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  1. CenturyStanding681

    Bulb Zilla IR for Friedman HBE?

    I run the cabs in stereo. When I'm single tracking or playing alone, I pan them hard left and right. When I'm dual tracking or playing with another guitarist, I pan both to my side of the track for more of a blended effect.
  2. CenturyStanding681

    Bulb Zilla IR for Friedman HBE?

    I can't attest to how close it would be to P3, but I've gotten the best tones out of the Zilla IRs by dialing in an amp with the "ML Zilla Flattest IR", then blending it with a second IR for flavor. Want something more scooped? Blend it with the K100. Want something more mid-rangey? Blend it...
  3. CenturyStanding681

    Dual Amp - High Gain Tones

    I use two separate amp and cab blocks in independent signal chains, that go to the output separately and don't merge them back together. Once I have the tones dialed in and the volume balanced out, I go into the cab blocks and pan them hard left and hard right.
  4. CenturyStanding681

    FW 7.02 Herbie CH3, no pedal, no filters, no eq. wtf, how

    I agree completely on the recent upgrade to the Herbie patches. A friend of mine owns a hand-built, pre-production prototype Herbert that's built and signed by Peter Diezel himself. It's one of the most ridiculously badass sounding amps that I've ever heard. And one of the only amps that I've...
  5. CenturyStanding681

    Couple of observations about the Friedmans in 7.02

    If you like the HBE, I'd recommend toying around with the Engl Savage model. I owned a Savage for years, one of my all-time favorite amps, but never jived with the Axe version. Then Quantum 7 came around, and now it sounds exactly like the real thing. I used the HBE previously, but replaced...
  6. CenturyStanding681

    Angle Severe Settings to Replicate "Smooth" Mode

    Unfortunately, I don't physically own the amp anymore. Otherwise, I would. There are plenty of YouTube reviews and such of the amp, though, that though the feature switching on and off. I'll dig up a few and post after work.
  7. CenturyStanding681

    Angle Severe Settings to Replicate "Smooth" Mode

    I'm hoping that it's just a parameter tweak. I started a thread like this about the "Mid Cut" function on the Diezel Herbert, another favorite amp of mine in the real world, and eventually Cliff chimed in with general settings for a Peak EQ filter to put between the amp and cab blocks that...
  8. CenturyStanding681

    Angle Severe Settings to Replicate "Smooth" Mode

    Hey Everyone, I owned a Savage 120 for many years and it was, bar none, the greatest high gainer that I've played. I had never really gelled with the Axe version of it until this last patch. Now, it is easily my favorite amp in the box, and sounds exactly like the real thing. The only issue...
  9. CenturyStanding681

    It's an Aristides 060. They're a custom guitar company from the Netherlands that makes these...

    It's an Aristides 060. They're a custom guitar company from the Netherlands that makes these amazing non-wood guitars. I just got my custom model last month after a long awaited 6-month build time. It is, far and away, the best playing and sounding instrument that I've ever put my hands on...
  10. CenturyStanding681

    Misha Mansoor and I bring you: ML Zilla

    I've been anticipating thing for weeks now... And my computer died on Tuesday, so now I can't download. Womp, womp. Well, now I have more incentive to get my new rig up and running...
  11. CenturyStanding681

    Misha Mansoor and I bring you: ML Zilla

    You're demo sounds awesome. This is definitely on the "to buy" list.
  12. CenturyStanding681

    WISH: less emphasis on V30s

    I agree completely. Too many of the IRs are based around closed back birch cabinets loaded with V30s. But, I get the impression that making IRs is really laborious, so people often make IRs for the biggest audience, which is by far the V30 4x12.
  13. CenturyStanding681

    Underrated Amp Models

    I think all of the amps that I really love in the Axe are "underrated" models. Splawn Quickrod - It's the least Marshall sounding Marshall clone that I've ever heard, but I love it. I run it in 2nd gear with a clean TS808 in front. You need to really crank the treble and presence to...
  14. CenturyStanding681

    In factory preset 005 'Double verb' should the reverb block not be before the amp?

