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  1. dscribellito

    Guitar / Computer Chair?

    Another huge thumbs up for SoundSeat. I bought mine in 2008 and it still works great - never had an issue with it. Might be more expensive than a cheap chair elsewhere, but it is a quality product and mine still looks new. I needed to change the gas lift cylinder height at one point and the...
  2. dscribellito

    FC-12 Default Layout 7 Not Acting Right

    While your point is valid regarding customizability, there is still the fundamental issue that a global bank size actually makes no sense and causes issues like this (as I reported in that other thread).
  3. dscribellito

    FC-12 Default Layout 7 Not Acting Right

    This is the issue you are actually experiencing: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wish-bank-size-per-layout.148029/post-1750323
  4. dscribellito

    Fixed Show FC Screen LCD cutoff view

    I would prefer to have the ability to configure a short preset name and short scene names that are suitable for the FC - and not lose my extremely useful and informational longer preset/scene names that I can view on the Axe-Fx or in Axe-Edit. Point is, I don't want to have to perform major...
  5. dscribellito

    Question: Can you do this?

    See the "PER-PRESET METHOD 1: OVERRIDES" section on page 34 of the manual. This section explains exactly what you need to do. It seems like you have some confusion on what is possible. To be clear, you can define the global behavior for any switch on any layout to have a layout link for tap or...
  6. dscribellito

    Replacing my Gilmour setup

    Check out these guys if you want to hear some great Gilmour tones using Fractal Audio gear: https://www.britfloyd.com. You can also find a lot of discussion about them on the forum: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/search/35109633/?q=Brit+Floyd&o=date.
  7. dscribellito

    Smart Channel Function and LED Ring Lights

    Check out Smart Bypass for Channel Select on page 29 of the manual.
  8. dscribellito

    SOLD Fractal Audio FC-6

  9. dscribellito

    FC-6 First Impressions

    I think he means about at the 9:13 mark, but it is really just the way the camera is picking up the color (e.g. bright red vs dim red for scene on/off) as it is not possible to have different colors for different states of a button. It just kind of looks that way in the video.
  10. dscribellito

    SOLD Fractal Audio FC-6

    It was a tough decision but I decided to keep my FC-12 instead of the FC-6. The FC-6 has only been used at home a couple of times so it is in new condition. $499 plus whatever the actual UPS ground shipping cost is to you (if you want something faster than ground, let me know). I will only...
  11. dscribellito

    Wish: Bank Size Per Layout

    Exactly, and on the FC-12 that is what factory layouts 7 and 1 do, respectively. It doesn't seem that a global bank size makes sense on the FC in the way it did on the MFC-101. On the FC, the bank size (as far as I can tell) is really only there to support the preset in bank switch functions...
  12. dscribellito

    Wish: Bank Size Per Layout

    Currently, the bank size (as configured in the FC Controllers Config menu) applies to all layouts. It would be a lot more flexible if this could be configurable per layout - or possibly even automatically determined per layout based on the number of preset in bank switches configured in the...
  13. dscribellito

    [solved] Why does my FC-6 not work? Firmware 1.04?

    My FC-12 works with 1.04. I think when I got my FC-6 after resetting the factory config I had to power the Axe off and then on again - have you tried that?
  14. dscribellito

    How to assign special characters to Custom Name?

    You have to use the Value knob to access all of the available characters. The small knobs under the display only give access to alpha and numeric characters.
  15. dscribellito

    Possible to load an IR into a tone match block?

    On the III you can use the IR Player block for what you want. I don’t remember the firmware version where that was added, but if you are on the latest it will be there.
  16. dscribellito

    Bug: Layout Link for Tap Triggers for Hold

    Thanks, Bryant - I'll get that to you tonight along with a video that demonstrates what I am seeing. Dave
  17. dscribellito

    Bug: Layout Link for Tap Triggers for Hold

    Right, found this info in the manual on page 38: With Layout Links, any Tap or Hold function can serve double-duty to also change the layout on one or more of the FC Controllers in your rig. Layout Links fire after the primary function they are assigned to, but their timing isn’t based on a...
  18. dscribellito

