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  1. javier

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack for AX8 Release

    Thanks for the response. I understand and also know that you own an xl and ax8. Amazing work indeed. Now I sound much better. That is the very important thing.
  2. javier

    Wish Axe fx III

    AX4. floor pedal with 4 foot switches, and 2 global foot switches. 9x6 inches.
  3. javier

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack for AX8 Release

    I have just bought bundles for mark II and AX8. As everyone said sound awesome. Being a fractal user since 2012, five years now, my presets sounds crap compared with this pro bundle. My compliments. But allow me only a little complain: I got surprised when I found that parameter settings in...
  4. javier

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Class-A 30W (Vox AC-30)

    I have a doubt about the AC-30 model. Model Class A 30W TB default value for low cut is at 482Hz (AX8 firmware 8.00 beta). Is that OK specifically to emulate the real thing? But the model Class A 30W low cut is at 10Hz (the standard default value for nearly every amp).
  5. javier

    For those with both AXE FX II XL and AX-8....

    Ax8 for rehearsal and small gigs, No doubt. Axe fx for studio and recording. I own both. For big concerts i still use my tube amps plus ax8...marshall and laney all the way.
  6. javier

    Wish Revisit the Cab Block

    Thakyou. It,s true. Now I have cablab and plenty of cabs packs. i am learning about mic freq response; testing and mixing different mics and cabs ir. Result is awesome, but work is really too much; also I am not a very good sound technique. I need about two to four hours to configure cabs for...
  7. javier

    Wish Revisit the Cab Block

    AMP algorithm is very, very high standing. Six sigma quality... surely on a one by one amp parameter checking there is something to improve. Anyway, you Fractal will always surprise us with new enhancements (or even new breakthroughs/epiphanies) in the AMP Block. But, as many have said, IR is...
  8. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    In an object oriented programing world some sort of inheritance should help. Given the Amp block, the multichannel AMP block can inherit all its behaviour and add the posibility of having three slots more for basic and key parameters that mark the difference for each channel. But i think that...
  9. javier

    Patches sound weak after upgrade to 7.01

    I had to reset cabs also in some prests. Mainly user presets.
  10. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    Sorry, Moke. I missed your thread. My apologies. I know you are one of the bigger quality preset developers...your opinion and talent are much worthier than mine. Reading Chris comment, having a multichannel AMP block looks like a hard job to be done, given the current state of the arts in AX...
  11. javier

    Wish Multichannel AMP Block

    Today we can configure two AMP Blocks in AXE FX, and one in AX8; applying X/Y, 4 or 2 channels can be achieved; restrictions are scenes latency gap between two different AMPs and sharing the same basic parameters between scenes. I would be cool having a multichannel AMP Block with the ability...
  12. javier

    Will the AX8 eventually get the advanced cab parameters?

    Hope it will fit; I also asume that is a matter of DSP power, not memory; but I know nothing, ...
  13. javier

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.03 Firmware Released

    I use Pitch learn, Gabacho.
  14. javier

    AX8 V4.00 Release

    When I Import a preset-cab bundle, I have lost the ability to save the Cab from Scratchpad to a user Slot. AX8(-Edit no longer ask me for a place to save de Cab... it remains in the scratchpad and get lost when I turn off and on again the AX8. This happened with Danny Danzi EVH preset.
  15. javier

    Audio gap when switching presets

    About amp level controller, it is not posible in last firmware version. But i have seen one fremem preset with amp level modifier asigned to a scene controller. So i think that older versions permited this, but last do not. Is it a bug?
  16. javier

    AX8 Wishes

    A shortcut in AX8Edit to engage the UTILITY VU page in AX8 with a single click.
  17. javier

    AX8 Wishes

    A function to set the pedal into edit mode with the foot switches.
  18. javier

    Back to the drawing board

    with AX8 I will loose this flexibility (only two channels per preset, not four); thats why I'll add to the wish list a request for X/Y/Z only for AMP Block or a multichannel AMP Block.
  19. javier

    Back to the drawing board

    As a base I use one preset per amp model or family, one scene per amp channel; two amps blocks with two different channels in each block; example: AMP1 X = Usa clean 1; Y= Usa Lead; AMP2: X= Usa rhythm; Y = usa lead+; scene 1: amp1 X (amp2 bypass); scene 2: amp1 Y (amp 2 bypass) adjusted to lead...
  20. javier

    Ready for the Amp Show

    Amazing and just in time. I give and idea to make another optional top panel with a slot to include an ipod. And then you have touch screen, bluetooth, wifi,... At the cost of 300 bucks plus the cost of the app...sorry i coudn't resist... That will close any discussion about full feature...
  21. javier

    Quantum is MORE REAL, and we can finally agree on this. AMAZING!