    In a Twin, isn't the reverb after the tone stack? I was always under the impression that the most accurate way to replicate onboard reverb was to place it between the amp and cab block. Figure, if you place it before the amp, you're actually reverberating your guitar signal, and sending that...
  15. CenturyStanding681

    Quantum 3.0 HBE V2 and Ultimate V30 4x12 Comparison

    That Diezel sounds awesome. My current patch uses a blend of V30 and K100, so this is right up my alley. Any ETA on when it'll be available? I'm sold.
  16. CenturyStanding681

    Favorite sounds EVM12L IRs?

    I really like the Ownhammer EVL-12L and EVM-12S IR's from Cab Pack 3. They're loaded into a Marshall 4x12.
  17. CenturyStanding681

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Angle Severe (Engl Savage 120)

    The Savage was one of the first high-gain amps that I owned. I lucked out because I bought it in 2007, brand spankin' new, for $1,799. When I sold it a year later, the economy crapped itself and US currency plummeted, so the cost of this German import when through the roof. I think I sold it...
  18. CenturyStanding681

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Band-Commander ('68 Fender Bandmaster, AB763)

    I have a '68 Showman at home that I picked up a few years ago. It's basically the 100-watt version of the Bandmaster. One of the loudest amps I've ever owned (second to an SLO100). Mine also has blackface circuitry. The Band-Commander in the Axe does a pretty fantastic job of accurately...
  19. CenturyStanding681

    ML Dizzy: The fattest and meanest Cab Pack yet

    I've been mulling over whether to buy CabPack 13 or 19 for weeks now. This just complicated that decision, in a good way.
  20. CenturyStanding681

    Diezel Herbert Mid-Cut Feature

    I've had a TON of success with the PEAKEQ tip. It replicated the mid-cut perfectly and gave it the same ability to cut through the mix without extra volume that the real amp offers. The amp model itself has gone through a few revisions since then (G3, then Quantum), so you may have to tweak...
  21. CenturyStanding681

    HotKitty (1.05) is nasty as hell!

    I take it back. Apparently he is using the Lynx's
  22. CenturyStanding681

    HotKitty (1.05) is nasty as hell!

    I was under the impression that he switched to a Diezel for a lot of his later PT work. That may just be rumor, though.
  23. CenturyStanding681

    What amps have pleasantly surprised you and what amps have been a let down?

    Pleasant Surprises: Splawn QR & Nitro models - To my ears, sounds just like the real ones. A lot of people dislike them because they expect something more Marshally, but I always found them much more suited to heavy styles than anything vintage. Fuchs ODS - I've never played the real amp, and...
  24. CenturyStanding681

    Working on a Tool (Adam Jones) tone.

    From what I've heard, they used a TON of different amps on 10,000 Days. Aside from his usual mix, he also used a good amount of the 5150 and a Rivera Mick Thompson signature.
  25. CenturyStanding681

    Working on a Tool (Adam Jones) tone.

    I know that this is going to sound pretentious as fuck, but in my opinion, Adam Jones' tone is more about an idea than the particulars. His live rig has been unchanged for years, but his studio rig is always changing. He usually records with whatever happens to be lying around the studio...
  26. CenturyStanding681

    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    People swear by the Friedman's for high-gain Marshall tones, but I've had way better luck with the Splawn Quickrod models. Run them really bright with low gain and put an 808 in front of it.
  27. CenturyStanding681

    Full song! -=MAGNA=- Herbie/Cameron/QUANTUM/Skervesen/Dingwall/Ownhammer

    What amp/IR are you using on the bass? Tone on it is amazing.
  28. CenturyStanding681

    What 2 amps are your favourite to blend together?

    Any tips for taming the Engl models? I owned a Savage 120 for years, and have played and really enjoyed the Powerball in real life, but I cannot get tones that I like out of the Axe-FX models.
  29. CenturyStanding681

    What 2 amps are your favourite to blend together?