    Wound up going with FC6 over the 12 and am pleasantly surprised

    This has been my experience as well. I was planning on getting an FC-12 but grabbed an FC-6 since my name came up on the list. I don't think people realize how flexible the FCs are, how easy they are to configure, and how much can really be accomplished with just six buttons. I was really...
  19. dscribellito

    Bug: Layout Link for Tap Triggers for Hold

    As I was setting up my FC-6, I came across a bug that the layout link configured for tap also triggers for hold and even overrides any layout link configured for hold. The Axe-Fx III firmware is 3.01 and the FC-6 is 1.03. As an example of the intended usage, the idea is that on the Presets...
  20. dscribellito

    Fixed Axe-Edit III 0.08.21 CPU Usage

    Same high CPU usage for me (~90%) on iMac 27" 5K Late 2014, 4 GHz Core i7, 32 Gb RAM and Axe Edit v0.8.21, FW 1.14, USB FW 1.06. What I have observed is that the CPU usage spikes when a block is selected in Axe-Edit. With no block selected, I have CPU usage at 15-20%. Upon selecting a block...
  21. dscribellito

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.09 Public Beta

    Wow, the new smart EMI filtering in the input noise gate block is amazing! Before this update I had to change my guitar’s orientation in my studio room depending on much noise I was willing to tolerate. Now, sweet silence lol.
  22. dscribellito

    Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here album (AxeFx)

    Outstanding performances on both this video and Animals. Loved it!
  23. dscribellito

    Pink Floyd's Animals. Several Axes (two guitars and bass)

    Awesome job. That's some great Gilmour right there.
  24. dscribellito

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    Thanks, Gary - the changes look good!
  25. dscribellito

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    Thanks for the update. A couple of bugs (Mac OS X 10.10): 1. I have MFC-Edit Home Folder set to /Users/dave/Documents/Fractal Audio/MFC-101, but every time I start MFC-Edit it shows the following error message: "Couldn't create new map file /Users/dave/MFC-101/dumps/SongNamesMap.txt". The...
  26. dscribellito

    Tapatalk Popup Discussion

    With all due respect, it is a bad idea to remove mobile browsing options for forum users. Accessibility should be key. Forum Runner has not been updated in nearly two years, and telling everyone to use that Is kind of like saying everyone has to use Internet Explorer. Tapatalk and the Tapatalk...
  27. dscribellito

    Feature Request: no mouse wheel scroll choice

    Hey guys, one way you can solve this right now is to get MagicPrefs (free) and configure scrolling to be disabled for the Magic Mouse just when using Axe Edit. I do this same thing for VLC to prevent adjusting the volume by accidentally scrolling with any number of fingers across the surface of...
  28. dscribellito

    V9 Cabs, Anyone Use 'Em

    Definitely go for it.
  29. dscribellito

    Coming Soon

    Looks great! Ok, first request: spring option!!!
  30. dscribellito

    Anyone Using the Kalthallen IRs?

    Fine by me!
  31. dscribellito

    Colorsound Power Boost Pedal

    Bump - would love to get the Colorsound Power Boost. Iconic pedal.
  32. dscribellito

    Cab-Lab 2.0

    The Ownhammer Cab Pack 3 I bought from the Fractal store already has .ir files included in it. I can mix those .ir files in the new Cab Lab no problem. I don't know if the download has changed, but I got mine on Feb 7.
  33. dscribellito

    Cab Lab Won't Install on New Mac Pro - Get Failure

    It reported failed for me as well under Mavericks. But turned out that Cab Lab was actually installed in Applications anyway. Seems to work fine.
  34. dscribellito

    How do I change a user IR's name?

    Yeah, I'm on Mac so I ended up running it in VMware Fusion. A bit more expensive solution than Cab-Lab :)
  35. dscribellito

    How do I change a user IR's name?

