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    First time it failed me...any ideas?

    Hi guys, After about 3 yrs of no malfunction whatsoever with my setup, last night at rehearsel I had non stop chrashes of the axe fx II. This is my (normal) setup: Axe FX II, controlled via a Gordius little giant (on phantom power, so power supply in the back of the axe and a 7-pin midi cabel...
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    Demo: Crazy - Pink

    Hi! Here a demo song we made to promote our dutch coverband "The Smart". All guitars are with Axe FX. If I remember correctly I used the Friedman models.
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    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    FW11 Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack Far from perfect, just a late night doodle ;) But just thought it would be nice to post my first recording. FW11. Found jamtrackcentral today, downloaded this free backing to test a new lead (Based on Fremen's Fat dynamic HBE LD patch, thanks...
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    Volume matching presets...what knobs do you turn?

    Hi, I was wondering what approach you guys use to match or set your patch volumes. Is there a 'correct' way? I tend to regard my Axe FX as a real amp and set the 'amp level param' of my patches to -10dB, and use the MV to set the volume of my liking. Of course this has some impact on the...
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    AxeChange FW10 preset dump (2013_06_18)

    Hi, For my own convenience I downloaded (almost) all the FW10 presets from axechange. AxeChange_2013_6_18.zip In axe edit I scroll through the patches and try to learn from it.
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    [REQ] Lead tones

    Hi, I'm having trouble dailing in good sustaining lead tones. I use alot of singing bends and legato playing. I'm used to a load of gain and sustain. Anyone got good reference patches? The ones I created myself sofar are crappy :) Thanks!
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    FX Block sysx files or Axe-Edit 1.9?

    FX Block sysx files for Axe-Edit 1.9? Hi, I remember seeing a zip go by containing a set of nice FX block settings for axe edit 1.9 I cant seem to find it anymore on the forum.....anyone? it would be mighty handy for this newbie :) Thanks!
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    After the first night of fiddling

    Hi All, Well, today my Axe FX II arrived. Have done a few hours of fiddling around with the factory presets. I used it with both headphones and my 2x12 V30 cab (in stereo). Im both impressed and underwelmed...if that's possible :) Impressed: The sound quality is excellent! I'm sure...
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    Ordered and expecting on Monday!

    Hi All, Like a little boy before his birthday, I'm anxious! :) I ordered my Axe Fx II at G66, together with a Matrix GT1000. I also ordered a Little giant by Gordius. I will be using my 2x12 V30 Cab for the time being, as you can understand from the ordered items funds are running dry...
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