    My two main patches are a Splawn Nitro & Quickrod, and a Diezel Herbert & Recto. I've also had really great results on the bass side of things by blending a dirty Bassman and a clean SVT.
  30. CenturyStanding681

    First Recording - Advise Welcome

    It's funny because there is a second rhythm part in there, clearly audible on the monitors, but once it gets bounced and converted to MP3 it's nonexistant. Fiddled with the panning and think I got a much better stereo effect now. Thanks for the feedback...
  31. CenturyStanding681

    First Recording - Advise Welcome

    Hey Everyone, This is my first recorded tone test with the Axe-FX II. Everything was recorded through it, direct into my interface, except for the drums. Pardon the sloppy playing and cheesy improv. What do you think about the recording? The tones? The mix? I'm a recording newbie, so...
  32. CenturyStanding681

    I'm gonna give v18 a shot, updating from v14 - anything I should do?

    Wear roomy pants. You WILL be rocking at least a semi when you hear it.
  33. CenturyStanding681

    Lonestar Overdrive parameter

    The question wasn't directly specifically at them. The guy didn't e-mail them, he posted a question on a message board, where questions are intended to be fielded by consumer advocates. A non-response would have been fine.
  34. CenturyStanding681

    Lonestar Overdrive parameter

    Couldn't agree more, here. You expect random people posting anonymously on forums to be a bit douchey. It's just how message boards go. But Fractal shouldn't have responded with sarcasm. At the very least, they should have just refrained from commenting at all. You *did* pay $2,500 to play...
  35. CenturyStanding681

    Treble booster question

    Treble Boosters work great in conjunction with drive pedals or dirty amps to tighten things up and give you some more of that snarly top-end. David Gilmour used one into a Fuzz Face in front of his Hi-Watt for a lot of his live lead tones over the years. It works super well in the Axe. As...
  36. CenturyStanding681

    Fuchs ODS question

    The Fuchs started out as a Dumble clone, but every revision of it has really gotten further from being a Dumble clone and has become more of it's own thing. The more recent one's sound like a Dumble with a tubescreamer in front of it and a decent boost to the mids. There's a surprising amount...
  37. CenturyStanding681

    Your favorite mid to high gain amps that retain clarity on complex chords

    I think that the blue faced Diezel VH4's were perfect for this. It's high-gain, but not really a "metal" amp, and has a ridiculously open, clear sound. I actually really like the Splawn Nitro model, too. It's sort of the underdog of the Axe-FX line-up because it's so weird to dial in. You...
  38. CenturyStanding681

    How to pan amps hard left and right ?

    I've had the best luck splitting the signal of a single amp to two different Hi or Ultra Res cabs, then panning the cabs hard left and right using the "balance" on each. You'll get an even bigger sound, though, if you use two different, but similarly voiced amps through two different cabs and...
  39. CenturyStanding681

    Fw18... news?

    It seems like a pretty even split between older guys rocking vintage sounds, and younger guys djenting into oblivion.
  40. CenturyStanding681

    Diezel Herbert Mid-Cut Feature

    Thanks for the tip! I'll play around with it when I get home later. I'd be putting the filter block between the amp and cab blocks?
  41. CenturyStanding681

    Diezel Herbert Mid-Cut Feature

    Yeah, one of my friends has a Herbert and I just loved the way the mid-cut worked in the mix. The guitar tone would sit almost behind the band and create this wall of sound. Then when you disengaged, it'd bump you up to right in front of the band for leads or layered parts. It seemed to give...
  42. CenturyStanding681

    Diezel Herbert Mid-Cut Feature

    Hey All, I know that the mid-cut feature of the Herbert isn't worked into the Axe-FX model. However, it's a cool feature that I'd like to use on and off with the model, if possible. I've tried playing around with some of the Axe-FX's EQs to replicate it, but haven't had much luck. Does...
  43. CenturyStanding681

    Any UR IR's of 15" Speakers?

    Does anyone know if there are Ultra-res IR's out there of cabs with 15" guitar speakers? Like the old bassman 2x15s or something similar? I've poked around, but can't find any.
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