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  1. Sixstring

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Ah, sorry a little confused as to the question... I sent them an email on March 6th letting them know I was interested, a reply was sent immediately letting me know they would contact me with an invite!
  2. Sixstring

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    I didn't see one in the email :( I have an order ID. Unless you're talking about the order confirmation time which was 11:32 4/2
  3. Sixstring

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Wait listed 3/6, Received 4/2 10:21 - Ordered 4/2 11:32.
  4. Sixstring

    Considering Selling My Suhr Custom Modern

    When comparing a Suhr headstock to say a Fender Strat I'll take the Suhr, can't stand the bulbus look of the Fender.
  5. Sixstring

    Forum is faster!

    It does seem faster either way I like the new look!
  6. Sixstring

    CLR crossover frequency?

    I could be wrong but I do remember it being mentioning it was a little higher up than a typical two way design, 2.5k if I recall but it's been a few years so don't hold me to it :rolleyes:.
  7. Sixstring

    Add Tremolo with EXP?

    I just use the auto on/off function and set the rate for the maximum the song requires at full toe down!
  8. Sixstring

    King's X

    You can bump the input trim to simulate a hotter pickup to a degree so It can kind of work. I have a Thornbucker + in the bridge of my CT with it coil tapped the tone is very convincing for the Gretchen era. For a different gain structure I just go full humbucking and add more gain and I can...
  9. Sixstring

    Live with my Toto Tribute band - AX8 on Stage - Atomica amp

    That was a great effort! but someone should have thrown gas on the people in the audience and tossed a lit match, those people should have been on their feet after that performance.
  10. Sixstring

    Preset Per Song = Nightmare?

    It really depends on how far you want to go with covering the song. As mentioned above if you can get away with a generalization with one amp and using drives or XY switching you can cover a lot of ground while sharing the same effects. If you are covering a specific song with a signature...
  11. Sixstring

    Midlife Crisis Car

    I had a 71 RS split bump for a brief while but the 69 won out! Of the first gen the 69 is the favorite!
  12. Sixstring

    Schaller "S" Locks - Shop Smart, Shop S-Locks!

    Nice, but I'm still partial to Dunlop strap locks!
  13. Sixstring

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Nice! But I will see your 70 1/2 and raise you a 69 RS! I love these year cars the only body years that look like a hot rod. To me these cars always get respect even if your not a Chevy fan.
  14. Sixstring

    Best speaker for AX8?

    RCF NX12 sma is great alternative to the CLR, Supposably Full compass has a pretty good deal on them but you need to call.
  15. Sixstring

    Mixers today

    Man that's an expensive little mixer!!
  16. Sixstring

    Mixers today

    I picked one up used for $350 great little mixer! I outgrew the AR8 I had which is also cool if you don't need more than 4 XLR inputs.
  17. Sixstring

    Top Wrapping??

    I hear you! When you start messing around with things to fix a known problem it seems as if there are a 101 ways to get it done.
  18. Sixstring

    Top Wrapping??

    I thought top wrapping the strings was to reduce the break angle over the saddles for the benefit of less tuning issues? I know that raising the stop bar accomplices the same result but doesn't traditionally look right.
  19. Sixstring

    A totally slappin' cover of "Back in Black" ...

    I have an old steel toed work boot I can lend ya!
  20. Sixstring

    Imagine Dragons Top Rock Artist? Seriously?

    No one stays on top for ever! Who would I rather listen to... Queen of course, I've never even heard of Imagine Dragons. I guess that tells you how connected I am to current music.
  21. Sixstring

    What product do you think Fractal will release next?

