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  1. Eric Rowland

    SOLD Atomic CLR NEO Mk2

    One unit in MINT condition. Never gigged, home use only. Not a mark, dent, scuff, scratch or chip. Will ship in original box with packing plus the power cord. The unit works perfectly, I have decided to go with studio monitors. $895 + shipping to your location. Please post your zip code for...
  2. Eric Rowland


    Perfect condition. No cosmetic or functional issues. Bought Jan 30. Unit never gigged or left the house. Very clean. Original box, Velcro and zip ties incl. $695 shipped and paypal'd.
  3. Eric Rowland

    SOLD Axe-Fx 3

    One owner from July 2018. Perfect condition with no cosmetic or functional issues. Updated to latest firmware. Never gigged or racked, kept in home studio. Comes with original box and power cord. $2100 + shipping. No trades please. Thank you.
  4. Eric Rowland


    1000W 8" powered speaker. Mint condition two months old. Very lightly used, never gigged. Works perfectly. I have decided to try a different FRFR solution. $350 paypalled and shipped. Tech Specs Powered: Yes Power Configuration: Bi-amped Channels: 2 x mic/line, 1 x Aux LF Driver Size...
  5. Eric Rowland

    Preset limit using Bank function

    I'm using the FC-6 Firmware 1.05... After updating the firmware I can only use presets 0-207 using the Bank +1 or -1 button. I have the presets I primarily use in slots 410-418. Any attempt to manually select a preset (410-418) and use the Bank selector to advance to my next set of 4 presets...
  6. Eric Rowland

    QSC CP8 or RCF Art 708A Mk IV

    I'm looking for a small FRFR solution for small apt playing. These two offerings stand out for the moment. I play predominately jazz and jazz fusion on hollow, semihollow and solidbody instruments thru an Axe-Fx III. I'll be playing at light to moderate volumes at home only. I'm looking for...
  7. Eric Rowland

    [Solved] - Axe-Fx III Front Panel Not Working

    I booted up the machine today and pressed the tuner button...no response. None of the buttons or knobs on the front panel work. The machine also does not respond to Fractal-Bot. I cannot find how to do a factory reset if indeed that is what must be done. I have run out of ideas......I am on...
  8. Eric Rowland

    Yellow vertical line on screen

    I turned on my unit today and I have this issue I have not had before. I rebooted the unit but to no avail. I would appreciate any advice on this matter. Thanks!
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