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  1. musicman77

    AX8 V6.02 Released

    Outstanding, FAS! Thank you!
  2. musicman77

    AX8 V6.00 Public Beta

    Very cool! Looking forward to try this after upcoming weekend gigs! Thank you FAS!
  3. musicman77

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thanks for this! Can't wait to try!!
  4. musicman77

    Welcome TREVOR RABIN!

  5. musicman77

    AX8 V4.00 Release

    Boom! Thank you!!
  6. musicman77

    Power Conditioner for AX8

    I've not had a power issue, and have purposely gone AX8 to reduce the amount of gear to haul to gigs and rehearsals. IMO, a UPS is way overkill. A decent power strip for surge protection is what I use. I always plan for a backup situation, spare cables, etc just in case, but that's it.
  7. musicman77

    AX8 V3.52 Release

    Thanks FAS!
  8. musicman77

    Ax8 with guitar power amp and cab - any experience?

    I'm using the AX8 exclusively in my live and rehearsal rig. Live, it doesn't matter to the house (audience) what is on stage…they don't hear the stage sound, so I recommend you work on getting the sound you want out of the PA, and getting used to the AX8 sound out of a house-supplied stage...
  9. musicman77

    This AX8 thing works...

    I've had a similar mix-up with plugging in my expression pedal. So, I started color-coding my expression pedal cables with a little bit (i.e. one wrap) of colored electrical tape at the end of the cable, and a corresponding piece of same color tape above the respective AX8 jack. Now I just...
  10. musicman77

    How Reliable is the AX8 At A Gig?

    OP, for me, I've logged many gigs/rehearsals/home use…extremely solid performance. I always have a backup with me at gigs, but never had to use.
  11. musicman77

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    BTW, I've never tried my Crowdster using dual outputs, so mentioning just in case….If yours is a + or ++, make sure to try with the pickup button pushed in; this is the way I use it, so that the guitar's output jack is always summed mono. I also never use the mini-toggle switch, as I always...
  12. musicman77

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    Crowdster Plus. I can toggle to either the acoustic or mag pickup and both are fine with the AX8 tuner. I can also blend either one, or both, and same good results with the tune.
  13. musicman77

    Problems Tuning An Acoustic?

    I regularly gig with my Crowdster and AX8; never had an issue with the AX8's tuner. Check your input level, instrument cable, Crowdster output jack / battery, etc.
  14. musicman77

    AX8 V3.50 Released

    Wow! Just wow! THANK YOU!
  15. musicman77

    Announcing - FX8 Mark II Multi-FX Pedalboard

  16. musicman77

    Shure GLX-D

    1-Spot….works like a champ
  17. musicman77

    Bose L1 Model II System

    I have this Bose configuration. It's a decent PA for acoustic-type gigs and small clubs. The power amp is built into the Bose, and to me, the sound is as you'd expect out of a FOH PA speaker. I have run my AxeFX II and AX8 through it and I like it most with acoustic.
  18. musicman77

    ax8 home speaker

    I build my tones based on FOH, so I'm not overly concerned with the PE tone since it's being used as my stage monitor (and only when I'm not using in-ears). That said, any speaker+power amp will add some amount of 'color', so I'd say yes, the PE adds it's color, but I find it very minimal (my...
  19. musicman77

    ax8 home speaker

    Tech21 Power Engine. I have been using it for quite a while in my home studio and on-stage when I need it.
  20. musicman77

    AX8 V3.02 Release Available Now!

    Outstanding!! Downloading.....
  21. musicman77

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.01 Firmware Release

    Thanks for the quick update!
  22. musicman77

    Gig Set-up

    I've played a bunch of different venues and I generally am in the 9-10 O'clock range and with plenty of signal to the desk. On stage to a Power Engine, small amp or monitor, my OUT2 is usually at 8 O'clock. Either way, always gain stage with the receiving source to be certain for the...
  23. musicman77

    Help putting downloads on ax8

    Are you trying to import an AX8 preset? ....(you cannot import a non-AX8 preset).
  24. musicman77

    AX8 for "backline provided" gigs... perffect!

    I use what Joe described above, "Or use the "OUT 2 (FX SEND) ECHO" parameter in the I/O->AUDIO menu". Thus, no FX Loop block required. Simply, Out1 to FOH, and Out2 to an on-stage amp, powered monitor, etc.
  25. musicman77

    My Ax8 froze mid-gig

    I gig regularly and I have not experienced a freeze or lock-up with mine.
  26. musicman77

    Fremen AX8 presets released

    Thanks again for all this work, Fremen. I'm in, and will give you feedback after I've tried them out.
  27. musicman77

    Fremen AX8 presets - teaser

    Worth it and interested here!
  28. musicman77

    Monitor Choices

    The PE is my go-to when I need an on-stage cab, at rehearsal, and I also use it all the time at home. It's easy to carry and transport, plus it really does sound great and plenty loud.
  29. musicman77

    Square One!

    I think it's best to build from scratch, however if you wish to get the factory presets back, just go to the Fractal Website, and you'll find the presets in the support section under downloads->Firmware & Presets
  30. musicman77

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Yes; I'm going FOH all the time via Out 1.
  31. musicman77

    U2 presets?