    I guess the only real problem is, is that it still has knobs.
  22. Sixstring

    Sad news

    This sucks! Big Wreck is a great group and to be losing one of it's long time members is going to be a huge blow. Thoughts and prayers to a fellow musician.
  23. Sixstring

    Pickup wiring for my new project Strat AAA Warmoth

    I like the way Pete Thorn has his sig guitar wired up. I don't know if you can do that with the switch you have but Petes switching system sure covers a lot of different sounds.
  24. Sixstring

    Dark stage solutions

    I feel this is one of the things on the AX8 that was overlooked by FAS... not sure why. The other thing I don't like is the fact that you can't see the labeling on any of the quick knobs in the dark, especially with the screen glowing as bright as it does. It would have been nice to have it...
  25. Sixstring


    I see, well this would be something that I personally would be doing as part of the community and most likely in conjunction with FAS! And again this is a HUGE if, I were to win a lottery and I did come close once (missed the powerball by 2 numbers) but that only yielded $450. In the even it...
  26. Sixstring


    So G66 cant deliver?
  27. Sixstring

    AX8 Discontinued?

    The only question I have is how long before the AX8 becomes mature... unless it already has? and will the FM3 surpass it in this manner?
  28. Sixstring

    Metro Supa Boost

    I have said it before, the man can sell ice to an eskimo! His demos are so good it makes you want to buy anything he plays through.
  29. Sixstring


    I thought of doing something like this if I win the lottery! Win an Axe III with all the trimmings once a week type of thing.
  30. Sixstring

    That's it folks, time to fold up the tent

    They will have to pry my guitar from my cold dead hand before I make music in that fashion.
  31. Sixstring

    Do you guys think modellers change your approach to choosing a guitar pickup?

    For me it has opened up a broader choice of pickups to look at but I'm still of the camp that a lower output pickup (10k or lower) is the prefered choice as it harder to take away something that's already there then to add it with respect to output! Pickup voicing and mag choice while part of...
  32. Sixstring

    Help Cutting Through the Mix in Band Rehearsal

    I would echo Rick's post! Either try elevating the CLR off the floor 24" or so, or place it monitor position behind you if you don't need to project your sound to FOH, it should make a noticeable difference! Good luck sir!
  33. Sixstring

    Cheap Flat Frequency Response Power Amp

    There are a few... VHT 2/50/2 comes to mind but the main problem is they don't stay flay! As time goes on component specs drift as to how noticeable it is I can't say. That said they do sound really good for a while but then you are replacing tube$. The only way for consistency is solid state...
  34. Sixstring

    King's X

    Make sure you grab the file in post 29 it's the most up to date and the one that I did the sound bite with on page 2 of that thread! Cheers bro!
  35. Sixstring

    King's X

    Here ya go! Kings X Tone
  36. Sixstring

    Help Cutting Through the Mix in Band Rehearsal

    Humm, for me it's been the exact opposite! Guitar speakers are known for having a beaming effect. The sound of an off axis guitar cab always sounded muffled to me. On the other hand I have never had a bad listening position from a CLR (unless of course I was standing behind it) weather using it...
  37. Sixstring

    Cheap Flat Frequency Response Power Amp

    You might consider Behringer iNuke NU 1000, not the best on the market but for the money they do pretty good. You can find them used in that price range in the usual places.
  38. Sixstring

    "Hotel California" Harmony Preset

    Yes I do, I use it a lot! Nice guitar BTW ;).
  39. Sixstring

    "Hotel California" Harmony Preset

    Nicely done John! By the way I can't remember but is that the guitar you put the freeway switch on?
  40. Sixstring

    When is AX8 gonna be back in stock?

    That is usually when something new drops! All is quiet and then.... Have you seen the latest and greatest from FAS! Then starts the wait list, then the speculation threads, then the lucky few that are first to get it, then the how come it doesn't have this or that and why did they do it that...
  41. Sixstring

    AX8 2?

    This guy T1M Effects might be able to help you with that not totally sure but if you send him a message of what you are trying to accomplish he should be able to build you one.
  42. Sixstring

    AX8 2?

