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  1. is9582

    Reveal Hold help please

    I setup my FC6 long ago with the Hold function on switch #4 in Layout #2 as Reveal Hold, and it worked just as I expected. No idea what firmware we were on at the time, for the FC or for the AX3, but I currently have 12.05 on the AX3 and 1.10 on the FC, and the Reveal Hold doesn't seem invoke...
  2. is9582

    Logic Pro X issue of possible interest

    Hello All, Just to lay the groundwork, I've owned AxeFX units from the Ultra up to the current III, and have used Logic Pro X as my recording software for many years. Last night I got home from an almost 4-week trip to Japan and I couldn't wait to load 12.02 and test her out. Load went great...
  3. is9582

    (Resolved) Axe-Fx III into Logic X via USB and no audio

    Help.... I've been using Logic X for a number of years, and have recorded successfully from my AxeFXIII up through firmware 5.05, as well as with my previous Ultra, AxeFXII & AxeFXIIXL. I just tried laying down a track and can't seem to get any audio into Logic. I've reboot both AxeFXIII and...
  4. is9582

    [Not a bug] Possible bug in Carol-Ann OD-2?

    I was messing around with the LT Leads preset that @2112 posted a while ago, on scene 4 with the OD-2, and noticed an audible crackling as the the Input Drive is increased/decreased. Initially, I had just attached Leon’s recent Pitch Follower tip to the Input Drive, and had it ranging from 7.0...
  5. is9582

    Wish: FC Hold function activates on switch release for easier timing

    DUPLICATE WISH. MODS, PLEASE REMOVE! I'm not the first to mention this on the forum, but I searched and didn't find a separate "Wish" entry, so I'd like to formally make this a Wish. (If this is a repeat, Mods, please kill this tread entry!) For those using the FC 6 (and also potentially usable...
  6. is9582

    FC-6 Hold switch possible issue

    I am running FW 5.06 on my AxeFXIII and FW 1.05 on my FC-6. I went in and added Hold Functions for both switch #1 and switch #2 in Layout 2 which is for my Scenes. In the Hold assignment I have the Function set to Toggle and switch #1 Primary as Scene 1 and the Secondary as Scene 7. On the...
  7. is9582

    (Solved) Less grit in 1.13 and 1.14??

    Is it only me that feels like this occurred?? As far as I am aware, nothing else has changed in and of my setup. Same guitar, powered speakers, cables, and even pick and strings. Just doesn’t seem to have as much of the old saturated overdrive sustain. Seems more articulate now to me. One amp...
  8. is9582

    Crackling noise possible source

    I've posted in a couple of other threads (started by others) that I occasionally hear what sounds like crackling coming out of the powered speakers I have connected to my AxeFXIII, while a preset was active, with or without me playing my guitar. This evening I wanted to see if I could really...
  9. is9582

    Axe-Fx III w Morningstar MC6 MKII - Looper issue

    I can’t seem to get the MC6 MKII to trigger/call the Looper. I’m a noob with MIDI but Ive programmed other switches to call presets directly as well as incrementally (+ and -) as well as scenes directly and incrementally. I’m still sure it’s aomething simple I’m missing, but it sure is...
  10. is9582

    Morningstar MC6 MKII - Firmware v3.1.0 (pre-release) is available

    I very well may have missed someone else announcing that v3.1.0 (pre-release) was out, but just in case, I thought I'd share with everyone. I bought my unit in April (pre-order) while I was in Germany, and it came with v3.0.0. I'd never checked for any updates, assuming (bad move on my part)...
  11. is9582

    On presets with linked IR(s), can the IR be rejected?

    I've searched and can't seem to find anything that speaks to the issue described in the title. Let's say you go to load a preset, and get the pop-up advising there are one or more IR's linked in this preset, but all of your user slots are filled and important to presets already on your AxeFX...
  12. is9582

    Possible Bug - MFC / Axe Edit interaction [NOT A BUG]

    I'm using the most current of AxeFX software Q3.02 and when I pressed the MFC button to engage a drive, it was obvious the drive changed the tone/volume of the sound (so it was now engaged), but the drive block on the Axe Edit page never changed appearance from it's bypassed state. Has anyone...
  13. is9582

    Logic Pro X 10.2 and MacBook Pro 10.9.5

    On my MBP, I am currently running 10.9.5 and Logic Pro X 10.2. After I play for a while, recording or not recording, all of a sudden the latency increases so it is in the range of 2 seconds. Prior to this change, it is so low that it sounds as though the sound from my played note is in sync with...
  14. is9582

    New Mesa IIC+ 18.08 preset

    New Mesa IIC+ 18.08 preset (ala Santana) I've played around with lots of different IIC+ presets, and used pieces that I liked from here and there, and ultimately found something that really works with my setup. I hope others might also find it useful. Trying to give back, even in the smallest...
  15. is9582

