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  1. Backlet

    Global block - Way to name these?

    +1 here as well, global blocks are a really crucial part of my workflow.
  2. Backlet

    Weird audio artifacts with computer playback

    Thanks! I actually changed that a week ago but didn't know it would cause this kind of issue. Always room for learning.
  3. Backlet

    Weird audio artifacts with computer playback

    A weird problem occured with my III. When I use the Axe as a soundcard to play the audio from my computer (MacBook Pro), there are these weird artifacts happening with the sound. Here's an example: These last for about 5 seconds or so and then go away, completely random and doesn't seem to...
  4. Backlet

    Axe III & DAWs (Cubase)

    Yeah, just like I’ve done with all the previous devices. I even created 4 identical software instrument tracks with just different outputs. 1 & 2 are working fine, 3 & 4 seem to be working fine on Cubase but there’s no activity on the Axe-Fx. EDIT: Well I got this working now. I hadn't placed...
  5. Backlet

    Axe III & DAWs (Cubase)

    This is pretty much exactly what I'm trying to do as well, my interface is just RME Fireface UFX. I just received my III and tried to make this work. Everything else is fine but I can't get Cubase to play any audio through Outputs 3 or 4. Everything looks ok on Cubase but the signal somehow...
  6. Backlet

    Global blocks included?

    Yes! Superb. Thanks for that, now I can sleep my nights peacefully :sunglasses:
  7. Backlet

    Global blocks included?

    So, it seems that there are no global blocks. Is it even possible to add that feature later? I sold the ax8 after I found out it’s not even possible to add that feature and this is a deal breaker for me with the III as well. If it’s going to be added in the future I’m more than happy to buy the...
  8. Backlet

    Global blocks included?

    Still waiting.
  9. Backlet

    Global blocks included?

    I guess I'm going to bumb this thread till eternity. :smile:
  10. Backlet

    Global blocks included?

    Still waiting for some info. I might have missed it if it has been said on some other topic.
  11. Backlet

    Global blocks included?

    Any info? This is pretty much the only thing left that I'd like to know about the unit.
  12. Backlet

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Does it have global blocks and how many of them? Can you name them?
  13. Backlet

    Button Issue

    I have the same issue with Store and Enter buttons. Enter button was faulty from the beginning but Store was working properly for about a week before the same behaviour started. They do work, but they don't have the click that they should have when pressing. It's not that big of a deal for me...
  14. Backlet

    Escalane's debut album "The Days of Decay" out now!

    Escalane's debut album "The Days of Decay" out now!
  15. Backlet

    Two new songs from the band Escalane, all guitars and bass recorded with Axe-Fx II

    Here are two new tunes from our band Escalane, all guitars and bass were recorded with Axe-Fx II. The amp models I used on distorted tones were 5150 and Triaxis, the clean part on "The Days of Decay" is Deluxe Reverb if I remember correctly.
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