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  1. shasha

    So Manning retired today

    Love him or hate him, this is one of the funniest SNL sketches I've ever seen. https://video.yahoo.com/snl/snl-digital-short-united-way-000000258.html Couldn't have had a better ending to his career if they wrote it in a movie script.
  2. shasha

    Dave Grohl....the legend continues to grow

    Not many people would be worried about finishing a show while dealing with a broken leg. https://www.yahoo.com/music/dave-grohl-apparently-breaks-leg-onstage-keeps-121376656611.html I honestly don't know anyone who doesn't love this guy. You kind of understand why when you see him do...
  3. shasha

    Cab/patch export?

    I notice that things seemed to have died down about this, but are we just waiting on a new version of AxeEdit to be able to utilize the new feature? I don't want to ask for an ETA for a new version because that usually leads to stupidity in the thread, just wanted confirmation that this was...
  4. shasha

    Guide: Re-Amping with external sound card/audio interface

    I've been working on this the last few days through PM with forum member rm60 and while it may need some refinement, I figured that it was good enough to post at this point. Basically its how I do it and it works....that doesn't mean that I left something out. :) Now the reason that I'm doing...
  5. shasha

    Well that's the last straw....I'm done

    I think that in life you really need to have something to hope for that is unattainable or impossible in order to have something to keep you going. The essential part of the human experience is to have dreams and aspirations...just something to make you wake up for and wonder if today is the...
  6. shasha

    Bunch of loafers over at FAS

    What the hell have these guys done in the last month? FW v18 CabLab 3 FractalBot update AxeEdit update Cab Pack 8 MFC update MFCEdit update AxeFXII XL+ AX8 announced Perhaps they should make a LazyCliff amp. You load it and the AxeFXII won't turn off. :)
  7. shasha

    Cab Lab 3 Review

    So I've been using Cab Lab since the first day that it was released several years ago (doesn't feel like it) so I'm not new to mixing IR's. I've used MixIR2 and AoM and anything else you can imagine. I also used IR-Lab which was kind of a real time IR mixer although it used a raw amp file to...
  8. shasha

    Cab Lab Live newbie FAQ

    Just bought it last night, fired it up and was not exactly thrilled. Turned out that I had some things that I had to set up correctly, so I thought that we should go ahead and make a thread so people aren't running around trying to figure out what is what in a million different threads. CabLab...
  9. shasha

    CL standalone in live mode....low levels and lots of latency

    Granted I just fired it up and the manual isn't updated yet, but is anyone else experiencing extremely low levels while in live mode? I can understand latency, but the levels are so ridiculously low that I'm convinced that I'm doing something wrong. I configured the audio for use with the...
  10. shasha

    The epitome of stupid....

    So I'm auditing a course on IPv6 theory and migration. Pretty good class; am starting realize why no one is implementing this crap because 128 bit in hex format isn't as cool as a few octets for IP addresses....but it's still really cool and I get to practice all my math skillz in other...
  11. shasha

    Anyone use Sirius XM?

    I just bought the wife a new car and it came with a trial subscription to Sirius. Is it just me or is it the absolute worst sounding piece of crap product ever? I'm not an audio snob by a long shot; this is nothing but the factory premium system and it sounds more than adequate with MP3's, FM...
  12. shasha

    Anyone else have the AxeFXII change your style

    Used to be a super high gain type of guy. I can't get enough of that mid gain breakup where it cleans up with your attack and then barks at you when you dig in. It's almost to the point that it's a problem because damn near every patch I build has the same type of dynamics because it's just so...
  13. shasha

    PSA: Plugin deal (Plug & Mix VIP Bundle)

    Plug And Mix / VIP Bundle - DontCrack : Music & Audio Software Store Regular price is $399 for the bundle. Includes a ton of plugins (just go to the Plug & Mix singles to see all of them; it's like 3 pages of stuff). The first 5000 buyers get it at $49. Now I'm not a professional and I...
  14. shasha

