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  1. Diezeljammer

    Herbert channel 3 with mid cut

    Hi all, I would love a diezel herbert channel 3 with mid cut sound as this is one serious gain sound- IMO the other diezel models just don't have the sheer power of this sound at all. I would love to see this amp modeled into the unit!
  2. Diezeljammer

    Diezel herbert sound

    Has anyone fooled around and matched a Diezel Herbert channel 3 with mid cut sound? If so I would really like the file for it. The Das metal preset just doesn't have the cajones of the Herbert IMO. Thanks in advance.
  3. Diezeljammer

    Using axe fx2 with pro tools 9- best input strategy

    Ok so as I find it wasn't I was an idiot and couldn't figure out the usb in to pro tools, as it doesn't work- this leaves me with the best way to get it in question. I am planning on a stereo wet signal in through outs 1 and 2 to my interface- then a input signal through spdif- but this is just...
  4. Diezeljammer

    No Sound with USB connection but axe edit communicates.

    Hi Group, I am completely new here to both the forum and the axe fx2 world. I have the unit working and did the usb install- I can load firmware and see changes on the axe edit but I am not getting any output from the axe fx to the PC. In the axe edit window I have no bar movement in either in...
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