    Try this cab rename utility that Cliff provided here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/74717-bogner-4x12-greenbacks-ir-preview-2.html#post914564 I've used it and it works fine.
  36. dscribellito

    Wish Tempo LED

    LightDims: Dim Led Lights, Halos Around Lights For Light Sensitive Eyes!
  37. dscribellito

    Namm 2014

    NAMM is for music merchants. Fractal sells direct.
  38. dscribellito

    USB 3.0 compatibility

    Works just fine for me using USB 3.0 on iMac 27" late 2012 model.
  39. dscribellito

    Bug? Unable to access any modifiers in Axe edit 3.0 (solved)

    If you are using a Magic Mouse, you can enable secondary (right) click by going into System Preferences and changing this setting under Mouse. This will alleviate the need to do ctrl-click to act as the secondary click of the mouse.
  40. dscribellito

    Youtube Challange from a Ticked Off Non-Fractal Dude. (not me)

    I get the impression he has never actually used an Axe Fx II and has no experience with one. It seems he probably has pod experience and so is making the leap that all modelers are the same (because all amps are the same, aren't they?) Right now he is working his way through the how to sell...
  41. dscribellito

    Youtube Challange from a Ticked Off Non-Fractal Dude. (not me)

    I admit I succumbed and had to comment over there even though I know that it's a ruse. Couldn't help it :) In all honesty, I thought his tone was decent but not something I would use as some kind of example of (good) tone.
  42. dscribellito

    Axe-FX II = Extra Income

    Nice. Maybe you get can get this one cheap: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-reviews/73242-not-worth-%A32000.html :)
  43. dscribellito

    not worth £2000

    And I would have thought your first post might have been to ask for help if you are having a problem.
  44. dscribellito

    How to edit a block on Mac using the Axe edit?

    Or you can go into Mouse settings under System Preferences and enable Secondary Click. That's not on by default so a Magic Mouse is essentially one button, but it is the first setting I change and you can have right-click back (so you don't have to ctrl-click).
  45. dscribellito

    AFX II Leslie simulation

    Ok, how about a road trip to Gilmour's house boat to sort this out? :)
  46. dscribellito

    Blues on V11 beta - Dirty Shirley

    That sounded great! Sounds like a tube amp to me :)
  47. dscribellito

    AFX II Leslie simulation

    Yes, exactly - I don't hear the RA-200 on DSOTM. Also, yes, you are right the Maestro Rover was also used on DSOTM.
  48. dscribellito

    AFX II Leslie simulation

    You could be right, but nothing I have read points to Gilmour using the RA-200 before Animals. Plus, I don't hear the RA-200 on DSOTM (or WYWH) - but we can hear it starting with Animals.
  49. dscribellito

    AFX II Leslie simulation

    Except that wasn't a Yamaha RA200 on DSOTM :) Leslie and Univibe. He started recording with the RA200 on Animals: Yamaha RA-200 « Gilmourish.Com – The largest David Gilmour tone resource on the net!
  50. dscribellito

    Gilmour rotary speaker emulation

    Great job. Really looking forward to any and all Floyd and Gilmour stuff you come up with (Dogs, cough cough). As you say, it could use a little more bite particularly on Comfortably Numb. But man you are so close.
  51. dscribellito

    Rockabilly-Swing For the Less Gainey Vintage Dudes

    Wow! That was awesome. Love the playing and tone. It would be great to hear more stuff like that on this forum. I really enjoy rockabilly, I'm a big Brian Setzer fan, but I can't play this stuff at all. <hangs head in shame>
  52. dscribellito

    Cab Display

    + 1. I would rather have this than Amp 2 if the choice came to that (or could be a display config option). Given how critical the cab is to the sound, we really need this displayed with the amp.
  53. dscribellito

    will the FX3 come out as soon as i buy the Fx2

    Isn't it obvious what the last piece of the puzzle is? THIS is firmware 11. Now do i put this in front of the chain or ...
  54. dscribellito

    Journey vs. Toto

    Unfortunately your logic falls apart given that Journey found their current singer performing Journey songs in the Phillippines. Schon > Lukather Perry > (pick any one of them) Journey > Toto Journey for the win. More memorable, more melodic songs. Let's put it another way: whenever...
  55. dscribellito

    Thinking Of Buying Axe , But Where Is This Feature?

    I also love the sound of new strings. So what I do is put new strings on. Done.
  56. dscribellito

    Advise on recording software.