    Wish External SW could show tuner display

    Just what it says; it'd be great to be able to use a separate button to turn on the tuner. A work around would be the show the tempo flashing on the tuner LED even if I use an external switch for tap tempo. That would actually work out even better since the tap tempo button is kind of tough to...
  15. shasha

    Free convertor that may work for IR's in different formats

    Apparently the app I found doesn't support 48kHz sample rates.
  16. shasha

    BUG: AxeEdit copy current scene overwrites Y Amp settings

    Using the same amp for X and Y with different settings and then copy current scene and pasting to all scenes both last amp setting selected (X or Y) is pasted into both X and Y.
  17. shasha

    Ernie Ball Cobalts...anyone else try them yet?

    Just got a new/used guitar off e-Bay. Now I've been wanting one of these for a while (Carvin CT6) and I'd played one with the stainless steel frets before, but this thing arrived and I was blown away by it being even better than I remembered the other being. So I let it settle in a bit and...
  18. shasha

    Man, if I had only known that there was a market for this...

    Tascam US 1800 Audio Interface Empty Box in Great Shape | eBay Seriously?
  19. shasha

    Quick review of EBMM Gamechanger

    So as some may have noticed I had my brand new EBMM Gamechanger up on e-Bay for the last few weeks. I finally sold it so I figured I'd give the skinny on it after the fact. I think that it would have come off pretty crappy if I had talked it up while I just happen to have it up for sale. :)...
  20. shasha

    MFC dump through AxeFXII MIDI adapter question

    Is this working for anyone else? I can do a dump using my old m-Audio MidiSPORT, but I've used both 5 and 7 pin cables, plugged power directly into the MFC (no phantom power) and made sure to enable the USB adapter and disable realtime sysex.....FractalBot reports it as being received, but it...
  21. shasha

    FCV100 expression pedal tweaks

    Just got an MFC101...finally and needed obviously needed an expression pedal (or two). I have had this big old Behringer FCV100 laying around for years and while it felt substantial and there isn't some mysterious rocket science involved in a pedal that moves a pot I thought about just spending...
  22. shasha

    PSA: Cheap EZDrummer 2.0 upgrade path

    OK, EZDrummer 2.0 will be available in early May of this year. Not sure what the retail price will be, but if you buy and register EZDrummer 1 between now and then you get a free upgrade. They have it on their website for $179. Now one of the advantages of buy v1 and upgrading is that you get...
  23. shasha

    Finally had a chance to try out Cab Lab

    So last night I decided to go ahead and fire up Cab Lab and check it out. I started with the stock Top Boost preset (AC30) and used a couple of the Silver IR's from one of the Fractal IR packs. Anyway I've done this cab mixing thing in the past to great effect using IR-Lab which is more of...
  24. shasha

    New Guitar...couple days ago.....PRS 513 content

    Crappy cell phone picture, but you get the general idea. Been wanting one of these since they first came out. I played one years ago through an AC30 and was just floored with how it played and sounded. I'm not a huge PRS fan to be honest. I had played plenty that I just didn't get along...
  25. shasha

    Proper string changing technique video

    Yeah, if you can't tell by the fact that it's Steel Panther then you should be warned that it's not safe for work and actually probably not safe for human consumption in general.
  26. shasha

    Sale Fail

    M Audio Trigger Finger MIDI USB MPC Style Drum Pad Maudio Triggerfinger | eBay Just look at the video in the description of this auction.....I don't know if the guy is lazy or something, but he should have at least watched the video before putting it in his auction. :lol
  27. shasha

    First time having "real" surgery....

    ...so wish me luck. Same frickin torn tendon in my elbow. I've had more than the recommended number of cortisone shots and it's been over 2 years now so they sent me in for some MRI's. After experiencing that bit of joy (been through a few, but this was the most uncomfortable position ever)...
  28. shasha

    Don't you hate it when you create your own problems?

