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  1. FlyingV

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    Standard Settings ? And Cab ?
  2. FlyingV

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    thank you
  3. FlyingV

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Hello yek, whats your mixer ?
  4. FlyingV

    Taylor 914ce studio preset

    Which one?
  5. FlyingV

    iPad app for charts?

  6. FlyingV

    Tab writer and viewer for iPad?

    Notion by Presonus
  7. FlyingV

    A little SRV action with the new 7.02 and Motor Drive

    Cool...... remembered me the times when I played your GT10 patches.....
  8. FlyingV

    Some good old rock 'n roll! (Smallbox, OH MAR-CB M20-PR, JTV-59)

    Hi Jon, Great Sound!!!! Can you tell me more about the Preset and which IR(s) you have used?
  9. FlyingV


    On IPAD I use Anytune Pro..... Does all... + Footswitching with Bluetooth
  10. FlyingV


    Great Video and Sound
  11. FlyingV

    1959SLP Treble and cabIR.eu MR-1960AX-G12M25 SM57 IR

    Wow, sounds really good......
  12. FlyingV

    Trans Siberian Orchestra

    Check this:
  13. FlyingV

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    Thank you Scott, the Screenshots are perfect !!!
  14. FlyingV

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    Hi Scott, the Marshall and the Atomica are really powerful... Can you tell us about the Amp settings ?
  15. FlyingV

    Plexi playing ... most dynamic patch ever !

    New Patch from Pete Thorn ? I onlay know an old one....
  16. FlyingV

    Journey Tones - My First Gig With Axe-Fx II

    Hi Blaze, cool sounds... Can you post a preset ? Regards Peter
  17. FlyingV

    Basketweave TV Mix HIGH VS ULTRA Res

    Hi Guitarjon, not sure, which cab do you mix ? You only wrote about the mic s ? Regards Peter
  18. FlyingV

    Axe-FX II Beta 10 Mid Gain Dynamics

    Hi Scott, some Marshall ( Friedman ) 80ies Rock Tune ???
  19. FlyingV

    Here's a little FW 10 Preview VIDEO

    Perhaps a little bit too much delay ;-) ?????
  20. FlyingV

    AxeFX II and Line6 L3t ??

    Has somebody tested the Axe with the new Line6 speakers ? Looks like it could be a perfect match ? Regards Peter
  21. FlyingV

    Fractal vs valuable tube amps. 1 to 0

    Hi Larry, can you specify "midrange" a little bit more ? Regards Peter
  22. FlyingV

    Here's a tone match nobody thought of yet. :)

    great !!! will try it...
  23. FlyingV

    Guyatone Wah Rocker3 patch ??

    Saw just an Interview with Guthrie Goven... Guthrie Govan Full Licklibrary Interview Part 3 - YouTube and @4:40 he explains his Guyatone WR3 pedal !!! Is there an effect ( auto-Wah) or preset with the settings in the Axe II ?? Or can somebody help me ? Regards FlyingV
  24. FlyingV

    Who was your first Concert?

    Sweet ! and opener SCORPIONS ;-) the start of a big career !!!! ( about 1975 ?? )
  25. FlyingV

    Neal Schon Patch

    great !!!
  26. FlyingV

    What is the meaning of your user name here?

    Because I only play Flying Vs.....
  27. FlyingV

    Firmware V2 vs. V3 A/B test... discouraged

    Hi Spence, can you post your 3.0 Marshall preset that you use now ? Regards Peter
  28. FlyingV

    Brown amp / van halen-ish clip firmware 11

    Hi Stef, For me its sounds great !! Can you post the patch ?? Regards Peter
  29. FlyingV

    Checking my new AND LOVELY axe fx II

    wow, both sounds are really great....Can you post the patches ?
  30. FlyingV

    Instructional video's

    the making of a video incl. reamping ....
  31. FlyingV

    AxeFX + BKP = Raunchy Marshall!

    Hey Valtiel, can you please post the patch again ? Peter
  32. FlyingV

    Short Clip of Plexi 1 v11 Firmware

    Spence, have you done much tweaking to your sounds after 11.0 ??
  33. FlyingV

    AXE FX ZWO - ist das jetzt ... gut ?

