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    what to use with the axe.amp? clr? matrix?

    I've bought one 612 Eon, a few weeks back. I first thought it would be an "inbetweener" until availability of clr's in europe, but I must say I'm not dissapointed. Every FRFR speaker will sound different, so "true" FRFR is more marketing than anything, IMHO. But the eons do a good job. I own a...
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    First time it failed me...any ideas?

    To update you guys: I switched the expression pedal for a volume pedal using ts-ts->trs, and it seems to work now. So I guess the expression pedal was faulty. Oddly Both the gordius and the mfc seemingly handled the pedal as expexted. Callibration was no problem, and pedal position was...
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    First time it failed me...any ideas?

    What I did so far is buy a MFC, connect it through ethercon. To rule out cable and controller. Worked as a charm.....until I connected my expression pedal to the MFC. So that pedal seems to be the culprit. Has anybody experience something similar?
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    First time it failed me...any ideas?

    Thanks guys. I bought the spare cable brand new yesterday. So it's unlikely that one is faulty too. The new cable haso slightly fatter pins so with that I am able to phantom power the gordius. But wiggle the midi plug at the axe end interrupts the power Wiggles at the gordius end have no...
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    First time it failed me...any ideas?

    I got a spare cable, but alas that did not help. I did make it clear hat the problem is. Seems the MIDI IN connector is faulty. The new cable probably has bigger pins, so it does connect the phantom power to my footswitch. But a little wiggle and my footswitch is off. Is this repaired easily...
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    First time it failed me...any ideas?

    Hi guys, After about 3 yrs of no malfunction whatsoever with my setup, last night at rehearsel I had non stop chrashes of the axe fx II. This is my (normal) setup: Axe FX II, controlled via a Gordius little giant (on phantom power, so power supply in the back of the axe and a 7-pin midi cabel...
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    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Hi Fremen, Bought your presets last week, and finaly got a chance to check them out properly. Thanks alot, must have been alot of work! I often see multiple "tone shaping" blocks in your presets, like a few PEQ's and MultiBand Comp. Although it's clear to me what they do, It isn't so much...
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    Is there a Utility for converting MKII and XL patches?

    It's just a pitty that all the gurus on here have moved to a XL (asumming they got sponsored ;) ) It has become alot harder to follow new insights, uses, tweaks when you cannot load their patches to actually see what is going on. For me personaly it would cost way more in money than I would...
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    Demo: Crazy - Pink

    I use the HBE with a IR from Fremen called "GH ThisOne" for my lead. For rythm I use the BE with a Peter Thorn cab "PT DIV BY 13 G12M25" The PT one I often use for recording. It has a nice high-end that works amazing for double and/or quad tracked parts. That high-end gets in my way at louder...
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    Demo: Crazy - Pink

    Hi! Here a demo song we made to promote our dutch coverband "The Smart". All guitars are with Axe FX. If I remember correctly I used the Friedman models.
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    FW11 Dual Recto - Metulz

    Cool! Do you have an ETA for the showcase and presets?
  12. D

    FW11 Dual Recto - Metulz

    BTW kostein, Why do you post EQ outside of the blackbox, any reason?
  13. D

    FW11 Dual Recto - Metulz

    Cant wait :) ....listened to it again. Its a very well balanced sound you've got there. Very interested to see how the patch is setup. Off course your playing is on par too!
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    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    when opening a thread or typing a reply click "Go Advanced", in the "advanced" editor there is a soundcloud icon. click it and enter the link to your file (not the embed code) ...and then the magic happens :)
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    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    I'll share the patch after some more tweaking....np
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    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    Thanks guys, for the kind remarks! I know what you are saying, it does sound a bit like there is a blanket over the lead sound.....I'll have to mess with it some more.
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    FW11 Dual Recto - Metulz

    One word: Awesome! If you could share the FW11 patch(es) that would be great! Love the sound!
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    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    FW11 Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack Far from perfect, just a late night doodle ;) But just thought it would be nice to post my first recording. FW11. Found jamtrackcentral today, downloaded this free backing to test a new lead (Based on Fremen's Fat dynamic HBE LD patch, thanks...
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    Anyone know of a mixer that can do this?