    Just went through a series of 2 rounds of fw updates to include using the system restore bank that nukes everything and two complete installations all of the factory banks. The problem I was having was this weird thin almost phase type issue. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't right. I figured...
  29. shasha

    Stupid move of the day

    I have this old desk that I've had for years. Everything fits perfectly. Problem was that the finish that was on it was like a paper covering and you know how that stuff holds up...not well. So I decided to fix that shortcoming by putting some Formica on it. A couple of new tools and I...
  30. shasha

    Reasons my son is crying (funny)

    Reasons My Son Is Crying This is the funniest site I've seen in a long time. Of course being a parent helps, but I think that everyone can appreciate it.
  31. shasha

    Anyone notice that AE is resizable?

    I don't even know if this was in any of the previous releases, but I can make it all kinds of different sizes now. Pretty cool. May have to try it on a netbook now.
  32. shasha

    New Factory v10 Presets

    Whoever worked on these....thank you! I don't usually go out of my way to update them because I don't usually use a lot of patches and I especially don't use factory presets for more than a starting ground in most cases, but after about 2 hours of trying to weed through the new banks by...
  33. shasha

    AE 1.9 tips and workarounds thread

    Not sure if there is going to be official support for this since we all know that it's a temporary measure and resources are devoted to development and not support (I am assuming), but I thought that we could share some of the things that we've found with each other. First thing that I...
  34. shasha

    Effects 101 series

    EFFECTS 101: Chorus - YouTube Roland created a whole series on effects hosted by Johnny DeMarco. He goes through and explains the most common settings and gives examples. Of course he's using Roland/Boss effects for examples, but the information is still great.
  35. shasha

    Anybody good with spreadsheets?

    EDIT: Don't really need any more help with this at this point as Mr X really fixed it up to do what I need, but it's available for anyone to use or tweak as they see fit. It's a spreadsheet/filter for determining which stock cabinets are recommended for which amp model. Here's what Mr X and...
  36. shasha

    PSA: Monster Power 3500 Power Center on sale for almost 50%

    I can't say that this is going to solve all of my noise problems, but reading up on it there appears to be some hope as I've tried everything else to this point. Music123 has it marked down to $196 and they have a 15% off coupon as well (sleigh15) and it qualifies for free shipping. The...
  37. shasha

    Roland R-Mix

    Anyone take a look at this yet? It basically gives you a spectral display of frequency and panning that you can select and effect. It also has pitch and tempo adjustments. I can see it possibly being useful for TMA or learning guitar parts and possibly making some simple backing tracks...
  38. shasha

    Dirty Shirley

    ...I love you. :) What a fantastic sounding model. If you haven't tried it I think that you should stop what you are doing and treat yourself. I hadn't even noticed it before and decided to give it a whirl now that things have started to settle down a bit on the old home front. From what...
  39. shasha

    New re-amp idea; your thoughts wanted

    OK so I've been messing around with re-amping without using the USB method and it's really been a battle of compromise and/or failure. Some things I've taken away are that the analog output as a wet signal is fantastic going into a decent audio interface. It really does sound great. The...
  40. shasha

    Cover of latest AMS catalog with Dweezil on it

    So I got the new AMS catalog in the mail; I scan through it real quick to see all the same old crap that is in there every time, but I put it down and look on the cover and see Mr Zappa on the front. Sure enough, it's on there...in the lower right had side you can see sitting predominantly in...
  41. shasha

    Room settings in the cabinet block

    Since there's been a handful of posts highlighting specific parameters, I thought that I'd bring up one of my favorites....the room tab. Now I'm predominantly a headphone player so YMMV, but this is one of my favorite areas to add some size to my sound and to me it makes my headphones...
  42. shasha

    Wish Auto patch leveling

    This one may make little sense to some people and it may be impossible to do, but here is my idea. Have a setting in the global menu that we can enable called patch leveling or something like that. In this mode we can choose a known good patch and adjust it's level for our gear, play through...
  43. shasha

    Thought that these were interesting looking...Railhammers

    I got some spam from Stew-Mac about these and decided to investigate a bit. They've got a few videos on their site, but I found this one done by our old buddy Lance on youtube and to be honest I love watching this guy play so I figured I'd post it here. Once again I'm a sucker for clever...
  44. shasha