    Much appreciated!
  32. musicman77

    Traveling with the AX8 ...... (Very long post) :0)

    Larry, thanks for sharing your experience and tips! I couldn't agree more about how convenient it is to travel with the AX8 as your rig; although less frequent as you, my travels are similar. AX8 in a laptop bag, and guitar in a soft (good quality) gig bag. Super small stage footprint...
  33. musicman77

    New AX8 demo video :-)

    Really enjoyed the video! Nice playing and sweet collection of guitars!
  34. musicman77

    Solved: AX8 running out of CPU

    Reverb is usually the block that I have to change; I start with a spring reverb, then build from there.
  35. musicman77

    Coming up...

    Wow, looking forward to this drop!
  36. musicman77

    My First Gigs With My New AX 8

    Great review of experience...thanks for sharing! I'm really enjoying my AX8!
  37. musicman77

    Best mono case for ax-8 for different scenarios?

    I ended up getting a Kontroller, and glad that I did. It has given me flexibility for small gigs (AX8, couple cables, Wireless (Shure), iPAD) and at times for larger needs (all above plus: Laptop, 1 or 2 expression pedals, additional cables, etc).
  38. musicman77

    Amps models.....too many?

    I don't mind busy restaurant menus….I hone in on what I want at the moment, and if it's good quality, I plan to go again…..and discover new items each time I return. Keeps me coming back.
  39. musicman77

    AX8 Firmware V1.01 Release

    Thanks FAS!
  40. musicman77

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Rig at tonight's show. Looked and sounded fabulous!
  41. musicman77

    Visiting Amsterdam

    WaterHole in Leidseplein is a good live music club. My band plays each year as a reunion gig since we all moved away 4 yrs ago. Best music store (Rock Palace) that I liked was out in Den Haag, 45 mins by train.
  42. musicman77

    AX8 on TV

    Missed that, thanks. JBL speaker, cool. I've got one, and it works great….learned it from the master himself.
  43. musicman77

    AX8 on TV

    Very nice, Larry! What did you use in the TV studio for monitoring your mixed guitar + iPhone signal?
  44. musicman77

    First Gig with AX8

    The GLX-D battery is proprietary; I keep a spare in my gig bag, but I've never had to use it. Still, I will keep the backup, because things do go wrong (such as forgetting to recharge my primary). I'm so impressed with the Shure wireless; both transmitter and receiver are solid, small enough...
  45. musicman77

    LM Life Pad

    Yes, you can go to a preset (I picked a blank one) and then do an import.
  46. musicman77

    LM Life Pad

    Sounds great, Larry! Thanks for sharing the patch!
  47. musicman77

    More twangy out-takes

    Very cool!
  48. musicman77

    Carrying AxeFX on EU Airline

    I used to live in NL and I've carried mine on-board several times between USA and UK flights. I took the Axe-FX out of my rack and placed it into a roll aboard (the Briggs Riley International carry-on was prefect). I put a towel around it to provide some cushion. I had another carry-on where...
  49. musicman77

    Shout out to FAS for the AX8 UI - WOW!!!

    I don't care to look down at the floor when I'm performing for an audience, so for me, the UI is not a factor. The AX8 interface is flexible and perfect for what I do.
  50. musicman77

    Shout out to FAS for the AX8 UI - WOW!!!

    I played my first gig last night with the AX8; all I can say it that it was outstanding and the sound was exactly what I was used to with my AxeFx II XL. Previously I had to carry my rack + MFC and now I have everything in my Mono bag.
  51. musicman77

    Anyone switch from QSC to Matrix or Xitone etc...? Was it worth it?

    I keep Power Amp modeling and Cab block both engaged when I run into the PE. My stage volume is usually quite low, running via Out 2, and I only use the Power Engine for some on-stage feel. The real sound of my guitar patches come through in FOH (where the true audience sound is) and it's...
  52. musicman77

    Anyone switch from QSC to Matrix or Xitone etc...? Was it worth it?

    There are many options, and no single one is 'the best'…it's more of what sounds good to you and the application/venue you're designing for your situation. I have tried quite a few configurations myself, including QSC, XiTone, RCF, CLR, Matrix, and 4CM to a Marshall amp+cab, to a small combo...
  53. musicman77

    AXE8 - Tone Match?

    You can export AxeFx II TMA block into an IR, and load that IR into the AX8 as a Cab block. It works just fine. Don't know about futures; only FAS could answer that.
  54. musicman77

    AXE8 - Tone Match?

    Doesn't have Tone Match.
  55. musicman77

    Call Me Slow To This Game...

    Go to the product page on the Fractal website and read the overview, then download the AX8 manual. Most of everything in is in there.
  56. musicman77

    Acoustic Patch

    You can export your TMA block from your Axe FX II into a Cab IR, and load that onto your AX8. On the II, Edit the TMA block; page to the right and find the export option. I did this with several of mine and they work great on the AX8.
  57. musicman77

    Mono "Producer" Case

    Thanks for posting these!
  58. musicman77

    What is the equivalent of an amp's STANDBY switch on the Axe-Fx?

