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  1. rocketcity

    Clean Sound for FOH and Tube amp

    First crack at a clean sound with my PRS. Pretty standard chain with a dual clean amp setup. Tell me what you think. Output level 1 controls FOH and Output 2 controls your tube amp. Cable to your amp should plug into Output 2 FX send left on the back of your AXE FX II. I also uploaded this...
  2. rocketcity


    Performed recent install of 12.03. Disconnected MFC-101 cable prior to install per instructions. Shortly after a message displayed on the Axe FX II screen "No Input Clock". After several power down attempts, reinstalled 12.02 but experienced same results after power down process.
  3. rocketcity

    Matrix Amp with 1 x 12 cab or AXE FX into a powered CLR

    I usually go FRFR with my Axe FX II in our church and use a powered QSC 10 as a stage monitor. I am supposed to be eligible to purchase an active CLR this month. What are the opinions on a setup of the Axe II into FRFR with the CLR as a stage monitor vs. purchasing a Matrix amp and using a...
  4. rocketcity

    HELP! Lost Presets!

    I was using Axe Edit on my IMac and went into Axe manage to move a few presets around. I clicked on "File" and then "Send to Axe FX" clicked "Entire Bank" selection and the file proceeded to download. The first 27 files loaded and all other banks were changed to <empty>. All the files on the...
  5. rocketcity

    Axe FX II to FRFR and Output 2 to 3rd power amp

    I would like to send a stereo signal out to my Powered QSC speakers from Output 1 XLR and an effects only signal (no amp or cab) to a 3rd Power amp. Can someone let me know the best way to accomplish this, or refer me to a thread? I would hope Volume 1 would then control the FRFR and Volume 2...
  6. rocketcity

    Do I need a powered amp?

    I am currently running my Axe FXII into two QSC 12 powered speakers. Will I gain anything by adding a powered amp such as the Matrix series, or is it unnecessary?
  7. rocketcity

    Piezo and Electric dual tones?

    Many are now going to a stereo out electric and Piezo. Are there any patches out there which address this? Dual path, one side electric with overdrive capabilities and one side Piezo Acoustic. Preferably set to a stereo send to the board splitting the two signals.
  8. rocketcity

    How to set up Axe FX II and Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro

    I have seen questions about this on the forum, so I thought I would help. This is from memory, but I believe it is correct. Go to I/O button on the face of the unit. Choose Midi. Set midi to "Omni" This will allow the Voodoo Lab to communicate with the AXE FX over all channels. Go to...
  9. rocketcity

    New FX II owner and forum member

    Hello everyone, First Post I just received my FX late yesterday and had the day off today to play. I have to say I am extremely impressed. I primarily play an American Deluxe Strat with an LR Baggs Piezo and X Bridge preamp installed. I am running a stereo signal out of the FX II with...
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