    Latest re-amping idea

    Been too busy to do any playing the last month or so, but having a few weeks away from the box let me come back to it with a fresh set of eyes. I've been wanting to be able to monitor and record with my firewire audio interface while being able to re-amp via analog just because trying to do it...
  45. shasha

    AxeEdit 1.0.304 is up

    Get it while its hot...usual location. Not updates in the release notes. Oh, and THANKS FRACTAL!
  46. shasha

    Cool utility for screen shots/tutorials

    Real quick, I just noticed on Giveaway of the Day they are offering a screenshot/capture/tutorial tool for free until midnight tonight. I just installed it and am going to go through and test it out, but it looks extremely promising for things like sharing methods for doing things or possibly...
  47. shasha

    AxeEdit not saving TMA settings upon export of preset

    Been running into this issue a lot more often the last few days. Not sure what's causing it, but after performing a tone match, saving in the AxeFXII (via the front panel) and the exporting the preset via AxeEdit another user will not get the TMA block settings and it will sound like its either...
  48. shasha

    Adding a wah pedal block after performing tone match resets TMA block

    I just discovered this earlier. Doesn't seem to happen from the front panel.
  49. shasha

    Tone matching tip thread

    Thought that it would be a good idea to share some successful discoveries with one another in a combined thread. I'm getting ready to do some right now and decided to use a track from soundcloud. Now since its not a downloadable one I could try recording it with my interface as it plays, but...
  50. shasha

    Bad news, tore a tendon in my left elbow

    Yeah, my arms been jacked up for a few months now, went to the doctor, got a little aircast thinking that it was just tendonitis or something. Went in for an MRI on wed, got a call from the doctor thursday telling me I need to see an orthopedist ASAP. Only specifics that I got was that its...
  51. shasha

    Well its time to move on

    I don't share a lot of personal information about myself online because I am paranoid and a bit on the private side, but this is a pretty significant deal for me and this is probably the best group of guys on the internet and I'm the most comfortable in here. Long story short (not super...
  52. shasha

    MIDI-OX website is back online

    Just to let you guys know that MIDI-OX and MIDI YokeNT (both indispensable programs in my mind) website is back online. Not sure what happened, but they were down for a bit.
  53. shasha

    Hard drive crash question

    Never had an actual failure before, but my PC wouldn't boot this morning. I got a recovery disc for Win7 from another PC and ran chkdsk /f. Its been going for about an hour and right now it's recovering orphaned files. From the looks of it its recovering every single file on the system drive...
  54. shasha

    MixIR2 64-bit and RTAS now available from Redwirez

    Just got an email a few hours ago; big news for those of us who are running 64-bit DAW's and don't want to deal with a bit-bridge.
  55. shasha

    Re-Amping Tip....track compensation delay

    For you veteran professional guys this is probably one of those "no duhh" type posts, but I did run into this as I've been 'optimizing' my modest little setup for pain free recording and re-amping. I'm getting great quality dry and wet and re-amped recordings via ASIO4All using my AxeFXII's...
  56. shasha

    Issues with patch #49

    Has anyone else had issues while editing patch 049? I've nuked the preset and started from scratch and it hangs up on me sometimes. It occasionally changes the name as well by adding a few characters that are from the patch before it. Its only been on this patch location which is really odd...
  57. shasha

    My first RW/IR-Lab cabinet mix..let me know what you think

    Here's the audio (new take...bothered to get the timing down): Oh and the amazing solo is for EdgE....it's the sound of a guy just giving the hell up. I just learned how to play the rhythm part right tonight, will work on the lead later. I cut it off when the backing track's guitar came in...
  58. shasha

    Read this if you are not happy with the way the AxeFXII sounds/feels/works right now

    EDIT: Wow. OK, I suppose that I should probably not post while on pain killers. This worries the crap out of me because in my mind it makes perfect sense. :mrgreen Basically I'm just saying that if it sounds fizzy to you or one of the amp models isn't exactly how you want it or your...
  59. shasha