    Error 18 on MFC - before I even hit send on Fractal Bot

    Error 18 on MFC - before I even hit send on Fractal Bot - Resolved Hello all - I could use some help! My MFC still has FW 2.15 on it, so I wanted to update to the current version of 3.07. I followed all of the bouncing balls (as best as I can tell). I did the following: 1. set MFC to MIDI as...
  16. is9582

    Error on loading 16.01 (as well as 16.00)

    When I uploaded 16.00 I received an error message from FractalBot that I didn't need to manually put my Axe into update mode. Well, I didn't actually do this even though the screen on my Axe looked as if I had done this, and I pressed the Recall button and tried again and all went well. I just...
  17. is9582

    TAF UR IR question/issue

    I loaded the all of the UR IRs, that were included with FW14. All went without a problem, except for one, TAF_WAT_MIX. This was the last of the three groups I loaded, and just so happened to end up in User slot 100. I don't know if that had anything to do with the scenario, but I'll continue. I...
  18. is9582

    Anyway to determine which User IRs are associated with patches in Axe?

    I have all of my User IR slots filled and wondered if anyone knows a quick method to determine if each is/is not utilized in a patch in my AxeFX II? I want to load all of the new UR IRs, but don't want to shoot myself in the foot as it were, by wiping out an IR that is needed. Thanks in...
  19. is9582

    FW 13.02 Help, I can't get away from it!

    Wow, can't even find the words to describe the sonic difference. I've been stuck playing 59 Bassguy for the last couple of hours. Haha. I engaged the Drive block (stock Bender Fuzz settings), Delay block (stock Digital Stereo, which could be a problem I suppose) and loaded the new...
  20. is9582

    ODS-Lead with some heat

    I recognize that many who think about the Dumble sound are after the singing sound just hinting with some overdrive. This patch is based on the original version in 11.02 with some tweaks. I enjoy more overdrive than I guess I should. ;) Hopefully some of you guys will have fun with this...
  21. is9582

    Modded a preset and I'm sinking further into the black hole

    As I know most of us realize, its hard to stop playing with all of the amazing tones in this little black box. I've always leaned towards Mesa/Marshall types of tones in the past, and haven't ever played on any Vox or similar design, prior to my AxeFX. While I still enjoy my old tones, I've...
  22. is9582

    Added a second cab using AE3 and brittle treble occurred (solved)

    I'm not 100% certain this isn't user error, but here goes. I brought up preset 078 Aye Cee 30, which sounded awesome. I decided I'd see what it sounded like by changing the cab to Factory 96 while turning on the drive. It was totally amazing. The only thing I modified after changing the cabs...
  23. is9582

    MFC finally arrived and no lights!!! HELP please!

    I received my MFC this evening and after plugging it into my AxeFXII with a cat5 cable I got nothing. I presumed the cable was a dud and bought a new one. Still nothing! Am I just brain dead today or is my luck bad and my MFC arrived dead?? I'd appreciate any and all assistance. Cheers, Lee
  24. is9582

    Any control ideas for non MFC players?

    Hello all, I've had my AxeFXII for quite a while and have been using it solely for enjoyment at home, but even with that, I still get the occasional pangs to play outside of my little bubble. I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for ways I can control changing (up/down) scenes within a...
  25. is9582

    10.02 AE out of sync w Axe

    I hope this isn't a repeat, but here goes. I had my Axe setup for a show and tell session with my former band mate. It was connected to my MacBook via USB and both were on for about 4-5 hours. I had no freezes, but I noticed the link between the two was less than optimal. Initially the presets...
  26. is9582

    Powered speaker question

    I saw Carvin has some powered 12" speakers and wondered if anyone has ever given them a spin? I have one of their electric guitars from the 1990's, and I was shocked at just how well it plays and feels. Any chance their powered speakers might surprise in a good way, too? Lee
  27. is9582

    Line6 Floor Board - any possibilities with AxeFX line??

    I have an old Line6 Floor Board hanging around and I was wondering if there was anyone that might have attempted successfully to utilize it in some form or fashion with the AxeFX II? I'm expecting I'll probably get a full blown NO, but it's worth asking, right? ;) Cheers, Lee
  28. is9582

    II Manual's verbiage review

    I'm not sure this is the appropriate location for this minutia, so please move this if needed. As I was reading through the manual for the Axe-FX II, on page 71, the following shaded textbox is about mid-page: Manufacturer names and product names mentioned below are trademarks or...
  29. is9582

    Having trouble with a latching footswitch

    Hello- I seemed to be having exactly the same problem as Gibson335 (I am even using some of my old Boogie MkIIc footswitches for this purpose) was initially describing in his topic. I set mine up to toggle the Global Bypass, but nothing seemed to be working when clicked. After beating my head...
  30. is9582

    Cab question on shared patches

    I just recently bought my Ultra and was wondering if someone might provide some insight into what could just be a perceived issue by a noob. :? I noticed that a downloaded patch from axe-change doesn't sound like expected. When I looked through the patch, I noticed the cab is describing...
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