    Both pickups are humbucker in that model, aren't they?
  22. javier

    Axe-Edit 3.1 released!

    This browser is brilliant, despite all enhancements that can be thought or done it's an amazing concept from the older ability axe edit had prior to V3... wonderful lateral thinking. Thank you very much.
  23. javier

    Name 7 guitar players you really like...

    Andy Timmons EVH SRV Paco de Lucia (sorry I'm spaniard) Pat Metheny Jeff Beck West Montgomery
  24. javier

    Open bank files and folders

    -yes, in the header of Axe-Manage Presets, three toggle buttons can be added: one for axe preset mode, working as it does now. a second one for bank mode, enabling a file explore to select a bank syx file; once selected all presets in bank appears in axe manage; only one preset shown if it's a...
  25. javier

    My opinion on FAS Cab Packs

    Real thing is there is no conclusion and this thread has gone to nothing...another matter of taste! Some random photos, some random opinions... And some jokes to shut down the discusion. I know many of you are known community people, with expertise and experience. But please, do not trivialize...
  26. javier

    Is the AxeFX concept outdated?

  27. javier

    Something Cool I've Been Working On

    kaos all around... utraRes is risky business... keep it in a sand box, please!
  28. javier

    Line 6 trying again

    Yes indeed, line6 strikes again;but i gess in their market segment under 1k dollars. Don't know price but i think about 800 dollars But tone have to be in line with their hd product series, cannot be much improved
  29. javier

    FW11 IIC+ vs Mark V-IIC+ - Not getting good results (Solved)

    This is very confusing... Are there any evidences of whats going on?
  30. javier

    Tuner - (Solved)

    It doesn't work here. The windows appears, but nothing moves on it, and the message looks like it is not sended to de axe, because nothing happens at the axe. If i also click tuner command at the axe, it does work ok.
  31. javier

    Anybody like the default presets?

    Yes, I do.
  32. javier

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 11 released!

    Amazing work! thank you very much!!
  33. javier

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Released!

    Congratulations.... better than ever! awesome team you are!!
  34. javier

    New Axe-Fx II Drivers v168

  35. javier

    When is the new AXE EDIT coming ???????

    Great time, t.u.
  36. javier

    Hitler hates KPA & Axe FX!!! Hilarious

  37. javier

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    Perhaps you prefer me to use this as my avatar?
  38. javier

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    Espectacular, ESPECTACULAR, ESPECTACULAR!!!!!!! Many thanks for this improvements....
  39. javier

    Firmware Version 10.12 Now Available

    Yes...wainting for axe edit 3... You give as hope but matt give us sorrow
  40. javier

    Axe-Edit Developer's Diary, Jun 13 2013

    Well we're waiting for a developers news It's been more than a month since your last report We all know about the big boss aspiring to have it yet, please tell us how is it really going Hugs
  41. javier

    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    You never rest man! Wonderfull job!
  42. javier

    Firmware Version 10.10 Now Available

    Wait for the real job next year, baby!
  43. javier

    Disappointed in the reverb

    is nonsense to help someone who is not looking for help, and is only claiming for nothing, but we all should keep polite.
  44. javier

    Firmware 10.09 for the Axe-Fx Now Available

    Proud of being a fractal user. T.U.
  45. javier

    New Axe-Fx II Drivers for OS X and Windows

    Thanks for your hard work, i'll install asap
  46. javier

    What is M@ uploading?

    another 20 bucks!
  47. javier

    Solo improvisation on Koh MrSaxman by Vinai T

    best of breed playing...
  48. javier

    Working on my Dumble pach

    Superb tone & playing. About the T-Rex,.... what do you use... mudhoney? swamp doctor? tonebug overdrive?
  49. javier

    Interface Idea...

    axe edit also on road?
  50. javier

    Interface Idea...

    I think that for this sophisticated stuff we always need a window. Even me, who doesn't see a dick on Fractal Led Display, it's a need to see anything. Anyway, good engineering work. Also need to say that my fingers are like sausages, not like that thin and delicate fingers from virtuoso...
  51. javier

    Interface Idea...

    Nice bunchs of buttons Can't see the on/off switch ;)
  52. javier

    What will be Fractal's next product?