    Expand footwsitch input to take 2 switches with a TRS cable

    Since the footswitch/expression pedal input is TRS it would be quite nice if we could utilize a TRS cable with two switches. Things like inc/dec preset are only usable with two switches and in typical self-serving request fashion I had modified my pedalboard to work with two extra switches with...
  60. shasha

    I just did something stupidly awesome with IR-Lab

    Not many have been following my thread about re-amping using SPDIF or analog, but those that have know the lengths I've gone through to get this thing to work optimally and it's working extremely well right now. I did have a lot of failures that in a lot of ways led to discoveries and forced me...
  61. shasha

    Wish AxeFXII will remain locked to SPDIF or AES when using analog input

    I'm not even sure if the architecture of the AxeFXII will make this possible at all, but if there was a way to use the SPDIF or AES inputs as not only the source, but as a constant word clock input so that it can be permanently slaved regardless of using an analog or digital source that would be...
  62. shasha

    Rear input getting a lot of hum using balanced cables

    I'm still trying to work out a good analog re-amp method. I will admit that I get a lot of EMI in my house, but using balanced cables has always worked to eliminate that. The humbuster output on the 2nd output even works extremely well so I don't think that it is overwhelming amounts of EMI or...
  63. shasha

    Trying to upload multiple cabs causes lockup in AE1.0.273/FW5.07

    I've been able to reproduce this several times. After about the third cab being dragged over from AxeEdit's User cabs to the AxeFXII's user cab window the application will hang and the MIDI light on the front of the AxeFXII will stay on. I can drag one file over and select upload selected to...
  64. shasha

    IR-Lab newest release supports AxeFXII files...review and tips

    ....and it works frickin great! iProductions Audio » Products Release Notes: Version 1.09 – 15/02/12 - Mixed-IR is saved also as AXE II .syx file (zero padded) - Decrease font size option - IR names on IR-Mixer as tooltips New Product Release IR-LAB II - Supports AXE FX II IR libs -...
  65. shasha

    Successful re-amp without onboard USB audio (hybird analog/digital method)

    EDIT: You can skip to the final results here rather than read this entire post of fail. :mrgreen There's some decent info in here if you really like messing around (i.e., wasting time), but after a few days messing with this it's just not the best working method. ORIGINAL POST: OK, this one...
  66. shasha

    Change "copy out 1 to 2" to "output 2 source select"

    Rather than be restricted to having output 2 as off or a copy of 1 or even as an FX loop with would allow those of us who want to do analog re-amping to do so very easily. It would also allow the user to send a clean feed out of output 2 to another device if they wanted to. Currently if we...
  67. shasha

    Finally got AxeFXII to lock to SPDIF as slave (hybrid Re-Amping success)

    EDIT: This just isn't going to work properly. The inherent flaw is that using the AxeFXII as slave requires that you use the digital input at all times or else it will not sync. No way around this inconvenience at present time. But it wasn't all a waste of time I did manage to get a very...
  68. shasha

    How many of you have amps that you plan on Amp Matching?

    Not to jump the gun here, but just wondering how many of us here have amps that we're dying to get into the AxeFXII. And I wouldn't object to some details as to what they were....:mrgreen
  69. shasha

    Well....work officially sucks again

    Guess that things are back to normal now. Thanks Fractal. I had actually enjoyed going to work occasionally while I was on the waiting list. Not so much now. It's 1AM and I have to choose between sleep and playing. I figure that I can get by on a few hours of sleep tonight, but then I'll...
  70. shasha

    New AxeEdit is up

    Not sure how long it's been there, but I've got it. ;) http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-edit-software.php <--Sorry I didn't post the link earlier. It appears that the user cabs inside of the AxeFX itself may get deleted so make sure that you back them up in the old version before you back...
  71. shasha

    Whitney Houston found dead at age 48

    Even with the last decade so of her life being a mess it's still kind of a shock.
  72. shasha

