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  1. jsletner

    AccuGroove and Quantum Lonestar

    Some incredible clean tones are possible when the Fractal AxeFX is paired with a Latte and Espresso. We were blown away by how gorgeous this combination sounds. We were ABing it with my real Lonestar and Seth (guitar player in video) who is a boutique amp builder said to me "I'm not sure...
  2. jsletner

    The Flexiblilty of the JM45 combined with a SuperReverb

    The AxeFx continues to amaze me. It's been said that getting the cleaner tones is the hardest. If it ever was it isn't anymore. Here's my buddy Seth playing through a combination JM45/SuperReverb patch. He get's a variety of clean tones and some mild crunch just by changing pickups and volume.
  3. jsletner

    Tone Quest, Marc Cooper in Riff Magazine talks about his AxeFxII rig

    ISSUU - Riff Journal | Spring 2015 | Issue 3 by Riff Journal Marc Cooper talks about his Tone Quest and the AxeFx in Riff magazine.
  4. jsletner

    New AccuGroove Slantback FRFR Cab

    A NEW AccuGroove cab will be introduced today! Keep a lookout for details! https://www.facebook.com/110556742344/photos/a.198839172344.153742.110556742344/10153499142982345/?type=1&theater
  5. jsletner

    One AxeFx, One Cab, Bass and Guitar

    Just a little jam on our lunch break. Skip over my noodling :oops to hear Seth Carlson do some nice bass work at 2:00. He's a beast. With this simple setup of one AxeFx and one AccuGroove cab, 2 guys could cover small venues easily.
  6. jsletner

    Required for any hi-tech rig.

  7. jsletner

    Chilling on a hot day.

    It was getting hot up here in Nor Cal. so I put on a track and let myself drift a bit. Margarita in one hand, chips and salsa in the other, guitar in the other....wait that explains the problems I was having. Anyway Vox into Matchless TMA. Preset: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Vox...
  8. jsletner

    Come play an AxeFx through AccuGroove's new FRFR & Guitar Cabs at NAMM

    Hey guys, this Special Invitation is to all AxeFx forum members! We will be introducing our exciting new line of 3 & 4-way Isolated FRFR cabs, as well as our amazing new Hammer guitar cabs. FractalAudio AxeFx rigs will be plugged in and ready to rock! Our new FRFR cabs have dedicated...
  9. jsletner

    Maybe consider the 65

    I'm totally satisfied with my AxeFx II, but what the heck add one more to the wish list or just tell me how to adjust another model to sound like this one. Gear of the Year RESULTS: Best Amplifier of 2013 Revealed, The results are in, and we can reveal the top five amps of 2013 - Sonic...
  10. jsletner

    My boy in Guitar Center Drum Off

    My son in the Guitar Center Drum Off. He's got some crazy independent polyrhythm skills. :) Like him on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/nathan.sletner
  11. jsletner

    When Cliff was younger he invented this.

    His early work which would eventually be squeezed into the AxeFx. Edit;Basically, the only new principle involved is that instead of the power being generated by the relaxive motion of conductors and fluxes, it is produced by the modial interactions of magneto- reluctance and capacitive...
  12. jsletner

    Diggin the Trainwreck

    I was just having so much fun with the Wrecker model today I had to throw a little something together to show off its awesomeness. It's very in your face and I like that. The recordings a bit loose, but I had fun and that's the main thing. Bass is of course AxeFx also. I want to...
  13. jsletner

    Help with unwanted triggering of effects

    I have a few presets with a filter setup as an envelope filter effect using the envelope controller. AutoEngage is off. The filter is bypassed. MFC is disconnected. USB is disconnected. Axe Edit is not being used. FW 10.11 If I switch to the preset with no signal from the guitar the effect will...
  14. jsletner

    MIMIC Question

    Sorry if this has already been answered. Are all upcoming amps modeled with MIMIC now? Are some of the amps that are included in FW10 not MIMICed but modeled from schematics? Just wondering because I'm loving most of what I'm hearing, but its got be difficult to physically get your...
  15. jsletner

