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  1. dscribellito

    SOLD Fractal Audio FC-6

    It was a tough decision but I decided to keep my FC-12 instead of the FC-6. The FC-6 has only been used at home a couple of times so it is in new condition. $499 plus whatever the actual UPS ground shipping cost is to you (if you want something faster than ground, let me know). I will only...
  2. dscribellito

    Wish: Bank Size Per Layout

    Currently, the bank size (as configured in the FC Controllers Config menu) applies to all layouts. It would be a lot more flexible if this could be configurable per layout - or possibly even automatically determined per layout based on the number of preset in bank switches configured in the...
  3. dscribellito

    Bug: Layout Link for Tap Triggers for Hold

    As I was setting up my FC-6, I came across a bug that the layout link configured for tap also triggers for hold and even overrides any layout link configured for hold. The Axe-Fx III firmware is 3.01 and the FC-6 is 1.03. As an example of the intended usage, the idea is that on the Presets...
  4. dscribellito

    Wish: Auto Reveal

    This is a simple request but would be really useful: have the ability to globally configure whether or not reveal is automatically enabled after switching presets. With auto reveal on, you would not have to manually click reveal every time to effectively use a "large pedal board" and still...
  5. dscribellito

    You guys want to take a peek over here ... Xmas in July!

    Axe-Edit - Editor for the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx (Beta)
  6. dscribellito

    Looks like we have an Independence Day present!!!

    Axe-Edit - Editor for the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx (Beta)
  7. dscribellito

    To anyone else who also just received their Axe-Fx II ... how is your fan noise?

    The fan noise is much more noticeable than my previous Axe-Fx Ultra. Whereas the Ultra fan noise never bothered me (I could forget it was there), this one does bother me for a couple of reasons: 1. It seems louder. 2. It is not consistent - the noise fluctuates. This is best demonstrated by the...
  8. dscribellito

    New Neal Schon interview and he mentions Axe-Fx

    The Axe-Fx part is on page 5. Journey's Neal Schon talks new album, Eclipse, The Sopranos, guitars and gear | MusicRadar.com
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