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    RACER X - Street Lethal - Full cover w/vocals (video)

    Dude! That was awesome.. Such a fun time for music...I smile every time I hear a dude 'Go nuts' and shred.. Or hear a vocalist hit the notes!! (he is smashing it dude! Say thank you from me) More IS more!! Brilliant! Bloody well done!!
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Because they deserve it, most! ;)
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Do you owe them something? Do Apple need you? I am sad that people need to stand up for a multi billion dollar company...and write a blog about how great it all is for them to charge $200 for a pair of shitty headphones...
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Do you love them?
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Why do people argue and defend a company?
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    I'm curious as to how you can not see the entire point of all my posts!
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    "The human brain is an amazing thing. Amazingly gullible, I mean." Indeed it is Chris! We as consumers can somehow find sympathy and a kin hood with a multi billion dollar company.. They are pushing new boundary's in flogging off overpriced, poor sounding wireless earbuds with a proprietary...
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Fair point! Still it seems a little silly that people will defend Apple for removing it.. I will wager that many who do will also swear by a certain guitar lead, and will spend many dollars on quality cables.
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    Quality audio is a thing of the past..Like the Dodo, or the Poodle!
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    Iphone 7 Killing the Headphone Jack

    I can't wait to get rid of my 1/4 inch and XLR's.. I am sure it will sound iMazing..
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    Happy Christmas Everyone!!

    That was lovely.. Thank you.
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    So whats your opinion on Apple music

    I personally, can't wait, to pay money for the rest of my life for something I will never own. Why didn't I think of this before? I long for the day when we can have food subscriptions... And I will have great feeds for a short while.. Please someone tell me they aren't thinking about it...
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    G3 modeling thread

    Perhaps he was just asking for a feature? It's not such a bad thing. I would have just said 'you can install any firmware you like' But....some days I can not believe what I read on this forum.
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    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    I have been offered a Jem7V from a local pawn broker, for a good Jem price, that was quite recognizably fake to me... And it actually made me angry. Because they were selling it as a Jem Because they priced it as a Jem Because some poor kid will think he is getting a bargain Ibanez .... he...
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    Cheers dude!! My beautiful fretboards will thank you for many a year.. Do you recommend a particular string?? As I said earlier...I have bought strings which deteriorate rather quickly... And I certainly don't want them. "Well, obviously it's not meant to be taken literally; it refers to any...
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    Hey, Cheers! I am talking about unfinished fretboard, this is why I am loathe to put any sort of 'product' on it... Does lemon oil cause any sort of discoloration or any other wear on the maple? Also...... love the Python quote!!!! "I mean, if I went 'round, saying I was an emperor, just...
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    To tell the honest truth, I personally can't perceive much, if any, difference between string brands. They always sound and feel better when fresh! So every new set is better... Having said that, I did once have a set of cheap as strings that just corroded and f*#ed out within days...so there...
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    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    Dude!!! They say that other peoples presets generally don't work well...... It's a myth!! Your's sir, certainly do! You even include the free IR's you use...!! Even without your specific IR's, I have no trouble at all finding an IR to work well with your patches. Thank you again for your time...
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    Any Bare Knuckle specialist ?

    ...Actually.. Having re-read your post. My needs were almost exactly the same as yours, and also going into a 2 humbucker mahogany Ibanez.. They suggested a Coldsweat bridge and a VHII neck. Like I said above... I am so happy with this selection.
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    Any Bare Knuckle specialist ?

    Dude!!!! If you contact Bareknuckle and tell them what you are after, and what they are going into... They will reply with some recommendations. This is what I did..and they recommended something that I had not considered. And I could not be more happy with their choice!! Do it! They are more...
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    Alright, I am the Messiah, ....now f@%k off!

    Alright, I am the Messiah, ....now f@%k off!
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    EZ Gain, Bank of metal presets

    Hey man, I did download and try the SV2 and D60 tonight... So far they sound great. Thank you very much for your time and effort man!!!! Always....Rock on!
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    Football/Soccer - Your bets here ;)

    Hawthorn! (sorry everyone, but I actually could not help myself. After all the op does say football .... hehehe)
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    Baby spider inside my axe fx 2

    Take the cover off and put in a bird to catch the spider.
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    Hey Man, I highly recommend you send BareKnuckle an email, describing what guitar they will be going in, and what sound you are looking for. I did just that, and his recommendations were not at all what I thought I wanted. I wanted a Michael Romeo/Nuno bridge and a Petrucci neck. (this...
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    Original Mark IV Lead Channel Tone Matching ,tips and tricks are welcome!