    Default CTRL numbers

    Default CTRL numbers RESOLVED Is there a list of the default ctrl#s for the AxeFX II? I'm trying to increment and decrement scenes but when I setup the MFC to do so it just selects scene 3 or 8. I may have inadvertently changed the numbers sometime in the past. Edit: RESOLVED
  16. jsletner

    Dumble Meditations

    Woke up this rainy Sunday morning in a very mellow mood. No coffee brewed yet, so I plugged into the Axe, pulled up my Dumble patch and proceeded to meditate on the great sound. Enjoyed letting the sounds ring out. What an awesome device. Warning:Do not listen while driving. Best used when...
  17. jsletner

    A better Badger 18

    Ok so most of us probably realize the new FW is a major cool change. So I decided on a little test. I grabbed my Badger 18 and plugged in my guitar with an AB box split between my Accugroove/Crown FRFR rig and my Badger 18. Set the Axe to Badger 18, set the tone controls and drive the same. Left...
  18. jsletner

    Amazed and a question

    Amazed: OK FW 10 is really cool. Hard to believe it keeps getting better. There is a roundness or bounce to the pick attack that was hard to get before. I had it before, but only on a couple of presets. It's seems to be the default sound now and I love it. Question: One of my favorite...
  19. jsletner

    Marc Cooper plays Bonamassa track Dislocated Boy for Blues Master contest

    Fellow forumite Marc Cooper "coopdevill" plays Joe Bonamassa's "Dislocated Boy" for the Blues Master contest on his signature Brian Moore guitar. All sounds both acoustic and electric are coming from the Axe. Marc's a great player and great guy. Be sure to give him a like on youtube to...
  20. jsletner

    Bug? 9.0 Delay changed to X

    I save the X/Y delay on all my patches to Y. Y is my standard delay and X is usually a dotted 8th note. They've all changed to X. Easy for me to fix, but it threw me for a minute.
  21. jsletner

    Bug? Tuner is staring at me.

    Love the tuner in FW8, but what does it mean the eye stares at you? Got on a phone call and when I came back it was watching me. Reboot fixed it.
  22. jsletner

    Had my first outdoor gig with FW7

    Ok so I’ve been running FW7 since the beta came out and it just keeps blowing me away. I’ve been using it at band practice and in my home office/studio where I can turn it up a fair amount and it sounds great. I know a lot of people are happy with it, but some find that it takes a little...
  23. jsletner

    Which guitar for Tone Match

    I'm hoping that forum members will develop the habit of posting the guitar and pups used when Tone Matching. The guitar I think would be especially important. If I understand the process it will match the reference tone using input from your guitar so if we don't know what guitar was used we...
  24. jsletner

    Bogner has cool samples that could be matched

    I remembered hearing a bunch of cool sound samples a while back on Bogner's website. Sure enough they're still there. I haven't had time to play with 6.0 yet, let alone do any tone matching as I'm in the middle of a move, but if anybody can match this tone I'll be stoked...
  25. jsletner

    Need Firmware 1.04

    Hi guys the "important release notes" say I need to upgrade my firmware (1.02) to 1.04 before I move on to 2.0. The link provided with the "notes" does not work. Anybody know where I can get the 1.04 firmware? Thanks in advance. Edit: I'm good now. Someone emailed it to me.
  26. jsletner

    A review for my friend

    Hi everyone. I emailed a friend of mine who had inquired about having lunch and how I liked my Axe FX II. He's considering what to buy next. He's currently playing through an Eleven and considering a Kemper. I got rather long winded so I thought it might be worth posting on the forum. Forgive me...
  27. jsletner

    Oh My Word

    Axe II arrived at 6:00 tonight. Played for a couple hours on Firmware 2.00. :o Wow. Lots of usable presets. No flubby bass, great harmonics, great chime, note bloom and feel, stuff you can't get on youtube but have to play to experience. Kudos to Fractal, they knocked it out of the park...
  28. jsletner

    MFC101 Randomly effects volume of Ultra when using foot controller for WAH

    I recently upgraded my MFC101 to the latest firmware 1.0. It seems to be behaving as advertised (great), except for one thing, hence this post. On my Axe Fx Ultra I use External1 ctrl#18 for WAH, External2 Ctrl#17 for Volume pedals. On my MFC101 I have XP1 set to #17 and XP2 set to...
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