    Für einen guten Service muss nicht immer was kaputtsein.... Hatte mal Probleme mit update und MIDI usw, da wurde mir SOFORT per Mail und am Telefon geholfen...
  34. FlyingV

    AXE FX ZWO - ist das jetzt ... gut ?

    Auch der Preis fürs Axe II ist mir irgendwie unklar ?? 2199 Dollar in USA, in Europa 2299 Euro.... ???
  35. FlyingV

    Short Clip of Plexi 1 v11 Firmware

    yeah, sounds good !! will try it in some hours,too......
  36. FlyingV

    What's the best deal you ever got on music gear?

    To buy a wireless system....
  37. FlyingV


    Yes, would be great if Mark can post his actual live setup ??? ( I remember great early videos of his setup ;-) But i am not sure if Mark is playing in a live band at the moment.....
  38. FlyingV

    Matrix XT800 just got it!

    Paypal ??? I have never problems....
  39. FlyingV

    Marsha "in a room" recording

    wow, great spound.....
  40. FlyingV

    Yek's presets/recordings [10.03]

    Re: Yeks patches [10.03] If I unzip your file than in the directory the ready me is named as ! READ_THIS_1ST.doc.zip You have to remove the .zip... File is named than: ! READ_THIS_1ST.doc Now you can open it as word file
  41. FlyingV

    Axe-Edit Update 11-23-2010

    Thanks for the info, Tom.... The highest priority for me would be a better and easier working Axe-midi-usb-connection.... I have never problems with my other units, but more often than not with my axe. Sometimes it works with presets, updates are always a big problem, tried it with several midi...
  42. FlyingV

    Anybody here that has Superior Drummer 2.0?

    OK, I am not Tonygtr, but: are you satisfied with Superior 2.0 ? Easy to use ? Most of you use it with Cubase ? Easy connection Superior-Cubase ? Regards Peter
  43. FlyingV

    AxeEdit Wishlist IR Friendly Poll & NEW INTERFACE!

    wow...great idea !!! Makes all easier....
  44. FlyingV

    Axe FX-Editor - Probleme ohne Ende

    Hab ähnliche Probleme, jeder Update wird zur Nervenprobe !!!!
  45. FlyingV

    Ok, so here is a vid with less gain... Eruption AxeFx

    mmmmhhhhhhhhhh... Wheres less gain ??????????????????? :lol: :shock:
  46. FlyingV

    Comfortably Dumb

    Hi Burner, can you post the patch ? Sounds really great !!! Peter
  47. FlyingV

    Boxensimulationen z.B. USER 1 umbenennen

    Hallo Andreas, ich weiss aus früheren Posts das du live eine 4x12er Marshall mit anderen Lautsprechern spielst ??? Schickst du dann FOH die V30 presets und nimmst fürs Monitoring deine Mashall ( mit anderem Sound) ? Oder hast du umgestellt ? Grüsse Peter
  48. FlyingV

    FOH issue...need some help

    you have shrill tone when you have no cab sims on !!!?? Have you routed it the right way ? On output 2 for your amp and box you need no cab sim ??!!! Have you checked this ?
  49. FlyingV

    Still of the night

    Hi Joerg, can you post the preset, please ? Regards Peter
  50. FlyingV

    Bark At The Moon VIDEO complete song with backing track

    Seems to be the same problem. If I load Marks presets some cable between amp and shunts are lost. Have to delete and add a new shunt and made new connections, than it works....
  51. FlyingV

    tried the QSCk12 live and did NOT like it:urgent help needed

    Re: tried the QSCk12 live and did NOT like it:urgent help ne Or is it better to get a RCF 312 A ??
  52. FlyingV

    saving user IRs

    How can I save IRs the Axe ? If I open a preset with loaded IRs in AxeEdit... is it copied in the Axe ? I mean if I save the preset ( Store on the Axe ) is the IR than saved in the Axe like the preset ? Regards Peter
  53. FlyingV

    Global Amp Question

    How can I save an Amp as a Global Amp ? And how can I edit a Global Amp ? Regards Peter
  54. FlyingV