    I agree, not to worry about clipping the AxeFx input. Here's another option; I use a wireless (GLXD) in front of my AxeFx input….just step on the tuner button and it mutes (the output that is plugged into the front of the AxeFx. Options.
  59. musicman77

    Monitor Choices

    I have a K10, and while it has been great for vocals, it's not as good as the other options for the AxeFx. For rehearsal and live with my XL I had been using my RCF or Xitone reliably for quite some time. Recently, I picked up a Power Engine, and it's been great, especially when I want to...
  60. musicman77

    AXE FX 3 Prototype Spotted! ~~~~~ ?

  61. musicman77

    Pedalboard wireless units

    +1 on the Shure GLXD. The 16-hour rechargeable battery is amazing, and the overall system quality is top notch. You won't regret it.
  62. musicman77

    AX8 and the Mono Producer Bag

    Should go with what Joe mentioned; Kontroller.
  63. musicman77


    Sorry to hear about the damage; FAS will sort it out.
  64. musicman77

    Fear no gear - but I do

    One additional item; if you use reverb, at first try one that uses low CPU, such as a spring reverb. I did this and it will allow you to load many other effects blocks in patches and keep the overall CPU in check. Keep in mind that the higher quality reverbs (i.e. Studio, Hall, etc) use way...
  65. musicman77

    CabLab Lite released

    Thanks for this; had not seen!
  66. musicman77

    Fear no gear - but I do

    I've been using Fractal products for 6 years now; I've never been a 'deep edit' guy, but rather I like keeping things simple and have always had great tones from these boxes. With the AX8, I'm more than happy with every sound I've gotten so far….astounded, actually! I started with a couple...
  67. musicman77

    RCF perfection

    Youtube! rcf vs clr. Saw a few.
  68. musicman77

    Any 10/14 action yet?

    Fractal 'knocked it out of the park' with the AX8. It is worth the wait!
  69. musicman77

    AX8 out of the box experience (updated with demo)

    Enjoyed the video!
  70. musicman77

    A personal AX8 Fail, to help those still on the waitlist

    Paid the $$ extra and I upgraded to overnight.....got mine before Noon yesterday and have been playing it non-stop!
  71. musicman77

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    My simple rig. "It's all in there!"
  72. musicman77

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Sounds like a good approach, and the ev1 is a great exp pedal! My experiences with the EV5's have been good and they get the job done for my various configurations; I have 3 of them, and the oldest must be at least 15 years and still going strong.
  73. musicman77

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Wait 'til I get the wood panels! :)
  74. musicman77

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    This is why I'm not putting my AX8 on a board....before I know it, I'll have a large footprint on stage and more weight to carry. "Keep it simple" is going to be my approach....AX8 + EV5 expression pedal.
  75. musicman77

    Anyone get invites today?

    5:11pm here and got invite today. Arrives in the morning tomorrow. Had phenomenal tone at rehearsal tonight with my XL....next rehearsal will be with AX8. Super stoked, and everything I've seen and heard it's worth the wait. Thanks to FAS!
  76. musicman77

    Spent a little time with the AX8

    Chris, great video! Thanks for taking the time to create and post it!
  77. musicman77

    The First Modded AX8 (I believe) :0)

    Very cool, Larry....just like your AXE-FX II.....tone wood sounds best!
  78. musicman77

    I got the invite!!! Opted to pick up...ummm just show up?

    Congrats! I was the same time, so anticipating the invite 'soon'.
  79. musicman77

    well it only took me 26 years...

    Cool guitar, congrats! I have the model without the Floyd. Definitely my most 'Swiss Army' guitar, and like all MM's, a great guitar to play.
  80. musicman77

    AX8 Owner's Manual

    FAS, Nice job on the manual!
  81. musicman77

    May the onslaught begin. I just ordered my Ax8

    Exciting times for sure; much appreciative for the update. I'm on the official list Oct 13 at 5:11pm.....watching inbox.....and yes, I did email prior.
  82. musicman77

    Spill Proof AX8.

    I played a local bar Friday night; no stage. We all used in-ears, so there was no floor-monitor buffer between the dance floor and my mic stand. For a change, I used a small pedalboard and amp. I got really concerned at one point late in the gig, as beer and dancing led to a spill. Didn't...
  83. musicman77


    Email Inbox is ready
  84. musicman77

    Hey Fractal .... can we please get some detailed progress updates ?

    Oops, I thought I was on Facebook. Now, let's fire up that ignore button.
  85. musicman77

    Lately MFC101 mark III not switching every time?

    I would suspect the cable as well. Might try FASlink and see if it also powers down when in that connection. Better, use FASLink all the time...this is how I run my XL and MFC, and it has never failed to switch, both at home and live.
  86. musicman77

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Just keeps getting better! Many thanks for the continued advancements!
  87. musicman77

    The Edge

    Great news! Welcome to The Edge and congrats to FAS!
  88. musicman77

    Lick of the week #6 AX8

    Sounding great, Larry!
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