    Most wrong! But someone got close! Is only sotfware? Is on the floor? Has amp modelling? Only has fx? Is a frfr power amp? Has some innovatios!!!! ... Nobody knows! We all want everythig!
  53. javier

    Freaking V10.06

    I like a lot that stuff (I beg if you are J. L. Marssiano ex of O'funkillo).
  54. javier

    NGD: Clark goes GEN2 ... not happy.

    Man, that thing looks broken... But the only thing you have to do is get rid of your clothes, wear that man of iron dress and fly to home in about 2 minutes. it's a bird?, a plane?
  55. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    Nuestro amigo Piing desde tailandia propuso a Cliff la traducción del Santas Pelotas de Caca en lugar de Holy Shitballs, que es algo que creo que ACE VENTURA dice en sus película para expresar algo así como lo que dice JesusinJesusin "Ostia Puta este AXe es bueno del Copon"... hay un thread por...
  56. javier

    10.06 Recto Before/After test?

    Once, a million invoices, digitally signed, got lost from our customers database, only at the hit of a key, at my utilities company; not my fingers, but it was my responsibility, it took us three weeks to regen all the stuff... no backup copy, damnation! IBM was in care of the f**king system...
  57. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    No, you're wrong... is Holy Shitballs not Holy bullshit which is "Santa Mierda de Toro"
  58. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    Not at all
  59. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    as far as i know, V9 cabs are not a baked mix of MICs. You can choose different MICs in AXE for them, so I think the IRs are a bit more neutral, but have not "in room" sound. In V10 MIX CABs (Producer CABs) have been processed through two or three MICs and is better to live MIC selection in AXE...
  60. javier

    The audacity of some people...

    I don't know if selling Axe Fx presets is or not licit... but selling Kemper profiles is legal, like Cab IRs. Ethics, like Esthetics is something arguable, law is not!
  61. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    God, Scott, where the hell are you located... "una colmena de condenados de escoria y villanía"????
  62. javier

    FW10 has really F-d UP my Mesa Patches :( ... lot's of work or back to V6???

    New firmware version with Rectos and other stuff redone is available... I will like to know if people with real recto experience feel any improvement in the new version. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/70336-firmware-version-10-06-now-available.html
  63. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    I've tested axe-edit and haven't had a crash yet... in only 15 minutes anyway...
  64. javier

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    Gods of tone, today I received my Matrix Q12A, and now this; my neighbors will kill me today or send the police, it's eleven o'clock in this country.... Lucky day... you didn't take your time..., always surprising us.
  65. javier


    take your time; we're unsatisfiable monsters of tone...
  66. javier

    V10.02 hangs?

    Mine freezes also with 10.02,... only using it as USB AI with iTunes on MAC and playing guitar at the same time. Very NASTY. PD: no AXE-EDIT at all.
  67. javier

    G66 Customer Service is second to NONE.

    You're right, but... 1. Confidence, i did deals with then in the past with superb results 2. Support, they have support people at the city were i live 3. Chocolates,... They send chocolates as a gift 3. Exchange, pounds to euros, sometimes i had problems with this and deals become problematic...
  68. javier

    Should I wait...?

    You are comparing guitar players with greedy tech nonsense consumers... When there are still a vast mayority loving tube amps Please play and share your music
  69. javier

    "Crash" sound/distortion on attack

    tas meao fuera'l tiesto, chulo.
  70. javier

    My new baby - Epiphone Wildkat, $350.00 from Sweetwater

    Enjoy it! 'cause its big brother Gibson is to expensive
  71. javier

    G66 Customer Service is second to NONE.

    It's a pity they are continuously run out of Matrix Q12A... but I agree: their service is amazing
  72. javier

    Should I wait...?

    AXE FX II is at the TOP, competing with TUBE AMP TECH... and with every GTR FX... still plenty of power to improve... we don't need and AXE FX III by now... perhaps in two or three years from now... better four. Cell phones and tablet improvement is simply not comparable with what we need. Even...
  73. javier

    Axe FX en español

    Galo, un honor... lo estoy intentando con el Ojai... Viva Carlos Santana!
  74. javier

    Developer's Diary, May 6 2013

    Admin M@, At another post, on a thread now locked, Fractal said: "FWIW we had a third party evaluate the issue and they have concluded that the problem lies in the "OS in-box" drivers, i.e. the native OS drivers. They have identified a couple possible solutions. Ideally the OS manufacturer...
  75. javier