    I use Logic Pro with a Mackie Onyx 1220i firewire mixer. Works great since I can also run vocals, keyboards, bass, etc. through the mixer and it connects via firewire to my Mac for its digital audio connection. I run the Axe through there as well and don't use the Axe USB connection for audio...
  57. dscribellito

    Don't use USB 3.0 port with Axe Edit!

    Works fine here. IMac 27" late 2012.
  58. dscribellito

    V10 Update

    Thanks a lot. :evil I was on a conference call when I saw this and had to quick hit mute. :lol
  59. dscribellito

    Axe-FX II: Pink Floyd - Shine On (Solo 2)

    Another great job! You are right though, we need a Colorsound Power Boost. If you create a wish list for that, I'll vote for it!
  60. dscribellito

    60s Binson Echorec (I know this is a long shot)

    A Binson Echorec would be awesome. Oh lookey, here's one available: Binson Echorec Analog Delay | eBay
  61. dscribellito

    Axe-FX II: Pink Floyd - Time (Solo)

    Thanks for sharing - what a fantastic preset and demo of an iconic guitar tone! I tried it out and it sits in the mix unbelievably well. First I modified the preset to use factory cabs which sounded really good, but then I tried it with the recommended Redwire cabs and they really put this one...
  62. dscribellito

    Approximate arrival of coupon for the Axe FxII Waiting list

    There is no longer any wait list. Just go ahead and order - they are in stock.
  63. dscribellito

    Wish Type selection page for cabs (like amps in 9.00)

    +1 The new amp type page is great. Definitely need it for the cabs too!
  64. dscribellito

    Matt, Can all of us who are interested in the Axe Edit Get an update on it?

    I hope nobody is surprised when FAS decides to be less open about these things in the future given some of the attitude and sense of entitlement displayed here...
  65. dscribellito

    how to turn off the tempo blink light.

    LightDims: Dim Led Lights, Halos Around Lights For Light Sensitive Eyes!
  66. dscribellito

    I Thought The "Tourette's Tuner" Was To Be Fixed In 7.0

    It doesn't matter. That is, I did play with adjusting the input level - all the way up to 100% even and it did not improve the tuning stability. So I just put it back the way I had it (i.e tickle the red as documented in the manual).
  67. dscribellito

    I Thought The "Tourette's Tuner" Was To Be Fixed In 7.0

    Ok, here is my video demonstrating the issue with the B string, and to a lesser extent, the high E string. First I demo the stable tuning for the low E to G strings, then the jitter with the B and high E strings. This video was done with a Les Paul, but as I mentioned previously I get the same...
  68. dscribellito

    I Thought The "Tourette's Tuner" Was To Be Fixed In 7.0

    The old tuner (pre-6.0) was definitely much more stable for me (i.e. no complaints). As the OP said, the high E and B strings have the "shakes". I get this with a Les Paul, Strat, and Tyler Variax (both magnetic pickups and models). With my PolyTune pedal, everything is rock solid and tuning is...
  69. dscribellito

    Update Axe fx II with just Axe Edit

    But you can update the MFC using the Axe II as the MIDI interface - you don't need a separate MIDI interface.
  70. dscribellito

    Some Pink Floyd Tones

    Awesome! Much appreciated.
  71. dscribellito

    Labels in USA?

    Another thumbs up!
  72. dscribellito

    Error 18

    Awesome, glad you got it working. Good old MIDI - never fails to make things interesting.
  73. dscribellito

    Error 18

    Ok, since you are just using a separate MIDI interface then try not running AxeEdit when you are doing the MFC firmware update since that could be sending extra MIDI traffic to cause the error 18. Then just use MIDI-OX or SysEx Librarian to send the firmware. If using a 7 pin MIDI cable, this...
  74. dscribellito

    Error 18

    On the Axe II, make sure you set Send Realtime Sysex to None in the MIDI menu. Otherwise, you will get error 18 in firmware update mode on the MFC. (Trust me, I know!) You can change it back after the firmware update on the MFC. FYI - I have only a 7 pin MIDI cable between the MFC and the Axe...
  75. dscribellito

    so I need a midi 5 pin to USB cable to update my MFC-101???