    Mark Day's Global EQ's when using the ART SLA2 and Patches

    Re: Mark Day's Global EQ's when using the ART SLA2 and Patch OK, have checked it now.... If I want to boost the signal I have to throw the poti all the way ?? :(
  55. FlyingV

    Mark Day's Global EQ's when using the ART SLA2 and Patches

    Re: Mark Day's Global EQ's when using the ART SLA2 and Patch And the 6db boost is enough ? And how do you kick it in ? With a push on the knob ? And go off, with a second push ? ( I think i see such a thing by Guthrie Govens Suhr guitar )
  56. FlyingV

    Mark Day's Global EQ's when using the ART SLA2 and Patches

    Re: Mark Day's Global EQ's when using the ART SLA2 and Patch Hi Mark, I remembered you using the SPC. Have you ever tried the EMC Afterburner ? Or do a comparison ? Regards Peter
  57. FlyingV

    Man I love my Uber ver 10.x VIDEO enclosed

    Hi Mark, have you updated your live setup without changes to 10.1 ? Still the 903 setup ?? Regards Peter
  58. FlyingV

    Man I love my Uber ver 10.x VIDEO enclosed

    Hi Mark, please send your global eq settings, too. Not sure where I can find them here again.... But it seems you mainly use your old live setup patches? Regards Peter
  59. FlyingV

    In The Presence of Enemies solo

    yeah, sounds great !!!!
  60. FlyingV

    10.0 is up

    Im curious what Mark Day is thinking about the new Uber ? And what about the Marsha ?? Peter
  61. FlyingV

    AxeFx/Atomic Reactor FR Wedges Live Gig VIDEO

    Hi Mark, great as always... 2 Things: -can you now post your presets ? -do you think one wedge is enough ? OK, 3rd ;-) -how you are monitoring drums, bass, and vocals ? Extra wedge ? or do you mix it in the atomics ? Regards Peter
  62. FlyingV

    Atomic Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Hope Mark gets his PC back today and posts the Patches. Will use it tomorrow on a gig ( Big stage, will use our Mackie smr450v2 as wedge...., I think one is enough, the 2nd I will use for vocal and rest of the band......) Regards Peter
  63. FlyingV

    Disappointment at rehearsal...

    Does tweaking work with "stage volume" im my headphones ? ( Seems stupid, but I am not sure, for my ears its the same volume ??? )
  64. FlyingV

    Atomic Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Hi Mark, I hope you will change someday your global EQ settings to flat, that we can use your presets with other ones.... ;) :idea:
  65. FlyingV

    Atomic Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Hi Matman, have you seen the size of the stage ? :shock: :D
  66. FlyingV

    Atomic Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Hope your stage is big enough :D :D :D Most of the time I have only place for one wedge.....
  67. FlyingV

    Atomic Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Mark, how will you use the wedges live ? 2 for your sound + one for the rest of the band ? Or will you try to mix the band in the wedges,too ?
  68. FlyingV

    Atomic Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Hi Mark, is your PC back ? Ready to post the patches ? Regards Peter
  69. FlyingV

    Atomic FR Wedges in the house...VIDEO

    Hi Mark, two wedges for your guitar sound..great !! And a third one to hear what your band playes ?? :shock: :?
  70. FlyingV

    Musikmesse Frankfurt - MFC 101

    Meins ist jetzt auch da, am Wochenende probier ichs aus....
  71. FlyingV

    Musikmesse Frankfurt - MFC 101

    Kein Problem, ich habs mir jetzt auch bestellt. Wenns so einfach ist kann man ja eigentlich nichts mehr besser machen.. Schau mer moi ;-) Grüsse Peter PS: LG gibts in klein und in gross......
  72. FlyingV

    Musikmesse Frankfurt - MFC 101

    Werd mir auch das LG2 zulegen.....Mir reicht die Warterei.... Hab von Xavier folgendes Mail bekommen: ( Gibt jetzt ein AXE - Setup, Tuner funktioniert auch...) Grüsse Peter The tool which is part of ControlCenter, and which I talked about before does the following : 1. you do a one-time...
  73. FlyingV

    Clark Kent: Main Rhythm Tone Hunt (Mark IV, Über)

    Whats the Cali Cab ??
  74. FlyingV

    Liquid Foot Junior available in Europe?

