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    12 is awesome!

    I firmly believe that this is why FW12 is all that it is.
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    Axe-Fx as DAC?

    Hey peeps, One thing I noticed about my Axe is how awesome it sounds playing FLAC files through two RCF nx12 sma's. I'm curious how the Axe compares to dedicated DAC's purely for playback? And would you leave it on for hours at a time just to play music through? Also, I feel silly...
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    Best cover?

    At Vance - The Winner Takes It All - YouTube I actually had a MASSIVE hate-on for ABBA until hearing At-Vance's cover tunes. Oliver Hartman - Best vocalist ever!!! At Vance - Money, money, money (Abba) - YouTube
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    Magic Pie?

    After weeks of a "mate" bashing my ears saying "you have to listen to Magic Pie, you'll really like it!" ..and me not listening to him, because of all the other crap he tries to sell to me. I gave 'em a bash. Quite good!... ... chucked it in the car on repeat .... .. I LOVE Magic Pie...
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    A question about monitors?

    Hey rockin' dudes, Adam a7x or Dynaudio bm6a mk II? I have no chance to demo them and will be going in deaf! Could you give me some insight? (re. Axe) Many thanks dudes..
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