    Apparently, sometimes its good to not know you aren't supposed to do certain things! Well, anyway I was also able to update from 1.04 to 2.01 with this setup.
  76. dscribellito

    so I need a midi 5 pin to USB cable to update my MFC-101???

    That's odd, because this is exactly how I update the MFC firmware. I have the MFC MIDI out connected to the Axe Fx II with a 7 pin MIDI cable with the MFC power adapter plugged into the Axe for phantom power. I physically change nothing in my setup and I can update the firmware. I basically just...
  77. dscribellito

    How long did it take to get your Mission pedal?

    I ordered two EP-1 pedals, one of them spring-loaded, back in December. Got them in less than a week.
  78. dscribellito

    Wish - less frequent updates

    I really don't understand requests like these. They make no sense. It is in your complete power now to update less frequently and not be on the bleeding edge of firmware updates. It just goes to show you can never make everybody happy. You know that if the updates were less frequent we would...
  79. dscribellito

    OSX 10.7.3 randomly unmounting Axe II

    I have had no problems with this on my iMac and I am also using HardwareGrowler. I use to have a problem sort of like this with my M-Audio FastTrack Pro when the iMac went to sleep and I would need to unplug and replug the USB cable on the FastTrack Pro. Turns out that problem was just crappy...
  80. dscribellito

    Wish Why don’t you make a floor pedal version AXE-FX 2?

    Actually, they do not use the same DSP. The Axe-Fx II uses two TigerSHARC processors and the Strymon Timeline uses a single less powerful SHARC processor (same as the Line6 POD HD, I believe). Not the same thing at all. Plus Strymon could not sell their pedals at those prices if they were using...
  81. dscribellito

    Wish Update MFC-101 when bank changed on Axe-FX

    Ah, devilishly clever. Works great!
  82. dscribellito

    FW Updates and Axe Edit

    But you could just as easily wait a few more days right now, couldn't you? :)
  83. dscribellito

    Need Marco Sfogli patch for my exam!

    The purpose of the Axeomatic tool is IR conversion not preset conversion. It is not going to work for presets.
  84. dscribellito


    Yes, you can. They are available and in stock right now in the Fractal online store for $2599.95. Just go to Fractal Audio Systems Secure Online Store.
  85. dscribellito

    What pedalboards fit MFC and 2 ME pedals?

    I don't have the hard case for it, but the MFC and the pedals are all within the footprint of the Pedaltrain 2. What the pictures don't show well is that I have right angle TRS cables going into the outside of the Mission pedals, and with the cables inserted the cable jacks slightly overhang the...
  86. dscribellito

    What pedalboards fit MFC and 2 ME pedals?

    Here is my Pedaltrain 2 which is just big enough to fit the MFC and two Mission EP-1 pedals.
  87. dscribellito

    Roland FC-300 RRC2 protocol on Axe-FX II ??

    No, you are going to have to use a MIDI cable. That cat5 connection is proprietary between the Axe-FX II and the MFC-101. Someone asked a similar question in a different thread regarding the same thing with a Liquid Foot Pro, and Cliff's answer was a resounding NO.
  88. dscribellito

    I propose we make an...

    +1 Good idea to get some organization around this.
  89. dscribellito

    trying to incorporate a global boost switch on MFC

    Very cool; I need to try this with my new MFC.
  90. dscribellito

    Just received my MFC-101 (question about ethernet connector)

    Mine also does the same thing. I think this is just the way it is. There's always the Ethercon mod!
  91. dscribellito

    I absolutely love my new Axe FX II, but.....

    +1000 Loved that amp in my Ultra!
  92. dscribellito

    Mission pedals - experience/quality report

    I ordered two EP-1s a few days ago - one regular and one spring- loaded. They should be here Monday so I'll report back on them. I had an SP-1 previously (that I had sold with my Ultra) and it was generally fine.
  93. dscribellito

    Why CAT 5?

    Agreed, no problems here. Although the Ethercon mod some people have done is interesting.
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