    Hi SensaiLee, same situation for me here in Germany.... Is the Little Giant easy to programm for the axe ? Regards Peter
  75. FlyingV

    Van Halenish type Video Clip using the AxeFX & Redwirez

    Hi Mark, do you think the Redwirez IRs are so much better than the Axe ones ? Regards Peter
  76. FlyingV

    Motley Crue Anyone?

    Hi senseix, great sound...Can you share the patch ?? Regards Peter
  77. FlyingV

    Real name of Amps and Effects

    Hi all, is there a list with the real names of the amps, effects and cabs in the axe ? Regards Peter
  78. FlyingV

    Silly Video of my AxeFx Live Rig FW 9.03

    Hi Mak, thanks, great as always.... Did you post your patches ? Regards Peter
  79. FlyingV

    Marshall Plexi and JCM800(9.02)

    Hi Kriig, is this a axe Wah you use ? Can you share the patch, please ??
  80. FlyingV

    Some hard rock, for a change!

    Hey Xavi, great sound .....great patches........
  81. FlyingV

    ich habe gesündigt...

    Doppelt gemoppelt ? Versteh ich jetzt nicht.. Wenn ich Endstufe Box spiele schalte ich die Speaker Sim doch aus ? Wenn ich dirext ins Pult spiele oder Atomic schalte ich die Speaker Sim ein. ( Und im Glücksfall klingen beide Versionen gleich :) )
  82. FlyingV

    ich habe gesündigt...

    Da bin ich doppelt im Vorteil: Spiele Hard Rock Glitzer und war bis jetzt zu faul zum 9.02 updaten :oops: Und jetzt warte ich erst mal ab ;)
  83. FlyingV

    Video - blues impro

    yes, fremen, not only great sound, great playin, too... :D Where do you get the backing track ? And can you post the presets ? Regards Peter
  84. FlyingV

    Amp sim requests

    Mojave Amps ??? :cry:
  85. FlyingV

    V9 Sam Hill patches

    Hi Mark, can one video show hows your actual live set ( presets ) is looking ? Playing similar songs like you play with samhillband, I always hoping to get new sound- preset- and settings inspirations :roll: .... Regards Peter
  86. FlyingV

    V9 Sam Hill patches

    Hi Mark, how are you ? To much work ? I miss your videos :P Is there anyone with 9.02 ?
  87. FlyingV

    Help finding Cliff's Mojave Peacemaker Patch ...?

    I checked the Mojave sound....wow, great... But I think Clif will work on it :D I am waiting for new updates :lol:
  88. FlyingV

    Neuer Editor

    Bei mir gings erst als ich irgendwann alle sonstigen USB Geräte vom PC abgesteckt hatte ( Maus, Drucker ) ( dann wurden die Treiber erkant ) Gab in einem anderen Post auch den Tip: Settings -Editor settings Midi Buffer Delay auf 90msec zu setzten... Soll dort geholfen haben. Grüsse Peter
  89. FlyingV

    9.02 top boost

    Perfect sound, perfect play...... This is the AC30 model ?
  90. FlyingV

    Bark At The Moon VIDEO complete song with backing track

    Have this problem only with Marks patch ??? And its not only the global EQ.......
  91. FlyingV

    Bark At The Moon VIDEO complete song with backing track

    Hi Mark, perhaps Cliff ? is there a solution now for the patch loading problem ? Have updated to 9.0, loaded Marks live patch, and its sounds really crappy........ Will try tomorrow to start from scratch with Marks values like Deltafit done... but can I do it easier ? Regards Peter
  92. FlyingV

    AxeFx VIDEO, Midi, Wah, CC's Live presets..

    you switched completely to the uber amp ??
  93. FlyingV

    AxeFx VIDEO, Midi, Wah, CC's Live presets..

    Hi Mark, is this still your actual live setup ? Or have you changed some amps since getting 9.0 ? Regards Peter
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