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  1. J

    found new (older) toy - Roland JD 990 Synthesizer Module

    I came upon this box today (free of charge) that a friend found - knew nothing of it though... I did some research online and located a user manual. Plugged it in, powered it up with headphones and was surprised at the sounds out of this box ( 1993 era). Unit is a rack device with a size, shape...
  2. J

    Never felt need to adjust presets on firmware updates prior to Quantum

    Been installing firmware updates for several years running and don't recall ever needing to adjust seetings for factory presets until now. ..Majority of factory presets were "hot" right of the gate this time around - with overwhelming output ( even with guitar volume knob at 1)... this along...
  3. J

    NGD ... Anyone have experience with playing a Les Paul Deluxe?

    I've been playing a strat for 15 years or so and never really had the opportunity to bond with a Les Paul after various tries. Today I got a hold of one through a friend. It has the mini humbuckers... a 2001 model guitar. Man I plugged it into the Axe FX II this afternoon and found some heaven...
  4. J

    Saw a true master play here tonight - ( non metal content)

    Guess who.... here's his set up used tonight. Excellent show with 90% guitar players in the audience
  5. J

    Curious about hearing prominent delay reps in presets with 15.02

    Just installed 15.02 and going through the presets... I'm hearing latent delay repetitions after playing a note (or chord) that I don't believe were there in previous versions. OK, no big deal. I have a MFC and can easily disable the delay component if necessary. On the other hand, I went into...
  6. J

    Output quality to FOH direct from Axe FX vs output line from powered monitors?

    Any thoughts / opinions on whether it makes a difference in sound quality to run output to FOH from line output jack on the back of powered PA monitors vs. directly from the Axe FX outputs? ... I have a gig tomorrow and am running my keyboard into same 2 monitors as well ( I alternate between...
  7. J

    Wow, Just Realized Amp blocks were bypassed on a couple of factory presets

    Had to mention this because I've been perplexed for at least a year now why my Bassman 65 preset had so little volume relative to the 59 Bassman AND the AC30 Top Boost Preset was also significantly lower in volume than the AC 15 just previous to it on the AXE FX. Not too proud to say that...
  8. J

    Axe FXII v12 Preset 6 (ac30) is relatively quiet vs. Preset 5 (ac15) is much louder

    Anyone else have experience with / or a good explanation why factory preset 6 "AC 30"is so quiet relative to preset 5 "AC15" on the Axe FXII v12?. recent attempts I've made to adjust preset 6 don't seem to make any significant difference and the volume remains noticeably subdued. Is there...
  9. J

    Nice Surprise with MFC 101 and attaching volume pedal

    Don't know if this is old hat but.... I was really happy to experience the additional benefit of my recently received MFC 101 by attaching my volume pedal. It adds another dimension to controlling volume in addition to the standard guitar vol knob for pickup output vs. the Axe FX output vs...
  10. J


    I don;t know how many in the forum are familiar with Pandora online radio but for the past several months I've found some remarkable guitarists that I might not have ever been exposed to. My original stations include Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Lee Riteneour, Clapton, SRV, Allman Bros, Robben...
  11. J

    Helprequest with download / extract firmware 9 update error

    Frustrating to read all the excitement about the latest firmware 9 goodies and not be able to jump on the bandwagon... After several repeated tries to download and install firmware 9, I continue to receive the same error message when trying to extract from the zip files: Here's what I get...
  12. J

    Axe FX II Spotted in use at Kansas Concert tonight

    I just saw Kansas play tonight here in Virginia Beach.... First thing I did was look at the guitarist's (Richard Williams) gear. I believe I saw an Axe FX II right there behind him. Didn't see any guitar amp(s). Sounded great - With some good detective work one could probably find the Axe FX II...
  13. J

    +1 for Alto TS112A powered speakers

    Just connected my Axe-FXII w 6.0 to two brand new Alto TS112A speakers which arrived at my door yesterday from Hello Music at the great price of $240 ea. I went through all of the nifty 50 6.0 presets and am happy to say no regrets here. Sounds like a full stack (esp. on the high gain settings)...
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