    Messin' with the Pitch block "Tears Are Falling" Solo

    Your self effacing comments aside, you are one great guitar player Mr. Day. Your touch, finesse, and vibrato are rare gifts indeed. (Too sexy? I think not) You never cease to amaze and inspire even with seemingly less complex solos. You are the reason I purchased my first Axe Fx as well as...
  68. xprophet

    Gig video: Ozzy’s “I Don’t Wanna Stop” with pitch dropped a 1/2 step via the pitch block

    Wow! Blitzkrieg tone and spectacular playing. You rock sir! I ordered 2 of the Atomic monitors because if these videos so the company needs to repost these (well preordered since they’re not in stock!). Please post more videos...your band is killer too !
  69. xprophet

    FAS Skull Crusher for my new song "Passione"

    I strongly recommend getting his presets! They are spectacular and ride well in the mix.
  70. xprophet

    My Friedman ASM-12 Review

    Not nearly loud enough for me! Eh? Eh?!
  71. xprophet

    Fripp/Eno/Lanois/Belew type stuff

    There are 2 brilliant presets that Simeon Harris designed for Axe Fx II. I would contact him if you can't find them on the Forum. You may be able to import them into the III without killing the tone (He is a spectacular player and sound designer). I hope I am spelling his name correctly. I...
  72. xprophet

    ‘You Really Got Me’ Solo

    This is an amazing preset! I strongly recommend your immediate purchase. With only slight variations one can nail those wondrous 80s tones. Of course, Eddie’s tone is spot on.
  73. xprophet

    Vendor Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    Stay safe Maestro! Prayers are with you.
  74. xprophet

    George Lynch 'Wicked Sensation' Preset

    Ah contrair! This is a beauty! Thank you for your art and your gift. Happy Holidays sir!
  75. xprophet

    Vendor Pink Floyd presets pack - Fremen

    These presets are THE Best Floyd patches. Buy them now and you will not be sorry. They cover all the best tunes. Echoes is quite fun. Shine On is spot on! Lovely and authentic.
  76. xprophet

    Yngwie Malmsteen - 'Vivace'

    Spectacular! I hope you post your preset/patch. Do you have any recordings for sale? I can’t get enough of that majestic playing. Truly brilliant technique, tone, and that ephemeral quality best summed up as, “ that boy’s got it!”
  77. xprophet

    Vendor Fremen Axe-Fx III "amp packs"

    Maestro, I promised myself I wouldn't get angry when confronted with ignorant responses (ignorant meaning lack of knowledge). That being said, I don't like the fact that you are forced to justify your art to the individual who believes you owe him constant upgrades because he spent a few bones...
  78. xprophet

    Vendor Fremen Axe-Fx III "amp packs"

    I want ALL of them including Floyd. Should I purchase the ones available currently or wait until the Floyd pack is ready as well? This will be a birthday gift from my wife. Spectacular playing and tones!
  79. xprophet

    Friedman BE-100 (HBE channel) vs the Axe-Fx 3 HBE Model

    I bought 3 of the Friedman amplifiers including the Jerry Cantrell model. They were (and are) fantastic amps. I sold ALL of them...because my Axe III sounded exactly like them after appropriate adjustments. I am 63 today and I often dreamed of having an invention like The Fractal Axe Fx...
  80. xprophet

    Marshall Plexi 1987 - AC-DC 'Back In Black' Cover

    WTF? Doesn’t sound good? Ouch! Sounds pretty good to these old ears...
  81. xprophet

    Eric Johnson Sound

    Splat...the sound of the tongue hitting the floor...
  82. xprophet

    NGD Widdling - YJM Strat

    OMG! Just killing it Maestro! Spectacular!
  83. xprophet

    The amazing Fryette Deliverance 60

    Maestro, is this patch the same as the one on your web page -,Fryette Dream? Fantastic playing and tone! I’m purchasing. If it’s not then please post this patch. I highly recommend your presets/patches. They are more than worth your fee. Truly inspiring...
  84. xprophet

    ADA MP-1

    Sir your dedication is admirable to say the least. Your presets (and talent) are truly spectacular. Your gifts of genius are inspiring, particularly in the current divisive country we have. Thank you for your dedication to your craft. You will be one of the frequently named reasons why newcomers...
  85. xprophet

    Toto "Hold the Line" Solo

    Those bends and vibrato....ah sweet perfection sir! Still, my wife is beginning to hate you. After all, you are the reason I purchased the original Axe Fx not to mention the II, the XL+ and now the III as well as 3 Friedman amps! I must go...what is that strange doll she has and all those pins?!
  86. xprophet

    Brown Sound - Van Halen inspiration

    Just bought it! Fantastic - highly recommended - two thumbs waaaaaay up!
  87. xprophet

    Epic Tones

    LOL! I knew it! It's all in your fingers...thank you for the heads up....and by the way, your Lynch preset is awe inspiring.
  88. xprophet

    Preset Inspired by George Lynch

    This is just freaking spectacular! It is one of the top presets I have ever used. I would very much like to contribute monetarily sir. Do you have a PayPal link? Again, thank you for this - I am overjoyed.
  89. xprophet

    Steve Lukather session with Multi Delay (Chorus mode)

    I purchased his amazing presets and you won’t be disappointed if you do the same!
  90. xprophet

    Brown Sound - Van Halen inspiration

    I have purchased several of his amazing presets...strongly recommend you do the same!
  91. xprophet

    Preset Inspired by George Lynch

    OMG! Nailed it Maestro! Brilliantly wicked and nasty and yet clean tone shining through...killer!
  92. xprophet

    Fusion tone

    I can listen to you play all day...and a sweetheart to boot! Thank you for this great preset and for sharing your immense talent.
  93. xprophet

    Epic Tones

    That was...well epic!! I want to purchase those presets...if you do sale your creations, please let me know. Brilliant work sir...Bravo!
  94. xprophet

    My Recording Preset

    Thank you very much for this nasty/beautiful sculpted tone. I marvel at your ability to present such spectacular sounds in a pleasant almost self effacing manner. I just tried this in an old mix that has been sitting around...now? IT’S ALIVE! Fantastic mate! Thank you again.
  95. xprophet

    USA IIC+ Quick Demo (Rhythm/Lead/Clean)

    Your touch and tone are simply amazing!
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