    Using individual pedals has it's pros and cons! Tom's DigiTech Whammy pedal is a perfect example to show why, very specific effects with one knob if your looking at the older version, so on the fly adjustments are very easy. This can be done on the AX8 but you have to assign them first right...
  43. Sixstring

    AX8 2?

    Playing a specific tune on the fly that has a very specific sound or effect is practically impossible unless the sound or effect is already pre-defined! ie: pedal boards or a multi effect pedal that has that specific sound or algo already programed in. I understand what you are getting at but...
  44. Sixstring

    FS PreSonus AR8

    TTT price drop!
  45. Sixstring

    FS PreSonus AR8

    I need more channels so this needs to go! Nothing wrong with it everything functions perfectly! It has been a great little board for the money. Asking $250 shipped to the lower 48. PM if you have any questions.
  46. Sixstring

    Favorite foot switch setup

    I group banks of like kind presets together ie: Classic rock, Metal, song specific types etc. Within those presets I might build differently, one specific tone with the effects in stompbox fashion and the next might be by scene it really just depends on how I need things to flow. It's a pretty...
  47. Sixstring

    Getting annoyed with directional cabs

    The Doughnut or beem blockers will help for sure on the directivity! The other thing you can try if your not doing it already is setting your cab up Vertically an angled 212 would be the best. Reason for this is it puts the resulting comb filtering on a horizontal plane though I think it's...
  48. Sixstring

    Buying presets or going with original AX8 presets?

    As someone new to amp modelers you should always learn about the tool you are going to be using! Helix, Atomic FAS even a tube amp can have its learning curve. Buying presets can be an easy path for some and it can give you an insight to how presets are built. Personally I would try to build...
  49. Sixstring

    TOTAL newb. Help?

    You Tube is good!
  50. Sixstring

    Can I really live without scribble strips?

    I would not let Scribble strips be a dealbreaker for me on an AX8. After using the Helix for a few weeks I looked at them for a few minutes and pretty much forgot they were their. Personally the color coding was way easier to ID on a poorly lit stage. The one thing you might want to add to...
  51. Sixstring

    FOH Speaker Reccomendations

    Why not a couple of CLR's on posts over subs?
  52. Sixstring

    Is this embarrassing? EVH Content.

    Buy a pair and keep them in the box, my guess is one they will be worth something.
  53. Sixstring

    This is why you are not sounding as good live as you sound at home

    Nice build! I get the DIY thing and like it a lot but it has to be a labor of love. Unless you have the means to crank out your idea in mass and have the resale licence to buy wholesale you really don't save yourself anything as you have pointed out. The other thing is in the past 10 years...
  54. Sixstring

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    A lite version of the AX8 would have a spot for those that want it in a stomp size form. Having a small footprint AX would be really efficient and convenient. Personally I like the footprint of the AX8 as well as most of the functionality, what I don't care for is the U/I. On a dark stage it...
  55. Sixstring

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    That's right! And you bring up that reminder, how long did we all wait on that list... 3-5 months? So even if they announced it tomorrow we will still have to wait even though we know we will get on soooon.
  56. Sixstring

    Success getting harmonic feedback at low to moderate volumes?

    It is limited in its function but as long as you don't hang on it too long it works fairly well.
  57. Sixstring

    Success getting harmonic feedback at low to moderate volumes?

    You can give this preset a try a try, it will need some tweaking but basically it's an old preset that has been floating around here for a few years that simion built for the Axe FX II and Mark Day did a demo with, I converted it to work on the AX8. The comp and pitch blocks are the meat and...
  58. Sixstring

    Fishman Fluence?

    I almost went with a set of these but chose Thornbuckers instead, I couldn't get around the battery thing either. I had flashbacks of the EMG 81 years.
  59. Sixstring

    Clothes Dryer repair

    It's like a piggy bank for picks!
  60. Sixstring

    New Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

    "A Tele with a cup holder" loved that comment! I would also like to see how you recover a pick out of the body design?
  61. Sixstring

    How to sound like Mark Knofler?