    Hey man, You sir, have done a wonderful job! Thanks for posting this. I shared a link to this in another (shred) thread before I even thanked you..... I hope you forgive me. As I said in the thread it takes me back to my MKIV... which was an awesome amp, and I sometimes wish I still owned it...
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    Fremen's high gain "starting pack" bank - Firmware 13

    Thanks man, Love these patches.... ps. What were you doing at the gig on the cover of Skolnick's book? creeping up on Skolnick like that!
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    Guthrie Govan is the best guitar player alive today

    Yeah fu%k it. It IS a competition, And he is clearly the best at it! Usain Bolt is testament to the FACT that there is one person who is better than everyone else! Art is also a competition and is not subjective at all. (regardless of who you are) ie. Michelangelo was quite obviously better...
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    Heavy Devy on EMG tv, Axe-fx II content

    How about some vai? Is there a more sexy song?
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    The "Clark Kent" Personality

    I cant believe that this test almost describes me perfectly, ...after I told it perfectly how to describe me almost...;)
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    Your Best Buys in 2013?

    Bareknuckle Cold Sweat (bridge) and VHII (neck) Actually exceeded my expectations, and a great recommendation from Tim. ...and..
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    New Ownhammers - Kevin is on a roll!

    I can not wait to write a heartfelt letter to BP and Shell, telling them that their brilliant product can and should be priced higher!!! Sentiments of this regard are ill conceived and only serve to increase the divide between the have's and have not's. I do not doubt that Kevin has put a lot...
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    Who Wants to Test Some New Firmware? (12.03 Beta 5 UPDATE)

    Take it easy man, Mr.X never implied that it has ruined his gig........... He only pointed out a perceived fault, which in my understanding is the entire point of a beta! Ease up.
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    Axe FX II Metallica AJFA album Blackened Tone Match

    Thanks for the patch man! For the first time in years Iv'e pulled out Justice and have been jamming along for the last three days.. ..Good stuff. Also makes me realize I need to try tonematch. Thanks.
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    12 is awesome!

    I firmly believe that this is why FW12 is all that it is.
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    Where did warm ambient sound in music go?

    Kids play the darnedest things. I thought my Peavey Bandit was too cool for school back when I were a lad. If only we could get an Axe model, I'd bust out "In the nightside eclipse", stick a piece of garden hose in a gatorade bottle, and wag work..... With age comes maturity .... in most...
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    Suhr Modern build Floyd or no Floyd?

    I've a modern on the way, and at the last moment (after much serious thought) changed from locking to a 510. Reasons being I don't wang around too much and from what I've hear they don't go out of tune crazy anyway! Also I figured with a guitar of that caliber, I'd want as much connection with...
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    Blindtest: FW9 vs FW11

    I don't believe that any one of the posts regarding a person's preference for FW9 (no matter how vehement) can be considered a fact! Your post is self contradictory. I prefer A.
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    ^^ I should add that the above exclamation is what I loudly exclaimed whilst watching the vid, not directed t'ward any of you fine peeps. ;)
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    GET F*#*ED! That was supremely impressive weather you like your music fast or slow.
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    Petrucci Tone chasing pic on Fractal Facebook page

    Looks like a Mesa 2:90 to me.
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    The new Dream Theater album.

    Anything that isn't Systematic Chaos or Black Clouds ... is a win in my book. Pure tripe!
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    Axe-Fx as DAC?

    That's exactly what I thought my ears were telling me. Thanks Fractal!
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    Axe-Fx as DAC?

    Hey peeps, One thing I noticed about my Axe is how awesome it sounds playing FLAC files through two RCF nx12 sma's. I'm curious how the Axe compares to dedicated DAC's purely for playback? And would you leave it on for hours at a time just to play music through? Also, I feel silly...
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    Let's go fishing! Bogfish Brown AIC style

    Nicely done dude. When Jerry gets his Axe-Fx on, downloads your patches...BAM!
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    Looking for new metal bands ?

    New Carcass album! That's all anyone needs to know!
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    Fractal mugs?

    Some lil' shot glasses?
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    Let's see your favourite guitar!

    My favorite one is the pink one. ..Yes that's right, 80's rock, ROCKS!!!
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    FW11 Clean System.syx?

    Thanks man!
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    FW11 Clean System.syx?

