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    SPDIF re-amp funny business

    I have run into the following and was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue or if not are they doing something differently. I have been recording both the analog sound from output 1 and the direct input over spdif into my interface. I have the interface setup for 48000 etc...
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    Wish Update to benefit Looper usability

    The looper in the Axe-Fx has very limited usage for me because the Axe-Fx while it does match tempo/BPM it does not sync the beat to an external beat / midi clock. With the looper I use threshold to start recording which is great and I need to use quantize to cut off at appropriate times...
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    MFC midi in port usage options

    Is anyone using the FASLink cable to connect the MFC to the Axe Fx while also using the midi in port of the MFC to connect other devices. I have a bunch of midi controller items and am looking for a way to kind of extend the MFC. I was mainly wondering if setting the MFC to echo to midi out...
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    Re-amping and tone creating techniques

    One of the things I always thought would be useful was having access to a bunch of 48khz (axe-fx compatible) DI tracks of various musical genres to practice re-amping/dialing in specific tones. I generally just use one of the existing presets and make minor tweaks if any, but would like to...
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    Bug? Quantum and Looper causing Freezing Bug

    I have an Axe FX XL with Quantum on it ( also using MFC Mark III with firmware 3.08 ), when I record a loop it functions fine, I then dub over that loop which also works as expected. The problem appears when I then select "undo". Once "Undo" has been pressed post recording over the original...
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