    Ah, the age old discussion of tone is in the fingers! He plays with a lot of hart and sole, throw in some technique and you have Style!
  62. Sixstring

    Welcome TREVOR RABIN!

    Wow what a great mix! Had they not done some improvising I would have thought they were playing to a tracks, great stuff!
  63. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    I know huh ;) ! It should be a good base tone for different guitar types, some tuning might be needed but that's to be expected with some presets especially presets that are so unique in sound.
  64. Sixstring

    Pitch Block...

    JTV 89 with a Floyd problem solved!
  65. Sixstring

    Sold my Axe III .... bought an AX8

    I was in the same boat with an Axe II just too much going on but for me the biggest thing that made me switch was the form factor. The AX8 just made more sense for gigging out. The Axe III screams studio piece with everything it can do not to mention you have you have one extra piece to carry...
  66. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    Exactly! and that's why the pickups he is using and the phase switching plays a large part, it all works together very well. If I had a Red special guitar the signal chain in this preset would have been a lot different. It would have been largely volume dependant to bring out the subtleties in...
  67. Sixstring

    Hello all.. new inspired member here..

    Welcome Joe! As a new player learning try not to get too much GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) FAS products are the best but it sounds like you need to ask yourself do you really need an Axe III ? I'm not trying to deter you from that buy but given the learning curve you are in with guitar...
  68. Sixstring

    Help Identifying this song (Religious Content)

    No problem, I asked a few worship/pastor friends of mine didn't ring a bell for them either Sorry!
  69. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    212 Blue!
  70. Sixstring

    Help Identifying this song (Religious Content)

    Not sure of the song but the words should read The Vail's been ripped! Maybe this one will work! Get the congregations blood pumping with a Sunday morning mosh pit! LOL
  71. Sixstring

    Cool to leave AX8 turned on and switch on/off at wall?

    I have done it countless times from new with my power bar and no issues.
  72. Sixstring

    New AX8 Owner Here

    Sir, you have some Kool aid on the side of your mouth might I suggest you use a napkin :D. Welcome to the little magic box now take the Red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes!
  73. Sixstring

    Weird compression thing

    Back the Master Volume off a bit!
  74. Sixstring

    Why Shop AX8 ??

    I'm good! no need to keep up with the joneses.
  75. Sixstring

    Gig patch advice

    Your welcome! I felt it had a bit to much gain and that tends to compress things, once I did that I was able to open up the input gate and that will allow things to open up. I believe the other things I moved were the speaker low resonance freq, the low cut in the cab block, input trim, Bass...
  76. Sixstring

    How to clean your AX8?

    A lightly damped microfiber cloth works great!
  77. Sixstring

    Is AX8 good for everything?

    This^^^^ To the OP, If you are not sure what you will need for a monitoring solution it's better to stick with what you know until you are comfortable with the unit! The AX8 is an all in one solution but with the new modling tech you have to get your head around how it works. Line 6 has...
  78. Sixstring

    Happy 2019!

    Happy New Year!
  79. Sixstring

    Chin activated expression pedal?

    Humm! what about some sort of laser scanning device that scans your mouth movements? this way you don't have to touch anything at all.
  80. Sixstring

    Gig patch advice

    This is what I did real fast and it opened it up quite a bit! By the way there was no cab block attached in the preset you posted so I added the V30 factory cab.
  81. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    Sounds great Patzag! I placed the chorus and didn't really take time to nail down the rates or depth. I gave a few tone samples that Brian uses in the Star Licks video as a point of reference a close listen. In certain points where he is not playing You can hear a pair of sweeps slightly out...
  82. Sixstring

    Just bought some Suhr Thornbuckers for my Warmoth super strat

    Made a big difference in my CT246! I opted to install a Thornbucker + in the bridge and a freeway switch to get a few more sounds out of them works like a charm. My buddy got a pair for his strat and Wired it up like Pete has on his sig guitar and it works great, very versatile. You can't go...
  83. Sixstring

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Mr. Crowley

    If Ozzy were ever to kick you guys would be the only game in town to give an authentic show!
  84. Sixstring

    Whistle-like noise from AX8

    I would lose the Hosa cables, inexpensive I know but you do get what you pay for in this case, Mogami, Planet waves something in that category!
  85. Sixstring

    Using 3 powered cabs with the AX8?