    Just two things that I can't get over

    First thing that I still can't get over is how great my strat sounds through the AxeFXII. I know that it's a fine guitar and for some reason I've never been able to bring myself to sell it even though I almost never play it because I can never get it to sound good, but through the II its just...
  73. shasha

    Overlooked feature...HUMBUSTER TECHNOLOGY

    Yeah I'm not a gear snob or anything, but over the years I've basically had nothing but issues with unbalanced equipement and have basically sworn it off and refuse to own it. I have some nasty hum going on in my house as well (another story all together) and at this point I know that...
  74. shasha

    Pitch block...am I crazy?

    I just don't remember it being this damn good in the Ultra. Seriously, was this improved with the II or was I just doing something wrong (which is probably more likely than not). I don't remember it tracking this well for just regular drop tuning. While I was axe-less for those nine...
  75. shasha

    So is AxeChange gone for good or just on hiatus?

    I know that it got to be a bit of a mess at one point and there were some issues for people when I last used it with the Ultra, but to be honest I loved it and it worked fine for me. Digging through the forum for presets is fine, but AxeChange was slick. If it's gone for good that's fine...
  76. shasha

    Humbuster question

    I did some reading on this and it makes perfect sense to me how it works, but I'm wondering if I could connect this using a balanced destination. Basically can I go TRS from the II to XLR to the destination?
  77. shasha

    Have the 'new' presets for v5 been updated?

    Just wondering if they are still the same exact presets or if they've actually been modified (you know, reset parameters, mess with dynamics and speaker motor). I remember reading a post from Cliff saying that he wasn't sure if he was going to do it or not and I looked at the dates they were...
  78. shasha

    MIDI thru still modifying data from other devices

    Not real sure if this is a 'bug', but trying to get a patch dump from my FCB1010 using the AxeFXII's MIDI ports it arrives to the computer in the wrong size and is corrupt. I've also tried using the Merge function inside of AxeEdit and it doesn't get to Ripwerx at all.
  79. shasha

    Brian May dual delay test

    I'm waiting on the new firmware before I really dial in the tone of the amp since it's probably going to change a bit, but I think that the delay settings are pretty close. Used my Brian May Red Special which I hadn't played in about a year...thing was still in tune. :shock And just in case...
  80. shasha

    Has anyone been able to use Ripwerx through the AxeFXII?

    I remember with my Ultra and a MIDISport 2x2 that I could have everything connected, edit in AxeEdit while using Ripwerx to edit my foot controller and never swap a cable. Since the AxeFXII has a MIDI interface that shows up in Windows I'd like to be able to connect my FCB1010 to the AxeFXII...
  81. shasha

    Guess who's back

    AxeFXII arrived. Here's my intial take on it. Dynamic. The notes explode off the neck and the seperation between notes is unreal. I remember being a bit let down when I sold my Ultra and had to use the 11R in the meantime, but after months of playing with it I had grown used to it and...
  82. shasha

    Those .2 miles are the hardest part of the marathon....

    So orders been placed. Next 3-5 days are going to suck...hard. :lol
  83. shasha

    How I spent my summer Axe-less

    Well I sold my Ultra quite a while ago and bought an 11R to hold me over. I was fairly active around here for a bit, but to be honest it was a bitter sweet experience. I decided to delve into the 11R pretty deep and make a commitment to master it. So after the 15-20 minutes that took I was...
  84. shasha

    OK, I may be on the Henry J / Lacey Act Bandwagon

    Henry Juszkiewicz: Repeal the Lacey Act? Hell No, Make It Stronger I'm not the biggest fan of the man (insert Firewood X joke here), but this article he wrote is really well constructed and even more importantly makes a lot of sense. I still don't know all the details and have my own...
  85. shasha

    Earthquake anyone?