    Cheers yek! Didn't think this was an issue, just thought It may be something out of the ordinary. This may sound silly .... but.... Where do you find 'empty cabs' to upload? just thinking about this concept is causing my mind to implode!!!!!
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    Best cover?

    At Vance - The Winner Takes It All - YouTube I actually had a MASSIVE hate-on for ABBA until hearing At-Vance's cover tunes. Oliver Hartman - Best vocalist ever!!! At Vance - Money, money, money (Abba) - YouTube
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    FW11 Clean System.syx?

    I used the sys clean v10 before installing V11 then noticed user cabs 51 through to 76, and also 99 & 100 still populated. Downloaded and ran the v11 clean from the Axe-Edit getting started guide ... and they're still there!!! Used Fractal-Bot both times. Any one else get this?
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    How hard do you try???

    It's really quite easy, Either 1. Read and help 2. Read and don't..... It shouldn't really affect a forum member in any way.
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    My new Suhr Custom Tele Black Beauty .. gas alert !!!

    ...Man that is pure class!
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    FW 11. Maybe I'll wait.

    One thing which I believe needs to be said ... You will get a few questions with every new update. Out of the hundreds??(thousands??) of people who have installed the new firmware, the number experiencing any sort of issue is a very minor percentage.
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    Headphone Question

    I wouldn't worry too much about burning in headphones dude. With regular use they'll end up getting there. ...sooner, rather than later you'll end up saying "Man, these things rock!"
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    Awesome Vai performance

    It's absolutely pre-bends! Does that Vai guy rock or what?
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    Awesome Vai performance

    Saw him last month in Adelaide, and when he played 'Frank' from 'The Ultra Zone' ..... I actually shed a little tear! To suggest he lacks a memorable melody, is to say Shakespeare lacks a drama! or "guitarists" lack having herd anything from Steve sans 'Passion and Warfare'! Steve Vai -...
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    I'm pretty sure if Guns N' Roses had Axe-FX in 1991...

    Killer dude! sounds awesome, although I'd say it'd fit better on 2008's Chinese Democracy. Which isn't a bad thing.
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    Mr.E's All Amps Presets for FW11b

    Dude, What you've done is "totes cray!" Thanks for the effort. My hat is most certainly off to you. I hope you sat down after with a nice cold beer and thought ..'Man, I rule!' Cheers.
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    Korn - Axe FX II?

    I'd be mostly excited too if the rest of the guys started believing in fairytales.... Cannot wait to see if they do..
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    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

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    Daily head sticker

    Beardfish - Tightrope - YouTube This is mine for the last two weeks...
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    Daily head sticker

    DUDE! Thanks for posting this. Have never heard this song before, and I must say it KICKS!!! Cheers!
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    Iphone to Galaxy s4

    One thing I find invaluable with my S3 is, cheap microSD 64 Gigs high quality FLAC!! Drag, drop, done!
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    Can you recommend some electric strings?

    I will only ever use cat gut! .. by DR. Robert, or Dean Macaulay, or spiderweb, ..or strings.
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    Magic Pie?

    After weeks of a "mate" bashing my ears saying "you have to listen to Magic Pie, you'll really like it!" ..and me not listening to him, because of all the other crap he tries to sell to me. I gave 'em a bash. Quite good!... ... chucked it in the car on repeat .... .. I LOVE Magic Pie...
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    A question about monitors?

    Thanks for the insights peeps! As I would be using them for playing and listening primarily, your post RB is quite poignant. Now I have to find a store that stocks both and give 'em a bash. Once again, thanks all!
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    Should I upgrade from RCF NX 12 SMA to the Atomic CLR's?

    Wouldn't that be more of a placement issue rather than an actual sound issue? Do they realy sound better?
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    A question about monitors?

    Hey rockin' dudes, Adam a7x or Dynaudio bm6a mk II? I have no chance to demo them and will be going in deaf! Could you give me some insight? (re. Axe) Many thanks dudes..
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    Favourite solos, guitar excluded

    I just had to chime on in here dudes, Zappa and Ruth Underwood's sweet marimba solo (Rolo) in "St Alfonso's pancake breakfast" as explained here ZAPPA: St.Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast (Rollo Interior) - YouTube And the song Frank Zappa - Saint Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast - YouTube Also the...
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    All Time Favourite Guitar Solo

    "Frank" Steve Vai. Sweet as dudes! "Oooo" Steve Vai. "How could I" Cynic. Jason Gobel's outro. And a new one for me .. "A darkened mind" Circus maximus. Mats Haugen ROCKS!
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