    One other thought, you would have to change up your signal chains in your presets and your op's. You could sum L-R in OP-1 (unix-guy is correct), use mono effects after the cab block. Send one side of OP-1 to FOH the other to your single cab on stage. So your basically splitting up OP-1 for...
  86. Sixstring

    Using 3 powered cabs with the AX8?

    In a monitor or back line siduation, you would want to remove any effects from the mono cab (W/D/W) which is not really necessary with a digital system but does yield some great stage sound!
  87. Sixstring

    Using 3 powered cabs with the AX8?

    In his post he wanted to use the 3rd cab as a wet cab, at the bottom of my post I did recommend collapsing any stereo effects to mono. I suppose he could just leave it in stereo and use the left or right side with the mono effects as well.
  88. Sixstring

    Whistle-like noise from AX8

    I would contact support.
  89. Sixstring

    Using 3 powered cabs with the AX8?

    Yes, Go to setup > I/O > Audio > OP-2 copy L-R FYI OP-2 is now a dedicated monitor out for your 3rd cab. This is also doable! remove any of the effects you want in OP-2 out of the primary signal chain. Place an FX block after the cab block and those desired effects in that signal chain and it...
  90. Sixstring

    Delay in all presets

    Well, I cleaned the PA board I run through yesterday and didn't realize I had moved the FX slider. I didn't figure this out until after I posted, trying to get my head around this confusing scenario.
  91. Sixstring

    Delay in all presets

    Problem fixed!
  92. Sixstring

    Delay in all presets

    For some reason I now have a delay in every single preset even if I create a new preset with nothing but shunts! Anyone have an idea as to what's going on? I haven't done any editing in quite a while and just noticed it this afternoon.
  93. Sixstring

    AX8 won't pull that one off, at least not anything that will sound right. I would grab an...

    AX8 won't pull that one off, at least not anything that will sound right. I would grab an Electro-Harmonix B9 pedal and run it in the loop!
  94. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    EDIT: For those that have downloaded this I added a chorus and it sounds a lot closer. Cheers!
  95. Sixstring

    Brian May tone

    I gave this one a shot, kind of tough one to nail down without a Trisonic pups and phase switching.
  96. Sixstring

    CLR Neo vs Yamaha DXR10 Impressions

    I only had to hear it once in a vid and I could hear the obvious mid heavy character. Thanks for the review!
  97. Sixstring

    FS Marshall JCM 2000 TSL and AX 412 Green back top cab

    Up for sale is my old TSL that I had sold to my brother in law. History on this amp just as an FYI, I personally bought this amp new from GC in Rancho Cucamonga CA back in 2003 along with a 1960 412AX top cab (25watt green backs). I changed out the black covering on the head to match the checker...
  98. Sixstring

    [NGD] Kiesel...But Pickups Sound Terrible! Help!

    Fishman Fluence modern?
  99. Sixstring

    Help - Atomic Reactor 50 Sounds Bassy and Not Clear

    Ok, I may not have a doctorate in Audiology but my ears work just fine in fact my last hearing test showed at my age (52) my hearing was above average! Considering how I have abused my ears over the last 4 decades I found this rather surprising. Now getting to the FM mention, I'm not blaming...
  100. Sixstring

    Help - Atomic Reactor 50 Sounds Bassy and Not Clear

    So thats why my presets always sound not the same if I build them at bedroom volume and then gig them!!
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