    Hi Rotaholic, I think there are several options for the mixer part. * Find one with post-fader direct-outs. * Find one with subgroups (with "direct out") * Find one with enough aux channels (you'll need 6 i guess, with the main you get 8 channels out = 4x stereo) Mixers with these features...
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    Question for the v11 beta testers

    The world would be a better place if every forum poster would take this course: https://www.coursera.org/course/thinkagain LOL
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    Axe Fest - The Dutch Version

    lijkt me lachuh!
  22. D


    I used the BE patch for recording the other day....works awesome! For now this is my starting point for recording rocky tracks :) I tried the patch at a live gig through a Matrix GT1000FX and a Q12....did not work at all! I guess the FM-effect did its thing. it got painfully bright at high...
  23. D

    Any tips for a new FRFR user.

    I recently got a Q12 too. I use it with the Matrix GT1000FX. I made a similar switch from a 2x12 V30 to (for now 1) Q12. It's totally different soundwise....concept wise even. So i think its hard to compare. FRFR is not just cab modeling, but Mic modeling too (and sometimes even some post...
  24. D

    When is the new AXE EDIT coming ???????

    I think you are right. And I also think communication is a big part of it. In another thread I already suggested a public release planning for both the firmwares and AE. Get rid of the surprise factor and manage expectations. It's about that. "It's ready when it's ready" just doesn't live up to...
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    Powered Speakers vs. Passive Speakers vs. Guitar Cab

    Hi EVH, a pro of using a seperate amp like a Matrix GT1000Fx is the the fact you can use it with any cab you like, be it good ol' guitar cabs or FRFR. Sound wise there is not going to be too much of a difference between a GT1000FX and a (passive) Q12 or using the active version direct. The GM50...
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    Volume matching presets...what knobs do you turn?

    Hi, I was wondering what approach you guys use to match or set your patch volumes. Is there a 'correct' way? I tend to regard my Axe FX as a real amp and set the 'amp level param' of my patches to -10dB, and use the MV to set the volume of my liking. Of course this has some impact on the...
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    AxeChange FW10 preset dump (2013_06_18)

    Hi, For my own convenience I downloaded (almost) all the FW10 presets from axechange. AxeChange_2013_6_18.zip In axe edit I scroll through the patches and try to learn from it.
  28. D

    FW 10.06 Lead Test

    Awesome! I'm looking for a good start for my own lead preset. Could you share the patch? Thanks!
  29. D

    Axe FX II screen 'flickering'

    I read a post from Cliff somewhere on this forum stating it is 'normal' and related to USB usage. Something to do with USB communication getting highest priority from the system, if I recall correctly
  30. D

    [REQ] Lead tones

    Hi, I'm having trouble dailing in good sustaining lead tones. I use alot of singing bends and legato playing. I'm used to a load of gain and sustain. Anyone got good reference patches? The ones I created myself sofar are crappy :) Thanks!
  31. D

    When is the new AXE EDIT coming ???????

    I'm a senior software developer and team lead myself. There are all kinds of approaches to this that, in my opinion, would be way better than an answer like "It's ready when it's ready". Software development is never easy, but it is perfectly possible to give an ETA and to manage expectations...
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    Save Tone Match source frequency response with TM preset

    Why not the possibility to save it "next to" presets like you can do with an IR? (user cab) That would be pretty neat!
  33. D

    FX Block sysx files or Axe-Edit 1.9?

    As long as the story is "It's ready when it's ready", We don't know ;)
  34. D

    Mama's back: The Mother-of-all-pedal-and-effect-emulations-thread for Axe-Fx II

    Anybody did the dirtywork already of getting them into 1.9? And if yes...can you share the sysx files form the Effects folder? Thanks!
  35. D

    FX Block sysx files or Axe-Edit 1.9?