    My first one. Got to admit that I couldn't dislodge the underwear from my nether regions for about 10 minutes. Of course my building at work is built right on a fault line (it actually split right down the middle about 10 years ago and covered with sheet metal from end to end). It...
  86. shasha

    Some revelations that aren't so revolutionary

    As most of you know I've been using an 11R while waiting to make the jump to the AxeFXII. I've been pretty miserable after selling my Ultra, but I wanted to clarify a few things because I hate the idea of putting out bad information. So let me say that my hatred of all things AVID has been...
  87. shasha

    I really miss this place

    Being Axeless has kind of made coming here a bit less a priority these days, but I have to say that I really miss you guys. I swear that I think that half of what made the Ultra so great was this forum; there's so much participation and knowledge that I could spend hours sitting in front of my...
  88. shasha

    I wish this was my mayor

    The good stuff is at 3:07. I don't envy this guy's job, but he makes sense to me.
  89. shasha

    I know it's wrong, but it made me laugh

    Sometimes humor is the best medicine.
  90. shasha

    Quick questions about configuring for a combo amp

    Just sold my Ultra, need to set this up for the guy so that he can hit the ground running. So I have a few questions about the audio portion. He's going into a Fender Twin Reverb if that matters. 1. Am I correct in assuming that he would use instrument cables from the AxeFX to the input of...
  91. shasha

    Ultra's on e-Bay and I just ordered an 11Rack

  92. shasha

    Took the day off from work and played till my fingers bled...almost

    I took a vacation day today in order to take care of some personal stuff. Got up nice and early and started by dialing in a new patch and used a cab mix I had just made using IR Lab which I just bought the other day. I used some of the Ownhammers IR's that they just updated recently. Had...
  93. shasha


    The AxeFXII will be replaced by a newer and faster system. Specific details are fuzzy, but I'd estimate systems to start shipping somewhere between summer 2016 and 3RD QTR 2042. So now you've been warned you won't feel slighted for having not been given advance notice that something new...
  94. shasha


    I refuse to enable the self-entitled on this whole AxeFXII thing. BUT, if someone told me that they sent someone at FA an email asking about a new product, oh say about 3-4 weeks ago and was given a resounding "no" and the person went on to order an Ultra THEN I think that they may have a...
  95. shasha

    Kustom KPC12MP...dirt cheap

    Got them in today from Music123. I've been wanting to get something affordable, but not useless and these are probably about as close to the low end of that threshold as possible. I'd read a few reviews on them and I saw a few demos from zentman on youtube with the AxeFX feeding them and...
  96. shasha

    Check you hearing, your monitors, your headphones, etc here

    I thought that this was pretty cool. Equal loudness contours and audiometry - Test your own hearing I have a few audio analyzers at work so I get to play with generating tones all the time, but this is a really well thought out website. While I have the stuff at work, I've never been able...
  97. shasha

    Trainwreck of a patch

    Here's my first attempt with the Trainwreck. What a killer amp! I can't believe the dynamics that this thing has; I mean all the ampsims in this thing are great, but this one is just amazing to use with the volume and tone knobs. I originally used a 3rd party IR, but I know how much it...
  98. shasha

    Giveaway of the Day for 21 April 2011 is a free simple audio recorder

    Today only. Giveaway of the Day - free licensed software daily. All Sound Recorder Vista - All Sound Recorder Vista is Digital HD Audio Recorder for Windows 7, XP, Vista. I can't comment on it, but it's already got some good ratings and those guys are pretty brutal. I know that it isn't...
  99. shasha

    WTH out of my comfort zone on this one

    Not real happy with the second lead break's tone, but it has a really cool phasing effect (at least cool to me) that I don't want to lose at the end of it. I have absolutely no idea how to play this kind of music so I just kind of faked it. I like listening to it, but I'm more a classic rock...
  100. shasha

    New Foo Fighters album streaming right now on Soundcloud

    Foo Fighters - Wasting Light Maybe not everyone's taste, but I'm a fan and this is their strongest effort in quite a while if you ask me. Grohl had a really cool interview a few months ago about the recording of the album. It was all done in his garage using analog gear. Sounds great if...
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