    Developer's Diary, May 6 2013

    Good news. Hope you find the rigth solutions. Thanks.
  76. javier

    Wish Amp groupings

    I prefer fen, mar and vox over using an asterisk Shorten the text FEN DELUX VERB MAR PLEX 100 HI VOX CLS-A 30 TB No folders, please
  77. javier

    OS X Driver Issue

    I forgot to mention Problem 3) Using AXE FX as AI for output, at high output level (using output knob 1 at full), everything distorts on headphones and speakers (currently using Yamaha HS50 at noon). When using MAudio Fast Track at full output volume with the same music material, sounds...
  78. javier

    OS X Driver Issue

    mid-2011 Mac Mini dual Core I5. OSX Lion (10.7) AXE FX II, FW10.02 Problems 1: bitcrushing and heavy noise on output apperars after 10 min. to 3 hours use. Only using iTunes, noise appears late, after one to three hours use. Solved reseting AXE FX II. Problem 2: noise on output using...
  79. javier

    The only thing missing from the Axe II...

    swell, i hope that, if He doesn't have new epiphany on amp modeling, FW11 ,sometime in the long term (well, really hoping the short term), after holidays and family improvement, will indeed improve & evolve de FX part of AXE...
  80. javier

    New owner's experiences

    Here you find really fantastic people, mainly the full forum, some fanatics also, very emotional...and occasionally rude, WTF, me the first, or politically incorrect with the toaster Machine, but 99.99% is worth, very patient, polite, .. but some lazy newbies, like me, and sometimes some...
  81. javier

    Artificial sound in dirty Axe FX II soundclips..

    I'm with you; taming an ES335 with a cranked amp, in a live concert with high volume is really difficult... the guitar vibe up to shaking and gets out of control easily.
  82. javier

    The sound of cabs

    I also don't hear any reverb in your clip
  83. javier

    Anything new on the producer ir packs?

    I don't understand These are new ir we can buy and load into axe fx ii or are the same as the producer pack that is allready loaded in fw10?
  84. javier

    Is Ax edit working smoothly in firmware 10 yet?

    You can use it at your own risk I use it! Slowly! And never save any preset directly to axe! Export first to disk Sometimes axe edit crashes! And even sometimes axe fx hangs!... Scary! But thanks giving to this ax edit version i can test yek! Fremen! Simeon presets! All of them awesome and i'm...
  85. javier

    The Synth Block

    But you can use the pitch block to make something polyphonic, isn'n it?
  86. javier

    The Synth Block

    Nice job indeed, Simeon. Thanks. Another idea could be having the capacity to use AXE as a sampler; perhaps to much for the AXE in terms of memory and a nice algorithm to extrapolate samples
  87. javier

    USB Audio Output Goes Bitcrushed After Extended Use?

    It also works for me, thank you (I use 256 samples for buffer size with a recording delay of -720 samples). But my main configuration is using Axe Fx as Input and a M-AUDIO Fastrask Ultra 8r for output, and problems resolved. No more bitcrushing.
  88. javier

    V10.02 hangs?

    I had my first axe hang yesterday. Complele freeze. I was using one of fremen bank presets loaded from Axe-Edit.
  89. javier

    Announcing Fractal-Bot 1.1

    Not at all. only FW10.XX
  90. javier

    No more crakling, noise, bitcrushing on my mac since FW10

    Well have to say that improvement with ai is true but still sometimes noise gets back. But really now is easy to manage. I don't really understand why is now less noisy, cause still cliff says that apple must solve the issue definitively
  91. javier

    Solved: That's a bit...

    Anyway, it crackles
  92. javier

    No more crakling, noise, bitcrushing on my mac since FW10

    Is there something new? I don't have problems with AXE FX as AI for mac since FW10. Even with Logic Pro, at any buffer size. Anyway, this round the circle... astounding FW10, best of times, and ain't got mac problems as AI. I must be dreaming... or dead.
  93. javier

    V10 Firmware

    I want to advice you that your new ad motto "a milestone among milestones" sound funny for the spanish community and it could sound scatological... A milestone when referred to stones put on the road marking the distnace in miles is known in spain as a "mojon"; unfortunately "mojon" also means...
  94. javier

    Axe FX en español

    Hola desde sevilla... Por cierto, no me atrevo a decirles que su nuevo motto comercial "a milestone among milestone" se puede traducir como "un mojon entre mojones" Que malos son sus resposables marketing...en fin
  95. javier

    Fun with V10

    is like a subtle, natural pitch shifter, octaver, demodulator...
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