    Hmmm I overlooked that one....thanks! Maybe someone did this for the "Mother of al effects" thread? mamas-back-mother-all-pedal-effect-emulations-thread-axe-fx-ii Some nice looking emulations there!
  36. D

    FX Block sysx files or Axe-Edit 1.9?

    Thanks for your reply....but that's not what I mean. It were sysx files containing isolated FX settings for use in Axe Edit 1.9 (Block interface at the left bottom)
  37. D

    FX Block sysx files or Axe-Edit 1.9?

    FX Block sysx files for Axe-Edit 1.9? Hi, I remember seeing a zip go by containing a set of nice FX block settings for axe edit 1.9 I cant seem to find it anymore on the forum.....anyone? it would be mighty handy for this newbie :) Thanks!
  38. D

    A couple of questions regarding the AXE's accessories

    I opted for the Gordius Little Giant 2, and I'm ever so happy with the controller. Very versatile and very very small! It can do the 2 way communication for the tuner, which works like a charm. Power over Midi, so only one cable to the front of the stage. I have set it up as follows. There...
  39. D

    After the first night of fiddling

    After a few nights more i've come up with some basic patches which i yet have to try in a "live" setting. The sound is impressive, and the funny thing is that I made my patches using de JVM 410 models. Just sounded familiar :) The only trouble I have sofar is getting good lead tones. On my amp...
  40. D

    After the first night of fiddling

    Thanks for all the input guys! The headphones I use are ar least cheap in sound. I bought them for the noise cancellation on plane rides. Of course when using it on the AFX, cancellation is off. I'm planning on getting a Sony 7606 (if i remember correctly) any time soon. FRFR speakers is for...
  41. D

    After the first night of fiddling

    Thanks for the reassurance.....maybe not Deaf after all lol
  42. D

    After the first night of fiddling

    :lol Indeed! I'll try some cabs, for sure. My live situation is going to be with a guitar cab, so that is going to be my main focus. Tonight I'll try and make a few patches. Going to be your basic cln, drive, lead combo.
  43. D

    After the first night of fiddling

    Thanks for the reply Clark, It's not just the Mesa amps, overal I find the differences very subtle. (in my setup) I tried the factory presets, so I expect the cabs to be suitable, right?
  44. D

    After the first night of fiddling

    Hi All, Well, today my Axe FX II arrived. Have done a few hours of fiddling around with the factory presets. I used it with both headphones and my 2x12 V30 cab (in stereo). Im both impressed and underwelmed...if that's possible :) Impressed: The sound quality is excellent! I'm sure...
  45. D

    Ordered and expecting on Monday!

    That is interesting, I'm wondering if fitting a coax into a 1x12 cab is going to get a good result. I know there is more to FRFR than just the drive, but then again non of the FRFR speaker solutions sound the same. They are all more or less FRFR. Anyone tried that? Using a coax in a guitar cab...
  46. D

    Ordered and expecting on Monday!

    Hi All, Like a little boy before his birthday, I'm anxious! :) I ordered my Axe Fx II at G66, together with a Matrix GT1000. I also ordered a Little giant by Gordius. I will be using my 2x12 V30 Cab for the time being, as you can understand from the ordered items funds are running dry...
  47. D

    This is how close the Axe Fx II can get to a real EVH 5150III

    Mine is arriving monday according to UPS.....it is like X'mas isn't it :)
  48. D

    Matrix GT1000/Q12 vs Atomic CLR Active Cab Comparison

    I'm still figuring out what my new setup is going to be. Threads like this do help :) One thing I'm sure of: I'm getting an Axe FX II, but the rest is still open for debate (and restricted by budget ;) ) Step one for me is going to be to get myself a Axe FX II, and the Matrix GT1000. (and a...
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    What do you guys think of the audio quality using the 4CM method?

    Hi all, I don't own an AxeFx (yet) but I've been running my TC G-System with 4CM for a few years now. (GTR -> TC -> JVM410H Gtr-In -> FX) It took me a while to get the quality I was aiming for and knew should be possible with the G-System. A lot has to do with setting the right/optimal levels...
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